Personal Experience Two Weeks Post Rhinoplasty Surgery

hate cosmetic surgeryHello there!  Lots of you have asked how I’ve been feeling and I thought I would do something I never thought I would do which is post some photos and share what my recent cosmetic surgery was like.  So, before you read this post, if you are totally against it and open to other people’s views and opinions on the topic that is definitely okay!  I would just ask if that is the case to stop reading now rather than go through my personal experience just to judge me or insult me at the end of my post.  It’s hard enough to open up and share about this sort of thing.  I’m doing it so people who are really curious can understand and have their own questions or curiosities addressed.  Believe me, it’s no picnic to post bruised up selfies where I look awful!  Not everyone has the same opinions and views on this stuff and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I would just ask not to kill the confidence I had that allowed me to trust enough to put this out here.  Please just click past rather than post something hurtful.  I would do the same in return and I will never post judging or insulting things about people.  I would just not say anything at all.

Allright.  So, you clicked the read more button.  If you read the About Me page I mentioned that I have always been camera shy.  So, these are not easy photos for me to post.  A good photo is not easy for me to post and while a good photo looks effortless, reality was probably 25 photos were taken before I had one I liked!  When I first started this blog, I posted an article which was essentially my views on cosmetic surgery.  I mentioned I would probably get rhinoplasty performed and about 2 weeks ago, I posted that I had the procedure scheduled on July 27.   It actually hasn’t been 2 weeks yet.  It has been 11 days since the procedure but I made it through and I’ll tell you a little about my thoughts and what it was like.  If you have questions, I’m happy to answer them but I definitely don’t have any medical advice!  That you need to ask a doctor for.

First of all, this is not the first time I’ve had cosmetic surgery so I wasn’t terrified of the surgical aspect.  Actually, I’ve never been afraid of anesthesia or medical procedures.  I’m terrified of things like cancer or deadly infections though.  If I think it can be fixed, I feel fine about it.  If I think it can’t be fixed, I’m terrified of it.  However, cosmetic surgery is quite safe when it’s performed by board certified cosmetic surgeons in state of the art facilities.  One big problem with cosmetic surgery is the cost.  It’s quite expensive and medical insurance doesn’t cover it.  As a result, people may go to board certified surgeons but not cosmetic surgeons.  They may go out of the country or to doctors that are board certified cosmetic surgeons without the same level of training and experience others have.  A breast augmentation can cost $3500 or $15000 or more.  A lot depends on the surgeon and his or her training and experience along with variables such as location, complexity, etc.  However, a woman could have the exact same procedure done within a major city with thousands of dollars in cost difference based on who performs the work.  The decisions to reduce the cost,  increases the risk of undesirable results and dangerous situations.

Life is full of risks.  You aren’t risk free when you get in your car and drive to the grocery store but society and your upbringing hasn’t conditioned you to fear that activity.  You have to trust that all the other drivers are paying attention (not texting) and not on prescription medication or doing anything that could cause a situation where you are harmed.  Life comes with risks and that’s just the way it goes.  You manage them according to your personal comfort level.  You probably don’t think about the risks involved when you go the market to get a quart of milk or get on an airplane but they are there and some people never come home.

The one thing that made this surgery different for me was knowing I was altering a facial feature.  That’s much harder to hide than something that may go wrong that can be covered up with clothing.  I did a lot of research ahead of time and I had a surgeon that is extremely talented and well known so as nervous as I was, I put my trust into his hands and believed the chances of a horrifying mistake was very slim.  Most people come away from rhinoplasty satisfied with the results and it’s one of the oldest and most commonly performed procedures.  So, I was nervous and to be honest I just looked forward to the moment where they knocked me out and I would wake up and it would be over!  I just didn’t want a change that was drastic and I can’t stand behind the surgeon providing feedback along the way.  There was a good understanding of what I wanted beforehand.  Photos of what I liked and didn’t like were shared that I collected from magazines.  Computer images were created that I could comment on as well.  I was comfortable the surgeon knew what would look good on me while resolving the undesirable features that he and I both saw and agreed existed.  Having a good communication is very important and I never felt like I could ask too many questions or request too much assurance.  It’s their job as the surgeon to understand your concerns and manage expectations.  A good surgeon will handle that component just as well as the artistry of the surgery.

