Top 5 Picks For Luxury Spring Lipsticks

Top 5 Spring Lipsticks

I know it’s still snowing in some parts of the country but spring will be peeking out to say hello everywhere very soon!  This post has my favorite luxury spring lipsticks (at this moment in time) for 2016!  I will do another post with my favorite drug store lipsticks for spring soon.  These are my top picks and what I’m wearing almost every day.  I’m so excited to share these colors with you.  Some have just been released and maybe the first time you are seeing them, where others have been out for a while but amazing formulas and colors that you must try.  I get so excited to get out all the pretty soft colors for spring.  It is hard to narrow it down to 5!  This selection gives you a bit of everything (nude, pink, coral, bronze, and peach)!

My picks for Tom Ford spring lipsticks


The Tom Ford lipstick formulas are worth the extra bucks and no one is paying me to say that!   I waited a long time before I finally started buying these and I can honestly say the formula cannot be compared to most lipsticks on the market.  And If only I could send the smell through to you!   They are mildly floral with the scent of fresh vanilla.  Definitely a gorgeous and subtle scent that is more addicting than you can imagine!  The Tom Ford formula contains soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter, and chamomilla flower oil which all come together to create a beautiful, enticing, and ultra creamy formula.  The lipsticks are slightly luminous and I would consider them to have moderate wear time.  I do find myself touching up after a few hours.

Lip Color in Spanish Pink ($52)

This shade is a soft, lustrous opaque pink nude.  For extra shine, pair this with Tom Ford’s Ultra Shine Lip Gloss.  I’d suggest Naked to keep with the original tone or Sugar Pink if you wanted to deepen the pink tones in the lipstick.  Spanish Pink is not a new color in the Tom Ford collection but a very popular color seen on many celebrities.  It’s perfect nude pink for spring with smokey eyes but this lipstick is versatile enough to wear with any makeup look.  This is packaged in a black Tom Ford tube with gold accents.  I imagine this will always be one of their top sellers.

Sheer Lip Color in Rose Soleil ($52)

This lipsticks is a brand new release from the Tom Ford Soleil Collection 2016.  It’s is a sheer lipstick and positively gorgeous on the lips.  Rose Soleil is a warm bronze tone that has a subtle golden shimmer.  It was hard to swatch but when wearing it on your lips, there is more color noticed.   This shade is perfect for bronzed makeup and it has a very summery look.  It is packaged in an elegant white tube with gold accents that remains pristine despite rolling around in the bottom of your purse.  It will wear a few hours and needs to be retouched but wears off evenly (no patchy color).  The formula feels good on the lips and is hydrating.  This is very close if not an exact match to what the model is wearing in the photo in this post.  If you like the makeup look on the Tom Ford model, you will be in love with this lipstick.

Moisturecore Lip Color in Pipa ($55)

Another new release from the Tom Ford Soleil Collection 2016.  This lipstick has two formulas in the one.  The core contains a formula infused with passion fruit oil to provide luxurious moisture, according to Tom Ford beauty.   All the cores of each lipstick in the Moisturecore collection (6 in total) have the same color pink core.  The exterior delivers the primary lipstick tone and is a hydrating and light weight color with moderate wear time.  These require touch up after a few hours.  Pipa is a soft pink with a coral undertone.  All the lipsticks in this collection delivery what the brand describes as a soft veil of color.  I think this is a gorgeous spring shade that can be worn by anyone.

Tom Ford Spring Lipsticks

Tom Ford Moisturecore Soleil Collection in Pipa

My picks for YSL spring lipsticks


Another luxury lipstick line that is putting out a product that feels and looks so good on the lips is YSL.  Their lipsticks are worth every penny and I think of all the formulas, I like the feel and look of these the best.  There are several formulas from YSL but my absolute favorite and the one with the least colors available (unfortunately only 9) is the original Rouge Volupte collection.  Wow, are these beauties!  Everything single shade in the current collection is positively stunning.  Yes, as a self-confessed addict, I have bought every Rouge Volupte color.  I can’t help myself.  They are like wearing a silk veil on your lips.  The Rouge Volupte lipsticks deliver true color and a glossy shine in one stroke.  This formula is amazing.   When wearing these lipsticks, your lips look plump and smooth and ultra radiant.  It’s an unbeatable formula and it has a soft hint of mango to remind you of it’s unique characteristics.  These are always packaged in an elegant gold tube with a band of the lipstick color around the middle.  The YSL logo is beautifully incorporated into the gold band.

