Makeup Review: Anastasia Artist Palette Limited Edition

Anastasia has released a new eye shadow palette:  The Anastasia Artist Palette.  It’s another limited edition palette and I think this is the 4th one that has been produced.  I’m missing Amrezy from my collection and I guess I always will be based on what it sells for on eBay.  If you decide you want this palette, get it before it’s gone!  I’m scared to death of bright lipsticks but I really like using color when I do my eyes, especially gem tones and that’s what I got with this palette.

Gem Tones!

Anastasia Artist Palette Makeup Review

I would not describe this as a starter palette because it doesn’t have enough neutrals in it. There are 12 shades.  I would describe 3 of the colors as neutrals and good to use as transition colors.  There is also a matte black.  I guess that’s neutral but we have enough black shadow in the world.  The other colors are bright but not overwhelming when you apply them.  If you are looking for a collection of colors and already have a good set of neutrals, this is a good option (not great, but good).   Other palettes that are filled with intense bright colors often come from Urban Decay.  Personally,  I think the Urban Decay shadows are better quality,  however, they are far more expensive and the glittery shadows have more fall out.  This new palette is definitely more edgy and fashion forward just as Urban Decay has always been.

All the Anastasia shadows have good pigmentation and they blend well.  I have found them to be long wearing as well.  What I love most about the Anastasia shadows are the colors.  There are far better quality shadows out there but Anastasia puts out some really beautiful colors that you don’t see in other lines.  Her oranges, coppers, golds, and tans are absolute perfection.  The shadows that have glitter are sometimes a bit drier and I notice the texture is different.   When I swatched some of the colors with the glitter, I had to work harder to get a good color pay off and I find that often with the shadows that have glitter in the formula.  Here are the descriptions put out by the company and I’ve included my thoughts,

Anastasia Artist Palette Shade Descriptions:

  1. Orange You Fancy: A fiery, burnt orange (perfection, silky, every Anastasia orange is fantastic)
  2. Baby, I’m a Star: A copper-flecked brown (beautiful brown, similar to Galapagos by NARS, this color could produce some sultry looks and the copper flecks are gorgeous, a touch on the dry side but so is NARS’ Galapagos)
  3. Dusty Rose: A soft, satiny mauve (beautiful, blendable and a perfect transition shade)
  4. Aubergine: A moody, eggplant purple (I didn’t get the purple, silky, hard to describe the color, on the fence with this one)
  5. Anaconda: A sparkling, jungle green (awesome!  I love greens and this is a silky, velvety, and shimmery beauty!)
  6. Punch Fuschia: A vibrant orchid hue (a beautiful color but I’d reach for Last Call by Urban Decay first which is similar and more velvety, this is a bit dry, very matte)
  7. Buttery: A matte, buildable beige (brightening and excellent to use for blending out harsh edges on the brighter and darker colors, could be used as a brow highlight, great texture)
  8. Blue Velvet: A deep, intense navy (very disappointing, powdery, if you want a gorgeous mid-priced blue, look to MAC, not sure who tested this and said “put that in the palette”, not good)
  9. Coal: A sultry, inky black (matte black, a bit powdery, with average pigmentation for a black shadow)
  10. Unicorn: A shimmering periwinkle (weird color, dry, and I’m just not sure what I think of this, not contemporary but then Unicorns aren’t either, are they? I don’t know maybe swimming pool blue?)
  11. Phresh: A vibrant, happy yellow (another weird color, reminded me of pollen but I did some blending experiments with this that you can see below)
  12. Beigely: A glimmering, neutral greige (very pretty neutral, nice texture, an easy one to fall in love with)

Now, I will show you my swatches.  These were applied on bare skin.  If I would have used a shadow primer and/or a white base, the colors would pop more.  The NYX 604 milk latte pencil makes a good base to get colors to pop.  You can match the colors to the descriptions above (I’m so proud that I inserted these numbers using Photoshop).

Anastasia Artist Palette swatches
Anastasia Artist Palette swatches


Here are some interesting creations using the yellow Phresh color and blending with others in the palette:

  1. Phresh + Orange You Fancy (very pretty, shimmery orangem screams spring)
  2. Phresh + Beigely (soft warm gold, loved it)
  3. Phresh + Punch Fuschia (a muted fuschia that was quite pretty)
  4. Phresh + Anaconda (a brighter and lighter version of the original green)
Anastasia Artist Palette swatches
Anastasia Artist Palette swatches


Overall, I think this palette is comparable to the other Anastasia palettes and I will find a few favorites that I latch onto and some colors, such as the blue, that I wish someone thought twice about before including it.  The palette is priced at $30 USD which is a good price for a shadow palette with 12 shades.  As I said before, I don’t think Anastasia shadows are the best quality but they produce some very unique and trendy colors that are priced well.  Generally, I like the palette and I’m excited about Beigerly, Anaconda, Orange You Fancy and Dusty Rose.  These are my favorites out of the gate but that could all change once I really experiment with the colors.  Aubergine and Baby I’m a Star could turn out to be great.

-Janine XO

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    1. This is second one! These are fun, I love them and I follow all the new bloggers. I will finish up my post and then start this one! THANK YOU!!!!

  1. ok thanks think it worked now:) am following you on fb:) excited for new posts:) have a great weekend;)

  2. Hey Janine, your blog is awesome, think you are sooo cool having time for a big houshold, a day job and delivering great posts;) thanks for dropping by our blog and hope you join our give-away (the hair stuff that you can win are awesome:)….i tried to follow you through wordpress but cant find where to do it..cause this is a wordpress blog or?:) Have a great day! /Mary

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  3. Wow, I’ve been eyeing this Palette. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t seem to find it anywhere but oh I’m watching for it!

  4. Hi. I think this review is phenomenal. You really broke it down and I giggled lol. It’s so funny because that’s exactly what Phresh is!!! It’s the color of pollen. This makes it endearing for me. But I know this won’t work for everyone. So I’m guessing they could’ve chosen another color. I haven’t tried the blues yet. But I will now…just as a test

    1. LOL. Phresh reminded me of accidentally touching one of those big pink lilys and then you have stuff all over you. What’s odd is, it is the texture of bee pollen too! I don’t think I could make it work unless I blended it which I tried to do and I did get some nice combos. Thanks for the comment, it totally made me smile. I didn’t use the light blue in any looks since I’ve had the palette but I didn’t care for the navy at all. Bleh.

  5. This pallet is gorgeous and so out of the ordinary, which is why I hope to win it. It’s definitely not something I would go out and buy.
    But I could see myself using often.

    Awesome review and swatches!!!

    1. There we go! I also created you as a subscriber in WordPress. So, if it ever acts weird again, you should have an email and password for that and you can change the password.

      Glad you liked the review! Interestingly, the colors are not too bold unless you really build them up.

  6. Lovely! I really love Anaconda, Unicorn, Beigely and Phresh, and was in fact just digging around for a good bright yellow like it. Especially nice to see you blending and combining these, not many people do that in these swatches. Can’t decide which of my Phresh combos are my favourite, but the nice grassy green of Phresh + Anaconda just screams summer. <3

      1. I think everyone has a certain colour they are slightly obsessed with. ;P Green is absolutely beautiful, but it doesn’t look so great with my dark blue eyes, so I often pass it over.

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