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The extraordinary beginnings of La Isha Skin Care

La Isha Skin Care has an extraordinary line of products and an inspirational story behind the inception of the company.  Their award winning skin care and beauty products are certified vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty free.  Also, there are no synthetic fillers, artificial colors, chemical fragrances, petroleum derivatives, sulfates, paragons or phthalates in any of La Isha’s products.  If that’s not enough to impress you, this will.

The products are formulated using clinical strength essential oils imported from all over the world.  The company uses the strictest growers and producers to ensure the purest of ingredients.  You probably haven’t come across any products like this before unless you are familiar with this line.   However, you won’t find them in Sephora.  The products have not been sitting on a dock in heat or freezing temperatures.  They don’t sit on shelves and get rotated each week.  La Isha is manufacturing original products that are made fresh to order each week.

It was 10 years ago that La Isha launched their two flagship products:   Breast SOS and Pomegranate Moisture Booster.  Sharon Gnatt-Epel, CEO and Founder, of La Isha Skin Care has a tremendous wealth of information on beauty and skin care.  What makes her products unique is the research and experience that went into creating them. To give you a little background,  Sharon’s son experienced horrific second chemical burns while attending a white water rafting trip in Costa Rica.   Burns were so intense on his hands that his mobility was threatened due to the expected scar tissue that would result.  As a dedicated and determined mother, Sharon went on a mission to find the possible care for her son.  She wanted to ensure he had the best opportunity for a full recovery.  While it sounds risky, Sharon decided to utilize therapeutic essential oils and partner with a doctor who specialized in this area to help care for her son.  I looked at the  photos she shared on her website of her son’s recovery and I immediately knew he was an exception.  What was done for him truly worked.  Her teenage boy, Aaron, recovered with almost no evidence of the burns.  It’s almost impossible to believe but that goes to show you the power behind his treatment.  Sharon took this experience and the knowledge of using therapeutic oils and created her flagship products.  Today,  just over 10 years later, an entire line of products are available, including aromatherapy.

La Isha Face creamI have had the pleasure of testing Breast SOS, Pomegranate Booster, and Nutrient Rich Face Creme  over the past 8 weeks.   I absolutely love the La Isha products.  I was very fortunate to connect with Sharon and have the privilege to discover her products.   When I first spoke with her,  it was immediately apparent that her products were developed with unrivaled passion, knowledge, and determination.  She has award winning products that have been highlighted on news stations, in national magazines, and various international forums.  What’s even more impressive is La Isha has sustained this visibility and recognition since the very beginning.  Sharon and her team deserve it because they are producing extraordinary products and I know this because I’ve been using them!  While La Isha’s products are geared toward women age 35 and over, I would encourage anyone who is passionate about skin care and slowing down the aging process to look closely at this line.


My experience using La Isha Skin Care products

First of all, La Isha products will always be in my home from this point forward.  I may continue to combine and use additional lines as I have several lines that I favor or may be testing but this is one now on my permanent list.  I intend to try additional products from La Isha and will share as I do so but the Breast SOS and Nutrient Rich Face Creme are something I will continue to use because I see and feel results.  I’ve also tested the Pomegranate Moisture Booster and researched the health benefits of pomegranate in skin care.  This is also something I want to keep on hand and it can be combined with any product to boost the moisturizing effects.   The Pomegranate Moisture Booster is not something I’ve been using regularly with the La Isha products but I received a test sample and each time I used it, my skin was more deeply hydrated.

La Isha Skin Care Nutrient Rich Face CreamWith many skin care products, it takes weeks to see results.  More often than not, after those weeks go by, the expected results never occur.  I have used countless moisturizers that don’t make a difference!  When I used the Nutrient Rich Moisture Creme, I noticed an immediate difference and my skin was silky and soft.  The product doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or tacky.  It is absorbed and skin is left feeling very smooth and hydrated.  When I use this product consistently, my makeup and skin look flawless and I noticed the difference after one use.  The Creme has no artificial ingredients or fragrance but the natural ingredients provide a light herbal scent.   It doesn’t have a scent I was familiar with.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the scent or not but within a couple of days, it became very addicting and refreshing.  It’s quite beautiful.