Once I laid down in the operating room, I was checking out equipment and looking around and next thing I knew, I was waking up and it was over.  Waking up from this procedure was not bad and to be honest, there wasn’t a tremendous amount of pain involved.  They pack your nasal passages with gauze or something so you cannot breathe through your nose and that’s weird.  Also, a splint is fixed to the bridge of the nose which applies pressure and supports the new structure as it is healing.  So, it feels like a giant stone is sitting in the middle of your face.  If you have a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck, the pain is much different as muscles have been severed.  However, with the nose job, it’s more pressure and discomfort than pain.  The best way for me to describe the feeling I have had for the past 10 days is…. I feel like I got hit in the face with a ball.  Have you ever been playing volleyball or basketball and had the ball smack you pretty hard in the  face?  Your nose feels kind of numb?  That’s the feeling I’ve had since the surgery.   Often, they break your nose to reset it and repair structures and that was done with mine.  Combine that with congestion but it’s congestion caused by swollen nasal passages not phlegm.  So, there’s no runny nose and there’s nothing to blow from your nose (you’re advised not to even attempt to blow your nose) but it feels completely stuffed up and my voice sounds very nasal.  So, it’s not that bad, really.

I’ve taken a few photos along the way.  Let me preface this again by saying, it’s not that painful.  It looks much worse than it feels.  When the nose is reshaped and there’s bleeding in that area as cartilage is trimmed and incisions are made, the blood may leak and sometimes nearly capillaries get disturbed so big black eyes and swollen cheeks are expected.  Bruising gets worse over the first couple days and then begins to improve.  Gravity pulls the blood and fluids in the swollen tissue downward so you get quite a bit of bruising and swelling that looks pretty bad.  After about a week, the splint comes off and any removable stitches may come out.  I had some around the nostrils since they were made smaller.  Now,  it’s day 11 and I’ve still got bruising.  In a couple of days, I could adequately cover it with makeup and within a couple of weeks, I don’t think the swelling would be apparent to anyone except me.  Swelling can take several months to completely reside.  That’s just something you have to accept with any cosmetic surgery.  Some form of swelling can persist for 6 months or more.

Surgery Photo
This is 7 hours post surgery on 7/27. I can’t even believe this photo exists and I don’t remember taking it! As you can see in the photo, I am staring back at my iPhone wondering what planet it is from and who is looking back at me in the picture. But I remembered to take the photo for you.


This photo was taken the morning of 7/29.  It is 2 days post op.   I was feeling really tired because it’s difficult to sleep with your head in a raised position.  You can see the bruising was getting worse and there is swelling on both sides of my face.  It’s expected that bruising takes a few days to darken and hit it’s worst point.
This photo was taken Saturday morning, 8/1.  It’s 6 days post op. I’m smiling and I’m feeling ok.  Now, I’ve really got black eyes!  The splint is still on my nose and you can see the bruising is dark purple and swelling in my face has not started to subside yet but it has piqued.  I feel fine and I’m happy but I also feel like a dirty slob.  Remember, patience!
This photo was taken Wed evening, 8/5. It’s 9 days post op. I am still quite bruised but I covered it up to take a photo (NARS Radiant Concealer). I’m looking a little more like “me” now.  The splint is removed but my nose is quite swollen especially the tip and it’s taped.  Facial swelling is starting to subside but you can see my cheeks look like I’m packing a few nuts for the winter.


At this point in time, my nose is still sore and there’s swelling in the tip and I look pretty much like the photo above with a touch less swelling.  I’m just waiting for swelling to reside so I can really see the results.  The numbness and dull pain is something I try to ignore.  I can already tell even with the swelling that I’ve got the result I want.  I look a little different from the front but the profile is significantly different.  It’s hard to tell with the tape but my nose is more narrow and less pronounced.  I don’t have a before picture of the profile other than the one taken in the surgeon’s office since I would never allow anyone to photo me from that angle.  I did take the last photo with some concealer on to take away from the distraction of the bruising so you could see my face a little better.  In about 6-8 weeks, I will post the final result and include the original before photo taken in the surgeon’s office so you can really see the changes.  At this point, there is too much swelling and distortion to make that comparison.

