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Last year, I decided it was time for an eyeshadow brush overhaul project!   I purchased a collection of Sigma brushes and honestly, I love all of them.  There are definitely three brushes that I purchased that I think are the best Sigma eyeshadow brushes.  They definitely stand out and are must haves in any collection!  I use these favorites nearly every day without fail.

For years, cosmetic brushes were the last items on my list of things to buy and when I bought them, I looked for the cheapest ones I could find.  I had no idea what a difference good brushes could make in my makeup application.  God only knows what I looked like five years ago, when I was using junkers. Hopefully, it wasn’t too bad!  Now that I’m more informed, brushes have become important investments and I realize they make a huge difference in the end result of any makeup application.  I still cringe at brushes that are very pricey but since I’ve started buying brushes from Sigma, I think I found  a great quality product that is reasonably priced.  Sure, I might still splurge on something I get my hands on in Sephora during a moment of weakness, but these days, most of my brushes come from Sigma.

My most recent brush haul contained seven eyeshadow brushes, a contour brush, and a large kabuki. Honestly, I’m really pleased with every brush.  They are durable, bristles stay put, and after cleaning they reshape and dry just like when they were new.   Every day, I have what I would say are my best Sigma eyeshadow brushes in my hot little hands working away!  I have no idea how I got through life without them!  I was a bit late in discovering Sigma but that’s okay, I’m on track now!  Soon enough, I’ll build a brush collection that I put on display that would infuriate any husband!

My Favorite Sigma Eyeshadow Brushes:

Sigma E34 – Domed Utility – ($14) Synthetic fibers

SIgma E34 Domed Utility
Sigma E34

This brush was sent from above, seriously.  This brush plus the MAC 224 blending brush are my holy grails.  I paid $30 for the MAC brush a few years ago and Sigma’s comparable brush, E40, which I don’t have, is $16What I love about the E34, is you can do a lot more with it than what it was specifically designed to use for.  This is a dense brush which is small enough to get into your crease for shading and also dense enough to buff out harsh lines where you want a soft transition.  This is also great for darkening the outer-V.  You can get intense color and very effective shading with this brush.  If you want a very precise V, this brush won’t do that but I find more often, that’s not the look I’m going for.  As you can see in the photo, it’s lovingly used and there is only 1 day a week were it would be sparkling clean!

Sigma E37 – All Over Blend – ($16) Synthetic fibers

SIgma E37

An outstanding blending brush!  This brush will move shadow when you don’t think it’s possible you could move it anymore!  The E37 is extremely dense which results in very powerful blending.  You can adjust the amount of pressure you use depending on how much blending you want to achieve.  I love using this brush above my crease to get a gorgeous soft transition of color toward the brow line.  I can’t achieve that with my MAC 224 brush alone because the MAC brush isn’t dense enough to product the same transition of shades or a complete blending of two shades.  Thus this brush is used on a daily basis and a must have.

Sigma E47 – Shader Crease – ($14) Synthetic fibers

Sigma E47

Finally, we come to the shader crease.  I used to attempt to use a pencil brush to shade my crease which was not effective due to the density of the brush or I’d attempt to get into the crease with a dupe of the MAC crease shader brush and what would happen is I’d overshoot the crease and wipe out my transition color above.  Happened every time!   Sometimes the pencil brush did the trick but the E47 nailed the crease perfectly every time. The bristles are long and firm (not as firm as the two previous brushes I discussed) and I can get a very precise application of color in the crease.  This had a huge effect on the overall looks that I could accomplish.   I could get a very intense color in my crease or a subtle effect with this brush.  Another must have!

In this same haul, I picked up these additional eyeshadow brushes which I also love but my top three are the ones I shared the details on.

  • E06 – Winger Linger
  • E30 – Pencil (haven’t been willing to dirty this one up yet – still using my MAC brush)
  • E39 – Buff and Blend
  • E54 – Medium Sweeper

So, what’s on my radar to complete my eyeshadow brush collection?  Well, as you get to know me better, you will find that I’m a planner and I am always thinking ahead.  My next eye shadow brushes and what I hope will complete my collection are:

  • E11 – Liner Brush
  • E15 – Flat Definer (a best seller)
  • E38 – Diffused Crease
  • E25 – Blending
  • E57 – Firm Shader

All the Sigma eyeshadow brushes fall into the $14-$18 price range and usually you can get the same brush in black for a couple dollars less than a limited edition or copper colored brush.  All in all, what you will get as far as quality, usability, durability, and design are as good, if not better than some of the more expensive brushes I’ve splurged on.  So, if you are in the market and about to drop $25 on a comparable MAC brush, I’d urge you to order a Sigma brush and see what you think of it.  I positively love them!  Are there better brushes out there?  Of course there are!  However, at some point you are not going to notice a difference in the end result.   These are going to meet or exceed your expectations and leave with some extra spending money.  =)

best sigma eyeshadow brushes

6 thoughts on “The Best Sigma Eyeshadow Brushes

  1. I ordered the Sigmax brush set last fall and fell in love! Such fantastic brushes…the F86 is my new favorite! I’m curious to see what their makeup is like.

    1. ooohhh, the tapered Kabuki! I don’t have that one and I just looked at it on line and I’m now dying to buy it but I think I’m slightly over my beauty budget this month and it’s only May 6th. I definitely want that brush! Which set did you get? Were there any other awesome ones in the set you got? I think they are so great! Love them!

  2. Love this thank you so much very informative and helpful, I need to add to my brush collection.

    1. I really like them a lot and I appreciate the price point. You can almost always get 10% off and then shipping is free if over 50.00. A lot of the shadow brushes are around 30.00 which just seems like too much but for 14.00-15.00, these are well worth it. I had never thought of trying them until I saw them being used on YouTube!

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