Tom Ford Soleil Collection – Contouring Palette [+Giveaway]


Tom Ford Soleil Collecton Contouring Palette
Photo Credit: Tom Ford

The moment I saw the above photo of the model wearing makeup from the new 2016 Tom Ford Soleil Collection, I knew I had to have it.  I’ve never been more drawn to a collection of products.  Something about the picture had me captivated with this makeup.  It captured the essence of summer in the most exotic and sultry way.  As soon as I took a close look at this collection, I couldn’t wait for the call informing me it had arrived.  I purchased quite a few things in this new collection, but this is close up look at the contouring palette.  I’m also giving one away to one of my beloved followers. 

I think the most spectacular piece in the Soleil Collection is the Contouring Palette.  This is the first luxury palette from Tom Ford and a limited edition.  Tom Ford has named it Afternooner and it has three summer shades to create the perfect sun-kissed look.  The elegant ivory palette is sleek with gold trim.  It’s simply beautiful and comes with a soft ivory dust bag to avoid scratches if you carry the palette in a purse or travel with it.  The makeup in the palette is embossed with the Tom Ford logo with tiny textured diamond pattern.  It’s so elegant!  It’s hard to take that first swipe with your brush!

Tom Ford Afternooner Contouring Palette Tom Ford Soleil Collection packaging

Tom Ford Soleil Contour Palette

The shades in the palette are a cream-like powder that create a soft even finish.  They can be mixed together to create different looks.  In the photo above with the model, I was informed by a Tom Ford artist that the cheeks were done with a blend of the blush and bronzer in the palette.  The blush is a gorgeous matte coral.  Mixed with the bronzer it does create the exact tone you see on the model in the photo.  The bronzer is also matte with warm undertones.  The highlighter in the palette can be blended with either of the matte shades to incorporate some shimmer but there is no glitter in the highlighter shade.  It’s a subtle nude with light reflecting properties that creates a soft finish without any metallic or glittery effect.  The colors provide sheer to medium coverage.
Tom Ford Soleil Collection Contouring Palette Review

Tom Ford Soleil Contour Palette swatches

Tom ford soleil Collection makeup

Tom Ford Soleil Collection Products Used:

  • Soleil Collection Contouring Palette in Afternooner  (Blush is combined with bronzer on cheeks; contouring with bronzer; highlights using nude tone in palette)
  • Lipstick: Nude Vanille combined with Pink Sahara gloss (Original collection)
  • Foundation: Chanel Lift Lumiere combined with Soleil Bronzing Primer

Tom Ford Soleil Collection Giveaway

  • Prize Value: $108 USD + tax
  • Prize is (1) Tom Ford Soleil Collection Limited Edition Contouring Palette
  • Open worldwide
  • Contest ends April 30, 2016.
  • Winner will be selected at random and announced on May 1, 2015 via email and social media
  • Must be 18 years of age to enter
  • Prize must be claimed by the winner within 7 days.  If not claimed, another winner will be selected at random
  • is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise. Tracking will be provided at time of shipping

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194 thoughts on “Tom Ford Soleil Collection – Contouring Palette [+Giveaway]

  1. I’m recommended these products of your posting by my colleagues. Now I read your posting I’m very impressive and want to try them on the nearest day. I hope you can post more useful articles.
    Thanks your sharing 🙂

  2. I have heard raves about all the nude lipsticks. The perfect shade is so elusive. And that packaging!! It’s definitely an aspirational line – pull one of those babies out of your purse and you can almost pretend your other car is a Maserati!

    1. So true. Just leave it laying on your desk to make a statement! They do have a collection of nudes unlike anything I have ever seen. No doubt the perfect shade for everyone is in their collection.

  3. I’ve never had the luxury of trying any of Tom Ford Products so I’d love to try them all particularly, the 4 color eye palettes and the gorgeous, silky smooth lipsticks.

  4. This looks absolutely amazing! Would love the chance to try out this beauty! x

  5. You look fabulous! I love the colors and finish, it looks nice and bright.

    I wear glasses and I’ve always wanted some of Tom Ford’s frames. I wear a pair of Coach frames right now and they’re not even slightly slick enough. 😉

  6. Tom Ford owns my top fragrance list…but I’ve yet to try anything from the cosmetic line! I’m interested in the bronzing primer & the radiant moisture. The palette you spotlight is stunning and of course I will need to snag a couple lipsticks!

