InMode Fractora RF Review: Personal Experience & Photos Days 1-4

I recently underwent my first Fractora RF (radio frequency) treatment and I thought I publish a Fractora RF review and my personal experience for anyone considering the treatment and looking for objective information from a person having undergone the procedure.  Fractora RF is the most advanced procedure and claims it can deliver results comparable to CO2 laser skin resurfacing with less downtime.  Complications are not commonly reported with Fractora RF and it’s doesn’t require incisions or surgery.  It’s a non-invasive procedure for skin rejuvenation and since 2011 it has received multiple FDA approvals.  I agree with all this 100% except we need discuss down time in more depth later in this post and what that means!

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What is Fractora RF?

†(Please see disclosure below)

Let’s begin with the official explanation of Fractora RF from InMode.  I’ve taken this quote directly from the manufacturer’s website.

“Fractora delivers targeted bipolar RF energy to various selectable depths in the skin. Fractora meets and exceeds the results of fractional CO2 without the associated downtime, prolonged redness, and pigmentation drawbacks. Fractora achieves full-scale treatment depths with customizable fractional energy to improve superficial skin tone problems (photo damage) to deep textural concerns (rhytids and tightening). Clinicians can select between variable depths, densities and energy levels for results that were previously unattainable without excisional surgery.” –

This is an excellent article from Invasix, the manufacturer of the device, and something I reviewed before deciding to proceed.  It clearly explains the benefits of Fractora RF and how it’s fundamentally different than the various lasers on the market today used in skin rejuvenation.

So, let’s move on to my personal experience with Fractora RF!  As I write this, I’m post procedure day 4.  I’m still in hiding, therefore, I have plenty of time to blog!

Day 0 – Fractora RF Treatment Day

Inmode Fractora Review
No glasses were big enough to hide my face! This is the biggest pair I could find!

The cosmetic surgeon’s office I go to didn’t candy coat anything and tell me this procedure wouldn’t hurt.  It can be rather uncomfortable and the stronger the settings on the device, the more intense it can be.  I had no idea what to expect never having done this before.  However, I do have a high tolerance for pain.

I arrived an hour before my procedure and numbing cream was applied to my face.  It needs an hour to take effect so I just read and relaxed while I waited.  I was also given one Percocet (7.5 / 325) and 10 mg of Valium one hour before the procedure started.  Fifteen minutes before we began, I was given an additional Percocet and Valium.  I knew these medications would have little effect because pain medication and benzodiazepines don’t affect me the way they do most people.  Why?  I have no idea but most people would be flying high after being given that medication!  For me, I felt nothing from the medication.

When it was time to begin Fractora, the numbing cream was wiped away and my skin was cleaned.  I requested to add Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to the procedure so my blood was drawn and prepared while the first two passes of Fractora were done.  I held onto a tube that blew cold air and I could direct that anywhere I felt I needed to in order to cool off my skin.  The head of the device was pressed flat onto my skin (we started around the lower jaw) and once I heard it a beep that section was done and the next section of skin was targeted.  I was feeling pretty good at this point, I didn’t feel any pain.

But then!  I started to feel stuff!  Depending on the area, the feeling was quite intense.  My cheeks and around my eyes hurt the most.  It felt like someone stapling my face and right at the moment of intense pain, I felt a sensation of twisting and pulling at the skin.  It wasn’t enough to make me tear or think of stopping but I can see some people not being able to tolerate this.  On a scale of 1-10, I rated the worst pain as 4.  Child birth was an 8 for me.  I certainly felt this and it hurt but nothing I’d consider unmanageable.  Just when you think “oh my god, this is getting bad”, it’s over or the device is back to an area that isn’t as sensitive.  Some medical providers offer nerve blocks.  If you are very sensitive to pain, ask about that because it might be a good option.

The other thing I noticed was a burning smell.  I thought maybe it was the peach fuzz on my face but nope!  It was skin (yum yum)!  After a while, I didn’t notice it anymore and  it didn’t bother me too much.  Two passes were completed on my face before we took a break and that took about 15 minutes.  My blood was ready now to incorporate for the final passes.  The PRP was massaged onto my skin and the stamping process resumed but the head was replaced with a different pin configuration.  Once everything was done, the last of the PRP was massaged into my skin and I finished.  I specifically requested PRP to be incorporated but this procedure is often done without it.

Reality check: My husband drove me home (horrified by the blood smeared all over my face).  No one wanted to sleep with me that night, except the dog and Noah, my 8 year old.  Gigi, my Yorkie, thought I smelled delicious.  I should mention, Noah insisted on going along for the procedure and watched the entire time.  He was positively fascinated and wants everyone to know that he removed a dead bloody lizard from the house one day (with gloves) and he can handle anything that comes his way! Go Noah!  Perhaps, that’s a future surgeon in the backseat!

Fractora Inmode treatment
Ditched the glasses – proudly wearing my blood mask. My 8 year old watched the entire procedure.  He was thrilled he got to come along.

After the procedure my skin was bright red but hard to see since I wore the blood plasma mask until the next morning.   This is the best I’m going to look for the next few days.  I kept reminding myself,  no pain no gain.  I slept in my blood mask and I there was no pain that night.  Actually, I slept quite well.

Medications prescribed post treatment:

  • Methylprednisolone 21 Day Pack
  • Valtrex 2g / 2x per day (They give this to everyone whether you get cold sores or not – I never had a cold sore but took all medication as prescribed)

Post-Fractora Day 1 (Saturday)

Morning after Fractora RF InMode
This is the “oh shit” moment when I saw my bare skin the morning after.

The day after the procedure, my skin felt warm and tight.  It was comparable to a moderate sunburn.  In the morning, when I woke up, I gently washed the dried blood off my face with Cetaphil cleanser and applied Aquaphor.  I’d recommend something other than Cetaphil because there is fragrance in it and it bothered me. I was sort of shocked as no one has posted day after photos so I didn’t have anything to compare my results to.  My skin was red and I was bit concerned over some of the marks I saw on my face.  I thought it may have been bruises coming in or superficial burns.  If you’ve ever had even a minor burn, it’s extremely painful.  I didn’t have pain so I didn’t think the marks were burns.  I sent photos to my esthetician and she said everything looked as expected.  That gave me comfort and I proceeded through my day applying Aquaphor and hiding from the rest of the world.  (Be kind if you comment, it’s not easy to share photos when you know you look horrific!)

Swelling and side effects after Fractora RF
Day 1 – Morning after with significant swelling present, redness, abrasions, tightness, and skin feels warm. Some areas are raw.
swelling after Fractora Inmode procedure
Day 1 – More swelling appeared under my right eye than my left.  Nothing ever swells symmetrically which adds to the feeling of horror.

By the end of Day 1, some redness subsided but the marks on my forehead and cheeks were scabby and very prevalent.  They looked and felt like abrasions and you can see the orderly pattern of pin pricks when you look closely at the skin.

