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Exuviance Firm-NG6 Non-Acid Peel is a no burn and no sting facial peel product that leaves your skin fresh and soft without the pain of traditional peels.  When I first looked into the Exuviance Firm-NG6 product, I didn’t think I would get any benefit from it.  A peel that you don’t rinse or peel off seems like it may not be effective but after using it, I noticed benefits!  It is designed to be used two or three times and week and left on the skin but can be used daily.

Exuviance was created by Drs. Van Scott and Yu who are widely recognized as leaders in cosmetic dermatology.  They patented the first Glycolic Peel and have continued to develop many new patented antiaging ingredients such as NeoGlucosamine®, the active ingredient in the Exuviance Firm-NG6 Non-Acid Peel.   Exuviance formulas are expertly developed in the state of the art laboratories and Exuviance is a NeoStrata Company.

About the Exuviance Firm-NG6 Product

Exuviance Firm-NG6 is a non-acid formula that contains patented acid-free NeoGlucosamine®.  This is an amino sugar found naturally in your skin.  The Exuviance Firm-NG6 is clinically proven to increase cell turnover and skin exfoliation for a silky smooth finish that reduces the appearance of fine lines.  If used regularly, the NeoGlucosamine® can help to improve elasticity and firmness which leads to a more youthful appearance.  It is gentle enough enough to be used everyday and will not cause irritation or dryness.  This product was designed for people who are concerned about using acid based peels.  While it is considered a newbie peel, you should notice increased firmness and a brighter complexion.  This product came on the market in August 2015 and the press release with additional details can be reviewed here.

Exuviance Firm-NG Non-Acid Peel Skin care

Benefits of using the product

• 6% patented NeoGlucosamine® formulation provides the benefits of a  peel without acid or irritation
• Accelerates cell renewal, improves texture and tone
• Plumps skin to increase volume and help firm the skin
• Encourages exfoliation which reduces pigment and brightens skin
• No burning or redness

How to use Exuviance Firm-NG6 Non-Acid Peel

The bottle is designed to dispense the right amount of product to apply to your skin.  You can use one or two pumps but I find that one pump is enough. Press down on the cap of the bottle and the gel is dispensed.  Smooth the clear gel in an even layer onto clean skin.  Do not rub it into your skin.   It should be lightly tapped onto the surface of your skin.  Within five to ten minutes, the product will be fully absorbed without any residue or sticky feeling.  Once the product has been absorbed, do not wash it off.  Proceed with your skin care routine by applying a daily or evening moisturizer.Exuviance Firm-NG Non-Acid Peel

Exuviance NG-Firm Non Acid Peel

I’ve read some reviews on the product and they indicate to wash the product off after ten minutes but that is incorrect.  You do not wash it off.  

My experience using Exuviance Firm-NG6

As I mentioned earlier, I was skeptical.  I’m always thinking to exfoliate you need to scrub and peels will simply burn if they are going to produce results.  That is not always the case and I’m constantly looking for new products and technology.  Not only to find things that are ideal for me but more so ideal for you.

I’m no novice when it comes to peels.  I have undergone TCA peels at a strength of 30% which creates an intense burn and real downtime.  Now, I recognize that is not for everyone.  I can be very aggressive when it comes to my skin.  A medical grade acid peel is going to produce faster and more intense results but it’s also a bit scary and it’s not for all skin colors and types.  This product is a great solution for all skin types and it’s gentle enough to use every day.  I have been using it a few times a week because I also use Retin-A on a nightly basis.  The frequency at which you use the product can be adjusted based on your personal needs and your skin care routine.

I have found the Exuviance Firm-NG6 Non-Acid Peel to be an effective addition to my personal routine and I love the immediate firmness I notice when I use it and the clarity it brings to my complexion.

Have you tried any Exuviance products?  If so, what have you tried and what has been your experience?  What would you suggest I reach for next in this line?

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7 thoughts on “The No Acid Exuviance Firm-NG6 Facial Peel

  1. I actually did a peel on my face earlier this year and it did wonders on my face. I want to do another one but it’s a bit on the expensive side! So maybe next year hopefully.

    Or I’ll just try this one out. Thank you for sharing!

    1. This is a great interim option. I’ve been using it 2-3 times per week. I have done a TCA peel 30% which is pretty aggressive and I was really pleased but I also had downtime. I’m sure I will go for the TCA peel again but I’m planning to keep using this product because I see results and it’s easy and comfortable. What kind of peel did you do? I just did the TCA peel around my eyes but I think I’d do my whole face next time because I fear a line of delineation. YIKES. Didn’t happen but what if it did????

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