Hair Technology from Remington Prevents Heat Damage

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Remington Thermaluxe Hair Dryer

I’ve always had a Target within a few miles of my home but in the last few years, it has been my go to for just about everything!  Target is so convenient!  They are always expanding their product selections and have the latest product releases.   I am really rough on hair dryers and I dropped my old one enough times until it finally began to smell like burning electrical wires.  That’s when I knew it was time to visit Target to get a new one.  Sadly, despite the smell, I desperately tried to keep using the thing and my husband finally confiscated the hazard!  So, off to the beauty aisle at Target I went!

I was approached by Remington® a while back and asked to try their new line of hair appliances.  With any brand, before I partner with them, I always research their products before I agree to try them.  After taking a look at Remington’s new products,  I decided I would try the new Remington Thermaluxe™ Hair Dryer.  It uses technology to optimize heat levels to dry hair quickly without damaging it.   One of the reasons I am particular and research technology used by hair dryers is because I wear expensive permanent hair extensions.  For those of you who have followed my Instagram and blog a long time, you know I already have long hair and like to wear tousled hair styles.  However, I always wanted extensions for the longest hair possible!  Now that I have them?  I can’t let them go but hair maintenance has gone through the roof!

Remington Thermaluxe Hair Dryer
Sleek, attractive design of Remington Thermaluxe Hair Dryer

I do extensive research on products I use on my hair to ensure I don’t cause heat damage.  The Remington Thermaluxe Hair Dryer has a ceramic-coated grill that releases negative ions during the drying process.  This helps to prevent heat damage and also reduce frizz (bonus feature)!  The other thing that excited me about the Thermaluxe Hair Dryer is the powerful airflow that results in hair drying 50% faster than the standard Remington dryers.  This is a huge plus for me because I nearly doubled the amount of hair I have with the extensions.  It can take over an hour to dry my hair (or longer depending on the style).  I’m thrilled to get my hands on a product that will enable me to get my hair dried and styled more quickly.

Remington Thermaluxe Hair Dryer

The Thermaluxe Hair Dryer also has some added features and attachments which are super important for me.  First of all, I don’t know why, but I destroy all cords.  Any cord I touch is mangled within a month of me touching it.  People stare at what I can do to cords in amazement and I really don’t know how or why it happens.  What I do know is the Thermaluxe Hair Dryer has a tangle-free fabric cord.  This is something I am positively thrilled about!  Also the Thermaluxe Hair Dryer comes with a concentrator (perfect for my bangs) and a diffuser attachment which is really useful when I want a curly style.  To help lock in hair styles, the dryer has a cool shot button.  It also comes with a removable filter and a 4-year limited warranty. Sounds like I did my research doesn’t it?  That’s because I did so you don’t have to!

Remington Thermaluxe Hair Dryer attachments
Concentrator and diffuser attachments

I have spent hundreds of dollars on hair dryers in the past.  I have burned my hair by not researching the features of the dryer.  The Thermaluxe Hair Dryer is affordable, it contains the features of professional dryers, and is safer to use on your hair.  So far, my experience is the dryer is as powerful as it claims and I definitely experience less frizz and a quicker time to dry!  The diffuser is wonderful as I can diffuse my hair and get a softer, more natural curl with little to no frizz.  My hair is naturally frizzy as are the extensions I wear which were selected to match my natural hair texture.  So, I have extra frizz to work with now.  Having a tool that minimizes frizz during the dryer process is a dream come true.  I use the cool shot all the time and this really makes a difference when locking in hair styles.  With this hair dryer, I can get 24 hour hair styles which are perfect for me because I am on the go 100% of the time!

Remington Thermaluxe Hair Dryer
Hair dryer controls, including cool boost

The other major hair challenge I have is curling.  There are two distinct ways to curl your hair aside of using rollers.  You either wrap your hair around the barrel of an iron or you lock the hair into the barrel and wrap the iron around the hair.  Both these methods are wonderful for contemporary styles and alternating the direction of the curls creates a beautiful and natural look using both methods.  However, depending on the method you use, the curl and style is quite different.  If you have ever attempted to wrap your hair around a curling iron as opposed to a wand, you have probably burned yourself a few times.  Also, you have to carefully remove the ends of the hair from curling irons so they don’t burn since hair at the root requires longer exposure to heat.  While I was at Target, since the Thermaluxe Hair Dryer didn’t break the bank, I also decided to pick up a Thermaluxe Curling Wand.

Remington Thermaluxe Curling Wand

Remington Thermaluxe Curling Wand
Thermaluxe Slim Curling Wand

There is a slim and wide wand available and I purchased the slim wand.  Both wands feature a new non-slip ceramic coating for more styling control and gradient heat technology to deliver heat where it’s needed the most.  The base of the wand delivers heat at a higher temperature than the tip.  This is incredibly innovative as it keeps the ends of your hair healthier and produces more volume at the roots.

Remington Thermaluxe Curling Wand
Thermaluxe slim curling wand
Remington Thermaluxe Curling Wand
Simple curling wand controls

The Remington Thermaluxe line includes flat irons and hot rollers as well.  I was intrigued by the hot rollers and that’s what I will likely try next!  If you visit the Thermaluxe website, they have all the products and their features conveniently laid out for you to explore.  They also have a great blog that shows you different ways to use the styling tools and what the end results look like. There is a blog for women and men.  I have really enjoyed reading their blog and seeing the styling tools in action.  Plus, I discovered Win It Wednesday!  Every Wednesday they have product giveaways.  I’m hoping to win some additional Remington Thermaluxe goodies!  On Wednesdays, they announce the winners on Facebook.  Use the link above that I provided to enter Win It Wednesday.  You just enter once and then check Facebook on Wednesday night to see if you won any goodies!

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed connecting with the Remington brand.  From their innovative technology, their blogs, and Win It Wednesday, they have definitely generated excitement in me!  I hope you take some time to explore these products and the other exciting things the brand has to offer consumers.  Not all brands do this.  It’s obvious Remington cares about their customers and wants to engage with them and I absolutely love seeing that in a brand.   Get @RemingtonReady!

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