Younique Makeup Review – Moodstruck Mascara

Younique 3D Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes makeup

Younique Makeup Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ has the potential to increase lash volume up to 400 percent (key word “potential”).   According to the company website, this figure was derived by averaging results observed in independent laboratory testing (384.5 percent increase after one application; more than 2000 percent after three applications).  This was compared against bare lashes.  It is not known how many people participated in the study or what percentage of users experienced these results.  I certainly didn’t and I don’t know anyone who has except those who sell the product.  However, the lashes are highly popular among makeup enthusiasts and a top selling product by the brand.  Younique makeup review

About the Younique Makeup company

Younique Makeup was founded in 2012 by a brother and sister team.  Younique Founder and CEO Derek Maxfield teamed up with his sister, Melanie Huscroft and together they built a successful brand.  Younique has provided women around the world with an opportunity to become part of a global team that promotes and sells the products with a multi-level compensation and royalty plan.  The company is entering new markets and currently focusing on Mexico and Germany.

How is Younique Makeup Moodstruck Mascara different from other mascaras?

Instead of applying a single mascara product, Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ is a kit that contains a tube with fiber material and a tube with a gel that the fibers adhere to.  The products are offered in a convenient pouch for storage.  The gel is initially applied to the lashes like typical mascara.  While it is wet, the fibers are applied using a mascara type wand to add length and volume.  The gel is reapplied as a final step to seal the fibers.  The process can be repeated until you reach the desired length and volume.
Younique 3D Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes makeup
Gel – Left / Fibers – Right
The fibers contain vitamins C and E to condition the natural lashes.  The fibers also contain anti-oxidants, and softening agents.  Fibers are  applied  to the lashes to build volume and length and are primarily made of rayon.  Rayon is derived from plant cellulose and is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.  The fibers are safe to apply around the eye area, hypoallergenic, and should not cause irritation.  The gel is formulated with iron oxide to product a rich black color and is also hypoallergenic.
Overall, the product was designed to improve the condition of natural lashes while it’s worn.  It is designed to last all day and easily be removed.
Younique makeup review moodstruck mascara
Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes gel
Younique 3D Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes makeup
Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes fibers


3D Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes makeup
Close Up Fibers wand

How do I like my lashes?

I’m always on the hunt for a miracle mascara.  Everyone has something different they love in their makeup collection and for me, it’s lashes.  So, let me preface my opinion with the fact that I have higher than average expectations when it comes to mascara.  I want lashes that are noticeable from a distance with intense length and volume.  I wear high quality mink false lashes on a daily basis.  If I do not wear full eye makeup (liner and shadows), I will use mascara alone.  Otherwise, I prefer a look that can only be achieved with a dense false high quality lash or lash extensions.  I have never observed anyone’s natural lashes with or without mascara to be as voluminous and long as I prefer when wearing full eye makeup.

What was my experience using the Younique Makeup Moodstruck Mascara?

Many Younique Presenters (sales people) have recommended the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ in lieu of false lashes.  After five attempts using the product and applying it using different techniques from product experts, I could not achieve an increase in volume anywhere close to 400 percent.  I would describe the length increase as 100 percent (doubled my lash length) and the volume increase was less than 50 percent.  When attempting to build more volume and length, the appearance of the lashes became straggly and clumpy.

Many pictures on social media with users of the original 3D product appeared extremely clumpy to me.  The new formula was still clumpy if fibers were  heavily applied.  When applied sparingly and using a buildable method, the product was not as clumpy as the original formula.  I did struggle with the fibers falling out during application but this was lessened with a very light application of the fibers.  Any excess fibers on the wand may drop onto your skin if you are not cautious.  Fibers may also fall out during wear if not thoroughly sealed wit the gel.  Achieving a proper application takes time and attention to detail.

