Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Top 10 gift ideas for Fathers Day







Here come’s Father’s Day and as always, I began perusing the Internet for the best gift ideas ever. As usual, I came across tons of gimmicky stuff to buy that you either never see again or it works a few times, breaks, and gets tossed out.  Today, I came across a portable metal briefcase BBQ,  weener cleaner soap, and something every man out there needs…. bacon themed adhesive bandages.  So, these are the (let’s hope sponsored) pieces of shit that companies are paying to put in top 10 gift lists for Father’s Day.  Where are the suggestions from real people for tasteful gifts?

My dad is very difficult to buy for.  He has everything he needs and buys things all the time but I don’t want flush money down the toilet just for the sake of getting a gift.  I’m not investing in a briefcase BBQ.  Not now, not ever!  So, I thought I’d come up with a non-sponsored top 10 Father’s Day gift ideas list that I hope will help you if you are still thinking about what to do.  I tried to include some recommendations for companies but I only included a few.  If you want more, just ask me in the comment for suggestions (wine makers, where to buy frames, etc).  Whether you have a lot of money to spend or none, this list should have you covered and you won’t find the weener cleaner listed or any other stupid clever gimmicks.

1.  Gift certificate for a restaurant

This is something that you can plan to do together after Father’s Day when the crowds die down or something your dad can use with a friend or wife or significant other.  You can go all out and find a high end restaurant to treat him to or make it simple and get the card to his favorite casual place.  My husband loves a place called Ted’s Hot Dogs in Phoenix.  He’d be thrilled if I acknowledged his love for Ted’s and accompanied him on a journey to this fine establishment.

2.  High quality shaving cream

A lot of men use the typical shaving cream you buy in the grocery store but a good shaving cream will make a difference and chances are after using a high end cream, they will keep going back for more.  My husband did and he’s not into using any products that he can’t get in the grocery store.  Trust me, my husband uses the metal rim on the door of the shower as a mirror.  He’s not into fancy stuff.  But once I turned him onto good shaving cream, he couldn’t go back to what he used before.  Try the The Art of Shaving or Trufitt and Hill for some elegant products that have been well received as gifts for the men in my life.  The high quality shaving creams run around $25-$35 per jar.

3.  Bake cookies

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a gift.  Sometimes the best gifts are those you can make yourself.  Bake some of dad’s favorite cookies and put them in a cute box or bag and deliver a delicious homemade treat on his special day.  My dad loves Snickerdoodles and my husband loves Chocolate Chip cookies.  Fresh baked cookies will never go unappreciated.  Trust me, there are magical powers in cookies.  They don’t work on women, but they work on men!

4.  Framed photographs

This is another gift you can throttle the budget on.  You can find inexpensive frames all over or you can invest in a really beautiful frame or make one yourself.  Choose a photograph for the frame that has special meaning.  It could be a baby photo, a photo of grandchildren, or anything you know that is close to his heart.  People don’t give photographs often enough as gifts yet they are so personal and endearing.  A memory captured in a photograph and displayed in a frame is a tasteful, simple gift that can be very meaningful to someone.

5.  Wine or spirits

This certainly isn’t for everyone but it’s a big enough hit that it makes the list.  A lot of men really enjoy good whiskey, tequila, bourbon, or other liquors or wine.  Find something special from a boutique producer that you know dad wouldn’t have.  The same goes for wine.   If he’s a wine drinker, get some assistance at the store and select an award winning or limited production wine.  You can find alcohol that ranges from $10 to thousands,  so this one should also work for modest and extravagant budgets.

6.  Cell phone case or accessory

Recently, I found Reiko Wireless and I browsed their wholesale site which contained every type of cell phone case and accessory someone could ever want.  While you can’t necessarily buy directly from them, I found great products and used Google to locate where I could buy the items.  Check out my review on Reiko Wireless products.  If you don’t find something on Google, just call them up, they will tell you who they’ve sold their products to in your area for retail sale.  They have expensive cases and very inexpensive cases and you can see it all in one place.  Most items I have found from various retailers on Amazon.  I got cute cases for myself for $5 but leather ones will run you a bit more.  Most cell cases are under $40.

7.  Skin Care

Men are not notorious for taking care of their skin and they wonder why this or that itches and they get breakouts.   Anything that adds an extra step to getting ready likely isn’t going to happen but things that can happen while in the shower are your best bet.   Consider some quality soap such as L’Occitane or a shower gel or body scrub.  L’Occitane has an entire new collection for men.  I also recently posted about the Otavea scrubs that I tried and they are offering 25% off through Father’s Day.   My husband and my dad would both love peppermint or chocolate coffee.  The chocolate coffee one can be used on the face as well so there’s an exfoliation benefit to help with the breakouts that they can’t seem to understand the cause of.

