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SheaMoisture Argan Oil and Almond Milk

SheaMoisture hair care products have received so many accolades, I honestly don’t know why I haven’t tried the products until recently.  As popular as this line is, perhaps you are already familiar with them?  If not, you definitely should be. Otherwise, you are missing out on something great!

SheaMoisture has been featured in magazines, newspapers, and websites around the world.  Not only that, the products have made appearances on The Today Show, The Talk, and other popular programs.  Wondering about awards? Yes…. they have dominated in that space too!  SheaMoisture has been winning beauty awards from top publishers such as Allure, Esquire, and Total Beauty – just to name a few.  SheaMoisture is made with natural and certified organic ingredients and I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many formulas they have. This is one of the things I find incredible about their products.  There is a solution for all hair types and all hair care needs.

My hair care needs have changed in the past 6 months and I’ve really struggled to find the right products.  I began wearing permanent hair extensions so my hair volume nearly doubled.  It’s difficult to manage because it’s so long.  While I love the extra-long hair, it tangles easily and it’s hard to keep it detangled even when it’s dry and blown out straight.  My hair extensions are made of human hair with a texture that is matched to my own.  So, now I have twice the problem I had before!  More hair that is naturally wavy that tangles easily.  It’s a major battle with multiple round brushes to smooth out.

While I was at Target the other day, I noticed they had a number of formulas from SheaMoisture, in the Salon aisle, and the line caught my eye right away. The first time I saw the products in Target I didn’t buy them, but I went home and researched the products on the company website.  A few days later, I was asked by SheaMoisture to test the products that I thought would work best for my hair.  Is someone watching over me?  How could that timing be so perfect?  I really don’t know but let’s just say, it was my lucky day!  I had already selected the products I wanted to try and was planning to head back to Target to get them.  I was looking for something with natural ingredients that would soften, detangle, and eliminate frizz with my hair.  I found what I knew would be the perfect formula for my needs from SheaMoisture!

SheaMoisture Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Formula

If you are in need of something very specific for your hair, like I am, this is a brand you should look at. Their website outlines all the formulas available and there’s truly something for every individual need. I selected the Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Shampoo, Conditioner, and Blow Out Cream. This is a high-performance formula that smooths and improves manageability for gorgeous and healthy looking hair.

SheaMoisture Shampoo Conditioner

The Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame products are for fine, frizzy, wavy, and straight hair.  Considering my hair is fine, frizzy, and wavy, I knew I had the perfect fit.  The Blow Out Creme was important for me so I could straighten my hair more easily.  After using the products, I’m quite impressed and pleased with the results.

Smooth Tame Blow Out Creme SheaMoisture

I can’t forget to mention the scent.  It is absolutely divine.  It’s hard for me to describe it to you, but I will try.  It’s a mild scent and subtly sweet but not sugary.  The first thing I thought of when I smelled the shampoo and conditioner was creamy white chocolate.  The scent is to die for!  I loved the shampoo and conditioned because I didn’t have to use tons of it to work through my hair.  After using the conditioner, I could run my fingers through my hair while it was wet.  That’s exactly what I was looking for so I could easily comb my hair out while it was wet.  The Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Blow Out Creme added additional silky softness making it effortless to round brush my hair.


You can see all the formulas available from SheaMoisture here.  SheaMoisture also has a Peace Rose Oil Complex line to hydrate and soften dry, brittle hair and a Sea Kelp & Pearl Protein line to shield and soften color treated hair.

SheaMoisture is Made to Matter

SheaMoisture Smooth and Tame Made to Matter

Shea Butter is contained within every product from SheaMoisture and the brand ethically sources the shea butter from 13 women’s cooperatives in Northern Ghana. The brand invests in the shea butter cooperatives to help women entrepreneurs develop self-sustaining businesses.  The women in Ghana are not just suppliers to SheaMoisture, they become partners.  This program has helped the women build their businesses and allowed them to access better health care, education, and other benefits that comes with financial freedom.

SheaMoisture’s participation in Target’s Made to Matter program is something to keep in mind when you purchase the products.  You are contributing and helping to sustain SheaMoisture’s Community Commerce program that continues to support enterprising women and improving the quality of life for the members of the co-ops.  I sincerely appreciate when brands are involved in programs and share their success to make a difference for people and important causes.

Special Ibotta SheaMoisture Target Offer

You can get a rebate on SheaMoisture products that you purchase at Target.  Ibotta is better than coupons and if you aren’t using it, you must check it out! They have rebates available on many different products. If you purchase SheaMoisture at Target, you can upload your receipt to Ibotta and earn a $2 rebate. With Ibotta, you can cash out the money, transfer it to Paypal, or purchase gift cards. It’s super convenient and better than coupons. I never miss an Ibotta offer!

Here is the link to the SheaMoisture Ibotta offer:

You can also follow SheaMoisture on Twitter @SheaMoisture and they post special deals there as well!

What specific hair solution are you looking for?  Let me know what SheaMoisture product would be perfect for you!  #EveryBodyGetsLove

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