    1. I have not sampled any of their fragrances. Now you have me totally intrigued! Their lipsticks are so beautiful and the vanilla scent is really soft and pretty. I have been wearing Spanish Pink a lot and also Rose Soleil. Once you try them, you will be hooked. (Maybe obsessed!) They are so addicting.

      1. Oh I bet, they are gorgeous & those particular shades are just my range! I love that they have a vanilla scent; that makes me want them even more.
        You must! The men’s too. I buy Tobacco Vanille for husband and secretly dab it on my wrists for myself…my 4 year old son is not a stranger to sporting some either. 😉

        1. Tom Ford and YSL Lippies are my faves. But the Tom Ford colors? OMG OMG OMG! It’s crazy. There’s not one crappy one in the collection. LOL – OMG my 6 year old would love to wear some cologne. I’ll have to check it out. I’m afraid I might fall in love with it though. How could I afford anything more from this company? Killing me!

          1. I know! You’re not kidding! I’m a scent junkie and swore myself away from the price point that is the higher end side of Tom Ford fragrance…and some other stellar brands like bond no. 9 (those bottle designs) but enter the Nordstrom scent guy and his little bon bon fragrance samples [sigh] I was like a kid in a candy store. I let my son wear Terre de Hermes. It’s magical & woody, does not have the strong typical mens cologne smell of many mid range colognes and the price is a bit more suitable. He loves having a grown up thing to do before school..and I love smelling it on him! I love the YSL as well as Dior and I’m a big fan of Bite lippies and glosses. I feel like I am always searching for that every day perfect shade so I guess I’ll have to take the plunge and try Tom Ford’s. 😉

            1. Tom Ford has a collection of nudes like no other. They just go on forever and they are opaque and gorgeous. I just got Spanish Pink (OMG OMG OMG) and I bought Nude Vanille which is too nude and pale for me BUT with the added bonus of Sahara Pink gloss over the top, it’s magical. That gloss is super pretty. I wear over MAC Brave and it transforms that too. I’m trying so hard to hold back but overtime I go look…. there’s new stuff I want. Lashes, Lippies, Chanel Blush (LOVE), eye shadow palettes. OMG and the cream shadows from Chanel? I picked up Chanel New Moon? OMG, to die for! Sometimes I just have to steer clear of all stores because I can’t help myself. I love the New Moon so much, I feel I need go back and get more but damn it…. I GOTTA STOP!! LOL

  7. That is definitely a sexy summer look! The palette goes great with you. =) I admit, I think I almost like TF just being out of reach, like the $100+ outfits and shoes I see while window shopping. :B

  8. I would love to try their lipsticks – I’ve heard really good things! BTW you look gorgeous!!!

      1. Wow great products giveaway,For me I have tried Tom ford Products and they are hands down worth the money,being in a partime job out of my budget for now,but this great palette just a little product will go so far!Use as bronzer,blush,eyeshadow,shimmer on cheeks as well as under brow for great shimmer also for chest Highlight!Just great giveaway,Thankyou!!Julie Delacruz

  9. I have never tried a Tom Ford product before so i would love to try this palette or one of the lipsticks that I’ve heard so much about.

  10. I would love to try the lipsticks, I heard Spanish pink was a great color…i think that was the name.

  11. The Soleil Contouring Palette looks so beachy, bronzed and fresh – just screams summer! And it looks fabulous on you!

  12. Just found you on Twitter. I am always seeking new make up products. I love these colors. Thanks so much for sharing, would love to win so. Happy Sunday ?

    1. Well hello! And welcome! You can definitely find new makeup products here. Also, I post a lot of new things on Instagram as well. Happy Sunday to you too!

  13. Wayne Goss has got me wanting to try a lot of Tom Ford products, but I think I’d most like to try one of his eyeshadow quads. I love the Honeymoon Quad.

    1. I haven’t look really close at the quads. I’ll have to check them out. I did buy the new Soleil Collection bronze cream shadow and it’s fantastic. I have never used cream shadows and I really like the Tom Ford ones.

  14. I am just learning how to contour so I would love to try the Tom Ford Soleil Collection Limited Edition Contouring Palette!!

    1. It’s beautiful. I can’t imagine anyone not loving this one. It really does provide a very sun-kissed look as well. In the swatches, it doesn’t appear that pigmented, but it really is. A synthetic brush picks up a lot of product so a little goes a long long way!

