The Best Facial Exfoliant – OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant

OZ Naturals Ancient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant
OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant (Photo Credit: OZ Naturals)

OZ Naturals (not affiliated with Dr. Oz) is a skin care line that I’m familiar with. I’ve seen articles and awards for the brand in some of the most popular women’s magazines. Plus, their products were in the 2015 Oscar goodie bags!  I’ve wanted to try this line and the only reason I didn’t until now was because it wasn’t available in retail stores where I could see and test the product first.  When I became aware of an opportunity to test the newly released OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant, I immediately expressed interest.  I was given a sample of the OZ Naturals Dermafoliant product in exchange for an honest review and I’m very excited to share my experience using the product.  While this is a sponsored post, the information and opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced by OZ Naturals.

Don’t stop reading because you think it’s too early to worry about anti-aging and serious skin care. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take proper care of your skin as early as you can. The most frequent question I get from people is what do I do to keep my skin looking so youthful.  It’s not a big secret.  I’ve used the best skin care products I can find on the market and I started this when I was in my twenties.  I have kept up with new discoveries and diligently use products containing the most effective ingredients on a daily basis.  Now, I’m in my forties and no one would ever guess that.  So, I want you to know I am extremely particular when it comes to all skin care products and I have high expectations.  So, let’s jump into my review!

Oz Naturals Dermafoliant Product Description:

The OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant is a powder that you mix with water and create a paste that is used to exfoliate the skin.  It is an all natural, cruelty free, vegan, and 90% organic product. The base is organic green tea and rice powder. The active ingredients include bamboo, green tea, Pro vitamin E (panthenol), lactic acid, and alpha lipoic acid.  The product contains no parabens or pabas. My research unveiled that all OZ Naturals products have received a minimum 4-star rating on Amazon but most have received 5-stars. This product reflects a 5-star rating and is best selling on Amazon in it’s class.  It retails for approximately 24.95 on Amazon and you can view the product here where it is available for purchase.

OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermaexfoliant
Product in powder form prior to adding water to create paste

Who is OZ Naturals Dermafoliant for?

The product is well suited for any skin type and exfoliation should be incorporated into skin care routines for adult men and women, regardless of age.  This product contains all natural ingredients and can be used on sensitive skin.  The active ingredients in the product make it an excellent choice for mature skin because alpha lipoid acid reduces fine lines and prepares the skin to absorb anti-aging products.  If you have a serious skin condition, you should consult with your dermatologist when trying any new products.

What does the OZ Naturals Dermafoliant do?

The product exfoliates your skin and this process removes dead skin, unclogs pores, and prepares the skin to better absorb moisturizers and other products in your skin care routine.  Exfoliation also helps to smooth and brighten the skin. Key ingredients in the product smooth and tone your skin, help to reduce wrinkles, and sun damage. In addition, the product deeply hydrates your skin and helps to lock in moisture.

Product Packaging:

The dermafoliant comes packaged in a recyclable cardboard box with a blue and white label. The container inside is a narrow, sleek, white can which may be aluminum but that’s not confirmed. Directions for use are clearly printed on the back and the OZ Naturals logo appears on the front. The silver cap is a twist top that has holes that line up when it is opened so you can sprinkle the powder in your hand.  While this is a powder, the packaging prevents it from getting messy.  You receive 2.75 oz. in the package (81.3 ml). This is ample amount of product as you only need a small amount with each use.

OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermaexfoliant
Photo I took of the product. The silver cap twists to align holes to sprinkle the powder with no mess.

OZ Naturals Dermafoliant Key Ingredients:

The combination of key ingredients in this product are highly effective.  The ingredients are what initially drew my interest and will keep me using the product in my skin care routine.  The base is rice and green tea powder. When topically applied green tea is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  In addition, without getting overly scientific, an extract of green tea can also help in reducing UV damage to your skin and prevent collagen breakdown.

The green tea benefits alone would have been enough for me to continue using this product but in addition to green tea, the OZ product contains lactic and alpha lipoid acids. These are highly effective and desirable ingredients in skin care products.  The lactic acid promotes exfoliation, smooths the skin surface, helps eliminate acne scars, promotes collagen growth and moisturizes. This is a gem of an ingredient!  The only downfall is it can increase sensitivity to the sun so a good sunscreen is recommended.  But you already use sunscreen right?  The alpha lipoic acid in the product is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties and has been proven to reduce wrinkles.  It is less potent than other wrinkle reducing agents such as retin-A so it can he used around delicate areas of the eyes.

