RevivLash Growth Serum Review with Redensyl

RevivLash Growth Serum

Lash and brow growth accelerators have become quite popular in recent years.  There are many more proven options on the market today than there were when these products initially came to market.  RevivSerums is a company based in San Francisco , CA  who specializes in cosmetic serums.  RevivLash is their specialty product formulated to help accelerate lash and brow growth.  I’ve tried RevivSerums hair growth serum as well as a Telomerase, a new anti-aging break through serum and was pleased with the performance of both products.  RevivSerum products are proven to be effective and next on my list of must try products was RevivLash –  Lash and Brow Stimulating Serum.

About RevivLash

RevivLash utilizes Redensyl from Induchem which combines two patented products.  These products (actually, they are molecules but I don’t want to get overly scientific) help reactivate hair growth by targeting hair follicle stem cells and activating cellular properties to promote growth and regular stem cells of the hair follicle.   Redensyl is an award-winning ingredient which has demonstrated success in the activation of hair growth.   Keratinocyte Growth Factor is another ingredient that specifically targets lash growth and Myristoyl is a key ingredient that has been found to stop the loss of pigmentation in hair.  Additional ingredients in the product also target the loss of pigmentation and promote healthy lashes.

The active ingredients in RevivLash are potent and may cause irritation to the sensitive and thin skin surrounding the lash line and brow areas.  However, RevivSerums includes an ingredient called Symsitive 1609 that reduces sensitivity and increases your ability to tolerate the potent ingredients.   Due to the effectiveness of Symsitive, stinging, tearing, burning, and tingling are minimized.  For some people, like me, it can require more than one application to reap the benefits of Symsitive but it definitely helps with tolerance in a short period of time.


Effectiveness of RevivLash

In a 60- day, 28 person consumer study, 97% of testers observed longer and fuller lashes.  As you can see in the results below, 88% of testers reported thicker and fuller brows.  People are getting great results.

RevivLash promotes overall lash health and can work similar to the prescription product, Latisse.  One key difference to note between RevivLash and Latisse is RevivLash is prostaglandin free.  Latisse has also become quite expensive and RevivLash is less than half the price of Latisse.  As always with RevivSerums, they offer a product guarantee so there is no financial risk to bear to try the product.  Latisse is not indicated as suitable for the lower lashes but RevivLash is safe to apply to the lower lash line.


How to use RevivLash

  • Shake well before each use
  • Apply a thin line of the product on the upper and lower lash lines where the base of the lash meets the skin (blot off extra)
  • Use the product 1-2 times daily
  • Avoid direct contact with your eyes
  • Use consistently for 2-4 weeks for initial effects and continue for 6-8 weeks for full effects
  • For best results, use within 3 months of opening tube

My experience using RevivLash

RevivLash review

My lashes are not in an ideal healthy state for a couple of reasons.  First, I live in the Sonoran Desert where environmental stressors are extreme.  Second, I wear false lashes on an almost daily basis and I’m sure I lose natural lashes as a result.  This could have affected my overall results with the product.   When I first started using RevivLash, I was applying the product to my upper and lower lashes.  I skipped on brows as I really don’t need bushier eyebrows.   I’m fighting caterpillars as it is.  My eyes became irritated during early use of the product  but I realized it was caused by the application of the serum to the lower lashes.  Once I discontinued the product there, I didn’t notice any irritation at all.

I observed minimal growth after using the product for 8 weeks.  The change I noticed was in volume as opposed to length.  It was not easily observable in photos but I noticed when I applied mascara, my lashes were more voluminous.  Conversely, the use of Latisse resulted in no volume increase but quite a bit of length.  This just goes to show you people’s bodies respond very differently to these types of products.   While my experience is relevant, yours may be quite different depending on your body chemistry and the initial state of your lashes or brows.

If you are interested in enhancing lashes and/or brows, this is a product I’d recommend based on the results from consumer studies and my experience with the company and their service.  With a guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

Have you tried anything from RevivSerums?  If so, what have you tried and what has been your experience?  What would you suggest I reach for next in this line?

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Size: 0.25 fl oz
Price: $49 at $5 off first order

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13 thoughts on “RevivLash Growth Serum Review with Redensyl

  1. Well, putting on my wishlist! Lord knows I need help with these brittle bastards. Thanks so much for the review! =) And hey, we all appreciate the science, no need to worry about getting too scientific.

  2. I’ve actually seen this before and was curious about it. I’ve been testing Latisse over the past month for review, so comparing the results will be interesting. I wonder if the two could be combined- the wheels are turning in my head…lol 😉

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