8.  An addition to his collection

What does your dad collect?  My dad collects Native American art.  He loves weavings and kachina figures.  Either of those would have him doing back flips.  Think about hobbies and collections and add something special there.  If you think about a hobby and your dad loves golf, steer clear of any gimmick golf items.  Just get some good quality golf balls or a new shirt.  My husband is into playing guitars and woodworking so I will often get him quality guitar strings or a tool that I know he doesn’t have in his collection.

9.  Movie tickets

A lot of people don’t go to the theatre anymore and rely on services to get all their entertainment needs but the services don’t deliver anything that just got released.  A good old fashioned trip to the theatre with some popcorn and soda is always fun.  It’s summer time and this is when the blockbusters get released.  Encourage an evening out with movie tickets to go see a new release on the big screen.  This offers something fun to do.

10.  Local products

Every area is notorious for something and it’s always a good idea to support the community in which you live.  Whether it’s maple syrup, honey, herbs, cheese, or veggies.  Pick up some locally produced products and make a small box or basket full of goodies that aren’t the typical things you can pick up at the grocery store.  In Arizona, we have amazing honey, salsas, olive oils, and lots of independent farmers who grow organic produce.   It’s easy to get these items at local Farmer’s Markets.  My dad loves salsas and honeys and he likes to cook.  Fresh ingredients inspire him to get cooking in the kitchen.  You can assemble a few products into a box or basket and this makes a beautiful gift.


So, that’s it.  Sorry, no weener cleaners on my list.  This really isn’t necessarily a list that is limited to men, however, I do believe these are gifts that men can appreciate and they are tasteful.  They also give you a lot of budget wiggle room and the ability to add your personal touches.  What am I getting the dads in my life this year?  Well, I’ll tell you one thing, I definitely walk the talk so my gifts are on the above list!  For my dad, I got him a jar of peppermint Otavea body scrub and I’m baking him a batch of Snickerdoodles.  For my husband, he’s just about out of shaving cream so I will get him a gift duo from The Art of Shaving and in the gift bag, I will also put a $10 card to Ted’s.  I will endure the torture of going there with him in the near future so he can indulge in his disgusting scrumptous chili hot dogs.

I hope you find something inspiring to do for the dads in your life if you are still thinking about it!

Lots of Love,

Janine -XO




14 thoughts on “Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. A love Art of Shaving products. Been using their lemon shaving soap for a couple years now. Expensive but so worth it. My wife compares it to her addiction to Lush bath bombs.

    Worst gift I ever received was one of the electric fly swatters that’s in the shape of a small tennis raquet. It was the thought that counted right?

    1. LOL, electric fly swatter? LOL
      I did get a radar detector once which at the age of 19 for a girl that was not the ideal gift but the guy who gave it to me thought it was the greatest thing ever.

  2. Great choices!! I got my hubby the Art of Shaving kit for Christmas and he absolutely LOVES it! He’s said its by far the best shave he have ever had. As well…he may have mentioned that he feels like James Bond when he uses it. Haha. Also…as a business man, he shaves every day and the tub is not even half empty!! A little goes a loooong way in which case, it is a spectacular value 🙂

    1. Trufitt and Hill is really nice too. I buy the oil and the shaving cream together. Mike uses it in the shower and someone else might sneak it too.

    1. Thank you!!!! I’m going to go through my posts this week as I have a few award posts I need to do. So, if I have any that are the same I’ll combine my link backs. Thank you so so much for thinking of me. =)

  3. Well, I’m awful glad I don’t have a dad to shop for, but this would certainly make it a lot easier! These are all highly thoughtful and useful gifts that people would genuinely appreciate – although I will argue with you on one point: lies, the magical powers in cookies do too work on women. Every woman I’ve baked for has gotten very excited and happy about it, and brings it up when I see them.

    The photo frame idea especially is creative and thoughtful, and is one lots of people are apt to overlook. Should any of my friends need ideas for gifts for father’s day, I’ll be sure to link them this page!

    1. I know – but we try to pretend we don’t eat a batch of cookies in one sitting (LOL). I try so hard not to eat cookies and then I’m shoveling them in as fast as I can. They usually settle down later in my thighs.

      Glad you liked the post! When I saw the weener cleaner today, I was like WOW…. I need to do a post.

      1. Haha, that’s true! I guess it helps that all the women I’ve baked for have basically no shame in wolfing down a whole batch or two in one sitting.

        Hey, big thighs are totally in right now. =P Eat some cookies!

        Weener cleaner… there’s a nightmare right there. A wife buys it for her husband on father’s day, and the next day he gives her the gift of divorce papers or her sleeping on the couch, and absolutely no one can blame him.

        1. Oh my thighs are plenty big. I need no cookies to further enhance them. =) Let’s hope the weener cleaner fits (it was one size fits all) WHO THE HELL WOULD MAKE THAT? OMG!!

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