I thought the gel product was like a typical mascara and it had a pretty effect on my natural lashes.  While it didn’t perform like some of the popular luxury brands on the market I have used, it does achieve additional length and separates lashes.  The gel left my lashes looking delicate, intensely black, and shiny.  I thought the gel was a good mascara product on it’s own.  The length achieved was better than average but I did notice the length shrunk after several hours of wear.  When I added the fibers, the delicate and feminine lashes appeared thick and straggly.  Numerous applications of the fibers using different techniques continued to produce an unkempt look which is a style that I don’t prefer.  I did appreciate the elongated lashes produced by the gel on it’s own and it was very easy to remove.  Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+

Younique Makeup Review – Moodstruck Mascara Conclusion

Makeup is highly personal and brands offer a lot of options for that reason.  We all begin with a different canvas and create something unique.  What works for one person may not work for another.  My expectation and taste in lashes may be different than yours.  However, if what I describe as my style and expectations are similar to yours, Younique’s Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ may not be for you.  I have not liked the way the product appears in many photos.  Yet, the women who posted those photos likely did so because they did like the results.  If you decide to try the product, I’d suggest practicing different application techniques.

I would continue to experiment using the gel product alone and combining it with other mascaras.  It may help to prevent flaking, extend wear time or performance, and shine when layered with other products.  However, I would not continue to utilize the fibers and don’t believe the fibers produce a beautiful and feminine effect on the lashes.  In my opinion, both the gel and fibers are formulated with effective ingredients.  Younique is a charitable company seeking to make a difference in people’s lives.  They offer a wide array of products and I suspect other products within their line would meet my expectations.

This post is powered by Brandbacker.  After waiting a week for Younique to approve the post for publishing, and I received no response from them, I proceeded and published my review.  I am not able to validate if they did not approve the post in a timely manner because it was unfavorable toward the product.

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31 thoughts on “Younique Makeup Review – Moodstruck Mascara

  1. I agree 100%! The gel has a wonderful black pigment, but the fibers are too clumpy. Do you have any experience with serum for lengthening eyelashes?

    1. In testing Reviv Serum right now. I can confirm Latisse world and while it is costly, it’s truly a great product. This new serum I’m trying is not as powerful but I’m seeing some resulted. If you want natural dramatic lashes? Latisse

  2. I’ve only read 2 of your reviews as I was just given your direct link(very effective in passing the word for your awesome blog BTW) I am totally impressed with your in depth reviews. Can u always tell us where to buy the makeup. I think u can be compensated w links.
    About this product. I tried too faced same idea, riders and black mascara set. Omg! I did not like it. I took it straight back to Sephora. The biggest problem I remember is how itchy, uncomfortable they will. I’m assuming it is across the board on these fiber systems. I prefer a primer(that white stuff) and black mascara. My question is can you recommend a good primer with a good mascara, with my most thing not being fat lashes but thin and super super long. Already tried and failed to achieve proper effect, to my personal liking, Lancome Lash Primer xl. Can u please recommend a really good primer and a really great mascara for Length not thickness? At least a great mascara for length. High end or drugstore, as long as it work. I’m a makeup nutcase. I will pay the $$ I don’t have for good makeup. Lol.

    1. I have very few ads or affiliate links on the blog today because I didn’t want people to feel my opinions were biased or I was looking to make money. I really keep my blog because this is something I’m passionate about and I love to write. Quite often I will do sponsored posts but I do my best to avoid products or companies that I don’t think I will like. With some of the smaller lines, they are individually distributed and then a lot of others I get at Sephora or Ulta. I will call that out on reviews going forward. I’ll add a section for where can you buy this product. Lots of times I’ll link to the company website, but some people might not notice that.

      On the topic of the fiber lashes, I think it’s hard because the little fibers can fall out if not sealed in really well. Sometimes that is user error in applying too many fibers and other times the sealer product isn’t effective. It’s a really tricky system and I don’t think the end result looks pretty. I wear false lashes everyday. Sometimes super dense and long and other times wispy and delicate. With a little practice they can go in about 10 seconds per eye! It just take practice to get there.

      For a lash primer… I would have suggested Lancome’s. There primer is pretty good and if you combine that with the definicils mascara, you will get a gorgeous long lash. That’s my favorite mascara from them. You’d have to curl the lash well… apply the primer and wiggle it through from the base and then come back in with the definicils. Of all the off the shelf mascara, that’s my favorite. Loreal Voluminous (original) works well but it can smudge a bit. Rollerlash is very good too. I haven’t tried Rollerlash with primer but I did layer it with Loreal Voluminous and I got big lashes but a touch thick.

