The Sun Kissed Makeup Look (but not quite bronzed)

SunKissed_makeup2For those of us living in Phoenix, the summer has pretty much arrived.  We barely have a winter here.  It’s time to start changing up the wardrobes and I’m getting out the sun dresses, sandals, and cute accessories.  On the beauty front, it’s time for some golden highlights in my hair and makeup.  I love to work with corals and do looks with orange undertones.  I like warm colors for my skin tone so spring and summer are a welcome time of the year.  Despite it really does reach 118-120 Fahrenheit in Phoenix (47-49 Celsius).  To keep my makeup looking fresh when it heats up, I have tips I’ll share in later posts.  It’s not easy because you just melt outside.

It’s not time for a full out bronze yet but I created this light sun-kissed look that I could wear to work the other day.  I’ve tried to include a little more in the details about how to create the look as I got some questions on my last post about applications of certain products.  So, here we go and I’m working on getting step by step photos for you soon.

Face Prep

Eye Makeup

  • Primer (all over lid to brow bone):  MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (I use my finger to blend all over my eye lid)
  • Transition color MAC Soft Brown above crease applied very lightly with MAC 224 brush
  • All over lid is Smashbox praline (From Shades of Fame palette) applied with my finger.  This palette is no longer available but the Full Exposure Palette has some similar colors. Otherwise… eBay or any warm coppery gold will work.
  • Beneath brow line is Smashbox bliss (Shades of Fame palette) applied with Sigma
  • Outer-V and lightly into crease to darken applied with Sigma E34 is MAC saddle
  • Bottom lash line is Smashbox praline
  • On the water line, to make my eyes look brighter and get the coppery praline color to pop, I used a NARS Larger Than Life Longwear liner in Santa Monica Blvd
  • Top Liner: Maybelline Eye Studio gel in Expresso  (Soft wing)
  • Mascara:  Loreal Voluminous Butterfly 872 applied to top and bottom
  • Lashes:  Red Cherry #43!  Can’t leave the house without lashes (Duo lash glue) Red Cherry doesn’t have an official side (Weird, I know) and I buy mine on eBay.
  • Brows were blended out with the Maybelline Eye Studio gel in Expresso (That’s right) using a flat angled brush. Stuff works like a charm.

sun kissed bronze makeup

Face Makeup


  • Lips:  Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural N51 (a bright pure coral)
  • Gloss: Christian Dior Addict Whisper Beige (Opaque gloss which tones down the orange intensity)
  • Liner: Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip 18C

 Finishing Touches

  • All over set:  Light dusting with Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette (all 3 blended)
  • A light spray of MAC Fix Plus
  •  A spritz of perfume!  Wondering what I used? I went for Gucci Flora.
  • I wore black slacks to work paired with a top that had a pattern in aqua blue.  This was intentional to compliment the orange tones in my makeup.  Remember?  Opposite colors on the color wheel?

sun kissed Bronze makeup

















As you can see, I did use a lot of products again but that’s just me – remember you are dealing with a sick-o fanatic here.  You can skip the Hourglass powder, false lashes and a few other things if you don’t want to bother like the lip liner, spray toner, MAC Fix+, and under eye setting powder.  You will still get a very similar result.  My hair had not been washed in two days so I ran a curling iron through it and added some soft waves.  That can be done in 15 minutes and is an easy fix for fuzzy ends.  I’ll do an emergency hair fix tutorial soon.

I hope you enjoyed!  Please send me questions, comments, suggestions, tips, etc!  If you try this look with the same products or different products,  please share and share any products that are your favorites for a sun kissed look.

Lots of love!

Janine -XO ~Abeautifulwhim




12 thoughts on “The Sun Kissed Makeup Look (but not quite bronzed)

  1. God I am the WORST when it comes to makeup.
    Like I can be dressed and ready with time to kill but if I attempt to do a winged liner in that time – I’m almost an hour late.
    I suck lol.

    1. Same here. I can be totally done with my shadows, looking great and then crooked wings or some disaster with the liner? I will sit there repairing forever. IT SUCKS. I think it happens to everyone. Or when it’s good? And then I keep trying to sharpen it and before I know it my eyeliner is 1/2 an inch thick? OMG.

  2. Wowza it’s that hot!!?? That’s crazy! I’m surprised you don’t literally just melt. Wow. I’m amazed at that kind of heat. Also amazed at how good your hair looks after two days of not washing it. Mine goes flat after the first day and only dry shampoo can make it look acceptable. Your hair looks beaut. So does your makeup, your nude lips look lovely.

    1. It’s like walking into a super hot blow dryer in your face. LOL. It’s just a few months out of the year but we are careful and take extra water and things in the car because you never know when you are going to get stuck somewhere. I don’t wash my hair a lot because it’s just too much of a hassle. I have a routine. Day 1 blow dry straight. Day 2 attempt to use dry shampoo and keep it straight. Day 3 curl it. Day 4 wash it or be totally disgusting and put it up in messy bun! LOL =)

  3. This looks lovely! So cute. Oh man, I don’t know how you tolerate the weather, I’m dying at 102. Then again, we frequently hit -10 and lower over here in winter… I love your lips, and your skin looks totally flawless, as usual. <3

  4. What a lovely look! And I agree red cherry lashes are aweosome. They’re actually the first kind I ever bought, I remember thinking I was going to be ripped off because I had to buy them on Ebay lol Nope! 😉 Great post! x

    1. I LOVE House of Lashes and Flutter but I can’t afford to wear those everday. Red Cherry is awesome. I buy in bulk and I get a lot of compliments. Plus you can change the style – they have so many. I use some Ardell lashes too. My big secret is I buy gorgeous minks from a distributor in Hong Kong and they are equally as good as Velour and Flutter (SHHHHH). 5.00!

  5. What a novel idea! Halfway between fair weather and bronzed babe…why have I never thought of that? Sheesh, and to think I used to be an all-or-nothing bronzer girl. Not anymore. I think I may just rock this look for date night ❤️❤️❤️

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