Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette & Swatches

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Eye Shadows

The latest in thee Urban Decay collection that hits the market in October 2016 is the Limited Edition Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette with 21 dazzling eye shadows.  Did you think when Urban Decay released all the things in their gorgeous Holiday 2016 collection that they were going to slow down?  No way!   They have been on a roll releasing one hot item after the next and no one can get enough because everything is so enticing!  This palette will be available in late October (estimating October 26th) but I have a sneak peek for you!  And I can tell you right now, this is a beautiful eye shadow palette.

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette eye shadows

Some shades are a bit sheer and others are deep and very pigmented.  That’s what I love about this palette.  I don’t want to get out 3 palettes when I want to create a certain type of look, I want a palette that can do it all.  The Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette allows you to create edgy and bold looks as well as everyday looks.  If you were to compare this palette to the new Kat Von D palette that has a range of rainbow colors, I’d recommend Urban Decay.  I usually don’t make comparisons but both these palettes are hitting the market at the same time for nearly the same price.   If you have to choose between one or the other, you will get more mileage with the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette.  Not just because the quality of Urban Decay’s shadows are better but also because the shadows are more versatile.  I have both palettes and after experimenting for a day, the Urban Decay shadows are prettier and they blend better.  If you are scratching your head wondering which one to buy, Urban Decay has my vote.

Now… on to the swatches!

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Swatches – Limited Edition

The Full Spectrum Palette features 21 eyeshadows!  That’s the most we’ve ever seen in one palette from Urban Decay.  There’s a lot to love here!  Urban Decay has included a pure white shadow in the palette that if you use as a base, you can make colors pop even more.  The glittery shades did not have much fall out which makes them even more wearable and easier to apply.

These swatches were created using one swipe of the eye shadow.  These shadows are build-able so you can create deeper colors depending on how much you pack the shadow onto your eyelids.  However, with one swipe from palette to arm, you can see the amount of pigmentation in the shadows and imagine how much you can deepen these shades if you want to.  The photos were taken with settings and a lens that would most closely resemble what the colors would look like in daylight and how they would appear to the human eye.

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette swatches

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette swatches

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Swatches

Show Urban Decay what you create using this palette by using the hashtag #ColorUnleashed on social media.  Retail price U.S. $55 – Remember this is a limited edition so don’t wait to get it!

Lots of love to all you beauties and I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek!  This palette was provided as a PR sample courtesy of Urban Decay.   It’s going to be a fun holiday season!  What colors are your favorites in this palette!  Tell me in the comments below!

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36 thoughts on “Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette & Swatches

    1. You’re welcome! You will absolutely love the beautiful colors. I’m going to put up swatches later today of the Urban Decay Naked Basics which is new. It has all the great nudes that would give you just about every option combined with this colorful palette.

    1. UD definitely had a great 2016. Incredible collabs, new quality products being released faster than we consume them. I think MAC is trying to catch up but whoever is making the calls over at UD seriously knows how to run their business. I’m fascinated by their marketing and ideas and creativity.

    1. I was thinking the same thing as I started swatching them. You can make them very bold if you build them up but you get a great color even without doing that. A lovely palette. Do you plan to pick one up?

  1. omg that’s every colour possible there! I love the way it looks in the palette! I would feel like a makeup artist owning this! But I am not that experiemental when it comes to make up I am sure I will end up just using up all the more neutural shades …..

    1. I think you should experiment with some color! You’d be shocked how easy it is to use and with these shades you can build them up or create a softer look. See what good tutorials you find on YouTube! You can definitely do it and make the jump to color. I suggest started with it under your eye (a very pretty look).

  2. Ahh your swatches! Proof that these shades are so much more wearable than they appear when looking at the spectrum that it is! Urban Decay has been one of my favorite brands since the nineties! I got a little too excited over the 1996 capsule lipsticks. Putting them on was a total flashback. I still remember, in the early 2000’s my master bath had a little decorative architectural corner for displaying things and mine had all of those UD powder boxes displayed there. haha!

    1. I was surprised too. You could make the colors really bright, but they don’t have to be. I think that’s what makes the palette so incredible. The Vintage lipsticks were a great idea. Seriously, someone or some team at Urban Decay are total masterminds. Their marketing and what they have been releasing is just stellar. I think to myself, what could be next? Just their ideas have been me totally intrigued. Like how can I learn to think like them!!!!! Brilliant!

      1. Exactly; I completely agree! I want it all! One thing I would LOVE to see from them again, are sets. (aside from the mega vaults) They once did some themed sets, similar to the Sephora sets, but better! I remember this cool Urban bride set I bought once; it had SO many great products in it and it came in a flip-top keepsake box. ..And I mean it’s the Holidays, what better time for a brand full of bright and sparkle to do the coolest holiday set ever! I could totally go for a UD Advent calendar. How fun would that be and how fast would that sell out? I did snag the L’Occitane advent calendar though!

    1. I thought so too. I do appreciate that UD made them build-able so what look likes a bright pink can go on softer. I have the Kat Von D palette Metals palette and that one doesn’t work that way. It’s like BAM that’s it! LOL So, I find this one to be more wearable. What’s your favorite all time palette? Can you pick just one? Not sure I could!

    1. I’m a complete UD addict/junkie! They make a quality product every time at a fair price and they are always contemporary but not over board. What’s your favorite all-time UD Palette or product??

  3. I really love how this palette has both bold and warm shades! I don’t always do bold eye looks but this palette looks perfect for me as it also has both! Would love to see the different looks you create using this palette,xoxo

    1. I’ll have to play with it and create some looks. One thing I love to do is use gem tones on my underneath my eye. I’ve always loved to do that. I’ll see what I can come up with and post some selfies on Instagram!! XOXOXO

  4. If I was just starting out with makeup, this palette would have been right up my alley! But, now knowing my preferences, I know I wouldn’t use even 10% of this palette on a regular basis. It’s pretty too oogle at though! 😛

    1. I always find with every palette, I don’t use some shades but I rarely buy individual shadows. I can’t ever see myself using the yellow or green but then again, sometimes I surprise myself or find a look someone else did using the shade that I want to try. I’m curious to see the different looks people come up when this palette is available in stores.

  5. Delirious, Hundred, and Warning look gorgeous! I’m not into bright colored eyeshadows but this palette would be great for someone who likes a nice variety of bright and warm colors. Xx

    1. I agree. Because you can go pretty lightly with the bright shades and blend them out but they included some softer shades so the palette is more versatile. I really love it. Do you have a favorite all-time palette?

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