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It just amazes me when I consider how PCs and smartphone technology combined with high speed internet connectivity continues to change my life.  I’m so excited to share a completely new experience I had visiting a doctor on line.  Would you have ever thought you could visit a doctor almost anytime from anywhere?   The Doctor On Demand service allows you to do just that. I installed a mobile application and was able to visit an excellent doctor during my lunch break right from my office!  And you know what?  It was FANTASTIC!  I am so impressed with the application, the doctor, and the overall experience.

The national average wait time to see a primary care physician is 3 weeks but I was engaged in a video call with the physician of my choice within 2 minutes.  Where has this service been all my life?  I can’t wait to share all the details with you about this service.

How does the Doctor on Demand service work?

It’s very easy!  I installed a free mobile application on my iPhone (Androids and PC devices are also supported) and registered for the service.  The process took less than 5 minutes.  Once registered, I was given the option to schedule an appointment or see a doctor immediately.  I selected the specific doctor I wanted to visit and scheduled an appointment at a convenient time for me.  I answered a few questions in the application and provided some details about what symptoms I was experiencing.  Scheduling the visit took a couple minutes and I even got a reminder text at my appointment time.

Virtual Doctor On Demand

At the time of my appointment,  I opened up the Doctor on Demand application on my iPhone and within a couple moments, the doctor appeared.   We could see each other clearly and talk.  It was as if she was right there in the room with me.  My condition required a prescription and it was electronically sent to the pharmacy I regularly use.  This was definitely the fastest and most convenient way I’ve ever visited a doctor!  EVER!

I tried to take a snap shot to share what my view looked like and my photo was blurry because my doctor was speaking and moving her hands.  I’m so sorry I didn’t capture that for you.  I’ll be visiting again, no doubt, so I will get a photo of my next visit in action.  However, all the photos I collected to share with you in this post is exactly what the experience is like and what you see during the live session.

Doctor On Demand Virtual Doctor

What kind of doctors are available?

There are many doctors available through the Doctor On Demand service.  All the physicians and psychiatrists available are board-certified.  Pediatricians and Doctorate-level psychologists are also available.  All the medical providers undergo a background check and are highly educated.  Each doctor available is licensed to practice in your state.

Within the application, there is a profile that provides specific details about each physician.  Profiles include their educational background, specialities, details about the doctor’s practice, and specialty areas or research projects the doctor may be involved with.  The profile makes it very easy to choose a doctor that is a good match for you.  (Note: This is an example doctor bio. I visited a different doctor and  doctors vary based on your location)

Doctor On Demand Profile

What is the cost?

Most visits via Doctor On Demand are $40 or less.  There are no subscription fees or additional costs.  Many insurance plans cover the service.  Costs may be fully or partially covered by your healthcare plan.

You may use the coupon code: WHIM10 for $10 off your first doctor visit.

My first hand experience with Doctor on Demand

As I mentioned earlier, this was an impressive experience!  No doubt, I will continue to use it.  It has taken me up to 2 hours to get in and out of numerous medical offices and I simply don’t have that kind of time!  You know what that results in?  I don’t always visit a doctor when I should.  Unless I am in major pain and I “have” to go to the doctor, I don’t go.

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There are far too many conditions, especially skin conditions, that go untreated due to costs involved, inconvenience, or doctor availability.   In the US, more than 50 million people are affected by acne.  It’s very sad to think treatment isn’t always available to people.  In the case of acne, people suffer from scarring, depression, and a loss of confidence.  Dermatologist appointments are not only hard to come by but costly with extensive follow ups.  I have teenagers, I speak from experience.  I’m lucky because grandma takes my boys to all their appointments.  I don’t know how I’d manage without her help.  Doctor on Demand is a major break-through.  People can now easily access highly qualified doctors for skin conditions, including acne.

Review Doctor On Demand

For the past year, I have been experiencing intermittent facial redness and I haven’t wanted to invest the time to go to a doctor to address it.  It’s kind of sad if you think about it… but that’s the truth.  I’d rather just deal with the annoyance since it’s not life threatening.  When I heard about Doctor On Demand, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to address the skin issue I have put off for too long.  Living in Phoenix, an appointment with a dermatologist can take several weeks and I didn’t have the confidence my primary care physician could diagnose me.

The Doctor on Demand service commonly treats skin conditions and since time and convenience were on my side, I gave it a try.  I had an extensive discussion about my condition with a personable and professional doctor and was given a prescription to address it.   So far, so good!  This is just the beginning for me.  Many of the conditions treated by primary care physicians can be treated using this service.  Having school-age children means there is frequently something going on in my house.  Seriously…. it’s ridiculous.  There’s pink eye, common colds, rashes, acne breakouts with my teens – we’ve even had to go sit at the pediatrician’s office for 2 hours because of lice!  Oh the joys that come during early school years.

On Line Pediatrician Doctor On Demand

Everything condition I mentioned above would be hours out of my day to see a doctor and expensive!  (Thanks to high insurance deductibles).   Saturday or evening appointments would be nice but no one in Phoenix is available on weekends or after hours.  If they were, it would be impossible to get an appointment!  When I checked availability of doctors with Doctor on Demand, appointments were available at 5AM, 9PM, 10PM, Saturdays… around the clock!  This is a game changer for me!

Doctor On Demand Coupon

Today is your lucky day because I have a coupon code you can use to get $10 off your first doctor visit.  When you schedule an appointment, enter the code:  WHIM10  

*This coupon is generously being offered to my readers from Doctor On Demand.  I do not receive any commission or compensation if the coupon is redeemed.

Doctor on Demand Coupon

I hope you take advantage of this coupon and take good care of yourself!  Whether you have been neglecting something due to cost or inconvenience or something new arises and you would like to visit a doctor, I believe you will have a very positive experience with Doctor On Demand.  Stay healthy and well (blowing kisses)!

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4 thoughts on “Game Changing On Line Doctor Visits With Doctor On Demand

  1. I think it’s amazing when medicine and current technology work. As a nurse, I’m not really sure how I feel about this, considering what’s involved in a thorough examination. For mild issues and things that are visible such as skin conditions it’s probably great. I love that it saves a ton of time and it’s affordable. I would definitely consider trying it for my skin redness. Thanks for the info.

    1. I called about my skin redness which I was putting off forever. I got a prescription for Mirvaso gel and I started using it. Crossing my fingers it helps. I hate turning into Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer at 3pm every day.

      1. Wow!! A good friend of mine is having the same issue and the Drs are saying its rosacea and no treatment. Please Lmk if this works for you so I can pass it along.

        1. I’ve used it a few days and it has helped. Galderma makes it and that is how I learned about it. Over the counter in the US it was over 400.00 – I found a coupon from Galderma and with insurance it was only 50.00. So far, I’d recommend it but they have an entire line of products that treat rosacea to look into.

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