Would I Recommend Dermaplaning?

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The answer is no, I wouldn’t recommend either to you.  It sounds luxurious but let me explain my reasoning why I’d wouldn’t recommend either process. I will also share some information about spa processes to help you make informed decisions before spending several hundreds of dollars or getting unsatisfactory results.  In addition, I think it’s important you understand the risks with some popular procedures that are not often pointed out to us.

A few days before I went back to work after being out of the office a few weeks post surgery, I did some research on the best procedures and facials to get my skin into top shape.  I was a little self-conscious due to ongoing swelling in my nose (expected swelling) and I had worn bandages for two weeks.  My normal skin care routine was definitely interrupted and I noticed dryness and patchy areas from neglect.  After researching different procedures available in my local spas, I opted for ) a 90 minute Jan Marini Facial with dermaplaning.  I secretly ventured out on a Saturday morning  failing to inform my husband what it would cost.  I hope he doesn’t read this post as I could be dead if he does.  I really wanted to look and feel like my normal self when I went back to work.  Unfortunately, results weren’t nirvana and I thought I’d share what to look out for and where I think things went wrong.

First let’s walk through a quick overview on the most popular procedures people undergo in day spas.  First, there is microdermabrasion.  This is performed by spraying your face with microcrystals that remove the uppermost skin layer and dead skin cells.  The procedure generates the production of collagen and elastin and products an overall healthier look.  It’s not uncomfortable and  I like microdermabrasion but it can leave my skin a bit red.  I was looking for a very gentle procedure so I ruled this out.  Also, some food for thought.  Microdermabrasion is not regulated.  While it’s offered in most day spas, aestheticians do not perform the process under the same conditions or with the same level of knowledge and expertise that a dermatologist has.  So, if you are overly cautious, like I am, that’s something to consider.  Inexperience can result in some rare complications such as crystals getting in your eyes, skin perforation, and infection.  Those side effects are rare but they do happen. If you want to reduce the risk of negative side effects, see your dermatologist if you want to have this procedure done.

*Note:  Dermabrasion is not the same process as microdermabrasion.  It is more invasive with downtime and  cannot be performed by aestheticians. It can only be performed by someone with a medical license.

The next popular procedure I discovered was dermaplaning.  What’s that I thought?  Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the top most layers of your skin.  It also rids the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).  By the way,  I did confirm we all have that peach fuzz.  I was wondering if I was an exception and growing a beard but thankfully, it’s normal.  I was excited at the prospect of it being temporarily removed.  Not all professional estheticians can perform dermaplaning.  It requires a specific license and if you want to validate qualifications.  You can visit www.​SkinInc.​com​ for a complete list of state boards.   Essentially, dermaplaning is a simple shaving of the epidermis using a fine scalpel at a 45 degree angle while pulling the skin taught.  A sort of ultimate exfoliation and a dry shave is how I perceived it.  So, I signed up!  Last Saturday was my super spa day and 90 minute facial.  Afterwards, I felt great with the exception of a moisturizer that sat on top of my skin for hours making me look greasy.  I don’t want know what the final product was that applied but I didn’t care for it.  It was something in the Jan Marini line.


A few days passed and this process has definitely had a negative effect on me.  My skin experienced a minor break out on my cheeks.  It wasn’t bad but for me but it was a surprise.  In my entire life, I have never had a breakout.  The most I will ever see is 1-2 cyclic hormonal pimples (if that).  I’ve been lucky when it comes to skin.  So, a minor breakout was shocking to me.  I’m careful right now to cleanse well, apply a salicylic acid gel (from Murad) and a good moisturizer.  That’s it.   While I’ve never posted my skin care routine, I actually don’t believe it’s necessary to pile 8-10  different products on your skin in succession because how can your skin breathe?  Whatever the case, we all have our routines and while I change and test products, I’ve never applied multiple layers of products that are not washed off.  I get concerned about clogging pores, products not playing well together, and preventing fresh oxygen from getting to the surface of my skin.  I live in Arizona and it’s dusty and I’m not looking to create a dust trap either where every particle in my home attaches itself to me oooey gooey face.  If it leaves me sticky or wet, I don’t like it and I feel like I’m attracting dust!

