Review: Otavea Body Scrub And The Benefits Of Exfoliation

Octava body scrubs
Otavea Body Scrubs

I am a loyal exfoliator!  Face and body!  Minimum three time per week!  No exceptions! Exfoliating keeps our skin free of dead skin cells and facilitates the skin renewal process. As we age, dead skin cells can build up so exfoliating is a process that she be consistent and ongoing.  It ensures the accumulation of dead cells is minimized and also removes dirt and unclogs pores to help keep skin clear  People often have breakouts on their chest or back so skin care is not just about your face but rather your entire body.  I have rarely experienced issues with blemishes anywhere and I attribute that to the different things I do as part of my skin care process with exfoliation being a key step.  It also helps to minimize the size of pores and prepares our skin to better absorb moisturizers. Including exfoliation in our skin care routine will result in smoother and more radiant skin.  It’s worth an extra few minutes in the shower regardless of whether you are male or female!  Gentleman?  Are you listening?  You always ask me about my skin so I’m telling you that you need to do this!

Otavea Body Scrub and Skin Care

Otavea Skin Care is a boutique luxe skin care company based out of Austin, Texas.  They provided me with samples of their body scrubs which I have been using over the course of the past couple weeks.  I selected the strawberry Otavea body scrub to try but I was really interested in all three of their formulas.  They surprised me and sent me a medium sized jar of the strawberry scrub and small samples of their peppermint and chocolate coffee scrubs.  They must have known I would love their products and I thought that was a thoughtful and generous gesture on their part.

I started using Otavea’s strawberry scrub and I was completely delighted.  First impressions are important!  I opened the jar and scooped out the product and I immediately had this amazing flash back.  Growing up, my mom would make fresh strawberry jams.  I remember driving to Oxnard, California to the strawberry fields and buying big palettes of ripe red strawberries My mom would cook giant batches of the jam and the entire house smelled like sweet strawberries. The minute I put my hand to my face, I remembered Oxnard and the smell of jam bubbling on the stovetop.  I haven’t thought about that in years. What a great memory and if it’s not obvious, I really enjoyed the smell of the product!

The strawberry scrub had chunks of fresh strawberries in it.  As I rubbed it all over my face and body, I could feel the healthy exfoliation and as the sugar began to melt and the product emulsified and softened,  I rinsed it away. There was no oily residue and the scent left behind was pleasantly noticeable but not overwhelming.  My skin was left feeling really soft.  My experience using the chocolate coffee and peppermint formulas were just as invigorating and delicious.  The chocolate coffee scrub is sweet and earthy with finely ground coffee beans which I felt enhanced the exfoliation.  The peppermint is bright and refreshing and really awakens your senses.  I tasted a little bit of all three, I couldn’t help it (they are all natural and free of chemicals) and they were yummy!  The products contain no additives, parabens, PEGs, or phthalates.  All ingredients for each formula and the production process is explained on their website.

The ingredients vary in their different products and are all natural, high quality ingredients.  The benefits, aside of those I mentioned about exfoliating regularly, vary depending on the ingredients in the formula.  All three formulas are sugar based which provides the exfoliation property. There are no chemicals and the sugar won’t burn on skin with blemishes or that is sensitive like some salt or chemical scrubs may do.

Otavea Body Scrub in Strawberry: 

Formulated to target clogged pores, damaged skin, uneven skin tone, acne and wrinkles. Cleanses and tightens pores while the Vitamin A hydrates and protects against free radicals.  This scrub is loaded with Vitamin C and rich in antioxidants.  

Otavea body scrub
Strawberry Body Scrub

Otavea Body Scrub in Chocolate Coffee: 

Formulated to target stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, acne, scarring and wrinkles. Caffeine helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and cocoa powder refines and tones skin. The vitamin E in the formula soothes and moisturizes the skin.  Packed with antioxidants and natural stimulates this scrub tightens skin cells while fighting free radical damage. Leaves a luxurious and smooth feeling.

Otavea Body Scrob
Chocolate-Cofee Body Scrub

Otavea Body Scrub in Peppermint: 

Formulated to target scarring, uneven skin tone, acne and dull skin with fresh peppermint and essential oil.  The peppermint brightens skin cells and the Vitamin E soothes and moisturizes skin. The crushed peppermint leaves and pure peppermint essential oils in this scrub sooth tired muscles and revive senses.  Leaves a cool and refreshing feeling.

Otavea Body Scrub
Peppermint Body Scrub

Otavea is the type company I love to support and endorse because they care about producing a quality product and use all natural ingredients. They don’t test on animals or use animal bi-products (enormous plus) and their products are hand crafted.  You can read more about their philosophy and the story behind this charming company here. They also have a range of sizes and their products are affordably priced. You can see in the photos the products come in a plastic container with a tight fitting lid so I store mine in the shower.  There is a small scoop that can also be used to stir the product as the essential oils will separate and that is normal and expected.  The large containers are 8 oz. and cost $16 US.  Finally, a quality product that doesn’t break the bank! Otavea also offers 4 oz. for $10 and 2 oz. for $6.   And guess what?  They will ship international!  I was really pleased with the quality and value of these products and would continue using them and I believe they are suitable for all skin types but it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor if you have any skin conditions.  Otavea Skin Care is focusing on the right things: product quality and service.  I  don’t have anything negative to convey or any concerns.   I give them a big thumbs up as they are doing things right!

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I hope you enjoyed this review!  Lots of love to my beautiful followers and Otavea Skin Care for sharing their lovely products with me and trusting me to share my experience using them.

Janine -XO ~Abeatifulwhim

Disclaimer: If asked by a company to review their product, I examine the product and company before considering the mutual investment of my time and their product in a review process. Product reviews are not influenced by the company and all statements are my personal opinion. I do not accept compensation for evaluating products and am committed to provide consumers with honest reviews.

10 thoughts on “Review: Otavea Body Scrub And The Benefits Of Exfoliation

  1. Ah, exfoliating! I only started doing it recently, and I can’t believe the change. This is an excellent price, though, and I’m afraid my legs might be needed that coffee scrub this season. Will definitely be adding it to my wish list!

    1. It makes a really big difference. I’m afraid I get a little overly ambitiuos and have to slow down sometimes! But the all over body scrubs especially all-nautral and non-irritating ones are really nice to have around. I bought them for my mom’s bday and more for myself since they have a discount right now. I might even get one more for Father’s Day. =) I think it’s a good company with integiry so I am always happy to support that plus they really do have lovely hand crafted products. I’m eagerly awaiting new scents!

    1. Oh those are so much fun to read. I was holding this in my queue because I had a few tags that I didn’t want to lose sight of. So, I’m working on this one now. =)

    1. I felt like scrubbing and snacking on it at the same time. The strawberry is really nice. My favorite of the 3. Tomorrow, they are going to activate a 25% off code so you can buy them with a discount. I’ll post the code tonight and tweet it and stuff but it won’t be active until after midnight and I’m thinking that’s likely central time as they are Texas. I’m going to buy some for my mom’s birthday in June. I hope she’s not reading this, oh god.

  2. hello! Loved this post sooooo much! I’m on mobile and I can’t find the follow button on here but as soon as I get on the computer I will be following back ! I literally want to try all of these right now- such an informative post! Thanks 🙂 xo

    1. Thanks I’m glad you liked the post. If you wait until tomorrow, Otavea will be providing a discount code so you can purchase goodies at 25% off. I’ll be updating the post with that information tonight.

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