La Isha Skin Care Breast SOSThe Breast SOS oil is like no other product I have used.  Actually, there’s not much available that is intended to repair the breasts and decollete. This product has a beautiful earthy scent.  It reminds me of freshly cut grass or cool fresh plants in a greenhouse.  The Breast SOS oil reduces the appearance of creases on the chest and it hydrates and firms the entire area.  Only a small amount of the oil is needed and this product can be used after breast surgery to facilitate healing and minimize scarring.  It’s made from organic oils and the ingredients are listed on the side of the box.  You can review the list of oils that are used in this product on the website (along with every other product, ingredients are readily available) but what’s important is there isn’t one ingredient that I don’t recognize.  The first in the list of ingredients is coconut oil followed by help oil and rose seed oil and the list goes on.  In the past, I’ve never wanted to draw attention to my chest but now I’ve started wearing and buying necklaces because I feel more confident having a youthful appearance and drawing attention to the area.


As a beauty blogger, I invest time researching and looking for products that will lead my readers to extraordinary results.  At the same time, I spend money and may endure breakouts, rashes, or zero results that I also share in hopes of you saving you aggravation and disappointment.  Regardless of the outcome, I always look to provide you with comprehensive information, research, and personal experience to help you make decisions.  From time to time I also make recommendations but I’m only going to do that when I truly believe the product is exceptional.  When it comes to La Isha products, I would most definitely endorse and recommend them to anyone cares about the health of their skin, regardless of age.  However, for my readers over the age of 35 or those with sun damage or premature aging, I would highly encourage you to explore La Isha Skin Care products.

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22 thoughts on “Remarkable Products From La Isha Skin Care

  1. Definitely trying this one!!???????? Thanks for finding this product and the great review!!???????? Cant wait to try…heading to their site now!! Big thx again!!????????????????

    1. The woman who owns the company makes outstanding products. What’s really unique is her story behind starting her company. Read that on her website, it’s unbelievable. They have a little sample pack you can get too on their website to try different things.

  2. The sample pack is only $22, that’s awesome. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to ship outside of the US and Canada 🙁 I guess this keeps the ingredients fresh.

      1. I am in the UK. I hadn’t even thought of that, I just got sad and left lol. From what you say, it would totally be worth the 20.00 shipping!

        1. The products are unique and of exceptional quality. The company provides such a personalized level of service that they would likely work with you unless there is a reason they cannot ship there or the products would spoil. I’d give them a call and see what they can do.

  3. Bless you for this review! You’re so in depth, you’re a blessing. I should get some for my parents, but they never use the skin stuff I already got them… foo. =P Well, this page is bookmarked! I’m so glad you found something this wonderful. =) I hope it’s made humanely too, and the workers have good pay and conditions.

    1. Oh yes, it’s cruelty free, vegan, organic – and based on my experience getting to know the owner and founder… I can only imagine she treats people with the utmost respect. She’s super professional and a brilliant woman and a very dedicated mother. It was her dedication as a parent that led her to find out about the use of essential oils in the first place. So, I’m sure anyone working for her is treated very well.

  4. I’m thinking about buying some products for my mum 🙂 She really should take better care of herself but she doesn’t like to spend money on herself! I always buy her stuff for her birthday and Christmas 🙂

    1. These are really special products. I have not posted a review but I have also tried the Orange Coconut Face Polish and the body souffle. Also, beautiful products. These are unique because they are formulated using essential oils and completely natural. As much as I love some of the major department store skin care products, they just don’t have things like this.

  5. I have never used this brand before so thanks for the company history and thorough review. I’ll be sure to check them out 🙂

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