The best selection of shades can be found on YSL’s website and it seems this particular collection has had a lot of shades come and go.  So, get them while you can as new ones comes out, older ones may be discontinued.

Rouge Volupte in Opera Rose #29 ($34)

Opera Rose is a lustrous bright rosy pink from YSL and a must have in any collection of spring lipsticks.  While I say bright, it’s not a shocking pink.  YSL has still managed to keep the shade in a tone that is perfect for anytime wear, including the office.  The YSL formula is very creamy so there and there is a huge color pay-off with this lipstick.  It wears about 3 hours.  The pink has a warm undertone and wouldn’t be overwhelming for those who don’t like bright lipsticks (like me).

Rouge Volupte in Peach Passion #13 ($34)

No spring lipstick recommendations would be complete without the perfect peach and YSL delivers on this too.  If we talk spring lipsticks, this peach is pure perfection.  It seems a true peach is hard to find.  Options are not really peach (they are coral) or they are too light and look pasty.  But not this one!  The Rouge Volupte formula delivers that color bang again and with one swipe, this is a gorgeous true peach.  This spring lipstick gem  creates intense and smooth color that doesn’t look pasty or pastel.  It is described as a vibrant peachy pink but I don’t detect the pink in the formula.  As you can see in the swatch below, it’s peach perfection and notice the beautiful sheen this lipstick has.


I can’t deny how many favorites I have in the MAC line as well as Christian Dior.  Charlotte Tilbury has some positively gorgeous spring colors as well but unless you want me to go on forever (and I think I could on lipsticks), I picked my top 5 to share with you.  I would just love to hear what your spring favorites are and if you have discovered anything new and exciting that is a must try for 2016?

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26 thoughts on “Top 5 Picks For Luxury Spring Lipsticks

  1. I’m collecting the lipstick all places where I have ever passed , your posting is useful for me. Thanks your sharing 🙂

  2. Yay! I’m so so glad to hear the YSL formula is a favorite of yours! I have no springtime lipsticks (I’m pretty much starting fresh with makeup, and need new everything, so I’m scoping reviews like a madwoman) and I’m not going to lie, I fell in love with the packaging first. Omg. How beautiful?! Holy crap. And while I am still going to go to Macy’s and swatch all the Tom Ford & other super high end stuff I absolutely cannot afford at the moment, I can totally do $34 for a YSL. That swatch, that color, that sheen. And if it doesn’t dry my lips out and smell like it belongs in the cleaning aisle like a lot of the drugstore makeup I’ve used my whole life up to this point.. well take my money and give my pretty new tube so I can Instagram it all over the place! 🙂 I’ve done some calculations, and I’ve probably spent more money on awful makeup than if I’d just forked out the cash and bought quality products in the first place. It’s hard for me to spend money, but I think YSL is going to make it easier on me. Lol.

    1. Their packaging is very elegant. And I have to say there is nothing “better” about the Tom Ford lipstick, it’s just different. The YSL lipstick is gorgeous on… but they don’t have the massive nude color selection that Tom Ford has. However, how many nudes do you really need? I bought every single YSL lippie in the Rouge Volupte collection and then I hunted for the older colors that weren’t available anymore on eBay (I know, I’m crazy). Their Rouge Pur Couture is also beautiful…. The Volupte Sheer ones are too sheer for me but all the formulas, OMG. And the scent? OMG. And it’s not 50.00! If you are near a Macy’s, you are probably near a Nordstrom’s? So… they have a YSL counter and if you get it home and wind up not being thrilled, you can always return it. NARS makes some great colors but there is no finish like that YSL finish. It’s a show-stopper for sure.