Fractora RF recovery
Day 1 – Close-up abrasions on forehead (pretty?)
Close up view skin after Fractora RF
Day 1 – Close-up view right cheek (I see this and I think, there’s going to be some real progress when this heals!)

I stayed inside the house and I hear most patients do during this early stage.  I should also mention, my whole face itched.  Even my ear lobes itched and they weren’t treated.  I took some Benadryl hoping I’d fall asleep and itching would subside by tomorrow.  Benadryl never stops anything from itching for me and it doesn’t make me tired so I did my best to ignore the itching.  I’d like to add that I’d rather slowly burn up in acid than itch.  ITCHING IS THE WORST SENSATION AND IT’S ABSOLUTE TORTURE TO ME.  If there’s one thing that I struggle with, it’s itching.  I’d choose pain over itching any day.

Post Fractora – Day 2 (Sunday)

Invasix Fractora healing and review
Day 2 – Swelling and redness persists. Itching is pretty bad!  The sensation caused me to itch my chest and ears where I wasn’t treated.  (Like I said, I’m not good with itching!)
Invasix Fractora review
Some light bruising is appearing on my cheek. Let’s hope for a better tomorrow!

There wasn’t much of a change since Day 1.  I had hoped for more.  My skin really red but it wasn’t warm anymore.  There were abrasions  everywhere as you can see in the photos.  It’s as if though more showed up out of nowhere!  My husband is making up his own words to the tune of Phil Collins “Take A Look At Me Now” adding some creative lyrics about what a “f-in mess I am”.  You can hear it now, right?  Mmm hmm, real cute.  If you’re reading this and feeling a bit down about the side effects, I hope I made you smile.

My skin was still itching really bad.  I noticed the swelling subsided as the day progressed.  Swelling is usually worse in the morning after any procedure.  Sometimes sleeping with a treated area elevated can help minimize swelling but I can’t get comfortable and go to sleep unless I’m in my usual position.  There was still no pain but I looked a bit worse as there was some minor bruising on my cheeks that appeared on the second day.  The uneven swelling also made me look a bit distorted.

redness and swelling after invasix fractora
Day 2 – Evening. Not much change and redness is persistent as is swelling under my right eye. Took a photo thinking I might see progress since the morning. (A desperate moment)

Post Fractora – Day 3 and 4 (Monday & Tuesday)

Skin Care after Fractora RF
Day 4 – I think it’s a little bit better today! Less redness and swelling is down. This was taken just after waking up so major improvement with swelling.

Nothing appeared to look worse on days 3 or 4 but let’s clarify down time now!  To me, down time is the period of time someone else can easily detect you had a procedure done.  My skin was fully in tact and I could head out with sunscreen to do anything at this point but I didn’t want to.  I thought I looked like I was mauled by a bear so I considered myself to be experiencing down time.

Reality Check: Down time and appearing to be healed is not the same.  When planning procedures, you really have to clarify down time versus the time you can successfully hide what you did with makeup, clothing, etc.  Skin is in tact and can be protected with sunscreen so the reality is, I’m no longer down and could be out and about.  But let’s be honest.  Nothing could get me out except Einstein’s coffee and wheat bagel toasted with Nutella.  Other than that, I wasn’t going anywhere!

On the evening of day 3, I did speak to a representative from Invasix (InMode) to confirm if the abrasions were typical and should still persist.  I couldn’t find any reviews or photos of anyone showing the healing process.  Was I right on the mark?  Worse than usual?  Better than usual?  I had no idea.  The customer service for Invasix is outstanding and they responded to me immediately.  And yes, they confirmed abrasions are common especially in areas that are boney like the forehead and chin.  And that’s exactly where I’ve got them.  So, I felt everything was normal and I was pretty comfortable with where things stood.

I still can’t hide anything with makeup because the surface of my skin isn’t smooth.  Also, I really didn’t want to put anything on my skin other than what is necessary because I didn’t want to irritate it or prolong the healing.  There are still abrasions everywhere but redness has calmed down, swelling has significantly improved, and by the end of day 4… I think the itching is nearly over.

skin care after Fractora by InMode
Day 4 – Evening.  Clean bare skin.  I’m about to publish this post. Finally starting to look like I’m healing. YAY! (Oh and THANK GOD I have bangs to hide my forehead!)

I wish there was a way to get the abrasions to heal faster.  My esthetician recommended TNS Skin Recovery Complex twice a day but I ran out of the product and it’s quite expensive.  I started using another recovery cream called A-Derma Epitheliale A.H Duo.  I just happened to have it on hand and picked it up in Canada last year.  It’s for use after minor dermatologic procedures and is supposed to promote faster healing of damaged skin.  It didn’t burn or make my skin red after applying it.  It’s very moisturizing and not greasy.  I’m actually loving this cream so I’m continuing to use and adding a light layer of Aquaphor over the top.  You can find it on Amazon and it’s about $25 a tube.

A-Derma Epitheliale

So, this is where I currently am in the healing process and I’ll be back next week to report progress.  Have I noticed any positive changes?  Yes…. I am very sensitive and critical of how the skin looks under my eyes and right now, that skin looks smoother.  It’s possible what I’m seeing is minor residual swelling but I think it’s the effects of the Fractora.  While my skin is red, I can tell the tone is becoming more even.  This is evident to me after I wash my face and have no products on at all.

It’s going to take a couple weeks for my skin to completely clear up.  It also takes time for collagen to rebuild so the full results won’t be seen for a few months.  At this point in time, despite looking like something tried to scratch my eyes out, I’m glad I went through with the procedure and will likely plan a final treatment 6 months from now.  It must be properly timed with cosmetic fillers so I’m planning fillers in 2 weeks and Fractora 6 months later.  That’s the current plan!

Whether I like it or not, tomorrow I have family things planned since my kids are on fall break so I’ll be out in public.  If you hear of anyone claiming to have been mauled by a bear in Phoenix, Arizona, that’s probably me.

Stay tuned for more updates!  Have you had Fractora RF or been interested in this procedure?  I’d love to hear from you!

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† Disclosure:  This post is for informational purposes only.  The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Always seek the advice from your licensed medical provider or other qualified health provider with questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website.  If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor, go to an emergency room, or call 911 immediately.

I am not affiliated with Invasix or Inmode and this post is not sponsored or produced at the request of the manufacturer or provider of the services.

103 thoughts on “InMode Fractora RF Review: Personal Experience & Photos Days 1-4

  1. I had fractor in Dec 2017. I had burns, deep vertical scars, pitting and a grid pattern on my neck and face. They did not go away. I have had micro needling, radio Frequency, IPL, four severe peel and I still have the aftermath of that disaster. I am scheduled for 2 more peel and laser. I am not the only one. This is a hit or miss procedure. Inmode new this and didn’t remore these side effects to the FDA which they are obligated to do. They broke the law and ruined so many women. I can’t say enough about how horrible this experience has been.

