Sky Blue Nails with White Daisies

Would Sky Blue Nails With White Daisies Make You Smile?


Sky blue nails white daisies


These sky blue nails with white daisies and a magenta accent on the ring finger came out super cute.  Well, I think so, hopefully you do too!   The daisies were hand painted.   I almost didn’t make it in time this Sunday to get my nails done.  That could have been life altering but thankfully even though I arrived 30 minutes prior to closing, I was taken care of because the lady that does my nails is so sweet.  I was very grateful and gave her a huge tip for working late!

I had not decided on my nail design and had my pedicure first so my toes are inappropriately black!  Ha!  Hopefully, no one notices!   It’s a complete clash!   Next time, I guess I need to be a little more prepared and on time!

How to create the blue nails with white daisies:

  • Light Blue –OPI Gel Color (2 coats)
  • Magenta –OPI Gel Color (2 Coats)
  • Daisies were hand painted on pinkie and index fingers using white enamel with a dot of yellow in the
  • Finished off with OPI clear laquer

Nails were done by Danielle at Mai Nail Spa in Phoenix, AZ.



6 thoughts on “Sky Blue Nails with White Daisies

  1. These will be perfect for summer, love the OPI light blue shade so much.

    1. It’s a super cute shade BUT after wearing it a week, it’s a shade that requires 3 coats! It’s chipping on me which rarely happens with gel manicures, especially OPI. So…. 3 Coats! 3 Coats!

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