I will tell you one thing and it’s the same thing I said when I had my breast lift after I was finished having children.  I wish I did it 10 years earlier.   When I got a great result, I wished that I could have enjoyed that result sooner and for longer.  That’s the one thing I regret about that surgery and I already know I will do it with this one too.  Why didn’t I do this at age 30?  I can’t beat myself up for not doing it sooner or procrastinating.  I simply wasn’t at a point in my life where I was ready nor could I really afford it.   This was a decision made by me and supported by my husband.  He is involved too.  My husband would never agree to pay for something on a credit plan so perhaps I could have done it at 30 and not been as happy because I couldn’t have afforded the same caliber of surgeon.  So, when the time was right, it happened.  I have to just enjoy it and be happy now.  One thing I would tell anybody considering a procedure is don’t rush it.  Be sure you are emotionally and financially ready for the change.  Once you decide to do something, you will want it immediately but if there’s one thing to take your time with and do it right, it’s something like this.   If there’s a long waiting list for the surgeon you really want, endure the wait.   Thoughtful decisions will yield the best results you could possibly hope for.

I’ll be back in 6 -8 weeks with my final results post.  By then, swelling will not be entirely gone but it will be less detectable.  I’ll share the before profile photo that I took in the surgeon’s office.  Then you will see and understand the entire process I went through from start to finish!  I hope this is helpful for anyone thinking about a procedure or trying to understand different points of view when it comes to this highly controversial topic.

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48 thoughts on “Personal Experience Two Weeks Post Rhinoplasty Surgery

  1. I want to thank the person who wrote this post for offering this bit of information. If somebody is interested in finding out more information on rhinoplasty incisions, let me know.

  2. Oh, my God! You look amazing! After my rhinoplasty my mom told me that my smile has changed. I don`t think that my nose has sth in common with my smile but she was so sure that I started to believe it. However, I was happy with the results. I had it in Singapore where the cost of rhinoplasty surgery is higher but the quality, too.

    1. Sorry for the delay! This got caught in my spam. =( I don’t know if rhinoplasty could affect the muscles that make you smile. I wouldn’t think so! It’s definitely I’m so happy to have done! It’s always hard for other people to adjust to the change. My husband still says he likes me old nose (which looked like a beak)!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. It was very nice reading. Had rhino i think 2 years ago in Prague and that was the best decision i made in my whole life. Had been literally suffering because of the bump on it. Hated my profile look, people were joking about it and some laughing. Not the best experience – it really made me feel down. After the college i got the job and yes my first savings were for my new nose:-) It was good spent money. Now i have nose i always dreamed of. When looking at your post op pictures it reminds me my swollen face with bruises. I was not sure if i should laugh or cry. But my surgeon at Forme clinic made me aware of it so i was ready. And actually it was not very painful. It took about week or so for the bruises and swelling to go. I knew it was gonna be few months for it to heal properly but was worth to wait.

    1. I was surprised the pain wasn’t bad at all. I was so happy to finally get a new nose. I hated my profile too. It’s definitely worth the wait with the swelling and within a few weeks, I knew it was swollen but no one else knew. I gained so much self-confidence. I wish I could have done it and enjoyed my hose for many year earlier but I think it’s so important to make any types of changes that will make you happy. I’m so glad you had a positive experience and love your new nose! Congratulations!

      1. I just had my nose surgery on Friday and I’m very swollen and bruised .my nose is so itchy from the cast I’m wondering how long does it take for bleed to completely stop and other fluids

        1. Every case so is different! It’s really hard to say and there are different methods of rhinoplasty as well. For me, it took about a week for the itching to stop but and the major swelling went down the first month . There was still some residual swelling for several months that I knew was there but others didn’t necessarily know. It feels like forever, I know! Don’t hesitate to call you doctor’s office and ask questions – remember that’s what they are there for.

  4. Pain, swelling, bruising, stiffness in chest muscles and changes in nipple sensitivity are common. However, they usually last for a few days or weeks. Ice packs can help cut the pain and swelling. But if you experience severe pain, high fever or anything else that’s very uncomfortable, consult your doctor immediately.

