My New 5 Pound Walking Buddy

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Reebok CloudRide DMX

For my birthday, you may already know that I finally got a puppy!  After years of begging my husband for a dog of my own, he gave in.  If you asked him, he would say he gave up.  Whatever the case,  I have a new Yorkshire Terrier named Gigi.  She is pure cuteness and currently weighs in at 5 pounds.  She is my official new walking buddy and she’s as eager to get out and go as I am!  Together, we will be more active and get in shape!

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

My biggest challenge with exercising is I am somewhat limited to what I can do because I have an issue with my feet and they get sore easily.  You know those big clunky boots you see people wearing sometimes?  Well, I have one!  With any form of exercise, I look for shoes with proper support for the activity and I want them to be super comfortable.

Reebok DMX CloudRide

Walking is a great exercise and most specialists have told me it’s better than running and one of the best forms of exercise.  I’m definitely eager to start walking with my new pup!  I’ve picked up a pair of Reebok CloudRide DMX shoes, comfy yoga pants, and a new pink tank top to match Gigi’s gear.  The Reebok DMX shoes are designed specifically for walking and comfort and have received great reviews.

If you aren’t familiar with the Reebok DMX products, they have a patented, moving air technology that has been popular with consumers.  The Reebok CloudRide has a lightweight, flexible sole of encapsulated air and it creates a super cushiony feel.  These shoes really do feel different than others I’ve tried. The best way of describing how they feel is in the name they chose for the shoe.  It  feels like you are walking on a cloud.  The air in the sole is unique (most shoes have foam) and it feels as if there is a soft cushion between the ground and me.  I’m really excited to finally have a pair of these because they are more comfortable than the shoes I have worn in the past.

Famous Footwear Reebok CloudRide DMX


The Reebok CloudRide DMX shoes come with a money back guarantee.  Within 30 days, Reebok will take them back if you aren’t completely satisfied.  That says Reebok is confident they have created a great walking shoe!  What’s even better is the shoes are available at select Famous Footwear stores and online at  You should call your local store to see if they have them at the specific location.  The price is very reasonable at 49.99 and on top of that Reebok offers the guarantee.  I could get three pairs for what I’ve paid for a single pair of shoes in the past.


As you can see Gigi is definitely ready to go.  She’s got her sporty pink harness and a new leash.  We are doing some training in the backyard to prepare.  The only thing we are waiting on is her final round of vaccinations so it’s safe for her to be exposed to other animals.  Her appointment is next week!

Reebok CloudRide DMX

Yorkie Puppy

Gigi may be a little too small to hit the hiking trails in Arizona where I live but she can definitely walk the flat trails.  I  know she’s going to love it and that will motivate me to keep getting out there.  Seeing her so excited already has me motivated.  Now, I can walk more comfortably with the Reebok CloudRide DMX shoes.  Until then, we are practicing everyday in the backyard and I know it’s her favorite time of the day.  It’s also mine.

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9 thoughts on “My New 5 Pound Walking Buddy

  1. Aww so nice to have a walking buddy! Gigi is precious. How is she getting on with the cats?
    And those shoes look super comfy – memory foam for your feet, wow!

    1. Kind of depends on the cat! LOL! She wants to play with them! The Bengal ignores her and allows her to nip at her back legs and try and catch her tail and she just pretends Gigi isn’t there! The Ragamuffin, OMG! He will beat her up and she knows to stay away from him! The tuxedo kitty – well she kind runs away and hides. LOL. And the Doberman? That’s Gigi’s best friend. The two of them together are a total crack up! The shoes are super comfy, I like that because my left ankle aches so bad from most shoes. So, having the cushion really helps!

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