  15. I’ve heard everything is amazing! I’d love to try it all. A little mini makeover in store sampling, say? 😉 Lol. Thanks for the giveaway! AND for saying what foundation that is, your skin looks fabulous!!

    1. Oh yes! Hitting the counter to try all the goodies is wonderful (and hard to resist not buying more than you planned on)! I haven’t tried the Tom Ford foundation. I heard it’s really good BUT I have been using the Chanel Lift Lumiere and I can’t imagine anything being better.

  16. After seeing a number of reviews, swatches, and application, I’m looking forward to owning this compact! Thank you for your review and showing how beautiful and wearable this palette is!

  17. I adore the lipsticks I have 2 of them one is Bruised plum I have to get the other name I forgot… I would love to try his blush & concealer…. <3 This is such a great prize!!! Thank you for the chance beautiful! 🙂

  18. This palette is to die for!! I don’t have any Tom Ford in my collection and winning this would be a gem!! <3

    1. Hi there gorgeous! I’M SO BEHIND ON BLOG READING! I’m doing well, just been super busy at work. A few months ago, we had some departmental changes and I’ve been getting acclimated to all the new work and functions so I’ve been on line a bit less. I’m making this weekend a complete catch up weekend! How are you?

  19. I have already tried several Lipsticks and I absolutely love them now I’m really curious about the blushes and bronzers.


  21. I want to try the non shimmer highlighter. Bronzers don’t work too well on my very pale skin, but the blush looks fabulous, and so does the highlighter.

    1. The highlighter is very pretty! For pale skin, it would be wonderful! So many highlighters are metallic looking but this one is soft and nude. These products are very buildable, you might be OK with the bronzer if applied very lightly. Then again, if your skin is really pale, you can create an entirely different look with the products that would be just gorgeous!

    1. You crack me up! You know you can still look like the model and snuggle up to a hot girl! Plenty of women are more open than you may think!

      I’m so into that look in their ad. Whoever the photographer was for that shoot really nailed it! Just beautiful don’t you think??

  22. I would love to try any and all Tom Ford products. I have not tried any before. This palette looks like it would fit my skin tone to a tee! So, What a great place to start enjoying Tom Ford!

    1. I think this is a really versatile palette and perfect for summer. What I like is that the colors are buildable and blendable. So, it’s really good for many skin tones! It’s time for you try something. Of course, it’s a dangerous road to go down because once you start you can’t stop. LOL (Like you can’t eat just one potato chip)

    1. I have to say the cream shadows are really gorgeous. I bought the gold one from the Soleil Collection (and OMG!). I’m now wanting another one and I’m fighting the urge. It’s actually the first cream shadow I tried too. Which one looks the best to you?

        1. I had a lipstick break on me (GASP!)… So now I have to run to the store to swap it for a new one. It must have been broken inside before I got it. Now, I just know… I will exchange and buy 2 more. LOL. I’ll be checking out your colors!

  23. This palette is absolutely stunning! Tom Ford anything looks amazing! I am particularly intrigued by the products since they aren’t available where I’m from. I would especially love to try their lipsticks. 🙂 The shades from this palette look lovely on you!

      1. I’m from South Africa. We do have Chanel, Mac, Estée Lauder, Benefit, YSL, Lâncome and a few others but we don’t have brands like Tom Ford, Urban Decay, Nars and Too Faced to mention a few. We kind of have the basics. I don’t think there are any luxury brands we have that you don’t in the US. You have a much better selection than we do.

        1. I bet some department stores would ship to you (they do link up with international shipping services) but it’s probably quite expensive. The real cost of shipping a palette to you like this would be like 20USD (maybe less) but they may charge quite a bit more for shipping. I’ve heard that the US has a really fantastic collection but I’m always looking for those products that I can’t get in the US.

          1. It would be very expensive especially with our weak currency but I have a will to travel one day so nothing is stopping me from visiting the US one day to do a little shopping while on my travels.
            It is lovely to hear about different products from around the world. If you are looking for brands that aren’t in America Anne from (I hope I am correct) features many different product on her blog including Dutch brands. Maybe you will find something there which you can’t find in the US. 🙂

            1. Oh yes, I know Anne and follow her blog. I’ll have to stop in as I’ve been really busy with work and haven’t had a chance to visit everyone’s blog recently. I think I’ll make this weekend a catch up weekend. I love finding brands and products I can’t get here in the US. Not just makeup either. I like to find foods and boutique items. I used to order Mexican folk art from this amazing couple who had an on line store in San Miguel Mexico but they don’t have it anymore. I love finding things like that though! I wish you the best of luck in the drawing!! **HUGS**

              1. It is quite interesting to find little gems that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you. It’s unfortunate that the online store no longer exists. It sounds like it was something quite special!
                Thank you. 🙂 Sending hugs right back to you!