    1. When I spoke with the manufacturer of the device, they said some people have a more aggressive reaction than others. But the burns and track marks can come from operator error. Particularly when the settings are too high or the device doesn’t remain in full contact with the skin.

      It took several months for the marks I had to go away. I felt I got good results but I never did the procedure again because I didn’t want to risk suffering the marks. Today, I have done Halo laser twice and I’ve been very satisfied with that procedure. My dermatologist gave me a product (prescription) called Luxamend. The Luxamend 2x a day combined with Retin-A and Hydroquinone 4% applied at night, did heal up my skin and leave no evidence of the original issues from my Fractora. Have you checked in with a dermatologist? You could ask if the things that worked for me might be a good option for you too. Also, you could ask about CO2 ablative laser. While the downtime is intense, I have heard and seen great results come from that overall. I have never done the CO2 laser but Halo is a hybrid of ablative and non-ablative. These are some options you could inquire with a dermatologist about and see what they say. I’m so sorry you have been suffering for several years. =(

    2. Im in the same situation! My face is ruined with track/grid marks 7 months after! Whats had helped you the most? Im desperate!!

    3. Scheduled for this tmrw! Are you pleased in the end. I only skimmed your journal. When – how many real days until you were moderately recovered?

  2. Hi there! I just got Morpheus8 done and I have 3 (more obvious) abrasions right on the cheekbone. I’m day 3. How long did your’s take to disappear? Did it scar in any way? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jenny, I’m thinking about having Morpheus8 done on my face & neck. Did it Lift the Face? Would you have it done again? I’d like to hear about your proceedure & results. Thanks Much! Elizabeth

      1. I just did the Fractora which came before Morpheus. I have heard Morpheus is better but I would not do it again. I didn’t see much of a different result than some of the lasers I’ve done (e.g. Halo). And the red marks left on my face took quite a while to completely fade. They could be covered with makeup but it will still a few months until they were entirely unnoticeable. For me, I don’t want to risk it again as I don’t why I responded that way.

  3. I really like your blog. I own a medical spa in Kirkland , WA. and we have Fractora . Your testimonial is very thorough and honest. Fractora is a great combination treatment and has more tightening than Fraxel. I have Fraxel 1550 too and its always a favorite of my clients. I am not sure if you were aware that you can do a lighter treatment with Fractora . There is an aggressive treatment protocol where two different tips are used in one visit. From the marks you had after i would be 99% sure that was multiple paces one 60 pin tip , & one 24 pin. You probably would of had less of the bar marks if they would of done the two different pins in separate visits . We were also seeing the bar marks when trying to use two in one treatment. Pretty tough for you to heal. It was a little too aggressive for someone wanting to return to work Monday. For someone who is willing to come back a second and third time , doing one visit with 60 pin tip and one with 24 pin and maybe both on the third, the after care is closer to the aftercare of our Fraxel re:store. I love our Fractora treatment because it is so customizable . You mention Bodytite in your blogs . I am looking at that and facetite for our spa and for our spa. What are your thoughts on the thread lift procedure either by Novo threads or Silhouette? Thank you for your time ! p.s you got a wonderful price on the procedure, where you a model or that is what they offer it for all the time ?

    1. I had the BodyTite done on my arms and I think it helped but it’s not like a surgical result and about 2 years later, I’d say I don’t notice a huge difference anymore. I’m interested in trying JPlasma early next year to see how that works.

      The thread lift is nice. I see immediate results with that!! With the pricing, I’m a VERY regular client and I practically live at the surgeons office and skin clinic so they take care of me on pricing. I have modeled for some procedures, like Votiva and Kybella. The Fractora and BodyTite that I did, I just paid for as well as the threads. I literally pre-plan out my whole year.

      Sorry for the delayed response, been so busy with work and travel but catching up. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Your blog does a terrific job of letting people know what to look for to make sure they are selecting the right procedure and treatment provider. I am probably not your typical visitor. My name is Amy Davis and I am an attorney with Christiansen Davis, LLC in Dallas, TX. I represent a total of ten women who suffered burns and permanent scaring as a result of the Fractora procedure. It sounds as though ResqueRanger had a similar experience. It would be a big help to my clients if I could visit with her about her experience. I definitely don’t want you to feel as though I am using your site to solicit clients–that’s not my goal. I would just like to know about the settings that were used for her procedure, whether she or her doctor contacted InMode/Invasix or the FDA and if she found in restorative treatments effective for her scaring. I did not see a way to message you directly. Could you provide my information to ResqueRanger? She can contact me at 214-838-3501, ext. 2 or at Thank you in advance for your help.

  5. Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve now incorporated the ice to all my other regimen. I’m banking on day 5, I’m going to try the color corrector and concealer in the morning and hope for the best. Downtime is definitely longer than a weekend, in which, I had planned for going in on Friday. I tend to go all in instead of easing into less invasive treatments. 😊
    Well, if my results are as good as yours I will be absolutely satisfied that I went for it!
    You look fantastic, keep posting, I’m following along for my next best result!!
    Thanks again!

    1. How did the ice and everything work for you? I find they always say downtime is less – so whatever they say, I double it in my mind. I just did PRF injections under my eyes and it was estimated at about 2 days of swelling but I can tell it will be 4-5 before people can’t really tell. I’m pretty swollen at the moment and it’s the end of day 2. Thank you so much for visiting and I’m glad the post helped! let me know how things are going!! XOX

  6. Hi,
    I’ve been on here twice before asking you about your opinion on fractora and my eye wrinkles, and I did have Fraxel Repair done last May on that area. As I commented before, I don’t think it did much, and I was contemplating doing another laser treatment called Core. However, another doctor suggested Morpheus 8, three treatments just around my eyes, and I went ahead and had the first one done about 3 weeks ago. It’s microneedling with radiofrequency and by InMode, too. I don’t see any difference yet, and I know it takes time. I will let you know my opinion after the 3rd one! By the way, it was a piece of cake as far as recovery. I bruised in a couple spots, and swelled some, but I was able to go out to dinner the following day and while I didn’t look quite myself, I don’t think anyone noticed. But again, it was only around my eyes, and I was able to put make up on the day after. There is a great utube video of a nurse doing the procedure and talking all about it if you pull up Morpheus 8 utube. 🙂

    1. I’ve been hearing more and more about this from InMode. I’m so curious to hear how the treatment program turns out for you. I found my eyes took the radiofrequency with microneeding from Fractora well but boney areas like my forehead didn’t. Maybe that had to do with the contact of the device. I’m super excited to hear about your experience though and THANK YOU so much for coming and sharing it! Glad to hear the recovery was easy, that’s a very good sign. It does take time for the collagen to remodel and I think it’s about 4-5 weeks where it peaks and you start to notice so I’m excited to hear more! Sending love!!

