Review Pat McGrath Labs – LUST: Gloss

LUST: Gloss Pat McGrath review

If you are as curious about Pat McGrath Labs as I am, then you’ve come to the right place.  This is one of the few makeup lines that appeals to every age and style.  I can’t believe I haven’t tried it until now!  Pat McGrath is one of the most sought after makeup artists in the world so it’s about time I explore her products!  This week I want to share her new LUST: Gloss with you!  And following that, I’ve got more new products to share so don’t miss any upcoming blog posts!  But first, let’s take a look at the LUST: Gloss which I’ve been testing for the past few weeks.  A special thank you to Pat McGrath Labs for sharing these products with me! 

Pat McGrath Labs LUST: Gloss – Shades & Brand Description

“Ethereally erotic colour meets surreally seductive shine in LUST: Gloss. This orally fixating balm glides on, flawlessly soothing and smoothing your lips while evoking three-dimensional lustre.

Well, this sounds like we’re off to a good start doesn’t it?  And indeed we are!  There are 14 shades and if you don’t love lip gloss, have no fear, I promise these glosses are not sticky.  The shades range from nudes to beautiful pinks and there are a few deep tones for those who love bold color.

Blitz Gold – 24-karat gold shimmer
Gold Allure – Glittering white gold
Aliengelic – Pink infused duochrome
Pale Fire Nectar – Coral with pink shimmer
Twilo – Clean coral pink
Dare To Bare – Peach with gold shimmer
Aphrodisiac – Mid-tone peach
Flesh Astral – Rose with gold shimmer
Flesh Fantasy – Lush pink beige
Divine Rose – Plum rose shimmer
Paraphernalia – Magenta with blue pearl
Bronze Temptation – Golden bronze
Flesh 4 – Warm mid-tone brown
Blood 2 – Classic blue red


You can see swatches of each shade on different skin tones here.  You may have to click through a couple slides on the webpage to get to the one with the swatches.

Being a hard cord fan of nude and soft pink lipsticks, I chose Pale Fire Nectar, Dare to Bare, and Divine Rose as my first Pat McGrath products to try!  I have fallen in love with these glosses and definitely plan to get more.  They are beautiful worn alone and can transform any lipstick into undeniable ethereal beauty.

Product review Lust Gloss Pat McGrath
Top: Pale Fire Nectar — Middle: Dare to Bare — Bottom: Divine Rose

 LUST: Gloss Packaging

Besides creating gorgeous products, Pat McGrath Labs packages products beautifully.  The gloss tubes feel luxurious.  They aren’t cheap light weight plastic tubes. The boxes are magenta and black with urban graphic art and gold embossed lettering.  There is a flap on the back side to easily open the box so the edges won’t get tattered if you want to keep the products in the box.  I have kept them in my makeup bag and the don’t leak or get globs of product on the inside.

The applicator is a soft doe foot with a slightly pointed tip.  It’s easy to use and allows you to get a precise application.  The pointed tip makes it easy to apply the gloss on your cupids bow.

LUST: Gloss Pat McGrath discount code

LUST: Gloss Swatches & Formula

This is where it gets really good.  I wish all lip gloss felt like these!  The formula is definitely not sticky and contains a blend of oils to soothe and nourish lips.  The glosses have the high shine finish that is sought after right now.  I have found the product stays on for a few hours (about 4 hours) and you will need to reapply it after eating or drinking.  There are different finishes available ranging from glitter, opaque, transparent, and pearl.   The shades are universally flattering so you really can’t go wrong with any of them.  There’s no uneven fading or ring around the edge of your lips as the gloss wears off.

Swatches Lust Gloss Pat McGrath Labs
Left: Dare to Bare — Middle: Divine Rose — Right: Pale Fire Nectar

swatches Pat McGrath Lust Gloss

As for the scent… WOW!  These are positively delicious!  It’s not an over-powering scent but there’s a definite hint of sweetness and vanilla.  It couldn’t possible be better and just makes me want to wear the product even more.  One of the reasons I have not used much lip gloss in the past is because the texture is sticky and they often have a weird chemical smell.  But not these! The scent is everything here!  It’s soft, creamy, sweet, and I don’t know why but I describe it as angelic.  I really love the way this product smells.

