Summer Makeup Favorites From Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte tilbury favorite products

In the past year, Charlotte Tilbury products have become my go to favorites!  The more I try from her line, the more I fall in love.  Some of the products I’m sharing with you in this post were gifted to me by the brand but I’ve also purchased them directly and I’m a returning Charlotte Tilbury customer!  I have the website bookmarked!  

Truly, these are amazing products and I chose to share these with you because they are currently my personal favorites.   If you are just discovering this line, you may have noticed there is a lot to choose from!   This collection is what I’ve been using this summer and I think you’d really enjoy these too!  A few are new releases from Charlotte Tilbury so if you are already a fan, hopefully there are some exciting new finds for you to discover here.

I’m eager to try more from the line.  I’d love for you to share your favorites in the comments if you are already a fan and have recommendations for everyone.  Everything is so beautiful and tempting in the Charlotte Tilbury line, I don’t know what to try next and I’m sure everyone would love to hear more suggestions.

Magic Foundation Fond De Teint

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is my number one choice for foundation!  There are certainly other products I like, but this is my favorite foundation on the market today.  It’s available in 15 shades and contains ingredients that are beneficial to your skin.  That’s a big bonus!  My skin looks really better when I use this foundation.  This product offers full coverage with SPF 15.  It’s completely weightless and lasts all day.  Yes, all day!  It really does!  It looks beautiful after 12 hours of wear and it honestly is like wearing a second skin.  The brand is not exaggerating in their official product description.

The Magic Foundation never looks cakey and it doesn’t separate or oxidize.  It leaves my skin looking flawless.  Even in the intense Phoenix summer heat, this foundation doesn’t streak or sweat off.  I’ve purchased four bottles of this stuff and I can’t be without it.  This is my top pick for foundation and I would lost without it!  I am so completely in love with this product!

Beneficial skin ingredients in Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation:

  • Mushroom Extract:  Improves skin firmness, tightens pores, and moisturizes
  • Hyaluronic Filling Spheres:  these spheres retain moisture as they are absorbed into the skin, plumping the skin with water, and making wrinkles less noticeable
  • Supercharged Vitamin C (VC-IP): This is a newer ingredient in the formula.  The Super-Charged Vitamin C, converts into pure vitamin C after applying to the skin and offers protection and the many benefits of vitamin C.

Cost $44 US / 1 fl oz – PURCHASE HERE 

Hollywood Flawless Filter

Review Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Just when I thought my Charlotte Tilbury foundation couldn’t get better,  The Hollywood Flawless Filter was released.  At first I was skeptical and I waited several months before purchasing a bottle.  It was after I read this review by a fellow beauty blogger, Kellilash, that I decided to try the product.  I trusted she wouldn’t steer me wrong and she didn’t.  Flawless Filter and Magic Foundation are the perfect marriage.  Magic Foundation is spectacular by itself but when this is added to it?  I don’t know, something even more magical happens!

This is marketed by Charlotte Tilbury as a complexion booster.  It’s not a foundation and I have many primers that offer a radiant finish and that’s the main reason I hesitated to purchase this product.  I imagined it would be another foundation base or mix-in comparable to others I had.   It turned out to be quite different!  Here’s what Charlotte Tilbury has to say about it…

This MUST-HAVE customisable complexion booster has the versatility of a face primer, with the mega-watt glow of a highlighter and the perfecting properties of your favourite digital filter. Choose your level of GLOW with filter makeup to illuminate your skin just where you want it for a radiant complexion.

There are different ways to use this product.  It can be worn as a primer to add a subtle glow or mixed with foundation to create a more dewy look.  Mixing it with Magic Foundation is my preferred way of using the product.  I mix it on the back of my hand and then apply the foundation mix.  Flawless Filter can also be worn alone for a lightly tinted glow finish or on top of foundation as a highlighter.  Hollywood Flawless Filter is available in 7 shades and the Charlotte Tilbury website offers a guide on which one to purchase based on the foundation shade you normally wear.

Why is this product so magical?  I wondered the same thing once I got my hands on it so I looked up the ingredients.  One thing about Charlotte Tilbury products I’ve found is the formulas are very thoughtful.  The Flawless Filter has smoothing airbrush polymers to help create a poreless-looking complexion.  The light effect comes from a lightweight glossy oil and finely milled powders create a soft blurring effect.  Of course, there’s always skin loving ingredients in Charlotte’s formulas.  This one contains Porcelain Flower Extract.  This ingredient brightens skin and contains natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to enhance microcirculation.

So, yeah!  I thought my Magic Foundation couldn’t get any better.   But then I got my hands on this product and it reached a new level.  I absolutely love this combination and on the few days where I change up my foundation, I still use the Hollywood Flawless Filter with other products.

Cost $44 US / 1 fl oz – PURCHASE HERE

Legendary Brows

Legendary Brows product review

Now, this is the brow product we all need in our life!  I’m not a fan of brow products that create caterpillars above the eyes.  I’m just not a caterpillar fan.  Eyebrows are 3-dimensional so when I see them overly filled in with a pencil, it looks weird to me.  Charlotte’s Legendary Brows keep eyebrows looking natural while solving common problems like patchy and thinning areas.   This is the first brow product I’ve reached for everyday since I got it.

Legendary Brows is available in five shades and one is clear.  The brush is small and allows a precision application of the product.  It’s designed to coat every hair and it definitely does that!  The formula fills the brows in without making them look fake and also has a touch of hold so if you have some difficult to tame browns (like I do) you will really love this product.