  7. Hello! Thank you for this informative information, I’ve read all the comments, and I almost cancelled my appointment for Friday, however I am having the Morpheus 8 done. The office said it would be different than Fractora…… do you know much about that? That also assured me that I would not have that much redness. This will be my very first ever skin treatment and I have great skin, but I am starting to sag under the chin and thought this might be a great option for me. Thoughts?

    1. No, I haven’t heard of that treatment. Is the sagging under the chin skin or fat? Addressing that would be two completely different approaches. For skin tightening, I had success with InMode BodyTite but it’s a little invasive. It could work really well though in that area. You could see who performs that in your area (and also has a lot of other options) so you could get a better assessment of what would be best. Because you know… they are going to want to sell you what they have so it’s ideal if they have a wide variety of options. I’d look at the Inmode FaceTite for under the chin if you are 100% sure it’s skin and not fat. Oh … also, something to look at would be Nova Threads. I’ve seen some great success with people who have gotten those. My mom had some of these done and had great results.

  8. Yes, I just got some botox injected right under eye. While I know it won’t get rid wrinkles, hoping it works to soften them. 🙂
    Thanks again for your input!

    1. It should! I also love that it opens the eye up a little like makes them rounder. It takes a couple of days to notice but then all of a sudden I’m like… what’s different here? And It’s the botox! LOVE IT!

  9. Thanks for your input, Janine. I’m leaning toward to CO2, but always concerned with the risks. Your advice really hepls! 🙂

    1. Most of the people I’ve known who did CO2 with an experienced doctor had no issues. It’s just quite a bit of downtime. I’ve considered doing it and just going back to work after a week. I’d just put a sign on my desk with the details so no one needs to ask questions. LOL! I think the results would be better. If not CO2, maybe an ablative pro-fractional laser. That’s the other one I’ve been considering off and on for the past year. XOX

      Let me know what you wind up doing. I just did 8 PDO threads on Friday for a little lift and I’m sore but I’m really liking the results. I did it mainly for a little lift in the cheek and to help define my jaw line.

  10. Hi, I’m am so happy to have found this post. I am 22 and have very sensitive skin that every pimple I have ever had stained my skin with a scar. Some are ice pick scars but most are pigmented. I went to the doctor to ask the best treatment, he said since I have active acne that I would have to kill the acne with Fractora and then come back for microneedling. I am very concerned after the reading the comments that since my skin is so sensitive, if this is the best treatment? I would like to know your thoughts on this.

    1. Does the doctor offer any other treatments? What I have found is providers will recommend and offer and swear by ONLY what they have available. They rarely say… an ideal treatment for you would be XYZ but we don’t have that equipment here. There are quite a few treatments that I hear of for acne before Fractora and have never heard of that being a recommended treatment for acne (but I’m not a doctor!). If I was fearful of scarring or have sensitive reactions, I would be hesitant to do Fractora – you see what my skin looked like and it took a long time to clear up those marks. Also, InMode has a number you can call and you can ask them about the effectiveness of Fractora for acne.

      I would suggest you get multiple opinions. Microneedling can help with acne scarring but I have some very minor acne scars on my chin and a small scar where I had stitches on the side of my nose from a fall. Microneedling has not improved those scars much for me and I’ve done it several times at a depth of 2.0mm. Look for a laser center or well-equipped practice where you may get more options presented to you.

      My son had some relatively bad acne and he was put on low dose antibiotics and a topical ointment and his cleared relatively quickly without expensive laser or other treatments. It will all depend on the type of acne, root cause, etc. Sometimes peels help too.

  11. Pingback: Carolyn Galving
    1. Thanks for your comment. My recommendation would be to see someone who has a lot of experience performing the procedure. A board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist may be good to look into. The technic used can have an affect. I’d check around and carefully select your provider.

  12. Yes, Janine, that helps. I just made an appointment to see if my Dr. can inject some filler into the lines the are starting to creep down my cheek. I have big cheeks naturally, (so certainly don’t need more cheek!) but hoping he’ll be able to do this. Fraxel did help with creepiness right under the eye, as does a bit of Botox there. Retin A under the eye causes a reaction for me…as does many products, which is a HUGE frustration! I’ve been doing SkinMedica Retinol .25 on those cheek lines every other day lately. Anyway, thanks so much for the input. I guess it’s just getting used to the aging process and the fact that nothing will knock them out completely, like Botox used to. Sigh. Ok, now I am going to shift to focusing on my blessings!!! Take care! 🙂

    1. I love the SkinMedica line. Retin-A caused some issues for me in the beginning. My face got beet red and then it was constantly dry and the skin flaked. Over time, I adjusted to it and now I use the .10 Retin-A and it doesn’t affect me. But it took me about 2 years to work up to it.

      I have a hard time getting used to the aging and I still haven’t accepted it. I just did Botox under my eyes this evening with some PDO threads to better define my jawline. I added the Botox very superficially in hopes it will settle down some of those lines in the corner or my eye and if not, in 2 weeks we’ll try some Belotero. The Belotero is nice because it won’t turn blue when injected superficially and it’s very smoothing as opposed to plumping.

      New technology comes out all the time and usually we notice things about ourselves that others simply don’t se (unless we point it out and have them focus on that one tiny area) My eye goes straight to a wrinkle or my uneven brows but other people don’t see what we do. So, keep that in mind too! I know it’s hard though!

      Please keep me posted! Have an amazing weekend!

  13. I had Fractora done seven months ago and it has ruined my skin beyond repair. I had flawless smooth skin before. Now I have scars, pits, pin holes all over. It was done by a reputable dermatologist so I think it is just it or miss with this procedure. And I’m not the only person who was damaged. The mfg doesn’t want this info to go public. Be aware of the facts before you undergo these treatments.

    1. It took a while for my skin to fully clear up and I was prescribed Luxamend. Have you heard of that? It really helped with the abrasions on my skin and they healed well once I started using it. Maybe you could ask your doctor about it. What was the response from the dermatologist? Did they offer guidance or any solution or help? I’m so sorry to hear this happened.

      1. The dermatologist offered to do fraxel laser. It’s been a year now and I’m still not back to where I was before the treatment. Another dermatologist also recommended fraxel laser. I’ going to pass on that procedure and stick with ematrix and peels for now.

          1. I didn’t do the fraxel. I did the fractora and suffered extreme volume loss with the factora, pitting, and burns, and even claw like scars on my face. My plastic surgeon said I would probably get volume loss with the fraxel as well. To afraid to do anything ablative now.

            1. Ahh Fractora! You can see from my photos, I suffered some mild burns and abrasions as well. In the long run, I wound up healing beautifully but it did scare me. I don’t know why anyone would experience volume loss unless there is filler that is broken down from the treatment (I’m told that can happen).

              There is a non-ablative Fraxel treatment called Fraxel Dual or Fraxel Restore. Downtown is maybe a day where skin is red but the surface is all left in tact. You could try micro needling with PRP and I’ve gotten some very good results from that treatment. Have you looked into that?