  24. I would go with a blush & lipstick! This palette is gorgeous (packaging,colours-just perfect)! Thank you for the chance

    1. It’s really pretty. I love how it’s matte but you can add the highlighter in if you want a little shimmer. I’m all excited to be wearing it today.

    1. Oh a specific one to go and check out! Now, I’ve got to go to the site and look at it. I don’t know their colors the way I know NARS or MAC so I hear a name and I rush over to look.

  25. I love Tom Ford Rocco lipstick,.. Its the beautiful fuchsia shade, which I’m in total love,..I cant stop adore it,… Thank you for the giveaway,..

    1. I saw Blush Nude when I was there and I almost bought it!! I bought Nude Vanille instead with a gloss. Now, I feel I need to check them again as you are second or third person who mentioned this color. It must be a good one!

    1. I know you do gorgeous! I have my eye on Bicoastal and the cream shadows. I got the gold one but I want (well, need) more. The peach colored one in the new Soleil Collection looks so pretty. XOX

    1. The pieces from this collection were my first purchase other than a lipstick I got from someone else. I’m loving it so far. I looked at Blush Nude when I was at the store. It was super pretty. I wound up getting Nude Vanille which is similar. I’d like to get Blush Nude too. AND MUCH MORE.

  26. I would like to try the soleil coutour kit. I’ve heard people raving about it.

    1. I only have 3 lipsticks but I do love them all. They have such beautiful colors in their collections. I would like to get more but it’s hard to justify (well, not to myself… to my husband… LOL)

  27. I really want to get The Honeymoon eyeshadow palette once it becomes available again :). This palette looks amazing, I love the white compact.

  28. I’d love to try the Tom Ford lipstick in Forbidden Pink. Looks gorgeous. Thanks for your review and giveaway too.

    1. Thank you so much. I was a little freaked when the sales person gave me the Nude Vanille. It goes on almost white but then when blended with the pink gloss, it took on a new form and I loved it. This line is full of gorgeous nudes though.

    1. It’s hard to take the plunge because they are so expensive. They do make a gorgeous quality product though from formula to packaging and their service at the counters in the stores is top notch.

    1. They are really pretty. I would recommend the new cream shadows in the Soleil Collection too. Not overly expensive but the colors are OMG!! I Got the gold and it’s just stunning. Now, I want more and I’m fighting the urge.

  29. Gorgeous summery palette and looks great on you! I think blending the bronzer with the blush shade would make a beautiful bronzey blush colour. But I agree, so difficult to wear away the palette design… I’m struggling with that with my Burberry palette right now – sigh!
    How generous of you to give one of these beauties away! 🙂

    1. I totally would not have thought to blend the blush and bronzer but I wanted the shade of blush in the photograph of the model and they told me it was the blend. I was hoping it was a cream blush in the collection (much cheaper) LOL but nope, it was the palette.
      I hear you on the Burberry. I would have a hard time digging into those too. Same with Dior. I never want to mess them up. =(

      I wanted to give away something really new, special…. especially after what my site did last night. I was so devastated. I thought… I can only make up for this with Tom Ford! LOL. Actually, it turned out to be an issue when my site moved to a new hosting company. Too bad I couldn’t have known there were some changes needed. I guess some people will remember my name this week. Sigh.

    1. Same here. I bought a used hippie from someone but I decided one day… this is it. I’m going in! I saw that Soleil Collection and I just had to have it. I was completely enamored by the ad. Damn them!

  30. Wow so beautiful collection! I´ve always want to try the Tom Ford lipsticks and this palette of course! love it!!!! thank you for the chance!

    1. I was literally racing to get this palette. I wanted it so bad! I couldn’t help but do a giveaway. Especially after my blog email system went haywire last night.

  31. I would love to try the lipsticks which I hear are incredible and I’m a total blush addict so I’m always interested in blush palettes!

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