    1. I healed pretty well but swelling tends to persist with me. It’s completely resolved now though. Are you aware of anything to help with the longer term swelling as ice doesn’t do much does it after the initial period? It’s that 20% remainder of swelling that is so hard to wait to resolve.

  5. Hey, It’s really great to see this! I was looking for rhinoplasty experienced person’s blog and found your blog. Thank you so much for this one, it’s really inspiring! Actually I scheduled my rhinoplasty on 20th of this month from Rhinoplasty centre in Toronto ( ) and I am really scared as many of my friends said me that rhinoplasty is the most complicated surgery 🙁 . I wanna make it to be done before my wedding, but I was delaying it due to my fear. Reading your blog gave me some more courage. What about your swelling now? Is everything fine for you? Do you have any breathing problem or something like that? I am getting really excited and tensed.

    1. Hi Maxine. Thank you so much for the comments. It really means a lot to me because if it helps just one person? Then it was worth every moment sharing the experience. I really want people to hear from real people what it’s like because what you may hear at the doctor is different (not wrong or misleading, just not personal).

      So, I’m not a surgeon but I can tell you what I know! It is far less complicated than a face lift! And every nose is different and complexity will factor into what an individual wants done. It is a very VERY VERY (did I say VERY?) common procedure that has been done for at least 35 years I can recall. As my aunt had hers done back in the day.

      So, here’s a couple of things I can tell you that I think are important to remember. 1) You have been seeing yourself the same way for many years. Once it’s done and you see your face for the first time, you will feel unsettled. Don’t worry about that feeling. Give yourself a week to adjust. That’s what I needed to do and let me tell you – I was only pissed at myself for waiting so long. I could have had the nose and the profile I always wanted years earlier but I didn’t. But that’s OK, now I do, and I’m happy!

      2) Swelling is going to take a while to normalize. It took me about a year to really have minimal swelling. But here’s the thing, no one will notice. Only you will and your doctor. After about 9-12 weeks, I thought I wasn’t swollen and then my surgeon showed me how I was. I said “Well, hey… I don’t care then, if it stays just like this I’m good forever!” But it continued to go down. Most swelling hangs out in the tip in the later months and every 8 weeks or so they can inject a steroid to nudge the swelling to go down faster. People won’t see it though, during the months following the surgery only you will know unless someone really makes some big mistakes and it doesn’t sound like you are going to Dr Nobody across the border.

      No breathing problem at all. But the first 3-4 or maybe 5 months my voice was a little different. By 6-7 months, completely normal. And if that was a concern, singers and actresses wouldn’t do it so much. It all normalizes.

      It’s normal to be scared. But just be sure you are comfortable with the surgeon and he is giving you a nose that will fit you and not one that you think you want. He has an aesthetic eye and vision for this stuff so listen to him closely. Or her. They are taking into consideration all your features and your bone structure to ensure what they do looks natural. I know it’s scary.

      BTW, I have not posted about this and I will soon but 14 days ago I had upper blepharoplasty done with laser resurfacing and fat transfer to the lower eye and the bilateral face to widen my cheekbones. I’m still a bit Frankenstein at the moment, but I’m not scared. You will likely be very happy in the long run that you made the change and develop a huge amount of self confidence. =)

      I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions. Lots of love to you and best wishes!

  6. Congratulations! I have wanted to consider rhinoplasty for some time and it just may be something to check off my pre-50 bucket list. Thanks so much for sharing an honest and informative article.

    1. You’re so welcome. It’s been a few weeks since I posted but swelling has reduced even further (but not 100%). It’s defnitely something I am very happy that I did. Once the swelling is at least 90% subsided, I’ll do a final post to share the before and after.

  7. I just saved this to read later but can I just say that I am SUPER proud of you for writing about this photo’s and all!! I already loves ya which you know anyway, but I loves ya even more for blogging and sharing your experience!!
    <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Tell me what you think. I know the photos are hideous and god help me if they circulate in my office but I really wanted to show other women that they shouldn’t be afraid to do things that they want to do because others will judge them. Not everyone agrees with everyone’s opinions and perspectives but what a boring race we would be if we did. I think the key is simply respecting people as individuals. So, I posted the most hideous photos ever (the first one I was so bombed I don’t even remember taking it) but if I (super camera shy) can do this, anyone can. I just women and men make the best choices for themselves sand not because what they think people will think of them. The people who judge aren’t even worth a place in our lives anyhow. There’s plenty of compassionate and supportive people to surround ourselves with. Love you my dear! KISSES.