              1. Hi. My husband is a doctor and we’ve just opened a medspa in Southern California. We both the inmode Optima machine that includes not only Fractora, but the next generation, Morpheus 8. Thanks so much for your downtime pictures. It’s hard to find these, and I want to know what to tell our clients. What you don’t say here and I’d be really curious about is, after all that, are you happy with the results? thanks

                1. Yes, I am happy with the results. It did take quite some time for the red marks to fade but the treatment settings may have been a bit aggressive for me. I understand from Inmode there are a lot variables that can factor into response. Overall, I am pleased with the results but I have continued to do other treatments on my skin (non-ablative Fraxel, micro-needling, IPL) so it’s hard for me to isolate the exact results of the Fractora.

  14. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing! I like to know as many other women’s perspective on the Fractora treatment and their insight into the whole process. This post was really informative and in depth.

    1. I’m really glad you found it helpful. I put it out there exactly for this reason. I have a treatment coming up in July and I’m thinking of doing Fraxel on my face but Fractora under my eyes. Not sure yet. Are you planning a procedure soon?

      1. Hi, I would really love to know if you went back for the fractora. Ie even thou you got results was it worth the pain and downtime? Thank you very much for sharing and being so open.

        1. I did not go back and do it again. I got good results and I could cover up the marks it left on my skin but it took a couple of months for them to go away completely. I didn’t want to have to wait that long again if my skin responded the same way the second time around. I have been doing Fractional ResurFX and IPL every few months. Even with that, my skin reacts weird. I get hives from the heat of the laser on my chest. So, I think my response to the Fractora was not typical, it’s still downtime I couldn’t risk with working full time.

          I really like the results from Fractional laser and IPL (and there’s only a day or two of downtime). Unless you are me, and get hives (but that is not common!)

          1. Hi,
            thank you for answering so honestly.
            What about your complexion? Is it easy for you to tan again? Or did it take some time?


            1. I don’t tan at all. The sun will cause me to get a rash but I always used sunscreen on my face. I’m not sure how long you may have to wait for tanning. My complexion is completely clear now but it took about a few months for every mark to be completely gone. But everyone can respond differently.

  15. I had factora in Dec 2017. It left me with scars, pitting and hyper pigmentation. The first treatment was fine. The second was a nightmare I’m still dealing with. Left my smooth skin with an uneven bumpy surface. My Plastic Surgeon said he is seeing more burns like this on very thin women. Everyone should use caution when considering this treatment. It is not without side effects.

    1. Oh this sounds awful. I’m so sorry. It’s been 5 months for you? Has it improved at all? It did take the marks on my face a while to completely go away. My dermatologist prescribed something called Luxamend to help improve the skin.

      Did your plastic surgeon suggest anything to improve the side effects?

  16. I am scheduled for this Thursday and am so nervous! I’ve never done anything to my skin. It’s pretty sensitive. Would love to see before and after pics and definitely updated pics to see improvement.

    1. I have done a lot with my skin so I don’t know a before and after would be 100% accurate. I’m constantly doing filler, botox, Fractora, peels… However, you should notice a BIG difference with this procedure. And it gets better as the months go by and you produce more collagen. You saw how I had those abrasions? Those are completely 100% gone and my skin is very smooth but it take a while for those to fade. I think it’s less common for that to happen with people. I just had an aggressive response. As long as you are going somewhere that has been doing the procedure for a while, you should be really pleased with your results! If you go to my Instagram – you can scroll back to where I had the procedure and then move to current and you’ll see photos with an without makeup to give you an idea of how well the skin turned out.

      1. Thank you so much for putting this information out there! It was so helpful to see your blog! I have been researching different treatments in hopes of greatly softening the lines that have recently developed around my eyes when I smile. I am strongly leaning toward Fractora (instead of Fraxel or something of that type), but dreading it! Especially since it’s recommended I have up to 3 treatments. Did you have any wrinkles that it improved? Also, you mentioned you have to time out filler (this has not been mentioned to me). Do you have to time out Botox as well? Thanks again for your input. You look beautiful! 🙂

        1. My biggest struggle is exactly what you describe. The lines around (under) my eyes when I smile. I found Fractora did help but my reaction was aggressive as you can see in the photos so I haven’t done the treatment again. I did Fraxel recently (non-ablative) and with that I noticed some improvement but the improvement was more with overall skin tone as opposed to those really hard to address line from the muscle movement under the eye.

          With Fractora (any laser treatment), my practitioners have stated that doing it too close to having filler may cause the filler to break down more quickly. I have personally not experienced that. Also after any laser treatment, your tissues do swell a little so my physician likes to wait a few weeks to ensure there isn’t any swelling from a laser treatment before doing filler.

          Yes, I do botox too. Botox is pretty good at softening those lines around the other rim of the under eye and of course, crows feet. My biggest battle is with the fine lines that radiate outward from the inner part of my eye and are accentuated when I smile. I’ve tried everything and I’ve gotten some improvement but just recently I had a highly diluted amount of botox injected superficially there to relax that muscle and THAT got rid of the lines. However, that’s a very risky thing to do because just a little too much and your could droop. It’s only temporary but that would be devastating. I have a highly experienced injector so this is not something she often does. I nagged so much, she decided to do it, and it was something that turned out exceptionally well for me.

          1. I’m learning that those darn smile lines under my eyes are really difficult to treat! I also got a doctor to put a little Botox under the eye. I was nervous, as I had heard this is a bit risky, but it did help…temporarily! I will continue with that, but now hoping Fractora will help. Thanks again for your input.

            1. The under eye lines are just brutal. I did like the effect of the Botox. I have always come around under the eye but this was the first time I had the Botox injected in the corner (inner part of the under eye skin). I was very pleased with that but I really need Botox to last longer!! =) I’m curious to hear about your Fractora and how you like it.

              I don’t know if you saw my Votiva post? It is also technology from Inmode and Fractora-V is essentially the treatment to tighten and rejuvenate the outer vaginal area (without surgery). I found it made a huge difference. In general, I really like the Fractora technology.

              1. Hi Janine! You were very helpful back when I was trying to decide between Fractora and Fraxel for help with the smile lines under my eyes. In the end, I went for Fraxel Repair, deep under my eyes/lighter on the rest of my face. Lucklly, up to this point, I haven’t had any complications such as hypopigmentation (in fact, I had a little hyperpigmentation under the eyes that went away). My skin looked great…but I really don’t think the smile lines were helped much. So, I’m debating whether to try Fractora around my eyes, and right under my neck, where I have a small little wattle going on (everyone says “yes, I see what you’re talking about, but really don’t notice it-but it bugs me!). This would mean a package of 3 treatments…or the dr who did my Fraxel has a brand new CORE Co2 laser he swears by. My question for you is: now that time has passed, do you think Fractora did much for the lines? Thanks for any input!

