Why Does Everyone Hate Cosmetic Surgery?

hate cosmetic surgery

I really can’t understand why we hate cosmetic surgery? We’re all entitled to express opinions and I’m thankful for that. I feel my tax dollars go a long way when I think about freedom of speech. It’s moment when I’m at peace with my federal tax deduction. There’s just one thing I can’t understand and that’s why if I mention cosmetic surgery so many people immediately turn negative on the idea. Having cosmetic surgery isn’t hurting anyone, it’s a personal choice, and it’s widely available and practiced all over the world. Yet people respond as if I’m planning to rob a bank. Now, if I cut and color my hair, everyone congratulates me on the new look. If I want to change my nose, everyone discourages me and suddenly I’m a victim (of something). I bet if i did it, nobody would congratulate me on my new look either. Why is this? It makes me so sad.

So, do I want to change my nose? Yes, I do. Am I going to? I probably am. Why? Because I want to and I can. I don’t understand why I don’t get more support from friends and family? I feel there comes a time in everyone’s life where you want to change things or perhaps you can afford to change something that you never could before. It could be a career, your significant other, your fashion style, or a physical feature. It seems everyone is so thrilled if you don’t like your job and get a new one. Everyone is pissed if you don’t like your nose and get a new one? Kind of weird, I think. I mention it and I feel like people take immediate pity on me. They tell me I’m beautiful and I don’t need it and why would I want to do that and it’s part of my natural beauty. I’m good with all that but I never said I didn’t think I was beautiful or that I needed a pat on the back to tell me my nose was good as it is. I don’t dislike myself and I just wanted to change a few things about my nose. I’ve had the same nose for 44 years and it would be nice if I could have a different one. I’d like a bit of a different look after all this time. Just like getting a new car when you already have a car that was running perfectly. Why the need to spend money on a shiny new one and why do you want a luxury brand when you can get all the same features in another car for less money?

I’ve already had cosmetic surgery. I had several babies and I was not expecting the body changes that came with pregnancies. So, when I wasn’t planning to have more children, I wanted to tighten things up and enjoy some changes. Not one minute have I ever regretted it. I will always tell people, the one thing I regret is that I didn’t do certain things sooner. I was so happy and confident after seeing the end results that I wish I could have maximized the time to enjoy the changes. The changes made me feel happy and more youthful so I couldn’t understand why everyone else wasn’t happy for me? When I want to spend money on something else like a new car or a bathroom remodel, people encourage me to go for it. My toilet flushes, the shower runs, I have mirrors and drawers and everyone is so excited to come and see the upgrades to a dingy aged bathroom. Now, if I update my aged boobs, everyone pretends I didn’t and then talks behind my back. I get questions like “Why would you feel you needed to do that?” and my answer is “why do you feel you need to remodel your kitchen?” or “why do you drive a BMW and not a Toyota?” I’m baffled by this!

I can recall in seventh grade, I was sitting in the back of the bus as they were about to leave the school to take all the kids home. One of the boys on the bus, made a comment to me. He said I was pretty but my nose was a little bit big. He was right. It’s a little more prominent than most people would prefer, including the most important of them all, Me! For years I would look at photos and wish it was just a little different from the front and side view. Now, I’m all grown up and I have some money saved because I’ve worked hard over the years and I would like to treat myself to the nose I always wanted. Very few people have encouraged me to move forward. I would go to one of the most reputable surgeons in my area who people come to from other parts of the country.   My surgeon is Dr. Daniel Shapiro in Scottsdale, AZ and I trust him completely.  He is meticulous, honest, and highly experienced.  Chances of a disaster are higher when I get in my car and drive on the freeway. So, what is the problem? Is it that people feel sorry for me that I would want to change a physical feature? If so, why is it okay to change your eyes with colored contacts and dye your hair? I just wish more than a handful of people in my life would congratulate me for wanting to do something different and having the means to do so. Instead, they make me feel like I’m pathetic and egotistical for wanting to change a little more than my hair color.

I’m glad I have the courage to not be influenced by people who try to convince me not to make a change. I just wish more people would be supportive and encouraging. Instead of trying to make me feel good about myself by saying I don’t need to change my nose (and by the way, I never said I felt bad), I wish people would say it’s great and they are excited for me and looking forward to seeing the end result. Instead people immediately whip out all cosmetic horror stories but the chances of getting into an auto accident are more likely than your nose falling off after rhinoplasty or dying of an infection.

8 thoughts on “Why Does Everyone Hate Cosmetic Surgery?

  1. I think where people (including me) have a hard time making the leap in the case of plastic surgery is that it’s surgery. While, on the one hand, I agree that everyone has agency over their own body, on the other hand, there’s a mental barrier for me when it comes to cutting the skin. If I had a tumor, I would risk being cut open because the risk of not doing anything is greater. But I can totally live with my large nose if it means I don’t have to be under anesthetic and have tool scraping and cutting at me. That said — thank you for providing your perspective. And good luck with everything.

    1. It is a very hard and emotional decision to make. There are risks, of course, and trade offs such as scars! It’s interesting because after a surgery, most people have a feeling of depression and regret and then as days pass, those emotions change and you start to feel better. It’s a real roller coaster for sure. It looks like I will move forward at the end of July vs early July and I’m scared and excited all at the same time. Hopefully, I’ll have the courage to share some photos and the experience for people who would like to know more about it.

  2. I agree entirely. People are ridiculously judgmental. =/ I think that if people want cosmetic surgery, they should get it. I can dye my hair, make my eyelashes look bigger with mascara, wear bodyshaping undergarments, and wear a pushup bra, but getting my deviated septum fixed? “Out of the question, you look so beautiful naturally.” It’s your body, you have full autonomy, you should be able to do what you want. Honestly, I’ve grown to like my nose and the character it gives me, but I don’t expect everybody to grudgingly accept their own perceived flaws. It’s not pathetic or egotistical, it’s your body, the only one you’ve got, you should be able to be 100% comfortable in it!

  3. I agree with you 100%. I believe that if it is going to make you feel better about yourself than do it. I think there is a stigma with cosmetic surgery because many people deny ever having any work done. If more people where open or honest about getting cosmetic surgery than maybe it would not be viewed as a negative thing.

    1. Amen! I know people are so secretive about it. Yet, they hop in their 120K AMG SL550 and cruise down the freeway. Who knows what the difference is, it’s all about a personal image in the end and what makes you happy. You only get once life to live. Damn it, I think my nose is big and I would like a new one! I had this one for 44 years, I think it was a good run!

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