My Personal Thoughts on Pat McGrath Labs LUST: Gloss

LUST: Gloss Pat McGrath review

The only thing that disappointed me after trying this gloss was that I waited too long to try Pat McGrath products.  I feel like I’ve been missing out.  Thankfully, the days of missing out are over because this is now a brand I want in my every day makeup collection.  I’ll be monitoring releases from now on.

Many brands have come out with glosses this year.  They are quite popular right now but these are by far, my favorite glosses of all.  If you want the true vinyl lips, this product can and will achieve that look for you.  Worn alone, they are very beautiful and I opted for neutral and soft shades that I can wear to the office.  However, the opportunities to experiment with these glosses over different lipsticks may yield some new favorite go to looks for sure!  Imagine a bold red lip with Gold Allure, glittering white gold, over the top!  That would be a gorgeous editorial look!  The gold glosses would be stunning over any deep plum, black, green, or blue lipstick.

LUST: Gloss Discount Code

These are priced well at $28 USD (4.5 ml / .15 fl oz).  The quality, wearability, and packaging are definitely worth the price.  The first three glosses I started with will not be the last of these glosses in my makeup collection!  I’m waiting for Gold Allure to come back in stock and I’ve got my eye on Clean Coral Pink.  Truly, they are all gorgeous.  Each shade in this collection is very wearable.

If you can’t make a decision, you can buy the LUST: Gloss Everything Kit which includes all 14 shades for $325.  This set is exclusive to and it works out to be approximately $23 per tube which is a great deal.

 DISCOUNT CODE:  There is a current discount code for the LUST: Gloss available on PatMcGrath website.  Use: WELCOME10 for 10% off any individual LUST: Gloss or kit and that includes the Everything Kit!  At this time, I’m not aware of any expiration date on the discount code but I’ll update this post if and when it is no longer available.

LUST: Gloss is here!

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Stay tuned as I will be reviewing the new SKIN FETISH:  Highlighter + Balm Duo and the Highlighter Trio next. I just got them and I’m currently experimenting (and LOVING) these products too!

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14 thoughts on “Review Pat McGrath Labs – LUST: Gloss

  1. Oh la la ! Divine Rose calls my name ! I love this color and the formula sounds very great ! I’m more in lip gloss team for summer 😉 Hugs Janine


    1. Divine Rose is a beautiful shade! Let me know if you try these. It’s wonderful how creamy and soft they are on the lips!
      I hope you are enjoying a beautiful and dreamy summer in France!

    1. Their lip gloss is a great place to start because it’s got such a beautiful finish! But the way it feels on your lips, it’s not the feel of a gloss. I’m sure you would love it! Thanks for stopping in! Happy 4th!! xox

    1. You can always order and ship to me and I can then ship to you. I would guess it’s like 20 US or so to ship an average box of makeup stuff. The glosses are really gorgeous! I’m just now experimenting with some other products too! I am dying to try the eyeshadows. You must have some really amazing stuff made locally in the South of France, OMG, I cannot even imagine what you must have down there!

  2. The shade Divine Rose looks stunning!
    I’ve seen lots of raves for the Pat McGrath eye shadow palettes. Are you going to try those next?

    1. Next I have the new highlighter trio in the Skin Fetish collection. I definitely want to try the eyeshadows though. Have you tried anything in this line?

    1. If you love lip gloss, you’ll definitely enjoy these. This is the first gloss I’ve ever used that is truly creamy and feels like a moisturizing lipstick. They managed to create a formula that is not sticky but is truly a gloss. Really a fabulous product!

  3. I’ve always wanted to try Pat McGrath’s makeup. Is this sold at Sephora? Twilo looks like my fave. Thinking about pairing these with lipstick is a new level. So great to hear the formula is beautiful too.

    Chanel | Je M’appelle Chanel

    1. It is sold at Sephora! But if you purchase from you can get 10% off. With or without lipstick, these glosses are amazing. I wore Tom Ford Paper Doll with Pale Fire Nectar over the top of it last week and it was to die for! What a perfect pink with a bit of shimmer! I haven’t tried lipsticks in this line but I imagine they pair beautifully!

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