                1. I don’t think it did a whole lot for the lines. I have been doing microneedling with PRP and non-ablative Fraxel and IPL these days. I’d be very interested in the CO2 laser and my guess is you would get the best results with that. They should be able to give you something for hyperpigmentation. My skin is olive so I’m very prone to it. I use hydroquinone 4% for a few weeks prior to the laser treatments and as soon as I can after. This has prevented any hyperpigmentation from getting me! I hope this helps! Sending hugs!!!!!

                  1. Hi Janine,
                    It’s me again! Well, still on the fence about Fractora vs. Core Co2 Fractional laser for wrinkles under eyes that are only there when I smile. But I wanted to know if you feel microneedling with PRP is helping with those smile lines? That certainly seems the easiest to try if it does. I just wish they could do filler, but all 3 said it’s a no. Wierd, Anyway, thanks for any input.

                    1. I don’t think micro-needling has made any difference with those wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement. It’s more of a glowy, smooth result from the micro-needling but I don’t see any difference with wrinkles. You can ask about botox to relax those muscles under the eyes. A good injector can safely help in that area but it’s not “perfect”

      2. I thought you were going to add more photos after the initial 1-4 days. Where are they?

        1. I took some photos and I didn’t find time to create another post. I believe I have them on my phone if you’d like to see. It took about 5-7 days to completely hide everything with makeup. It took over 4 months for the abrasions and red marks to fade completely and I used a prescription product from a dermatologist to help the skin heal. So, it ultimately healed up fine with no long term issues but it was a lengthy process.

    2. I have done a lot with my skin so I don’t know a before and after would be 100% accurate. I’m constantly doing filler, botox, Fractora, peels… However, you should notice a BIG difference with this procedure. And it gets better as the months go by and you produce more collagen. You saw how I had those abrasions? Those are completely 100% gone and my skin is very smooth but it take a while for those to fade. I think it’s less common for that to happen with people. I just had an aggressive response. As long as you are going somewhere that has been doing the procedure for a while, you should be really pleased with your results! If you go to my Instagram – you can scroll back to where I had the procedure and then move to current and you’ll see photos with and without makeup to give you an idea of how well the skin turned out.

  17. I just had my treatment yesterday. Post treatment day 1, I woke up swollen and literally look like I have a bad case of the hives, only square. I’m taking Benadryl which is helping a little. I am using Aquafor for moisturizing my face. I would love to see your after pictures. Your profile picture is beautiful.

    1. If you go to my Instagram, scroll down a bit, I posted a photo of the day I had the Fractora done and then there are photos from that time to just last week.

      You can see in my photos on the blog, I was pretty swollen! But that came down after a few days. Do you have the square marks where the tip of the device touched your skin? My marks faded within a week and it’s been 4 months now, you can barely see where some were without my makeup. I am using Luxamend to get them to fade completely.

    2. Hi Christi, how are you? Are you pleased with your results? What about your skin? Thanks for answering, Sandra

      1. Hello! My name is janine (not Christi). I’m very pleased with the results but it was a long term healing process. The claims that there is no down time simply can’t be predicted because so many factors can come into play. I had a lot of down time and for months I had to cover the red marks left on my skin. By now, they are all gone though.

        1. Thank you Janine for answering so honestly. I have got some other questions.
          Will you do it again? Is there any fat gone? Do you have already noticed any signs of aging after 5 months? How does your skin change?
          Thnak you for answering.

          1. Yes, I would do it again. I’m flopping back and forth right now between Fraxel (repair, non-ablative) with IPL versus Fractora. There is no fat gone from the Fractora but you do need to talk to the practitioner as it could break down filler if you use that. Not that it will, but I’m informed it “could”.

            I have noticed continuing improvements over the course of 6 months. The process gives you some immediate results but then your body begins to produce more collagen and most people look optimal at 5-6 months. I’m thrilled with the results. If you go to my Instagram, I have several photos (recent) that I have posted with no makeup so you can see my skin. (it did take several months for some of the red marks to completely fade but they did go away and I used Luxamend to help speed up the process)

  18. I’m having my first treatment next week. Thanks so much for your post and pictures. I’m nervous as hell as I have a low tolerance for pain and I’m a real estate agent and can’t take much down time! I hope I don’t chicken out!

    1. They will use a numbing cream on your face. That will make a big difference. Some areas might hurt but it will be over quicker than you know and the pain doesn’t linger. It’s just that second they do it and some areas you may not feel it at all. You’ll be pleased with the results!

      1. I had it done 4 days ago, I found it the most pain I had ever experienced, and usually I can stand any pain, I had injections and numbing cream, but it did not help, after that It was fine just a warm feeling, just waiting to see end results,

        1. Oh wow! I wonder if they settings can make a difference on the intensity of the pain. I found the numbing cream to be pretty effective (although I could still feel some zaps) and I didn’t get any injections. Do you have any abrasions or anything? Is your skin just a little swollen and red? How is the after part?

  19. I am booked to do this in two weeks and wondering how you know how aggressive the treatment is. I have a 3 day recovery time. I would love to see b4 and after pictures. I was quoted 500 a session in Canada how much was this in the US?

    1. I never had the settings of my treatment. If you want, I can ask what they were. But what you might want to do, is show my photo to your technician or doctor and let them know you are concerned about recovery time but still want an effective treatment. Then they can tune the settings and also ask them how they can minimize lesions like I got. My before and after is not a true representation because I regularly do laser, filler, botox, and now Fractora. So, every 4-5 months, I’m touching up my skin and I’ve been doing Fraxel for about 2 1/2 years. I have a photo of the skin under my eye before I ever did anything (taken about 3 years ago) and there’s a massive difference. But I have done quite a few thins to correct the area and there’s trade-offs as well with all of it. In the US, I paid around 900 US and I added platelet rich plasma that I kept on overnight. Without the PRP, it would have been around 500 US.

      1. Hi, I just sent another reply with a few questions re: Fractora…but I just read that you’ve had Fraxel in the past as well, and that you noticed a difference in the eye area. This is exactly what I am trying to treat, the lines around my eyes when I smile. If you had to choose, which treatment do you think would be most effective for that area? I have done a ton of research, and am still confused about which is more effective! Also, how about the downtime of Fraxel compared with Fractora?

        Thank you so much for putting the information out there. It is really helpful!

        1. It depends on so many factors. Everything from your skin type (as some skin types are not ideal for certain lasers) to how much down time you are willing to take, cost, and what’s really going on in the area. What I can tell you about Fraxel is I love it, but I love it most for the radiance I get after the treatment and almost no downtime. I always combine Fraxel with IPL. I have also done Erbium laser resurfacing (that was a good week of downtime and then redness for a couple months).