So, what messed me up?   Was it the ten different Jan Marini products that were applied in succession over the course of 90 minutes?  Was it the final moisturizer that felt like I had been dunked in an oily cream and sent out into the dusty desert?  I don’t know.  Perhaps, it was the dermaplaning?  I can’t be sure but I suspect it was a combination of the heavy final product and the dermaplaning.  However, I believe the dermaplaning was what pushed it over the edge.  I think the break out is a form of razor burn.  I’m speculating but that’s my theory.  One contraindication of dermaplaning is raised lesions and inflamed acne.  Hello!   Also, that peach fuzz?  It will grow back very quickly.  While it’s not visible, I feel the short fuzz coming back and I don’t like the sensation of the prickly fuzz.  Are you wondering if it may grow back thicker, darker or longer?  The answer is definite no.  Not one reputable source I could find said that happens and most described it as an old wives tale.  If anything, the final Jan Marini product that was applied could have contributed to the breakout but I washed it off when I got home.

In summary, I’d suggest steering clear of the dermaplaning procedure and opting for a simplistic facial rather than an extended specialized facial with an entourage of products that usually don’t produce any noticeable effect beyond a day or two. Most   topical products often take weeks to lend results.  I did notice increased hydration, but who cares?  If I have a break out, all I want is to shrivel everything up to dry it out!  How frustrating!  Bye bye money!  That was a lot of MAC lipsticks, some NARS concealer, a new perfume, and a Dior gloss I likely sacrificed.  Lesson learned!  Next time, I would opt for a simplistic facial and microdermabrasion performed by a nurse or doctor in a dermatologyy office.

What types of experiences have you had with dermaplaning, facials, or microdermabrasion?  Do you have any advice, positive experiences, or horror stories to share?  I would love to hear from you!

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The only contrain­dications to dermaplaning include an allergy to nickel, numerous raised lesions on the skin and inflamed acne. – See more at: http://www.skininc.com/treatments/medicalesthetics/129825918.html#sthash.3n3xAYoD.dpuf

55 thoughts on “Would I Recommend Dermaplaning?

  1. I had dermaplaning done mid Dec 2019 and ever since i have broken out in tonnes of whiteheads and pimples all along my jaw and chin (where the majority of my peach fuzz was). They have improved a bit after adding in some more active skin care but there is still a long way to go more than 3 months on!. I take excellent care of my skin and eat well and only (tonnes of) drink water, yet they’re still not going away.
    After having done some research I have discovered that dermaplaning is not suitable for oily/acne prone skin, which I have, so I am extremely upset that the beauty therapist recommended this treatment for me.

    Sounds like I might have folliculitis too from what I’ve read here. Will my skin eventually heal and return to normal do you think? I am so desperate to fix my skin. I think i’ll ask my doctor for that clindamycin…

  2. I had derma planing done 3 days ago and while searching side effects, I came up with your blog. The procedure was very easy. I didnt really have any discomfort. The next day, my skin was very irritated, red, bumpy, scaley, itchy and has white bumps on it. I guess I’m kind of shocked that my skin would react that way. Although, demaplaning is an exfoliation of surface cells so it tends to bring everything out to the surface and I already suffer with mild acne so maybe it brought out the junk in those clogged pores out faster. I don’t like how my skin looks and it’s itchy as hell so I’m hoping these symptoms subside very soon and I see clearer skin. I definitely don’t recommend it right before an event since your skin may go ballistic on ya 1-2 days after dermaplaning. I will update my review once my skin clears up. PS I went on to John Hopkins website and it states that my symptoms are normal and should subside within 1 week.

    1. I experienced folliculitis which is an over-stimulation of the hair follicles in the area. It was very upsetting. I wound up using topical antibiotics to get the skin to clear up faster. The itching may be a histamine response. You could check if Benadryl might help with that? Some people have had an allergic reaction to nickel or the metal that is used too. I’m always really careful not to do any procedures about 6 weeks before an event because who knows what may happen.

      Thank you for stopping in! I hope the post and comments from others helped. I’m behind on my blog and I know you the left the message last night. If it’s still bothering you tomorrow, I’d call and ask about the Benadryl and see if the topical Clindamycin might be an option to clear things up faster. It definitely helped me. I know how upsetting it is when you have a procedure to get your skin looking beautiful and it gets red or bumpy or other negative side effects appear.

      XOXO feel better!