    1. Thanks so much Allison. It was a tough one to put out there. Look for my final results in a few more weeks. I have posted a little on Instagram but really there is too much swelling to see the true final result. Although there’s a major difference and I already love it beyond belief. Just waiting that tip to reduce in swelling. The last part to calm down!

  8. Really enjoyed reading this, even though the early photos made me squirm! Poor you! Glad to see that you seem to be healing very well. Can’t wait for the final photos 🙂

    1. Yes, now I’m still swollen but if you go to Instagram I’ve posted 2 photos so far. It’s not the final result due to swelling but people can’t really tell anything is wrong now.

  9. You are strong! Even though you say it looks worse than it is it looks painful! Looks like in your last pic though you are healing beautifully! I look forward to seeing your final results!

    1. Tomorrow I’m back at work. After being off 2 weeks and working remote, I turned into a slob. I had tog get my bangs trimmed, get my pedicure and manicure (nails were not done in 3 weeks yet the polish never chipped!) and I had to dye misc gray hairs, LOL. I had to get a facial. I was a mess!

  10. I think we are always afraid of how others react to things like this. My mother has had eye surgery because her eyelids were blocking part of her sight so it wasn’t only to look pretty she got it done but people talk anyways 🙂 I think it’s silly we all have to do what ever makes us feel good as long as it’s not something extreme!

    It can be a little too much though like the “barbie girls” that does the complete doll look and doesn’t even look a wee bit natural anymore… But if it makes them happy then why not 🙂 Although when they start having ribs removed to have a slimmer waist I think it’s too drastic also because it creates problem for the body when you remove them because they are there to protect your vital organs and you can not get them back again! I think it’s the extreme plastic surgery that sometimes scares me a bit and not the “understandable” plastic surgery – but of course that is subjective as well 🙂

    1. I have seen the human barbies and that is bizarre but they seem to be happy so OK! I like it when I can so something and it’s an improvement but people don’t really know anything changed. It’s interesting because people who know me and see me can’t tell anything changed when they look at my nose. But… when I put photo up of me before, their mouths hang open. OH, I see the change NOW! And I think well, that’s perfect. That means it’s natural which is my preference.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing this. It can’t have been easy to post these pictures, but combined with your honest story they give a realistic and honest story of what people considering this can expect.
    Just wondering: do you have to get used to the new way your nose and face look or does it feel natural?
    xx Anne

    1. It actually feels very natural just sore because of swelling. What’s interesting is the change is subtle. A person may not notice the difference unless they see side by side photos. If you look a photos of old and new, it’s like WOW but if I ask my sister without the before photo she can’t tell the difference. Bring up the photo and they are shocked.

  12. I am so glad that you wrote this post. I think it is something that is hard to talk about, since so many people have strong feelings about plastic surgery. While I have not talked about it on my blog, I have a rhinoplasty scheduled on 10/23. As with you, it is something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember (and the only reason I didn’t do it sooner was because of the cost). I am SO excited and really can’t wait to get it done .. I have waited to do it for so many years and can’t believe I am finally going to get it done!!!! 🙂

    How long did you wait until you felt comfortable going out in public? With my job, it is very hard to be out for a full week. As of now, I took off the day of my surgery (which is a Fri.), will have the weekend off, and took 3 vacation days – the next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I would like to try to get back to work the next Thursday (so almost a week later). I obviously know I still will be bruised and swollen, but do you think I would be OK doing that. I have a desk job, so I won’t be doing anything too intense. I think it will just be somewhat of an embarrassment of how I look, but I just can’t take off until I am totally back to normal.

    I can’t wait to see your after pictures. 🙂 If there is any advice that you have for me, please let me know. 🙂

    1. It is hard to talk about and that’s why I wanted to talk about it. I was hoping that people would find the information who needed it. I do read a lot on RealSelf but I can’t interact or ask questions and I’m only seeing a question and replies but I do like to read that board. That’s so exciting you have your procedure scheduled. OMG, mine was scheduled for a couple of months and I was waiting in anticipation!