          Fraxel (non-ablative) will make you look like you have a sunburn. The next day sort of pink, maybe a little puffiness. But I don’t really have downtime with Fraxel. I have read someone people have zero downtime with Fractora – for me I had a good 5-6 days before I could hide everything with makeup.

          I think the best thing for you to do is to research dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in your area. See who has a significant offering of different types of lasers and treatments with a good reputation and have them evaluate you. Often they will recommend a combination of things as everyone is so unique. If you are in the Arizona area or Los Angeles area, I can recommend a few offices to take a look at. The majority of anything I have done, I do in Arizona.

          I hope this helps. =)

          1. Thanks for the input! I have met with several doctors and they all have different opinions on which is better-Fraxel or Fractora for me. But I have researched extensively, and I’m leaning toward Fractora. One more consult today, and I’m hoping to move forward and get it over with! Again, my skin is pretty clear, so all I’m after is to reduce those smile lines around eyes! 🙂

            1. They are very different treatments… Do you know if they were talking with you about an ablative or non-ablative Fraxel treatment? Fraxel is the brand but they have different types of laser treatments.

              1. Which treatment do you think did the most for your under eye area? The one I’m considering is Fraxel Repair, which is ablative, but while it wouldn’t be superficial, he wouldn’t go really deep either. He would go a bit deeper around eyes. Downtime estimated 3-5 days. I met with another doctor yesterday who has both Fractora and Smart Skin CO2 laser, which is also ablative. He felt CO2 laser would give better results than Fractora, under the eyes and he also said he could get closer to the eye with CO2 than with Fractora. Again, it would be 3-5 day downtime, with a second treatment 2 months later. I’m confused as to which way to go, as everything I read online about Fractora says that it’s just as effective (some claim even more so) than CO2 lasers, without as much risk of pigmentation issues, which is of concern to me. I am fair to medium, but have seen so many women looked washed out after laser treatments (I am told this was mainly a problem with the old lasers). Also, I live in a desert area where there is lots of sun, and the nurse trying to sell me on Fractora said sun sensitivity is less of a problem than with laser.Anyway, I’m just going to sit with info for a few days before making decision. Sorry this is so long!

                1. Personally? I’d probably go with the Fractora if you have ANY concern about pigmentation from the laser treatments. After 6 months, if you aren’t happy with the results, you can prep for the CO2 laser with a hydroquinone product and hit the area again. If it was my decision, I’d probably try the Fractora first and then a touch of Botox to polish it off. If after 4-5 months, I wasn’t happy, I’d consider the CO2. But keep in mind, you can also seek out a Oculoplastic Surgeon who deals with EYES only. They have amazing input and since all they deal with is eyes, they understand the area so well and can recommend very customized solutions to meet your needs. =)

                  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your opinion. I really appreciate it. I’ll let you know how it all turns out…it may be a month or so, as I’m having a hard time finding a “good week”-like there is such a thing- to get it done due to the required down time.

                    1. You are so welcome! I know that feeling – I always tried to incorporate long weekends like Presidents Day or something so I didn’t have to take off as many work days. Fortunately, I can also work remote so that was a big help.

                  2. Update/another question for you if you don’t mind: after several consults (of course I got different opinions), I scheduled my Fractora for later this month. However, one thing keeps popping up in my mind about Fractora vs. Co2 laser (or Fraxel) that is making me second guess myself…that is that one doctor who does both recommended Co2 because he said he could get closer to the eye with Co2 laser, could not get that close w/Fractora. Did you find this to be true? Meaning, did they get more of your undereye area with Co2? Because that is really where my wrinkles are. I guess I shouldn’t be so worried about hypopigmentation w/Co2, as I am pretty fair. Thanks again for your time!

                    1. With the Erbium laser, they were able to get VERY close to my eye. I had the Erbium CO2 done when I had upper blepharoplasty done and I was under general anesthesia. I only did the CO2 under my eyes and it took a really long time for the redness to go away. I could cover it with makeup though.

                    2. Thanks, Janine, for taking the time to give me so much input. I really appreciate it. There’s nothing like getting opinions from someone who has already been through these treatments. Have a great day!

                    3. I totally understand that! I always want to hear from someone who isn’t trying to sell anything and isn’t making a commission off what they say. Sometimes it’s hard to find and that’s why with this treatment I put my posts out there (as hideous as I looked) in hopes it would help people. Overall, I have had 3 different procedures with InMode technology and I’ve really been happy with my results. Please come back and share how you are doing and your results too! I know readers would love to hear about people’s experiences. Thank you so much for stopping in! XOOX

                  3. Hi Janine,

                    You were really helpful in helping me regarding my decision to do Fractora vs Fraxel for those pesky under eye wrinkles.. Just to update you, for several reasons (mainly that the Fractora was out of my area and I would have had to travel a bunch of times) I had Fraxel Repair done under my eyes, and a lighter Fraxel on the rest of my face. The process went fine, and I do think it helped with the very fine smile lines right under my eyes, but I’m still really frustrated with the wrinkles that appear when I smile at the top of my cheek that botox is not getting. I may breakdown and try Fractora now. I was wondering if you have done anything else lately to help those type of lines? Thanks for any input.

                    1. I know exactly which wrinkles you are talking about! I do a lot to constantly battle them. The Botox helps a little and you can talk to a few different people about injecting into that area. They can come down into that area a little bit. Also, I have Botox heavily diluted placed under my eyes. I have also done micro needling with PRP and will doing a 3rd session in a few weeks. I also have a touch of filler very superficially injected to help with those lines (Belotero is what is used in order to avoid that blue tinge that can come from superficial placement of filler).

                      I’ve also had Erbium YAG laser and Fraxel Dual. Nothing wipes the lines out completely but if I compare mine today to 3 years ago, there’s improvement. I also use Retin-A nightly. I guess the question is what haven’t I tried? LOL

                      I hope this helps a bit??

          2. First of all, as I lay here greased up in aquaphor and trying not to scratch, you have made me laugh! Your numerous story telling thru the process has alleviated some of my worry and ensured me I’m on the right track after Fractora. I am quite swollen and have been hesitant to take the steroid prescribed for other reasons. Did you take it and do you feel it helped the swelling go down quicker? I feel your hate of itch as we speak…Thank you for taking the time to write this and answer questions. -Kris

            1. OMG, I always take the steroids! For two reasons.. 1) It really helps the swelling and the itching stop quickly 2) I have reactions to treatments using heat or lasers. So, even when I do IPL or just light non-ablative laser, I can get hives. So, I always take the steroid pack. There are negative side effects associated with them but I was told that is with long term use. So, my doctor said if I’m using a pack a couple times a year, that’s not an issue for me.

              I also like to mix a little cortisone in with the Aquaphor. Ask your office if it’s OK to do that. It also helps me with the itching. And when I’m itching, I would rather be dead. It’s like the worst feeling I could possibly have. I’m tormented by itching!