        1. No.. and I avoid dermaplaning. To get rid of it, I was given topical clindamycin which is a prescription antibiotic. I’m sure it would have gone away by itself but I wanted it gone asap and I was prescribed that to get apply to help get rid of it.

    2. Please don’t do any dermaplaning procedures. I had one procedure done by my esthetician. She literally over-exfoliated and removed the top of my skin layer with her knife. Dermaplaning is supposed to remove the peach fuzz, not the entire skin layer. It was painful, but I thought since she is the professional that she knows what she is doing. But she explained to me how she learned how to do the procedure herself without training and that there is nothing to it since it’s just a knife exfoliation. My skin was raw and bleeding after. Immediately, it started itching and being covered in bumps. The following week my entire face was covered in an extremely itchy rash, cysts, pimples, and tiny bumps. It was horrendous. It was extremely bad on my jaw, neck, and cheeks. I looked like my face was rotting away. Since it started itching I researched the symptoms and learned about yeast on the skin. I went to 3 doctors. After using anti-fungal cream (ketoconazole 2%)the rash and itching got a lot better. It is still not fully healed. It has been two months. My dermatologist said oral anti-fungals might help me, but that they can damage my organs (liver and heart).

      I want to warn anyone thinking of doing this procedure. Please do not ruin your skin and health with this procedure. Also, my esthetician basically laughed at me and said that my acne is not her fault and that she has 15+ years “medical” experience and that she knows “better” than the dermatologist I went to. She said she doesn’t feel bad for me and then she blocked me. That was very disrespectful of her and not a way to treat a customer who has been a customer for years and spent more than $1,000 on facials. I am extremely disappointed with my experience and that she has ruined my skin basically forever. This condition is called malassezia folliculitis and most dermatologists agree that recurrence can happen as it truly never goes away. It is heartbreaking for me to live with this. I had my procedure done in Vancouver by Zhanna Cosmetologist. Please avoid her at all cost.
      Also, topical antibiotics are contradicted with malassezia folliculitis.

  3. I had dermaplaning a couple of months ago and after a few days I noticed itching and small bumps emerging on my face. 2 months on and I still have small bumps all over my face. Mainly my forehead, cheeks and jawline the texture of my skin is so rough. I’ve also noticed I’m getting alot more blackheads than normal which are big and deep. This has lead to me picking my face making things worse. I have been to my gp and they have prescribed me a zinc and antibiotic lotion. Fingers crossed this will clear it up… I’m pretty sure my hair follicles have been infected and this infection even spread to my chest. I do have sensitive skin and I won’t have dermaplaning again

    1. After I got additional information, I was told the dermaplaning caused me to get folliculitis which is inflamed hair follicles and then it developed into an infection (thus the horrendous breakout). The antibiotics finally cleared it up for me. I imagine you will see some results from that. The procedure reminds me of a dry shave which just leaves me feeling itchy. So awful.

        1. Oh… so sorry! I was given Clindamycin topical pads. It was one of the worst breakouts I’ve ever had. The pads are thin round sheets inside a plastic tub soaked in the liquid antibiotic solution. I applied them on my skin twice a day and then waiting a little while before using my regular skin care.

  4. I had dermoplaning last Thursday. The lady put on a pumkin peel on after she did the dermoplaning and that started to hurt. Two days later my skin doesn’t feel soft. My skin felt so sure afterwards 🙁

    1. I feel like it’s a total crap shoot for it to be a good experience. A couple years later, I tried it again (This was about 2 months ago). My face got what was like a razor burn and itching followed by another breakout. So, that’s it, I tried it twice and never ever again! The skin is so sensitive afterwards, I’m not surprised the peel hurt. So sorry you had a bad experience. =(

      I hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. I will never have dermaplaning again. Should have gone with my gut feeling not to have it. It was fine at first. Then two weeks later I had intense itching in patches on cheeks and forehead. I went to a dermatologist who told me it wasn’t the dermaplaning, but the coolant or product they used to stop the burning. It cleared up in two weeks with the use of prescription Hydrcortisone. Stayed clear two weeks. Here it is again!!! Only think I can think of that caused was hairspray at salon. I just don’t know. I’ll never do it again, but I did enjoy microdermabrasion and should have stuck with just that. Sometimes I think all they want is the money. I told my aestecian about it and she just shrugged her shoulders.