      I went out in public after about 1 1/2 weeks but I didn’t venture far. I didn’t mention it but I also had a tummy tuck revision so I was not able to shower right away and stuff like that. I had a deep internal stitch that I reacted to that I had removed at the time they did the rhinoplasty. I went out to the restaurant on the corner, the market (during slow hours), took the kids to school, and that might be it.

      After the first week, they will usually remove the splint. You’ll feel way better then. Depending on how much work is done, your bruising may not be bad or could be like me (raccoon). The bruising will be something you can definitely hide with makeup at the 2 week mark. If you look at my photos, the 3rd one was a little more than a week out (9 or 10 days) so you could look like that or much better. At 7 days, I was pretty bruised and it takes about 2-3 days for the bruises to get real dark and apparent. I think you will most likely physically feel ok to work but talk to your doctor because there are certain movements that they may want you to avoid (each surgery is different). If you feel like you need a little more time, I would imagine your doctor could give you a note that you need to take more time off. Most employers will work with you on that – mine was amazing and totally worked with me. If you are a full-time worker and at your employer for more than a year, there are actually federal laws to protect you and your job (This is the FMLA Act – you can look up the criteria to see if you fall under the protection of that if you needed a few more days). I’m not sure cosmetic surgery meets the criteria or not, but I actually don’t think it specifies whether the medical need was voluntary or involuntary. I don’t think you have to share why you need the time but your doctor has to agree you need the time.

      If you are at a desk, I think you will be fine. I was working 7 days later but I worked remote. Honestly, it’s not really painful. It’s more of an awareness you’ll have, maybe that feeling of congestion, and some soreness IF you touch your nose. If you don’t touch it (and you aren’t supposed to anyhow) you should feel pretty good. It is kind of embarrassing, yes.. but to hell with anyone who wants to pass judgment and cannot act like a decent human being with some compassion! Be happy and proud you get finally get to do what’s important to you. That’s why I put those pictures up. I’m not ashamed of what I did and I don’t want other people to have to feel ashamed either.

      I’m going to post some after pics just as soon as swelling is gone. But I love the change! I’m so happy with it. My best advice would be to ask all the questions of the surgeon you feel you need to. Don’t be afraid to do that and have patience as swelling can take months to subside. It’s easy to get discouraged or concerned that “it’s not right” but a final result may not be seen for 6 months (in some cases longer – that swelling is very slow to completely go!). Use your ice packs. Frozen peas! Have lots of little baggies with your frozen peas! And be very diligent to follow all the pre op and post op instructions they give you.

  13. Hey Janine!

    I’ve been thinking about you and I’m thrilled that you posted an update! I’m so sorry about your bruises, but you are healing beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! Great intro, by the way and I think your new swollen cheeks look kind of awesome! LOL!

    Try not to regret anything. Like you outlined, waiting for this surgery was a good thing…something not to be rushed. Good for you!! A wonderful read and I’m going to share this with my friend who is considering the surgery.

    Wishing you all the best!



    1. Bruising is almost gone. I’m so close! LOL. A little swelling still but that’s the part with any surgery that takes the longest to dissipate. Do you like my cheeks? That’s where I store candies and other snacks for later. LOL. If you friend has any “non-medical” questions, please feel free to share my email with him/her. I think swelling is the most difficult thing to deal with because it distorts your final result which of course, anyone is eager to have the FINAL look.

  14. Thank you soooo much for sharing this link with me Janine – honestly I had no idea you were going through surgery, I’ve had so much on this last month that my blog reading has gone out the window!!! I’m really I’mpressed with how quickly you are recovering – those intial pics are a bit shocking… poor you, it does look really painful even if you describe it as more uncomfortable 🙁 Hope you’re well on your way to recovery huni, go you for making a positive change for you. If it benefits your well being, self esteem & confidence then its well worth it. Feeling good about yourself is super important – really proud of you sharing this. So many other women will be incredibly grateful to read your story. *Massive hugs* chum – you’re such trooper <3 Karen XXXXXXXX