  3. Lovely round up! I’m still adoring that YSL lipstick you gave me, I keep it out, but I’m so afraid to use it up! It really is a great formula. All of these shades look perfect with your colouring… Peach Passion stands out to me. Digging your background, btw.

    1. Isn’t it the most amazing formula. It’s so creamy and that light shimmer. They really are winners! =) I’m glad you are loving your treat!! I got some new backgrounds (they are fabrics). They are working out pretty good so I’m thinking of picking up a few more.

  4. I think all of these are winning shades. I like Rose Soleil and Opera Rose #29

    Thank you so much for sharing your invaluable reviews, I love it.

    BTW I found your tweet where I just followed you from my site name 🙂

    1. =) Thank you for the follow! I always follow back UNLESS it’s someone that appears (well, you know…. creepy). Rose Soleil is so great with bronzed looks and I didn’t have anything like it until this collection came out. It’s very beautiful. And YSL, well… they are always nailing it and their formula is just the best!

    1. It’s so hard to pick, you know? Especially with Tom Ford -I mean OMG…. what a collection of winning shades. He tortures us! LOL
      Do you have any recommendations for other really gorgeous Tom Ford nudes?

      1. I know! All those pretty lipstick shades!I’m lusting after quite a few but I’m trying not to give in. The good thing is that my husband knows how many lipsticks I have (OK, I probably have three times as many as he thinks). So every time I rave about the perfect nude lipstick or eye palette, he looks at me with his serious face and ‘reminds me’ that I’ve got so much make-up already… and he’s not wrong.

  5. I haven’t ventured much into the world of high end lipsticks since I don’t wear lipsticks that often, I feel like it would be a waste. The most luxurious one I have is a Guerlain Rouge G which I absolutely love. I have my eye on maybe an YSL or a Chanel. The YSL Peach Passion looks gorgeous!

    1. I never bought any high end ones either and then all of the sudden I couldn’t resist and I started trying them all out. Tom Ford definitely has an incredible color range. But for the formula, I’d definitely say go for the YSL (and it’s like $20 cheaper!). Their Rouge Volupte formula is unbelievable. It’s so perfect in every way.

  6. UGH Tom Ford can do no wrong (Insert crying emoji here)!!! ONE of my favorite TF nudes is Coco Ravish but I’ll be honest I can not choose any one TF lipstick over the other simply because they’re all so luxurious! I have almost all the Lips & Boys and figuring out which one to wear on any given day is nearly stressful!!

    As for my top must-tries for 2016, I’d love to get the new Becca Luminous foundation and the new Becca blushes, the new Tom Ford Soleil 2016 contouring palette and the TF Sheer Cheek duo.

    1. I know right? How dare him torment us like this! LOL I saw the Becca foundation you mentioned at Sephora the other day! It caught my eye. I really like that line. Becca has beautiful products. The Tom Ford Soleil Palette is amazing. I can’t believe how they captured the ability to give you a bronzed look with that trio. It’s super pretty. PRICEY! But I would say, worth the splurge! I’d like to try their cheek duo and the cream blushes as well. SO MANY CHOICES!

  7. I love the how comfortable the YSL lipsticks are to wear. So pretty! I’ll have to try the Tom Ford ones too.

    1. There’s so many gorgeous nudes, it’s almost impossible. There must be 10 more I don’t have but know that I want (well, actually need)! Casablanca is GORGEOUS. I hate to do it but I need to go get like 8 more to feel satisfied. LOL

    1. Rose Opera is so beautiful! It’s still an all-time favorite for me. The Spanish Pink is gorgeous! I didn’t post about it but I’ve also been using Nude Vanille with Sahara Pink gloss on the top. (OMG OMG OMG!) It needs the gloss though. It’s a “Blend” LOL

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