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how to apply concealerWondering how to apply concealer and get the best results? For years, I applied my concealer before applying my foundation.  As I began to focus on learning more about techniques and how to achieve different effects,  I found applying concealer first does not  produce the best result.  Here’s why in a nutshell.  If you apply concealer before foundation, you may move it around as you apply the foundation.  This will not only dilute the concealer but also move the concealer away from the specific areas you targeted.  That’s not what we want now, is it?

So, what is the best way to apply concealer?   I find a few tools work well for a good application of concealer.   I use all three methods that I am going to mention.  Most important though, I apply a primer first to minimize the appearance of pores and extend the wear of my makeup.  Then I apply my foundation and last comes the concealer.  So, to answer the question which comes first?  The foundation comes first.   There may be some exceptions under special circumstances where a corrector product could precede the foundation. However,  in most cases, you won’t need a corrector and the best results will be achieved by applying the foundation first.

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How to apply concealer:

1.  The Beauty Blender is a great tool that you dampen and use with a dabbing motion (also called stippling).  The Blender is fantastic for applying concealer and foundation and will help you effectively blend the concealer with the foundation yet not move the foundation around. Since the Beauty Blender it’s a dense sponge, you can manipulate it to get into small areas.  Don’t bother with the mini Beauty Blender.  The regular sized one will do just fine and is actually better anyhow. I haven’t tried the mini blender and that’s because I haven’t seen positive reviews on it.

2.  A proper brush is also very effective for applying concealer and my number one choice. My holy grail concealer brush is the Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer #57.  I swear, it’s magical.   I am in love with this brush.  The brush has synthetic bristles that are just the right density and shape to allow a precise application of product.  You can get into the corners and right up to the lash line and feather the product out for a flawless application. This brush is an item I can’t live without.  This is crazy but I own three.  I got scared one day my brush could get damaged or lost so I had to get multiple emergency backups.   I also thought Sephora could discontinue it one day so keeping fresh spares  on hand makes me feel better.

3.  Finally, you’ve got a free built in tool, your finger.  The warmth of your skin will help smooth out the concealer product.  If you use a light dabbing motion, this is a pretty good, no cost tool.   If you have really long nails, this might not work for you.  I think the brush works best but you have to see what your sweet spot is.   If you are looking to save money, your fingers will do the trick just fine.

It’s too bad it took me so long to figure out the secrets of concealer because I have very dark circles under my eyes.  Plus, I used to have the brown patches of pigmentation around my eyes which made things worse.   I discussed  how I resolved the dark pigmentation using hydroquinone cream in this post.   I’ve done a lot of experimenting with concealer and I recommend NARS creamy radiant concealer almost always to anyone who asks and it is what I use every day.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful.  I’d like to know if you try these tips and notice a difference.  Especially the Sephora concealer brush!  I’m sure there are more fantastic secrets out there that we all need to know about!

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