10 Unconventional 2018 New Year’s Resolutions From The Heart

unconventional New Year resolutions

Every year I make New Year’s resolutions that I don’t keep.  Usually, they are traditional resolutions:  lose weight, exercise more, make healthier choices, read more books.  You know, the bullshit!  I shared my resolutions for 2016 and I wasn’t on top of things by the spring.  However, this year, I’ve taken a different approach.  My resolutions are more meaningful in my life and somewhat unconventional.  I thought I’d open up to you and take a moment to share what I’m going to be doing different in 2018!  I hope it inspires you to look at the year with a fresh perspective.  And let’s face it, if I write things down, I’m more likely to commit!  (There’s some selfish reasoning for posting this! HA!)

All right, some of these resolutions may seem meh, but they are all important to me.  I’ve given them serious thought.  So, here it goes.  Oh, and by the way, I  would REALLY REALLY like to hear from you in the comments.  What are your most unconventional or unique resolutions?  We can motivate each other this way and get more ideas to make this a really great year!  Oh by the way, something really exciting about 2018… in June, I celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary!

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10 Unconventional New Year’s Resolutions (in no particular order)

1.  Improve my relationship with my oldest teen

Well, I lied.  This is the most important one to me.

Every child is very different and many of us have one that presents challenges.  But I ordered a perfect angel like we see in the movies.   No matter what, I love my children equally and unconditionally.  I have one that isn’t living up to my standards, and I tend to push him harder to be the way I want him to be.  (hmmm, not good, right?)  And by the way, what he has pulled is nothing in comparison to my teenage years.  (I mean, seriously, I was a nightmare!)  Nevertheless, my trust deteriorated for him and we aren’t getting along.  I need to put mistakes we’ve both made to rest and I’ve done that.  I need to provide more encouragement and support for him.  I knows teens make big mistakes but instead of hounding him for everything he has done wrong, I’ll focus more on what is positive.  In 2018, I will turn the relationship around.  My hopes are, with more support and building his self-confidence, he will evolve into a man of integrity.

2.  Hand over the keys

Back to the teenage thing again (rolling eyes!).  I have not allowed my oldest son to drive because he has been dishonest with dad, grandma, grandpa, me, and others.  It’s not mistakes that would affect his safety or judgment behind the wheel but I have not extended the driving privilege as a result of his manipulative and deceptive tactics.  I always felt hurt and betrayed by him.  I’ve decided to extend the driving privilege to him though.  The caveat here is if his behavior is not mature, I see ANY safety concerns,  or he’s dishonest, this privilege is the first to go.  He will be informed of this up front.  Is this reasonable?

3.  Body positive

I’m very body positive when it comes to others but I hold myself to unachievable standards.  Of course, these standards come from my perceived society norms.  Whether I am a size 2 or 6, shouldn’t matter.  I need to focus on being genuine, healthy, and happy.  As I age, my body is going to change.  I am still the same person inside and I must stop judging myself and trying to live up to my definition of perfection.  I set unrealistic goals for myself yet I adore my friends and see profound beauty in all of you regardless of size, color, race, sex, or any other society label or expectation.  I need to adore myself.  I don’t judge others but I judge myself?  That must stop.

4.  Improve things around me

I’m so busy focusing on ME (selfish insecure ME), that I haven’t bothered to enjoy and improve other things in my life.  I need to paint in my home, refinish some cabinets, and make some general repairs.  I need to plan a vacation!  I have neglected improving our space because I’m busy trying to improve the size of my butt.  This year, I will be refreshing and upgrading things in my home.  I will be less inclined to put money into things I really don’t need.  However, I won’t neglect myself.  I will find a better balance.

5. Instagram changes

I love Instagram!  If you aren’t following me, please hop on over there and hang out with me.  That’s where I love to be the most on social media.  I’m raising my bar on Instagram this year.  There will be more personal content that my followers can relate to.  The ones that matter or me won’t judge me.  I want to interject more of “me” (no no no, not more selfies, LOL) just more personable content in my captions.  And I want to develop more photography skills and focus on esthetics.  I want to give you the best I can deliver and hopefully, you are already seeing it!  I’m working really hard on quality photos and content.  Some photos have symbolism (I’m so proud of this)!  My New Years Eve photos are an example.  Not sure if you picked up on it or not?  The gold globe represented the world and my friends and relationships around the world on the platform that are so meaningful to me.  This was all in a black, gold, and white palette for New Year’s celebration vibes.

6.  More makeup on the blog

I polled you last week and asked if you would like to see more makeup posts on the blog.  There was a strong “YES”.  87% of you said yes!  I still want to share skin care products and some health content but there will a lot more makeup reviews and swatches in 2018!  I’m listening to you!  I take your poll responses really seriously.  I ask because I really want your opinions!

7.  Lunch at work

I’m spending way too much on buying lunch at work.  Anywhere from $14 – $20 a day.  (Yes, that’s embarrassing) First of all, I can’t eat as well if I don’t make the food.  And second, shouldn’t I redirect that money to other things?  There my opportunity to pick up a few more new makeup releases and other interesting things to enjoy and share with my followers!  I’ll still buy lunch but I will be taking it with me far more frequently.

