Top 10 Picks For Korean Beauty Gifts

Top 10 picks Korean Beauty Gifts

I think we can all agree, everyone is intrigued with innovative Korean beauty products.   They certainly make ideal gifts, especially if you know which products will live up to their promises.   Choosing from the seemingly endless supply of brands and products  can be daunting.  Whether you are shopping for luxury or drug store Korean beauty products, I have put together a list of my top picks and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Luxury Korean Beauty Gifts

Amorepacific and Sulwhasoo are my top picks for luxury Korean beauty brands.  They offer comprehensive skin care lines and expanding makeup collections.  The brands are highly regarded around the world and women I know living in the United States from Korea look to these brands for the best in beauty.  Both use cutting edge technology, pristine ingredients, and embody Asian wisdom.

Amorepacific has one of the largest research and development centers for cosmetics in the entire world and is Korea’s number one beauty brand.  How’s that for a top pick? They operate 34 companies, one of which is Sulwhasoo.  Both these companies represent quintessential Korean luxury and elegance.

Amorepacific Resort Collection Sun Protection Mist ($32)

Amorepacific resort collection sun mist

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, sun protection is the key and best defense to maintaining youthful skin.  Amorepacific Resort Collection Sun Protection Mist is a lightweight mist that makes it easy to protect the face!  It’s undetectable on the skin (no greasy or sticky residue) and the formula contains Matsutake mushroom to cool and hydrate skin.  Plum extract protects the skin from heat-aging and inflammation and purslane extract offers antioxidant protection and reduces skin irritation.  The product contains special technology to evenly disperse the product and it’s a fine mist that is beautiful on bare skin or on top of makeup.

One of these should be in everyone’s stocking!  I like to have one on my vanity and one for my purse! (This is a hint for my husband)  Just because I have one doesn’t mean I don’t need another one!

Available at and Sephora

Amorepacific My 12 Days of Timeless Beauty Gift Set ($75)


You can count down the days to the holidays with this treat filled collection or count down the days after to transformed skin!  The Amorepacific My 12 Days of Timeless Beauty is so much fun packed with 12 mini products.  They can be combined together for a comprehensive skin care routine.  It’s also fun to experiment with something new for 12 days!  It’s a great opportunity to try a variety of products within the luxurious Amorepacific collections.

This collection includes:

  • Treatment Cleansing Oil (7g)
  • Treatment Cleansing Foam (30ml)
  • Treatment Enzyme Peel (15ml)
  • Treatment Toner (30ml)
  • The Essential Creme Fluid (5ml)
  • MOISTURE BOUND Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System (30ml)
  • MOISTURE BOUND Rejuvenating Creme (3ml)
  • MOISTURE BOUND Sleeping Recovery Masque (5ml)
  • MOISTURE BOUND Rejuvenating Serum (3ml)
  • FUTURE RESPONSE Age Defense Creme (3ml)
  • NATURAL PROTECTOR Broad Spectrum 35 Sunscreen (5ml)

Available at

Amorepacific Korean Beauty Gifts

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX ($84)

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum

This is an ideal product for the beauty lover who has it all.  This is a new formula from Sulwhasoo and it’s 180% more concentrated than before.  Sulwhasoo tested over 3000  Korean herbal ingredients before selecting a blend to create the perfect balance for their First Care Activating Serum.  This serum boosts the absorption and results of skin care products and should be applied as the first step in the skin care routine.  It promotes a healthy and glowy complexion.  The First Care Activating Serum is also recommended for those with sensitive and delicate skin types.

Available at  and Neiman Marcus

Amorepacific Intense Vitalizing Eye Essence ($95)

Amorepacific Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence

If you are looking for an eye product that does it all, Intense Vitalizing Eye Essence is thoughtfully formulated to deliver what every woman (and man) wants!  The Eye Essence de-puffs, brightens, and lifts the delicate skin around the eyes.  Hyacinth extract and caffeine (my must have in eye products) de-puffs the entire area.  The caffeine also promotes circulation to help budge dark circles and brighten the area under the eyes.   Green tea provides antioxidants and brightens and oat extract visibly firms skin.  The applicator is a metal-tipped wand to massage the area during application and instantly cool the skin for even more visible results.

Available at

Amorepacific Green Tea Me Gorgeous Gift Set ($108)

Top Korean Beauty Gifts

This gift set is a trio of best sellers from Amorepacific.  The line is known for their use of green tea, which is grown and harvested on Jeju Island, South Korea.  The Green Tea Me Gorgeous trio contains Amorepacific’s Essential Creme Fluid which is a lightweight instantaneous hydrator that is long lasting.  To keep skin glowing, the Treatment Enzyme Peel is gentle enough to use daily and is a powder formulated with magnificent green tea extract and natural papaya enzymes.  For use day and night, or anytime through the day to revitalize skin, the Moisture Bound Skin Energy is made with pure stabilized bamboo sap, green tea extract, and a proprietary hydration complex.  This is a perfect gift for all skin types and an amazing way to introduce anyone to the Amorepacific line of beauty.

