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Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD


Mother’s Day came and went this year but I vowed to continue to take time out to pamper myself each day.  One of the things I cherish is my skin care routine and I introduced RejuvaliteMD red light therapy  by Trophy Skin into my routine about 6 weeks ago.  You can read more about RejuvaliteMD in my prior post where I discussed the benefits and science behind the product.  I partnered with Trophy Skin to bring you this content.  The opinions I’m sharing about the product are 100% my own and some links are affiliate links.

Trophy Skin red light therapy

I’ve always enjoy my morning and evening routine and I never want to rush that time.  I began using RejuvaliteMD red light therapy 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night, before I go to bed.  Red light therapy reduces the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, and age spots by promoting collagen production and improving skin laxity.  Most people using the product notice a change within 6-8 weeks of regular use so I thought you would be interested in my progress so far.

Since I started using the device, I’ve kept it on my nightstand.  The product has a sleek design and doesn’t take up much space so keeping it next my bed has worked out quite well.  In morning, when I wake up, I pull the light over and turn it on for 5 minutes before I get out of bed.  In the evening, after I cleanse my skin, I relax under the light again for 5 minutes and then apply my regular skin care products.  I especially enjoy the time in the evening because I reflect on my day and if there’s anything I’ve forgotten that is the time I remember it!

Progress Check – 6 Weeks

RejuvaliteMD Red Light Therapy At home

Initially, I started using the product on my face and then I decided I wanted to use it on my neck and décolletage.  I believe that’s where the results may be the most noticeable considering my problem areas.  It’s been difficult for me to assess progress at this point because the weather has changed in Arizona.  When it gets hot, I battle rosacea and redness and skin goes through a lot of changes.

Due the way I respond to the heat, I can’t fully assess my progress but I’m  encouraged to keep up with my new routine and you can definitely see a difference in my photos.  The extra 5 minutes in the morning and evening is time for me to relax and I really enjoy it!  And actually, since I do my face and neck, I spend 10 minutes pampering myself with each session.

I’ll take photos again after the summer to see how I’ve progressed.

Exclusive Trophy Skin Discount Code

Through 6/30/18, you can purchase any product on and receive 15% off.  NOTE!  This is a higher discount than Trophy Skin usually offers which is 10% off.  This code can be applied to any of their skin care devices.  At check out, use promo code: BEAUTIFULWHIM.  All shipping in the U.S. is free and Trophy Skin offers a 60 day money back guarantee on all their products.

Have you used any of products from Trophy Skin?  I’d love to hear about your experience!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Trophy Skin.   The opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own and some links are affiliate links.











14 thoughts on “Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD Red Light Therapy – Before & After

    1. Keep in mind, the second photo is the red light PLUS one IPL session. Just wanted to make sure people knew I had one other thing in there that could have helped.

  1. I have used a microderm on my face and love getting facials. I don’t do them as often as I used to but I did have a fun girl’s weekend with friends recently and we did a major spa experience. Great post and thanks so much for sharing. <3

    1. I keep it on my night stand and it’s perfect. The arm bends too so you can position it however. I’m really surprised I like it so much!


  2. Yes, I can see the difference in the photos! I haven’t heard of this treatment before but since I am approaching the age of 40, I want to try some treatments too, I only do a facial at the moment.


    1. I used to do facials all the time and I still do them. But I found I needed more around my early 40s (43-44). I started noticing more changes with my skin. What kind of facials do you have done?

    1. Hi Gemma! I didn’t know about it either until I saw this campaign and requested to try the device. They have a very popular Microderm device as well (and some others on their site). Overall, I’ve seen positive reviews but this is the only device I’ve tried so far. Pretty cool stuff, right?

      OXXOO Janine

    1. I didn’t realize I even had results until I took the photos! To be fair, I did want to make sure everyone knew my chest was combined with an IPL treatment but I’m really excited to keep using my RejuvaliteMD! XOX

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