      I like the look of the long and delicate falsies. I buy them from two places: (Minks that are super affordable and last a longtime) or I buy Red Cherry lashes on Ebay and the 747L or 747M might be what you are looking for. I also use House Of Lashes, XO lashes and lots of others but Dodo and Red Cherry are just as good for the same price.

    1. Have you tried Dodo lashes? I am so impressed with them! They run about 5.00 and are real minks and I got 18 wears out of my first pair. They are fantastic. I ordered like 10 more pairs. If you reach out to them, they will send you a pair at no cost to try. I tried the #203 and I am hooked! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

        1. Honestly, I believe most of them come from the same manufacturers in Indonesia. Everyone puts their own label on them and I believe only a few are really custom designs. Definitely definitely definitely check out Dodo. They will ship for free even though they ship from China and there’s a lot of photos on their IG page (don’t miss mine, hehehe). But I feel for 5.00 (actually it’s less), I am getting the equivalent of a 45.00 lash. Super glossy too.

  3. Unfortunately, I didn’t like this product AT ALL. At first, I was like: “This is ok. Just ok” but it started flaking into my eyes which was so painful and it never looked natural. And I agree with you wholeheartedly – the gel product was great on it’s own! Produced pretty, separated, shiny lashes!

    1. I had some fall out with those fibers the first couple times I tried to put it on. I had to redo part of my makeup (love it when that happens). I can put falsies on more quickly and they always look gorgeous so I’m sticking with them! The eyes are far too important to not have them be right! I’m with you.

  4. You know, I barely even notice Younique. My brain must be in the dead zone half the time!

    Sorry to hear this didn’t work for you, but boy is it nice to hear a completely honest opinion! This was my experience with more or less every fiber mascara. I personally can’t stand em! And the eye watering… I’d rather stick to simple mascara. I’ve learned how not to poke my eye out, I can’t take learning how not to plaster my eyeballs with fibers too!

  5. That’s such a shame it didn’t work for you! I have the mascara and just love it! Yes, I also sell it but I do so because I liked it so much and I haven’t yet had anyone I’ve given it to say they didn’t like it. However, previous to this I did not have a favourite mascara. I’d used whichever one came with whatever makeup set I had been gifted most recently. You clearly have more of an idea of exactly what you like and what you’re looking for and this isn’t it. At least you gave it a try and an honest review is much better than someone gushing insincerely about something they just want to sell you.

    1. I thought the gel was really nice! It was glossy and very black it created a pretty look on the lash. I’ve used it with some other products too and I thought it worked well. I just am not a fan of the fibers and I don’t think it’s specific to Younique. I don’t think any fiber product would be for me. I think Younique puts quality ingredients into their products and it’s a thoughtful line…. it was just the way the fibers looked and wore that I wasn’t a fan of.

  6. Purrrfectly written!! ????
    Loved how you ended it as well.????
    I too appreciate the companies charitable contributions but..that is all I like. I’ve tried countless times to get this product to work, even the new formula. NOPE no matter what I tried. I suppose I should have been more graceful on my review blog post. I was sooo frustrated I slammed the company down maybe a bit to harshly. ????
    Weird about brandbacker…glad you published this anyway!????

      1. Believe it! 🙁
        I’ve dropped everyone but Influenster. At least they do want honesty.
        This company sent both to me. I tried to be nice but real. The 2nd time forget it!

    1. I know, they really do. I’m sure it works for some people and I think a lot of people like it BUT I cannot discern from those with an ulterior motive vs the real users. For me, it just didn’t do it but I thought the gel was nice. However, I can get a nice mascara for less than 29.00 that does more. =(

      I wanted to like it because I like the company’s philanthropic work. But this product was NOT for me.

  7. *Finally an honest review on Younique. I always think that with all the advertisements on instagram, the product must be too goo to be true. It’s nice to finally see a different opinion!

    1. I think many are from either 1) people who want more products to try 2) people trying to sell it

      It might be good for something, just the gel, but I haven’t figured it out and it’s taking up space and almost on it’s way to the garbage if it doesn’t prove some value for me!! ????????????

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