The Legendary Brows formula contains an elasticizing wax, Vitamin E, and castor oil which strengthens.  The pigments are natural and lift each hair and add a touch of tint and structure.  The brush allows great control and the application is quick and easy.  I have full brows and this really keeps them looking natural without making them look too heavy or dark.  For patchy brows or ones that need more filling in, you can simply use more product and the results will still be a natural brow with dimension.

This is an absolutely fantastic eyebrow product that avoids the penciled in eyebrow look if you are not a fan of that brow style.

Cost $22.50 / .045 fl oz. – PURCHASE HERE

Pretty Youth Glow Filter Blush (Limited Edition)

Pretty Youth Glow Blush makeup

Pretty Youth Glow Filter Blush is a cream to powder blush and highlighter duo that is available in two shades:  Seduce (show in the photo above) which is pink tone and Pretty Fresh, a brighter coral tone.   Both duos are universally flattering and would look beautiful on any skin tone!
These cream to powder blush and highlight duos are limited edition products from Charlotte Tilbury.  They have beautiful pigmentation and apply creamy but as they set they become a powder that is truly like a second skin.   What I love about this product is the way it blends into the skin just as the Magic Foundation does.  These products transform your look without appearing built up or heavy.  Simply beautiful!
Pretty Youth glow swatchs
These swatches are not blended out because I wanted you to see how magical they are on the skin even before blending.  This blush and highlight duo delivers on the promise of a nude skin sensation with a soft blurring effect.
Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Youth Glow Blush
Pretty Fresh
Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Youth Glow Blush Duo


$60 US w/ Charlotte’s specially designed application brush to use with the product
(I have not tried the brush)

Collagen Lip Bath – Refresh Rose

makeup collagen lip bath Charlotte Tilbury 

Don’t say you don’t love lip gloss until you’ve tried Charlotte’s Collagen Lip Bath!  This is a divine lip gloss with marine collagen that leaves lips looking plumper with a touch of rosy sheen.  This gloss formula contains mustard sprout extract which helps to hydrate and define the contours of your lips.  It’s simply beautiful when worn alone or on top of your favorite lipstick.

Collagen Lip Bath Review

Of course, there are more nourishing ingredients!  The Collagen Lip Bath also contains coconut oil to soften your lips and peppermint extract which leaves your lips feeling cool and fresh.  Just  perfect for a summer day!  The pearly pigments create a sheen that also gives the illusion of fuller lips.


Charlotte Tilbury Nude Lipstick Recommendations

Charlotte Tilbury is known for an amazing selection of nude lipsticks.  There isn’t one shade in the line I don’t love but I reach for Confession and Penelope Pink most often.  If you are looking for a touch more color, the Collagen Lip Bath looks simply beautiful over these perfect nudes and they are flattering shades that would look beautiful on all skin tones!  These are gorgeous paired with the Seduce Youth Glow Filter Blush!

Check out Charlotte Tilbury’s gorgeous lipsticks here!

lipstick Swatches Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink and Confession
Left – Penelope Pink  /  Right – Confession

There are so many additional products I’m dying to try in the Charlotte Tilbury line.  These are my current favorites and I hope you have an opportunity to pick up the Pretty Youth Glow Filter Blush since it is a limited edition product!  I’ve been reaching for these products everyday and loving the looks I’ve been creating with them this summer!  My absolute favorites are the Magic Foundation and Flawless Filter.  If you don’t know where to start, begin there!  You absolutely can’t go wrong!

What are your favorite Charlotte Tilbury products?  Please share in the comments below! And don’t forget to mention your favorite shades too!  We need all the details!

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18 thoughts on “Summer Makeup Favorites From Charlotte Tilbury

    1. No, they sell it on line and also they have counters in Nordstrom’s. Not all Nordstrom’s but a lot of them. You can also order on line at Nordstrom’s.

    1. I only started using the line about a year ago and it’s just absolutely fabulous! OMG! I am so in love with the Magic Foundation and Flawless Filter! And her selection of nude lipsticks is to die for. Just so many gorgeous ones! If you try anything, let me know what you try and what you think of it!

      Sending my love! XOX

    1. I have seen them from some people in Europe but I’m not sure where they get the product from. I know they are available in the UK and I would think you could order there and have them shipped. It would be worth it. I’m obsessed with this line and I truly love that the ingredients in the products have long term skin health benefits too! =)

  1. Hi Janine !
    So happy to discover your posts that I missed ! Your photos are so stunning ! And now, I really want to collect more CT makeup as I owned only 3 lipsticks ! Damned ! I really need more 😉 xx

    1. Oh Kedidja! You must try her Magic Foundation! I am so particular about foundation and this is truly my FAVORITE. Which lipsticks do you have? She has such an incredible collection of nudes lipsticks!

      XOX janine

    1. I waited a while to try Charlotte Tilbury and first heard of the line through Wayne Goss on YouTube. Once I tried the lipstick, I was in love. Once I tried the Magic Foundation, I knew I was a fan for life! I can’t praise that foundation enough!

    1. The Flawless Filter is gorgeous! The Magic Foundation is also definitely something to try. These are my favorite products in the line! If you decide to try them, please let me know what you think! These products are amazing and I’m VERY particular about foundation. Thanks for stopping in! OXOX

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