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It’s no secret there are challenges with health insurance costs in the United States.  Americans spend nearly $400 billion on prescriptions annually.  That’s a significant cost and it averages out to approximately $1300 per person.  With the changing health care landscape, many people have high deductibles and prescriptions prices have gone up.  If there are ways to save on health care, we certainly need to know about them.  And I’m about to share a way you can save money on prescriptions with SearchRx.  SearchRx can make a profound difference in what you are paying for medications.  You can save up to 75% on the cost of prescription medications whether or not you have insurance.  SearchRx is available to everyone, free to use, and over 62,000 pharmacies participate in the program.

I thought I was doing the best I could to save money on prescriptions.  Then one day, I realized I was paying $58 more for a monthly medication than I needed to.  Despite having  comprehensive medical insurance and prescription coverage, I lost a total of $754 over the course of 13 months.  I was unaware of SearchRx and how it could help me save money on prescriptions.  I trusted I was getting the best price through my premier medical insurance.  I even researched the lowest priced medication in a certain group of drugs and requested that from my doctor.  Unfortunately, I was unaware SearchRx can help consumers find lower prices on medications.  Even after the research I did, before SearchRx, I was still paying 81% more for my prescription!  Devastating!

Saving with searchrx

How does SearchRx work?

SearchRx has established a relationship with a leading benefit manager and they have access to the best discounted prescription prices.  Discounts your medical insurance may not be presenting to you.  Nearly every FDA drug is included in the SearchRx program and when you search for a medication in your area, the program will show you the best cost at all nearby participating pharmacies.  All the large pharmacies commonly used are included:  Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, RiteAid, and many more.  In addition to showing you what pharmacy has the best price on a medication, SearchRx presents you with coupons to ensure you get the lowest price available for the medication.  In the example I shared earlier, the cost of the medication with the coupon offered from SearchRx was significantly less than if I used my insurance.

The SearchRx application is available for mobile devices and you can also access their program on their website,

SearchRX for Apple – Download here
SearchRX for Android – Download here

SearchRx in action

I know what you are thinking.  There are hidden costs or some catch.  But honestly, there isn’t.  You won’t be asked for a credit card and you aren’t signing up a for a service that requires something of you later.  Initially, this is why I dismissed the opportunity to save.  I made some incorrect assumptions.  One being I would incur fees and the other being my insurance would offer the best pricing on medications.   I will walk you through how I use the application and how I discover savings!

When you go to the SearchRx website, you will see this screen and you can enter any medication to check pricing and available discounts.  In this example, I am searching a very common medication in the ADHD category of drugs.  These are typically very expensive medications.

Save money on prescriptions

Once I hit search, I am presented with the below results.  As you can see, Safeway is definitely not the place to get this prescription filled!  I commonly use the Safeway pharmacy but in this case, if I go across the street to Walgreens, the same medication is far less expensive.  (I also entered my zip code to ensure the results are relative to my geographic area).  The application also provides a high level overview of the medication so I am aware of important details my doctor may or may not have informed me of.  At the bottom of the page is a more detailed explanation that includes common uses and warnings about the drug.

how to save money on prescriptions

SearchRx has informed me that Walgreens offers the best discount on this particular medication so I would fill the prescription there.

Does SearchRx help save on medication

An electronic coupon is instantly sent to my phone to show the pharmacist when I pick up the medication.  This ensures I will pay the price of $76.86.   I never entered my name, address, or any other information.  I didn’t even have to provide my phone number except I prefer to get the coupon via text message as opposed to email.  That’s it, I’ve got my discount and I’m done!  It’s that fast that easy!

Now, for the shocking moment.  I assumed if the prescription at Walgreen’s was approximately $76, then the price would be even better with my insurance.  However, in this particular example, if I used my insurance, the cost for this prescription would be $151 out of my pocket!  Someone who doesn’t have any insurance could get a better price than I would pay with a top rated insurance company.  The good news is even though I have insurance, I don’t have to use it.  I can use SearchRx and their coupon and pay half the cost.  SearchRx isn’t always less expensive than insurance but in this example, it was and I’ve found many other medications where using my insurance would cost much more money.

Another way to save money on prescriptions with SearchRx

There is another way to save money with SearchRx that I’ve also taken advantage of.  Typically, there are many similar medications that fall into the same category.  If a particular medication is extremely expensive, even with a coupon, SearchRx will present other drugs that may be prescribed for the same condition.  I can search on the related  medications and see if there is one that is less expensive.  If I find one, I can inquire with my doctor about the possibility of switching.  Sometimes, when a medication is new and the generic form is not available yet, it can be hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.  Another medication may be suitable so I am able to easily research them, review the common uses, warnings, and cost and then inquire with my doctor about alternatives.

Here is an example of SearchRx results for commonly prescribed medication for blood pressure, Prinivil.  This particular medication is not very expensive but again, Walgreens offers the best price.  However, if I wanted to check into other options, at the bottom of the screen, I am presented with a list of related drugs by SearchRx that I could check pricing on and talk to my doctor about.

Save money on Prescriptions with SearchRX

Finding related drugs using SearchRx


In conclusion, SearchRx is a tool available to everyone in the United States whether you have insurance or not.  The price of a medication may or may not be better using the SearchRx tool but you won’t know unless you take a minute to check it out.  That’s all it takes, one minute.  If your insurance offers a better price, it’s still essential you know which pharmacy has the best pricing or you could still pay more with your insurance than you need to.  I have found several of the medications used within my family have better pricing through SearchRx.  This is definitely a tool everyone should be using!  The fact that  it’s completely free and doesn’t even require you to enter your name is incredible!

I hope you take the time to check out the application and see what savings you can grab a hold of.  I will be saving over $2000 this year based on my calculations and the costs I paid for medications last year.  Now I know how to save money on prescriptions using SearchRx and I’ll never go without it.

Don’t miss out on the savings!  Visit SearchRx and see what you can save on your prescription costs!

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