    1. oh how miserable! I’m so sorry that happened to you! I got a devastating break out – like the worst break out of my life! I’ve never had acne and it took forever to go away. I used clindamycin pads to help it heal. I love they act like it’s no big deal afterwards or don’t let people know up front what some side effects could be. I just stick with my peach fuzz. I hope it clears up for you soon. Maybe you could try the clindamycin pads (can’t hurt if you can get them to call in a script) and then just some over the counter antihistamines may help as well. =(
      sending good vibes. xox

      1. I’ll never do it again either, my skin broke out in an awful rash then for 3 weeks it looked all crepey eith horrible swolen crepey eyelids!

        1. OH HOW AWFUL! Hopefully people do see this post because no one seems to tell us the truth about what people can experience with the procedure. When you get hit with the break out and other miserable symptoms, it’s already too late. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Oh, I’m so glad I came across this! I had my first Dermaplaning treatment 2 weeks ago & my cheeks are so broken out right now. My cheeks have literally never broken out in the past. Unfortunately, I paid for 3 visits, so I have 2 more & I guess I’ll do it because I don’t want to waste my money, but I’ll be done with Dermaplaning after that if I break out again!

    1. That’s exactly what happened to me. =( Cheeks broke out and that was the first time ever in my life I had a break out! If they have a doctor on-site or a nurse practitioner, have them call you in some clindamycin pads. That really helped clear me up. But you could also be allergic to the blade they used if it was nickel or something. You should haven’t to pay for more treatments if you didn’t respond well. I would imagine you could get your money back.

      If you have health insurance, I used Doctor on Demand – and they were able to call something right in for me. I visited from my cell phone. Without insurance I think it’s 75.00 but there is a 65.00 coupon usually for first visits. With my insurance it was only 4.00! I got my antibiotic pads and off I went. I visited from my sofa on a Sunday morning! Totally awesome service.

  7. Thanks for responding to my comments on derma planing, horribly dry ,crepey, and,also red ,irritated skin about a week after. This went on for,2 weeks.
    I gave myself a super hydrating facial,then for about,5 days,I used sweet organic butter to moisturize,my skin absorbed it immediately!
    I’m back to nomal now ,will not be doing again or recommending it to my clients.

    1. The more I researched it, the more it seems like a really bad idea. Once the hair follicles get irritated or a bit of damage, bacteria can get in and it’s all down hill from there. Devastating. I’m glad you are all better now! The other thing I noticed (totally weird) but when the peach fuzz was removed, the skin was a little different there. So, it looked patchy. So bad from so many different angles! ugh.

  8. Had it done with great results. Oxygen mask followed right behind it. No issues at at. My girl was trained and certified in doing it along with esthetician license. Didn’t have to use tons of products. After few hours, redness was gone. Would recommend IF you use someone who knows how to do it.

      1. I tried it. Normally I don’t have inflammation (raised red bumps) nor breakouts with the exception of a few hormonal blemishes. I’ve had a disproportionately reaction in both after both dermaplaning sessions. Dermatologist recommended that the two are connected and to stop. That’s just my experience. I’m sure it’s perfectly fine for some people. Thank you for the article.

        1. You’re welcome. I never did the derma planing again after my first experience. It’s just too risky and the breakouts are so hard to clear up! The only time I ever had a real break out was after the derma plane so I knew right away, never again! Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing your experience!

      2. The breakout in my opinion had nothing to do with any product that was applied. You should have been told that you very well could experience a breakout within the first week post treatment. The cause, all your pores have been completely cleared of all the buildup allowing all the waste to move to the surface. It was your body doing its job and moving all the dirt and debris up and out.
        I’m hoping if the Esthetician did her job right the last product applied to your skin was a very high quality SPF of 3O or higher. The reason so many layers of product are applied after a dermaplane is the skin is very absorbent and will handle needed product.

        1. It’s a very good theory you have but my situation was not caused by any normal bodily process.

          It’s too bad they didn’t tell me the risks but what caused the breakout was folliculitus. And this is a common side effect people can have after derma planing. The hair follicles can become irritated and inflamed from the scraping. This can cause unsightly redness and bumps but in my any cases, the microscope scrapes let bacteria in and this can develop into an infection. Mine ultimately got infected which led to a persistent recurrent break out cycle.