Finally, the bamboo helps to wash away dead skin skills and the panthenol (Provitamin E) is an incredibly powerful humectant that not only hydrates the skin but helps to lock in moisture.  Panthenol also softens the skin and improves elasticity.  For people with dry, rough or scaly skin, utilizing this exfoliant would be an effective treatment to improve those undesirable conditions.

My personal experience with OZ Naturals Dermafoliant:

When using the product, I didn’t detect any perfume or chemical scent.  I was impressed by the exfoliation properties.  Once I created the paste and began massaging it into my skin, I had a moment where I thought I may have been applying too much pressure because the product seemed more powerful than other exfoliators I’ve used.  Most exfoliation products leave my skin a bit red and sometimes raw so that was my expectation using this product as well.  To my surprise, even with more pronounced exfoliation properties, when I rinsed away the product, there were no raw areas or any redness or pink tinge left behind.  My skin was soft evenly toned.

I left the product on my skin for the full five minutes as directed and after I rinsed it away, my skin was noticeably brighter.  My skin was not irritated and was completely soothed. Applying my makeup was as if I was applying it to a glass surface. The surface of my skin was incredibly soft and beautiful.  I also noticed an increased level of hydration.  Usually by midday, my concealer will settle into fine lines under my eyes and after using the OZ Naturals product, I noticed that didn’t happen. My skin was noticeably more hydrated and retaining the moisture.

Since receiving the product, I’ve used it three times a week and plan to continue using it.  I would definitely purchase it.  I intend to incorporate this into my skin care routine and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in microdermabrasion or exfoliation products.

Photo taken Immediately after using product. Observe there is no redness, pink skin, or irritation. Skin is very smooth and bright. I am wearing no products on my skin in this photo.
Photo taken immediately after using product. There is no redness, pink skin, or irritation. Skin is very smooth and bright. I am wearing no products on my skin in this photo and it is not retouched.


After researching the benefits of the ingredients in this product and having an opportunity to personally test the effectiveness, as I mentioned earlier, I believe this is the best exfoliant I have used. I am extremely impressed with the results and when I look at the ingredients on the bottle the only things I see are what I mentioned in this review.  There are no additives.  It’s simple, clean effective skin care delivered with a perfected combination of super powerful ingredients.  I can’t think of any negatives other than the fact that lactic acid can increase sensitivity to the sun and that’s something you should be aware of.  Also, initially, you might be worried that the exfoliation is too powerful and you will wind up with red and raw skin. Even gentle exfoliation products leave my skin red. I did not experienced that at all using this product.  My skin was even toned, soft, smooth, hydrated.  This is the way exfoliators should work plus OZ Naturals has created a formula with most innovative and effective ingredients on the market.

What can I say?  I really love his product from OZ Naturals!

Lots of Love,

Janine -XO

12 thoughts on “The Best Facial Exfoliant – OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant

  1. I usually use my MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and while I do love it, it does leave my skin red and a bit raw afterward. However, once the redness dies down my skin feels smooth. I’m not sure I’d use the word hydrated though. Because of that alone I want to try this exfoliator. It really does sound nice. I like that it provides you with that feeling of a deep exfoliation without leaving your skin red and irritated. My skin is just too sensitive and I hate exposing it to things that make it worse. I might have to add this to my wishlist and give it a go. Are those the only ingredients you mentioned?

    1. I thought for sure my skin would be red. It’s always red when I exfoliate but this one didn’t do that and it really feels like you’re scubbing. That’s the only reason I included my horrible no makeup selfie, so everyone could see I wasn’t red! The only ingredients in the product are the ones mentioned. nothing else. ZERO. I was so pleased with it.

  2. Very lovely review! I’m actually enjoying the exfoliator I’m using quite well, but this one sounds wonderful. And it’s taken me until age 18 to finally start caring about skin products, d’oh. =P So amazed to hear how natural this is, so many products are filled to the brim with things you don’t want anywhere near your skin.

    1. Oh I thought I unpublished this! It is an awesome product because of the ingredients in it. It really was not what I was expecting. And then I tried it and researched the ingredients and I was blown away.

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