Summer Skin Care with Curel Hydra Therapy

Curel Hydra Therapy

Summer Skin Care Routine Curel Hydra Therapy

A few weeks ago, Noah and I shared how the Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer was helping to manage his eczema.  A quick update on Noah…  he’s doing awesome!  We continue to use the Curel moisturizer every night as soon as he gets out of the bath and we’ve managed to avoid eczema flare ups.  He is thrilled and so am I because it’s heart breaking to see your little one scratch and suffer and constantly be uncomfortable.

Considering how well Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer was working for Noah, I decided to introduce it into my summer skin care routine.  In Phoenix, everyone suffers from dry skin due to the heat.  All the swimming and chlorine makes it even worse.  What really made me rethink my routine is the laser resurfacing I had performed under my eyes to tighten the skin.  In the immediate weeks following an intense laser procedure, skin can become very dry under the surface due to the high heat from the laser.  I have to take extra special care now to moisturize the sensitive eye area.  This summer I’ve been diligent about products I use to keep my skin healthy and glowing and I’m going share my summer skin care routine and tips with you!

My summer skin care routine

Every morning and every night, I begin my routine by cleansing my skin and applying a toner.  Following these initial steps, I proceed differently based on the time of year and whether it is the morning or evening.

Cleansing Skin


Believe it or not, in the summer it is best to exfoliate less than in the winter.  But that doesn’t mean I skip this step altogether in the summer.  It just means I proceed with caution since over exfoliation can break down the skin barrier.  When I am exfoliating, I do this prior to cleansing and toning my skin.  Exfoliating twice a week is a good rule of thumb for summer months.  I prefer to use a gentle product with lactic or glycolic acid.  I also like to make my own moisturizing body polish that has essential oils to calm my skin that I use in the shower.  If I’m going swimming or going to be in the sun, I try not to exfoliate my face or body a couple days before.

DIY Exfoliating body scrub



During the summer months, in the morning, I apply a serum and day time moisturizer on my face.  At night, I apply my favorite facial oil and a rich moisturizer on my face along with different body creams.  I decided to make a change at night and try the Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin moisturizer on my face and body after showering.  The Curel Wet Skin moisturizer is activated by water and penetrates deeply into the surface to heal dryness.  Since after a shower, skin cells have expanded, Curel heals the moisture barrier and replaces the skin’s ceramide levels.  I love the fact that it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy!  Just before bed, I apply my favorite facial oil and an anti-aging cream.

Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer

What I noticed when I introduced Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin moisturizer was an immediate increase in how hydrated my skin was.  The Curel moisturizer was more effective than other body creams and face moisturizers I was using and I noticed a difference in the skin healing under my eyes.  Since having the laser treatment, the area was extremely dry under the surface and after using Curel once, I noticed a change in the texture of the under eye area.  This was evidence that the wet skin therapy was offering a deeper level of hydration than I was getting with other products.  I plan to keep the Curel moisturizer in my summer skin care routine and I intend to continue to use it during the winter.  I may introduce other products for anti-aging benefits but this is definitely a new essential in my routine after bathing.

Curel Hydra Therapy Moisturizer


Masks are ideal for summer skin care routines since extra hydration is needed. My skin will also get irritated from the sun since I’m allergic to it (yes, I live in Phoenix and I’m allergic to the sun – good times!)  Many people also suffer from redness due to summer heat and it can aggravate rosacea.  Cream masks provide needed moisture and gel masks can help reduce red, irritated, and sensitive skin.  I do masks at a minimum once per week but I try during the summer to do them up to three times a week.  I keep gel masks in the refrigerator and they are extra soothing!  This can also make them even more effective at lowering the temperature of heat aggravated skin.

Treating and Protecting

Dark Spot Corrector

I have freckles and some dark areas on my face that become noticeably darker in the summer.  The sun and heat both cause the skin to produce more melanin and this can cause discoloration or areas that are already discolored to appear darker. One way I combat this is to make sure I use sunscreen.  Also, during the summer, I change the skin serums I use and choose ones that have skin-lightening and brightening ingredients.  Vitamin C has been proven to inhibit pigment cells and is a powerful antioxidant.  I always use a C serum in the morning since it provides extra protection when combined with SPF in sunscreen.  Using a Vitamin C serum has resulted in a noticeable increase in skin radiance  and brightness for me so this is an essential all year around.  In the summer, I follow the C serum in the morning with a serum that is formulated to lighten skin.

Vitamin C Serum


The most important step in my skin care despite the inconvenience is using sunscreen.  This is truly the key to maintaining youthful skin!  Zine oxide formulas feel lighter on the skin and I have found one that not only do use everyday, I actually want to apply it to my face!  Sunscreens that are free of chemicals should not cause break outs and I opt for extra protection and use a foundation and powder with SPF.   Most professionals would advise using SPF 30 for every day wear but something more powerful is needed for outdoor activities.

Introducing these steps into your summer skin care routine can help make the difference between dry parched skin and plump moisturized skin.  What are the things in your routine that you change up during the summer?   Do you have any special tips or tricks to share?  I love to receive comments so please leave your thoughts below and I promise to respond!

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