Product Review: SlimQuick Pure Weight Loss Supplement For Women

Who is the SlimQuick Pure product for?

SlimQuick Pure is a protein weight loss powder designed especially for women to aid in weight loss.  It can be used by women of all ages, although before starting any type of diet, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor first.  The company does manufacture products for men and you can visit their website for a complete overview of everything they have to offer.

Who is behind the SlimQuick Pure product?

SlimQuick Pure is the brand and they make protein powders, drink mixes, capsules and gummies.  The company offers an on line support community to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  They provide meal plans, coaching, tips, recipes and exercise advice.  Their subject matter experts are knowledgeable about their products and weight loss and highly responsive and supportive when contacted.

How does SlimQuick Pure work?

Studies have shown that hormones, slower metabolism, stress, low energy, appetite and water retention are the key reasons women have trouble losing weight.  This product was formulated to increase metabolism, reduce appetite, boost energy, reduce water retention, reduce stress, and support women’s hormones.

The product is formulated with green tea and the manufacturer has isolated the components in green tea that can help to speed up your metabolism.  The green tea also allows your body to absorb three times the amount of fat burning agents to lose weight more quickly.  While some reviews or statements indicate there is no guarantee offerred, SlimQuick Pure does offer a money back guarantee if you don’t lose weight using their product.  Clinical studies were performed with overweight women and the key ingredients in Slimquick and results did show that women lost weight up to three times as fast as they normally would.  It is not clear if the clinical trials were done using the SlimQuick Pure products or just the key ingredients that the products are manufactured with.  This product will not be effective unless it is accompanied by regular exercise and a reduced calorie diet of 1350 calories per day (including the calories from the protein shake)

What is the taste and packaging like for SlimQuick Pure?

The product comes in a plastic canister with a screw lid to keep the product fresh.  It is a powder and instruction indicate to mix it with 4 ounces of water.  There is a small scoop that comes inside the container so you can properly measure the amount of powder to use.  It can also be combined with milk, fruit, or yogurt but keep in mind whatever you combine it with counts as calories in your plan.  The recommendation on the product is to combine it with four ounces of water.  The container has 14 servings and the plan indicates you take 2 servings per day.  There is 300g / 10.58 ounces of product in the container.  Each daily serving of two scoops contains 20 grams of protein and 10 gram of carbohydrates.

I received a can of french vanilla and I also bought a can of french vanilla to use the product for an additional seven days.  I wanted to sample the product for two weeks before writing a review.  I thought the vanilla flavor was exceptionally good.  I only combined the product with cold water.  You must mix well but the results are a very sweet and satisfying drink.  There is no chalky flavor that I usually detect with protein snacks or drinks.  I really liked the taste of the product and I have a sweet tooth so I found it very satisfying.


How did SlimQuick Pure work for me?

Did I lose weight?  Yes, I did.  I used the product for 14 days and lost 4 1/2 pounds.  However, this weight loss is not considered accelerated based on my personal weight loss trends.  I am almost at an ideal weight so the ability to lose weight at a rate of 5-6 pounds a week is very difficult.   If I reduce my caloric intake to 1200-1300 calories daily, my average weight loss is 2 pounds per week and this is essentially what I achieved.  You are more likely to lose weight faster if you are extremely overweight.  The larger your body is, the more energy it takes to maintain the status quo.  If you cut your caloric intake to 1350 calories per day, you create a more significant energy deficiency than someone who is close to their ideal weight or underweight.

Where the product did work for me was in some of the other areas it is designed to assist with.  I did not experience bloating which I often do especially on a monthly cycle.  It is effective at reducing water retention.  I also found that my cravings were reduced when I used the product.  I typically want chocolate and sweet snacks in the afternoon and I found while I was using SlimQuick Pure, those cravings were lessened.  I was not at the vending machine or strolling the office in hopes to discover leftover cake or cookies from a party.

Does this mean you will get the same results?  No. It all depends on your body chemistry, starting weight, fitness level, BMI (body mass index), and other variables.  You may lose 5 pounds a week on the same diet that I was on or you may lose 1.5 pounds per week. Every person’s body is different so whether you lose weight at your normal pace or an accelerated rate when following the plan, will vary.

Would I recommend SlimQuick Pure?

There’s no reason I can see not to give this product a try especially if the company offers a money back guarantee.  It certainly helped with my cravings and it’s a good source of protein and tastes delicious. While I didn’t experience accelerated weight loss, results certainly can and will vary for different people.

For more details about SlimQuick Pure Protein, click here.

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9 thoughts on “Product Review: SlimQuick Pure Weight Loss Supplement For Women

  1. I have to say I REALLY like the design of your site. That is so cool it helped you loose 4.5. That is hard to do when you are close to your ideal weight. 1200 calories a day is nothing, if you eat chips. But if you eat a lot of salad is is workable. Have a lovely weekend!!! Love your site!

  2. 4 1/2 over two weeks sounds great to me, to be honest. I’ve been losing 1-2 lbs a week, and am still close to 15 lbs away from my ideal weight. =o Thanks for reviewing something like this, and trying it steadily! Those are the best kind of reviews for me to read. I’ll be trying it!

    1. I wish I lost 5 pounds a week but I simply didn’t. If I added exercise, maybe that would help. 1-2 pounds a week is a very safe and steady weight loss and at a safe steady rate, your chances of keeping it off are very good. I lost 70 pounds after my 6 year old was born so believe me… I know the struggle and the frustration of seeing the scale change each week by 1 or 2 pounds.

      1. Oh man, congratulations! You really are an ideal weight, and after losing 70 lbs, that’s so inspiring. Bless ya. <3

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