8.  Clean eating

Since I’ve finally learned the source of skin problems, swelling, rashes, and hives that started in early spring on 2017, I need to eat cleaner.  I’ve been informed after 40+ years of life, I am allergic to milk and sesame.  Whoa!  That’s what we know so far.  I cut that stuff out completely but I’m also working on learning more about food ingredients and clean eating.  It will be a transition for me but not something I can afford to lose focus on.  My body is telling me something here and I think I should listen!

9.  CSA program

Building on number 8, I will rejoin Maya’s Farm CSA program.  This is a community supported agriculture program where you get an allocation of fresh farm produce each week.  I did this a few years ago and it was wonderful.  I will be rejoining (today, actually) and getting beautiful locally grown organic produce.  This also supports my community and helps me achieve clean eating goals.  I only linked to it so you can see a more about what these programs are and think about one in your area, if you are interested. (They don’t even know I mentioned them)!

10.  Get involved with school

My youngest is in third grade and I’m not attending events in the classroom anymore.  My mom usually goes.  But I should be going!  My boss is amazing as are my colleagues and employees.  They would certainly, without a doubt, support me on this.  So, why am I not making the time to volunteer at a holiday party?  There’s no excuse.  I will be getting involved going forward.

unconventional new years resolution positive thinking quote

Well, there you have it!   The things I need to do more of and need to do better.  I feel crappy that I’m not doing some as much as I should be.  But that is why I’m making changes!  And most important, since I don’t think 2017 was a great year (and that’s OK, not all years will be great, right?) – I’m NOT looking back.  I’m not bringing up the past or dwelling on it.  I let it go last night and I’m looking ahead with new perspectives and fresh ideas.

I would really love to hear from you!  Do you have any resolutions you are making  that are more personal or unconventional?  Please share them below so we can support and empower each other!  Wishing you success and everything you have your heart set on in 2018!  My motto this year is #UnityinDiversity!  What’s yours?

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16 thoughts on “10 Unconventional 2018 New Year’s Resolutions From The Heart

  1. My resolutions are always so simple and silly. Things that if I don’t accomplish is no big deal either way. On is gett all the laundry done . The other to stay fit. Which that one is something I have been doing. The meaningful one is not to be so hard on myself. That will be a challenge

    1. I should add laundry to mine! I don’t mind doing it – but I folding it and putting away! I think we are our own worst critics. I’m really hard on myself. I look for new faults every day. That’s definitely something we have to stop. I know it’s so hard!! Happy New Year!

  2. Your resolutions are very interesting Janine and I truly appreciate to know you more through them 🙂 Hope you will reach them and especially the first one ! As I am a mother too I understand very well why it’s the most important ! Kisses

  3. Very meaningful resolutions,.. Even I make resolutions and dont follow them properly. this time i also should do some practical and doable resolutions,.. Thank you for this post,.. It is very motivational,..

    1. I’m so glad it got you thinking. I’m very motivated to make these adjustments. I want to say I’ll read more, lose some weight, and drive slower but I know I’ll never follow through. So, I tried to think of things that I need to do and have put off or not tried hard enough. Thank you so much for stopping in! XOX – I hope you had an amazing New Year celebration and a wonderful holiday season!

  4. Janine – I love this! I can really see/hear you in this New Year Resolution post!

    I’m also going to work on eating cleaner. I did this a few years ago and was feeling better, but it’s difficult to sustain the change. I’ve found if I use an app to track what I’m eating it makes it easier for me to recognize places I need to improve or cut back.

    Excited to watch you take on these challenges and see your successes!

    Love & Hugs

    1. This was definitely more of a brain dump than any research or factual product information. I actually downloaded an app today!! We can actually connect on it and share our meals that we eat. It’s called My Fitness Pal. It works well and I like how it lets you create your own recipes to save and present the nutritional value. I see a few newer ones too but I didn’t look at them. Are you using MyFitnessPal? I have to cut back no matter what. Things are really not fitting – like NOT fitting. LOL. I figured, OK – it can’t get any worse if I change it right now.

      I have too much to do tonight to make lunch for tomorrow but I think I’m going to grab a soup or frozen thing I have. We can do great things this year! Keep me on track and I’ll keep you on track!

  5. These are wonderful resolutions! You have done some soul searching and want to grow, always a sacred task! I’m continuing to strive for life balance, and keeping the principles of catholic social teaching at the core. I hope that will keep me in a spot of compassion. Thanks for your honest blog!

    1. I laid in bed really thinking about everything last night and more this morning. Life balance is something on my mind too! I know I try to take on too much. Do you feel that way as well? I believe faith will certainly help guide you as it’s so powerful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Wishing you the best for this upcoming year!

  6. I love this post, Janine. You will most likely not do everything perfectly because you are human after all:). But I have no doubt you will make great positive changes in every area you targeted as needing improvements at year end. I need to do the same thing, sweetheart ?

    1. Oh I expect to make lots of mistakes on the way. I’m known for that! Thank you so much for the encouragement and for stopping by and having a read! May 2018 be full of successes and lots of happiness for you!

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