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Lovely Blog AwardI am flattered to be nominated for The Lovely Blog Award by Billie of Blended and Beautiful.  Thank you so much Billie for thinking of me!   I always get behind on nominations so now I try to do them right away because they are truly an honor to receive.  When another blogger thinks of you and names you and your blog, it means you made an impression on them in some way.  That’s something very special and why many of us have blogs.  So, a very special thank you to Billie with hugs and kisses.


The rules for The Lovely Blog Award

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
List the rules and display the award
List 7 interesting facts about yourself
Nominate some bloggers who you think deserve this award

Seven facts about me (that are hopefully interesting)

  1.  I am deathly afraid of earthquakes.   If anything shakes and I think we could be having one, I go screaming with my arms flailing for the nearest exit.  It’s the reason I wanted to move away from Los Angeles.  After the Northridge earthquake (and I lived in Northridge), I was done.  No earthquakes in Phoenix!
  2.  I love Spanish Guitar.  I don’t know what it is but I find it to be the most romantic, beautiful, and comforting sound that I know.
  3.  I’ve been collecting Mexican Folk Art for many years.  My entire formal living room is all Dia De Los Muertos art.  People who aren’t familiar with it think I’m into some sort of weird death thing.  Since we have a glass entry door,  I can only hope I have deterred some annoying solicitors in the past and continue to do so in the future.
  4.  I work full-time for a large financial services company as a Director of Information Technology.  In general, IT is a male dominated field so I rarely have the opportunity to meet new girlfriends at work.  I try to explain to my parents what I do, but they just think I fix computers so I leave it at that.  I work for an awesome company and I love my job.
  5.  I love to shop, for anything. However, I’m super slow and I look at everything and take forever.  The entire family is on to me and no one will go shopping with me.
  6.  I love animals and I love both cats and dogs equally!
  7.  I’m having a hard time thinking of something else here so I asked my husband for an interesting fact about me.  He said “you are persistent”.  Well, that’s not the first time I’ve heard that.  But this entry does NOT count!!
  8.  I have something more exciting.  My dad just visited Japan and brought back a massive luxury cosmetic beauty haul.  No cutie stuff in this haul – just high end products.  It’s the biggest haul I’ve ever had and I’ll be starting to review and share the products soon. I found some items can be bought here (but for a lot more money) and others can’t be purchased in the states.  For a sneak peak of a few things, I have some photos up on a Coming Soon section of the blog called Asian Beauty.  Some things are up on Instagram too!

Follow me on Instagram!  Click here.  I put lots of photos up there.

My Nominations

I nominate the following beauties for this award:


Glamour Vortex

Jan and Jot

Steph Royalty

Styled With Joy

Beauty, Brains, and Biceps

The Pretty Pomegranate

All right ladies!  I’ll be waiting to find out more about you!

Beauty Blog


<—— Look!  I finally made a little custom signature.  It’s pink, of couse!


27 thoughts on “The Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination Janine! (Love your signature btw 😉 ) I checked out your Asian Beauty page and besides wanting a review of pretty much everything (haha!) I’d love to hear your experience with SK-II. They’re a high end brand that I’ve never gotten to try so I love hearing what others think about their products. 😉

    1. I read they were super great. Also Suqqu is beautiful!!! All the stuff is and a lot we can get but we pay twice the price. Like sephota has skII but it’s a lot more than my dad paid in tokyo

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