          Once I got antibiotics, it cleared up right away – within 48 hours and I never had the problem again. Microscopic breaks in the skin from the scraping process make the area more prone to bacterial infections as well (fungus isn’t out of the question either). Sometimes they have to culture the area to determine what antibiotic the bacteria will be receptive to. In my case, I got a broad spectrum antibiotic and after over a month of break outs, within 24 hours it was improving and 48 hours completely clear.

            1. I didn’t want to get overly medical in it or necessarily suggest anyone run out and start taking antibiotics. I also get nervous someone may self medicate =) But do you think I should add a little update at the end or something in it with what my diagnoses was? I also wrote the article much earlier when I started blogging when I had less experience. Thoughts????

      3. I’m an aesthetician of 25 years, i keep my treatments on the traditional and natural side bc I like the results my clients get and I’ve been able to avoid negative skin reactions 99% of the time.
        I’m never impressed by any thing new for very long. And I believe in gentle versus aggressive treatments.
        I keep my product lines as natural as possible,and always stick to company protocol.
        Recently on a trip to AZ to visit a spa I’ve been treated at for 6 + yrs I opted for DERMA PLANING for the first time at my regular aesthetician ‘s suggestion.She said the only side effect would be a little dryness.
        My skin is sensitive and reactive I also have eczema.
        My skin looked beautiful and firm for about a week, but then became horribly dry and extremely crepey! Three weeks later I am still horribly dry and crepey!
        I gave myself a deep hydrating facial and avacado oil before bed last night,I’m a little better but not much.
        I would NOT recommend DERMA PLANING ,and would not practice it either.

        1. oh no! =( I’m so sorry you had a bad experience. Another lady had something similar happen to her skin. Hers became crepey but she emailed me as opposed to leaving a comment here. So, you aren’t the only one. I don’t know what causes that but I get this sense skin is prone to dehydration after the derma planing process. My hair follicles on my face got irritated which caused folliculitis, thus the break out. Hopefully, the issue will clear up for you soon but maybe a dermatologist could suggest something that would help. Sending hugs!

    1. I know this is an old thread but 2 days after the dermaplane treatment I’ve got red, raised bumps on my forehead and down the sides of my cheeks. I didn’t know nickel allergy was a contraindication and guess who is allergic to nickel? I’ve got some slightly higher strength hydrocortisone at home so I guess I’ll try that to see if it clears up.

      1. Oh no! How awful! Allergic reactions are the worst. Did you try starting to take some antihistamines as they may help clear the irritation up more quickly. Also, interestingly, when I have had bad allergic reactions, I’m always told to take Pepcid twice a day. I had no idea that also helped but I guess it does! Sorry you had an allergic reaction. =( This is a really good point to make as I’m sure no one thought about having a nickel allergy and the med spas and salons don’t ask! They should!

  9. a possible reason for your breakout: dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation. with any exfoliation, layers of the skin are removed. as dead skin is removed, this also unclogs clogged pores. but in order to unclog these pores, they must come out first, and the way they come out is in the form of pimples! beauty is pain.

    1. Yes, that can happen most definitely! Beauty is a total pain – good way to put it! In my case, the dermatologist thought the hair follicles were over-stimulated but it could have been what you described too. Either way, it sure is tough to deal with when you have a beauty procedure and it leads to a break out or other negative effects. Thank god it’s always temporary! I find that no matter how much I prepare myself for redness, peeling, swelling, a breakout, etc – when it happens, it’s a real downer. Thank you so much for stopping in and Happy New Year to you!! =)

  10. I went to my esthetician for dermaplaning two weeks ago after having had a pleasant microdermabrasion experience with her some months before. My skin reacted quickly and poorly to the dermaplaning. Maybe the day after I started getting a couple of large cystic breakouts on my chin. The whole right side of my face from forehead to jawline developed a bumpy and uneven texture. I have had no luck getting it under control up to now. My results are literally the opposite of what dermaplaning promises to do. I use good skincare and am spending as much time makeup-free as I can. I’m hopeful that maybe another week will bring some healing to my skin. Thanks so much for the tip on the clindamycin pads. I will get my hands on some of those asap.