This collection includes:

  • The Essential Creme Fluid (90ml)
  • Treatment Enzyme Peel (20g)
  • MOISTURE BOUND Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System (30ml)

Available at and Sephora

Sulwhasoo Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream EX ($114)


Who isn’t on the quest for the perfect eye cream?  The area around the eyes is very sensitive and it’s often difficult for people to find products that are well tolerated and effective.  The Sulwhasoo Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream helps strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes.  Red Ginseng Saponin reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and Yai Jia Hua (plant-based) coupled with honey promote healthy skin.  This eye cream softens the skin around the eyes leaving them soothed and refreshed.

Available on  and Neiman Marcus

Korean Beauty Gifts Under $25

If you are in the market for Korean beauty gifts under $25, the options can be even more overwhelming than exploring the luxury lines.  Products now line the shelves of Ulta and Sephora with cute animal characters on the packages and unfamiliar, yet provocative ingredients.  Knowing what’s a hit or miss makes a bit easier to choose the right gift.  Here are some recommendations for products that are hits under $25.

Skinfood Face Masks

Skinfood is a Korean brand that has rooted itself in food.  It’s an affordable line dating back to 1957 and has become very popular in the United States.   Products are grouped by the prevalent foods in their formulas and high quality ingredients are used in the products.  Healthy skin is affected by what we eat and what we put on it!

Skinfood Korean Beauty Face masks

Skinfood Fresh Made Coconut Mask ($13)

Skinfood Fresh Coconut Mask

The Skinfood Fresh Made Coconut Mask is a leave-on mask with a light jelly texture and coconut fruit extract to promote intense moisture and brightening.  When you break the seal on this jar, the room smells like a tropical paradise!

Available at and

Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Masks ($11.50)

Skinfood-Black-Sugar-Mask Ulta BeautyOne of the most beloved Skinfood products is the Black Sugar Wash Off Mask.  Now there is a Strawberry Black Sugar Wash Off Mask.  It contains mineral-rich organic black sugar, along with strawberry seeds and strawberry seed oil which is believed to brighten skin. It applies smooth on skin, smells delicious, and leaves it skin smelling fresh and sweet.  There is also a Black Sugar Honey Wash Off Mask and at incredible price point, these are perfect stocking stuffers.

Available at and

Skinfood Wash Off Rice Mask ($10)

Top Korean Budget Beauty Picks

Another wash off mask on the top of my list is the Skinfood Wash Off Rice Mask.  This mask features rice extracts to brighten and soften complexion.  It’s a mild and refreshing and ideal for people with normal to dry skin.

Available and

Face Sheet Masks (Starting at $2)


There are so many options in this category, it’s almost impossible to make a choice!  Face sheet masks are terrific gifts because they are usually inexpensive and depending on your budget, you can purchase a couple or many and assemble them into a basket or cute gift bag.  Once you determine what type of face masks you are interested in (moisturizing, calming, brightening, tightening, and the options go on) then look to Mamonde and Laneige for good quality, affordable masks.  Prices start at approximately $2 and both lines offer a large variety of masks that fit the face well and deliver instantaneous results.

Mamonde is available on but the site is not in English.  I shop for the products in their large Amazon store.  Laneige is available at Sephora and  The Laneige website has the largest offering of their face masks.

Enjoy shopping for the holidays and I hope these ideas make it easier to choose the perfect Korean beauty gift!  If you have any suggestions for Korean beauty gifts that are not mentioned here, please share your thoughts in the comments below!

*Some products mentioned in this post were provided complimentary.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Picks For Korean Beauty Gifts

    1. I really love the Korean beauty as well. I find a lot of the Korean products have less added fragrances and/or just natural scents. The Japanese beauty products which are amazing do seem to add a lot more perfumey scents to the products. I’m not sure why! I do love Japanese makeup brushes though! The Amorepacific products are really beautiful.

  1. I am obsessed with K-beauty as of lately and this post is very inspiring. I am so curious about that sun protection sray, as it seems like such an essential here in Dubai desert! I also love Skin Food, their products are always so well made. Thank you for the review Janine!

    1. You’re welcome! I use so many different sunscreens here in Phoenix. I panic if I’m outside without sunscreen. That could mean wrinkles! Definitely use it everyday. You will be so glad you did in 20 years!!!

  2. I’ve been wanting to get more into K-beauty. I’ve been a Japanese skincare fan for a long time but have been hearing good things about AmorePacific and Sulwhasoo. In fact, I have a facial appointment at Sulwhasoo coming in mid December so I can learn more about the line! The SA also reps AmorePacific since they’re the same company. Can’t wait! <3

    1. You are going to love Sulwhasoo! I have their Perfecting Cushion too and it’s AWESOME! You have to try it. I just got the new one and I’m going to do a post comparing the two. I noticed their blush on line and it looks super pretty. There are two shades. I hope they keep expanding the makeup line!

    1. I’m hoping my hubby reads this so he can get some ideas for stocking stuffers for me! LOL
      I think anyone would love a gift bag filled with Korean beauty items. I would go crazy for that! Thanks for stopping in! Happy holidays! XOXO

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