Shiseido Eyelash Curler Review

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

I am a lash fanatic!   I am really into lashes and at any given time, I have at least 100 pairs of falsies on hand.  I have to have the best beauty product to curl my lashes so my falsies blend perfectly with my natural lashes!    Plus, there could be a day when I don’t put on falsies so I really require a top notch eyelash curler.   Falsies do put extra weight on your natural lashes and they can cause loss and thinning of your natural lashes.  Of course, they do grow back.  And if you’re in a hurry to grow your natural lashes, I swear by Latisse but that’s a post for another day.   My natural lashes aren’t as full as they once were because I do use false lashes almost daily so I really need  a robust curler.

The Shiseido eyelash curler came into my life and it is by far the best beauty product I’ve used to curl my lashes.  Just recently, I bought a Revlon product which was less than $5 and I might as well have just flushed that money down the toilet.  My Tweezerman curler is acceptable but nothing special.  And yes, I have a Shu Uemara curler and it’s supposedly the best lash curler of all time but I’ve tossed it in the back of a cabinet.  The Shu Uemara is a 5-star product and I think it works for a lot of people but it didn’t do my lashes justice.  I’ve even gone as far as heating the curlers with the blow dryer for a better curl.   I’ve used the inversion method too.  I’ve even tried to curl after applying mascara.  I learned that is really a bad idea.  Don’t do that.  =)

I didn’t have high hopes for the Shiseido curler but I did a quick test and within seconds, I had  beautifully curled lashes.  I stared in the mirror in amazement.  I held the device up next to my other ones and I wondered why it was so great.   When I hold it up against my other products, the design looks the same.  That’s why I bought the Revlon curler.  I figured they were all the same and would produce the same mediocre results.   I was definitely wrong and I had finally found the best product after all my trials and tribulations.   Not only did this curler beautifully lift and curl my lashes but it didn’t pinch me and it was very comfortable to use.   It got all the lashes perfectly curled from end to end in a few seconds. I chose this product because it had 20,000 loves on Sephora’s website and I had a gift card to use.  I spent $19 and I could have paid twice that and been jumping for joy!

This product gets a big thumbs up from me!    I feel like I should go buy 3 more just in case they are ever discontinued.  I absolutely LOVE this product!

Brand new and ready for use
New Shiseido eyelash curler ready for use and it comes with an extra insert!




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