    1. The clindamycin really helped me. I couldn’t seem to get my skin to calm down. It kept flaring up and breaking out. Within a few days of using the antibiotic pads, things began to clear up and then once it cleared, it stayed clear. =)

  11. I am having the same reaction, very bumpy and itchy skin and I am scared it will never go away. You said 10 days to clear up? Did the little bumps finally smooth out? Did you completely 100% back to normal? My fear is that it’s not going to go back to normal.

    1. Yeah, it’s kind of freaky isn’t it? Everything totally went to back to normal. I don’t think there’s anything that process could do that would result in any form of actual damage. I believe what happens is… the hair follicles get over-stimulated. Ask your dermatologist or general care doctor for some clindamycin pads. You should just be able to get them to call it in for you or if the place you had the treatment done has a nurse practitioner, they could get them for you too. They are just antibiotic pads that might help get things to clear up a little faster. It took my breakout about 10 days to clear up and then I had some little bumps after that but within about 3 weeks everything was totally normal again. So, don’t panic… but I know it is a horrifying reaction especially if you are used to having clear skin.

  12. I had a 90 minute facial similar to the one you described. I wasn’t even informed dermaplaning was included, but I quickly realized what she was doing and decided to just let it happen. I figured it could be a good thing. It’s four days later, and I’m still upset to look in the mirror. My cheeks have a bumpy rash, and other areas of my face are drier and wrinkly than before the facial, particularly around my mouth. I will never do that again, and I hoping that with TLC my skin will look at least like before the facial. I’m 52.

    1. Ohhhh, =(
      I’m so sorry, how frustrating. I’ve been there! It will clear up but for some weird reason, it takes a little longer than a typical break out to clear up. The hair follicles get over stimulated and POW. You can probably get a prescription called in that will help. Some Clindamycin pads helped clear up the acne break out for me a bit more quickly. Otherwise, yes.. take good care of your skin and it will bounce back. I have found lately that using facial oils at night is really wonderful. You might want to look at Colleen Rothschild Face Oil No 9 (My favorite) or simply the original Biossance which is ultra hydrating squalene and really is a wonderful thing to wake to.

      I hope things get better soon! Sending Love and healthy skin vibes! XO

  13. Just had a dermaplaning facial on Tuesday. It was wonderful until today (Sunday) Now I have breakouts on my cheeks. Hoping it doesn’t get any worse and clears up soon. No more dermaplaning for me. Just cleanse, tone & moisturize. Occassional regular facials.

    1. The exact same thing happened to me. I know it’s devastating! OMG! Once the break out happened to me, it didn’t get worse but it lingered before it cleared up. I found out later that the dermaplaning can cause break outs for some people and clindamycin topical pads may help to clear it up faster. I’ll just pass on the dermaplaning in the future like you plan to but if it’s lingering like mine did, see if you can get the antibiotic pads. They did help. So sorry you got a breakout from it, I can totally relate to how upsetting that is. =(

  14. I’ve had derrmaplaning and have had amazing results! I definitely looked younger and results kept getting better and better. Sorry it didn’t work for you but I will do it again! 🙂

    1. I never had a breakout from anything. It might have been the facial products but whew!! It took a good 10 days to fully clear. ???? I was bummed out. Have you tried microdermabrasion? I’m wondering about that…..

  15. Thanks for the warning!! I have been thinking about these and don’t need any more breakouts. I had been getting horrible cystic acne and just got regular facials with medicated creams for awhile and while my skin felt amazing it didn’t do a thing for my breakouts. 🙁
    Was thinking of going this route for awhile, though I finally seemed to have found something that works, but was still considering this!
    Love your blog by the way. I am a new subscriber and am trying to catch up on all your posts 🙂

  16. Aw man, thanks for the warning. =( You’re very lucky not to suffer from breakouts normally!

    Everyone has peach fuzz. =) Hands and feet normally do, too. Just be glad you don’t have a real mustache and beard like some women (myself included!).

    1. I never really noticed the fuzz on any but then again, I’m not sitting there looking for it. I would have just been better leaving mine alone. I’m still waiting for this little breakout to clear up and then there will NEVER be dermaplaning ever again!!

  17. I had microdermabrasion done one as was pre warned that it was going to cause some major break out and skin problems over the following days. Luckily neither happened. My skin was super smooth and felt very clean. I don’t think I would do it again though just to save some money as that stuff seems to add up! I’ll just stick to my basic skin care routine at home! DF x


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