    1. I’m not going through much compared to what you’v been through this past month. I know the pics are horrific but it really wasn’t bad. Just uncomfortable – what’s bad is that pain when you can’t sit up in bed on your own. But this more of a nuisance really and it looks really really bad. I feel really happy about doing it and I hope other women (and men too) can feel confident in making difficult decisions that are somewhat controversial and be strong about that. I think the fear of judgement is harder than laying down on the table. I hope people see that everyone’s opinion doesn’t matter. Only those we care about and cherish in our lives matter. The people that don’t enrich our lives? Well, eh… so what! Let the world stare. Let them judge. Hell, they are doing to do it with or without us making controversial choices! They will just pick something else to judge us by. Perhaps our shoes, religious beliefs, significant other. You kind of wonder though like can’t they just worry about themselves? LOL

  15. I think it’s amazing that you are sharing this journey with the world! Kudos to you!!! I personally believe that if a cosmetic procedure will help a person (man or woman) feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside, then that’s their right to have that procedure. No one should shame them for it. There are so many other things in this world people should be worrying about… Like who’s going to be our next president?!?!?!?

    “If there’s a long waiting list for the surgeon you really want, endure the wait.”- AMEN! I haven’t had any cosmetic procedures myself, but there are a couple I’m considering… And I would rather pay more and wait longer for the right doctor…

    “Thoughtful decisions will yield the best results you could possibly hope for.”- DOUBLE AMEN!!! Wise words to live by… In any circumstance!

    Can’t wait to see the final results!!! xoxoxo- Steph

  16. I am planning to have a mole removed from my face. That alone is worrying me, so I can’t imagine having nose surgery which is much more complex. You are a brave woman. Glad you are happy with the results.

    1. I am fearful of disease but not of procedures. The mole removal will be so quick. By the time, you get nervous, it will be over. =)
      I had one removed and tested years ago (thankfully it wasn’t anything). It didn’t hurt. I even got one two little stitches and I barely felt it. (Don’t worry!)

  17. Very brave of you posting your post op pictures so soon. I think you’re gorgeous and a little temporary bruising isn’t going to change my mind. Thanks so much for sharing your views. I don’t think I’ll ever get cosmetic surgery, but I’m definitely curious about it. Who knows, I might change my mind. Wishing you all the best in the healing process and can’t wait to see those photos.

    1. I figured what the heck. I am who I am and I bruise and I look crappy on lots of days. LOL
      But I also wanted to post while everything was really fresh in my mind in hopes it might help someone who comes across it. I always thought about my nose (just my nose) since 7th grade and the “bus incident” but I never thought I do anything. It was weird .. there just came a time when I got (ehh hmmm) older, and I just wanted it. I guess because I was started to see real changes after the 3rd baby and I thought, OMG, could I get any worse? LOL.

      Thank you my love for you comments and your ongoing support! And an amazing new friendship with someone who I have connected so well with. I raise my glass of vitriol champagne to you! XOX

  18. Thanks so much for making this post. I can’t wait to see the final results, and your nose is looking great! You’re wonderful, and enjoy the weekend (and Mexican food!).

  19. Wow! Your nose looks amazing! Thank you for sharing this! I’m 29 and thoughts of getting a nose job have crossed my mind for the past few years, so your story is definitely reassuring. When I was 19 an old fashioned radio fell off of the top of my refrigerator and hit my nose (go figure, only me LMAO) and it left me with a little bump. It’s not horrible and isn’t noticeable unless I point it out, but I’ve been self conscious about it ever since and think my profile could be better!!

    1. Thanks so much. I’m so excited about it but it’s hard for me to put this post out and especially looking my worst but I don’t have fresh and pretty makeup on all the time! It’s really hard to tell right now because it’s pretty swollen but I was just looking a photo taken a few weeks ago and both my husband and I are sort of used to the new nose. He was thinking he was looking at someone else. “omg…that part right there is gone!” I was like… yes, that was the plan! =)

      I have wanted to do this since I was about 13 and I’m 44 now. So, I definitely was pretty sure. I find that it is a surgery that experienced cosmetic surgeons have really mastered. It’s interesting, you could show them a nose and say I want this one. But, a really good surgeon will know how to create something that is natural and creates balance while taking away from the features that you don’t like.

      You’ll know for sure know when if and you are ready and then take your time to be 100% sure.

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