Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quads: Uptown Girl & Glamour Muse

Everyone is talking about the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk eyeshadow quad, but let’s not forget about all the other gorgeous eyeshadow quads in her collection!  I picked up a few office appropriate Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quads with the versatility to create nighttime looks as well.  I’m absolutely loving them so  I wanted to share them with you!

Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quads
Left – The Uptown Girl / Right – The Glamour Muse

First, I have to say… I’ve bought a lot of eyeshadow over the past couple few years.  If you are wondering if luxury products are different than what you can buy in the drugstore, the answer is, YES.  I’m not saying there aren’t some over-priced drugstore quality products out there with designer names, there certainly are!  However, that is not with the case with this brand and you will see and feel a difference using Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quads. The line is simply beautiful!  I’ve reviewed some of Charlotte’s other products here.

eyeshadow quads review charlotte tilbury

The first Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad I picked up was The Uptown Girl.  It’s a neutral palette with grey, champagne, and oyster shades.  What I love about this palette is you can create a day time smokey eye or dramatic evening smokey eye (among other looks).

Charlotte Tilbury Uptown Girl Review

For me, what makes a great eyeshadow palette is perfectly coordinated shades with a lot of versatility in the looks you can create.  And of course, long lasting color, good pigment, and PLEASE blendable eyeshadows!  The Charlotte’ Tilbury eyeshadow quads deliver on these important qualities.  At the end of a long workday, my eyeshadow still looks freshly applied with no fade.

The Uptown Girl palette will definitely take you from day to night.  The sparkly champagne shade and dark grey can be intensified quickly to create an evening look.  While this palette doesn’t have any true mattes, the finish of the products aren’t too shimmery unless you intentionally blend them to be using the sparkly shade.  The champagnes and greys are simply gorgeous with a nude lipstick.  Bitch Perfect and Penelope Pink are my favorite Charlotte Tilbury lipstick shades to wear with The Uptown Girl palette looks.

The other eyeshadow quad I picked up was The Glamour Muse.  I wanted a palette with a pop of color that could also play well with The Uptown Girl.  This palette is a quartet of wisteria-grey, silver and violets.  I knew I would love the pop of violet combined with the champagne shades in The Uptown Girl.  These two palettes are a match made in heaven.

Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quads Glamour Muse

The deeper violet and shimmery lavender shade in The Glamour Muse are colors even beginners can work with. If you are afraid of color, this is a good palette you can try that isn’t overwhelming.  Like The Uptown Girl, these shades are long-wearing, blendable, and pigmented.  The deeper violet wasn’t as dark as I expected but I’m happy with the pigmentation and it’s not too much (which can also be a problem).  You can easily build up the eyeshadows but it’s hard to take away if a shade initially goes on too dark.

One tip I’d like to offer when using Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quads is: Use good eye makeup brushes.  Don’t let anyone tell you quality brushes don’t make a difference because they do.  They can make or break whether you fall in love with a product.  I choose brushes from Wayne Goss, Chikuhodo, and Hakuhodo.  These are my favorites and they make a tremendous difference in how makeup applies.  I’ve also great experience with Suqqu brushes but I only have a few.  I can’t comment on the Charlotte Tilbury brushes because I haven’t tried them.  However, the Japanese brushes I’ve been using make application a dream!

Also, I noticed something interesting with Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows.  If you go into a store and swatch them with your fingers, you might conclude they aren’t pigmented enough.  This is absolutely not the case!  It was my first impression when I picked up my first palette a couple years ago.  When using a soft, natural, high-end makeup brush, the eyeshadows in her palettes will deposit true color onto your eyes.  It’s astounding how different the product performs when using brushes.  The swatches shown here were done with my fingers and I pressed hard to get the color to pop for you.  However, with a good quality brush, if you barely dust the eyeshadow it applies beautifully!

swatches Charlotte Tilbury Uptown Girl
Left – The Uptown Girl / Right – The Glamour Muse

I hope you try a Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad!  Their quads are beautiful and each one has perfectly curated colors.  If you have tried some of the other palettes, I’d love to hear about your favorites!  Let me know which one you are going to pick up next in the comments below.

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    1. Definitely! I was shopping for a neutral palette, thus Uptown Girl. And then I was looking for something with color that would also coordinate with it and like an angel from heaven, that purple said… HERE IS THE ANSWER! I was like.. OMG, that with the champagnes and silvers! It didn’t swatch dark on my arm but it can be really intense when it’s picked up on a brush. And omg, if it was wet? I didn’t try that but that could be amazing!

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