5 Creative Ways To Use Essential Oils In Your Home

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creative Ways to Use Essential Oils in Home

Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™ has a new line of 100% pure and blended aromatherapy essential oils available at Walmart.  There are 10 essential oils, a sweet almond carrier oil, and a small convenient diffuser in the new collection.   Be on the lookout for these products in the vitamin aisle at Walmart.  Today, I want to share new ways I’m using essential oils and aromatherapy in my home.  You will love these ideas!  I will also post a DIY project with essential oils in July.  Right now, I’m still experimenting with recipes but I’ll share my masterpiece when it’s ready!  If you have a special request or suggestion, please leave it in the comments below.


Natures-Bounty-Earthly-Elements almond oil

One of the most popular ways that people use essential oils today is to put them into a diffuser.  This allows the scent to positively affect their mood and emotional being.  The use of these oils to enhance the psychological and physical well-being is known as aromatherapy.

Natures-Bounty-Earthly-Elements diffuser

One of my favorite essential oils is eucalyptus.  I have diffusers all over my house (not exaggerating, there are at least eight) with a eucalyptus and peppermint combination.  People who come into my home  LOVE the way it smells.  It’s very relaxing and reminds me of being at a spa.  The minute I come through the door on a hot summer day, I experience an instant cooling and very refreshing sensation.  If you love florals, think of how jasmine essential oil would smell in your home!  The oils are pure and produced from the plants as they occur in nature.  Therefore, the fragrances are natural and not artificial.

Aixallia lavender organic skincare
Fresh lavender flowers
Fresh eucalyptus leaves
peppermint essential oil
Fresh peppermint leaves

There are hundreds of uses for essential oils and aromatherapy.  While there are popular uses for specific oils, experiment and find new ways of using the oils that fit your lifestyle.  Now that I have a full set of essential oils from the Nature’s Bounty Earthly Elements collection, I have discovered new ways to use essential oils and aromatherapy in my home.  I can’t wait to share these ideas with you.

5 ways to use Nature’s Bounty Earthly Elements Aromatherapy Essential Oils in your home

Nature's Bounty Earthly Elements

Stuffed Animals
I put a couple of drops of lavender or chamomile essential oil in a gallon size plastic bag and seal the bag with a stuffed animal and let it sit overnight.  The next evening, at bed time, I have a wonderful smelling stuffed toy that helps my son relax and fall asleep.  He finds the scented animals very soothing and the beautiful scent lasts about two weeks.

Laundry freshener
I’ve started creating my own laundry freshener for towels and bedding.  I add 5-10 drops of oil to a damp cloth and toss it in the dryer.  Laundry is left smelling clean and fresh.  Jasmine oil is a beautiful and romantic scent to use when drying your intimate garments.  

Refrigerator refresher
Remember, I have a house full of boys!  That means open packages and improperly sealed products are constantly placed in my refrigerator to stink it up.  Therefore, I’m constantly cleaning and deodorizing it!  I have been adding 5-10 drops of grapefruit or lemongrass essential oil to a small bowl of warm water and using a damp cloth soaked in the water and wrung out to wipe down the shelves.  This method of cleaning is natural and safe to use around foods and the refrigerator is left smelling fresh and clean.

Scented stationery
This is a really fun idea!  Put a few drops (no more than 3) on a cotton ball and put the cotton inside a plastic bag with some stationary.  Seal the bag and leave it overnight to give the letters time to infuse the aroma.  For romantic cards or letters, you could use jasmine or lavender!  Around the holidays, peppermint would be perfect!  If you are having a baby shower with a garden theme, rosemary essential oil would be amazing to infuse with your invitations.  Jasmine scented bridal invitations couldn’t be prettier!  Be creative!  

Freshen up the Vacuum
I’ve always hated the way the vacuum smells and with a house full of pets, it’s the worst ever!  To eliminate the odors in the vacuum bag or canister, 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil will leave the room smelling good after running the vacuum.  The oil will also keep the bag or canister smelling fresh.  I like to use peppermint and eucalyptus in the vacuum bag just as I have placed those oils in the diffusers around my home.

Nature’s Bounty Earthly Elements Essential Oil Collection

Natures-Bounty-Earthly-Elements essential oils collection

Nature's Bounty Earthy Elements Essential Oil Collection

If you are new to using essential oils, it is always recommended to check with your doctor as some essential oils may come with precautions that you need to be aware of.  As always… stay healthy, happy, and feeling beautiful!

Tell me what your favorite ways of using essential oils and aromatherapy is in your home!   I would love to hear some really creative ideas on how to use these wonderful new oils and any suggestions for DIY beauty products!  

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  2. Essential oils became a part of my life!I have tried using essential oil in a diffuser and humidifier, I put them on at night, and it helps in sleeping comfortably with lessening in coughing and breathlessness moreover relaxing overall.

    1. The vacuum is so nice! It leaves the whole house smelling good. The refrigerator is also really wonderful and considering the frequency at which my children spill things inside and walk away? I can tell you that lemongrass and grapefruit are excellent choices for the fridge. I’ve tried them all as I have many opportunities to do so!

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