            2. Love reading these posts! I am on day 2 1/2. Had the procedure Friday morning it’s now Sunday morning.
              I’m so swollen and have bruising especially on left eye and cheeks. I thought I would be good for work on Monday morning but it’s not looking promising.
              Question, did you use ice?
              I’ve done a cold vinegar compress and using Arnicare gel.
              I guess I went pretty aggressive as I have a good pain tolerance too.
              This is my very first procedure, I’ve only had Botox treatments in the past.
              I am so hoping I made the best decision, and the results are worth the anxiety I have dealing with this recovery process. I literally look like someone punched me in the nose/face and I have 2 swollen black eyes lol
              I wasn’t given anything except the aquaphor, I’m wondering if I should ask for the steroids??
              Thanks for posting!

              1. It took about 5 days before I could hide the bruising and evidence with makeup but everyone is different and of course, how the treatment was done can make a difference too. I used ice, yes. I am often given steroids because I am prone to get hives and a rash after laser treatments or anything that involves heat. So, I start the steroids the day before but I still swell and everything and I still can get hives just not as extreme.

                When I get stuff done, including Fractora, the noticeable swelling usually goes down in a few days and then residual swelling always takes longer for me but no one notices it, except me. It’s bruising that takes forever with me to fade. Have you tried using color corrector on the bruised areas, full coverage foundation, and then a good concealer? As soon as they say it’s ok for you to use makeup, you might get some pretty good results hiding the evidence of the procedure. =)

  20. So I’m considering Fractora in a couple of months. I found your blog great! You are the only one I have seen that took us through the process. I would have loved to have seen more pictures over the next week.

    I appreciate you educating and sharing your story. Thank you.

    1. I meant to post a few more days out. I do have some photos I took if you would like me to send them to you. By about day 10, things looked very good. However, the red abrasions are vaguely visible in the right light with no makeup on (still) and this is 4+ months later. They will eventually fade completely but what I learned in the process is… to make sure the treatment isn’t too aggressive and that the head of the device is making good contact with your skin. This is just based on a very experienced person doing it. I hope this helps. Let me know if you’d like a few more pictures. Overall, I’m happy and I will do it again but I will ask that the treatment is less aggressive and the larger head is used (which tends to make better contact).

    1. I have some photos that I took up to day 10 or 12. If you would like, I can email them to you since I didn’t create a post. Just let me know if you would like that! Happy to share!

      1. I’d love to see before and after! Am considering the treatment but a little nervous as I’ll probably have to be back at work on day 4! 😬

        1. I didn’t notice huge after change but I do combine treatments on a continuous basis (micro needling, Fraxel, IPL, etc). So, I haven’t isolated this one treatment. I wouldn’t have been able to hide the fact that I had something done within 4 days if I went back to back. It took about a week before I could hide all evidence with makeup.

          1. I had deep Fractoria done 4 days ago and I’m so scared the burn lines on my forehead will not heal smooth. How long did it take for the marks on your forehead to go away. My face, at this point, there is no way I’d leave my house. Do you have more of your healing pictures after day 4?
            Thanks so much for any information.

            1. I am so sorry for the delayed response. I didn’t see your comment! It took about a week and I could hide them with makeup. It took a few months for the red marks to completely fade and be invisible without makeup. I don’t have additional healing pics but everything did fade. How are you doing today? Do you still have any marks and if so are they just lightly pink at this time?

      1. Hi, thanks for all the info this is very informative! I had fractora 8 days ago. I only got the numbing cream for 30 minutes and NO meds, I took 3 advil but NEITHER helped. When doing my research most everything said uncomfortable relatively painless etc. well that’s BS it hurt like hell and I don’t have low pain tolerance. Like you, the shallow areas, forehead weren’t bad at all but the cheeks OMG felt like I was getting electric shock treatment!!! (I guess cause it goes a lot deeper, can’t go too far due to bone in forehead). When done I was literally shaking, and told the esthetician I don’t know if I could do this again!! the good news is doesn’t last the pain was gone pretty much by the time I got home otherthan feeling tight and sunburned.
        When she held up a mirror I was a little horrified looked like I painted my face red I thought wth did I just do??? Was told I would need 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart then twice a year for maintenance. The redness did go down pretty quick for me within 1-2 hours then just pink and blotchy, little swollen but not really painful. But I agree took more like 4+ days at least to be able to wear makeup. I didn’t go out first two days after, then tried makeup day three to go food shopping, at least my mask covers lower half. But my normal light coverage foundation did not cover the blotchy areas and my skin was/is still rough so I had to use a full coverage foundation which worked ok. Been moisturizing every 2-3 hours with Rx BiaFine clinic gave me – for burns etc and I think works better for healing than regular moisturizer. Can also buy it on line wo script.
        Last year I had (4) laser treatments -lux 1540 which I didn’t see much of a chg which is why I wanted to try this. Now I’m kinda scared to continue getting it due to: some of the issues ppl have had leaving skin damaged, PAIN, and I believe the lady that treated me is not exactly too experienced, I asked how many she does – not that many but since I went to this clinic the year prior for the laser treatment I decided to get and everything I read was pretty positive “safe” regarding fractora. She wasn’t cutting me or doing filler/botox so I thought should be fine and probably lucky didn’t do damage I hope anyway! I asked about the burning smell, is that skin? she said it was peach fuzz from my face, so there’s that(she lied?)….also with the lux 1540 I was given the cooling hose and now I read some ppl were given that for fractora?? Would have been nice to help if nothing else distract me….so now I’m confused if I should get the other two treatments and if so should I check if there are other clinics in my area more experienced? Jury’s still out since too soon, they say you should see some results after 2 weeks then month, time will tell. Just wanted to tell my story/experience hopefully help others decide.

        1. I’m so sorry, I didn’t see your message sooner. I hope everything is OK. It’s not painless but …. if a good quality numbing cream is used and they leave it on long enough (45 min – 1 hour), you should have any pain with the procedure. You might feel a little zap in some spots, but it definitely shouldn’t be painful or upsetting during the process. I think the marks on the boney areas come from not making really good contact on the skin with the head of the device. That causes those mild burns. I talked to Inmode Aesthetics about it and they said sometimes people have an aggressive reaction to it. But I definitely had track marks.

          Now, there is Morpheus 8. Supposedly, that is much better and less likely to leave marks. But I haven’t wanted to try it because if it did leave the marks, it took a long time for them to fade. While I could hide them with makeup, it was still upsetting that they could be seen without makeup. Eventually, the completely faded. After trying different procedures, I really like the micro needling with PRP and the Halo Laser. This summer I did 2 micro needling treatments and a Halo Laser treatment in between and I’m really happy with the results. I would do Halo again but it’s expensive so I just did the one over the summer.

          If you haven’t tried Halo, check it out. It’s a hybrid ablative and non-ablative laser but down-time is a few days and the results are really nice. I combined it with the IPL to get a really nice even skin tone. I was super happy with Halo!

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