New Organic French Skincare from Aixallia

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 Aixallia French Organic skincare

Introducing The Ultra-Pure Organic French Skin Care from Aixallia

Thinking about France – A few things to come to mind.  French food, fashion, and beauty. The French have a way of doing everything so simplistic and beautiful.  I always want to know all the French beauty secrets.  Aixallia is a new organic French skincare and cleansing brand manufactured in Aix en Provence.  All Aixallia’s products are crafted in a state-of-the art laboratory from locally harvested, organic French Mediterranean botanicals.

This is a unique brand that is made with ultra pure water.  Aixallia’s special purification process removes all chemical and bacterial contaminants to ensure the products are the most effective and pure as possible.   The water is one million times more pure than spring water.  Quite impressive,  The entire line of products is suitable for all skin types and recommended for people that have sensitive skin.  In the region the products are produced, there are many natural botanicals such as lavender, cornflower, calendula, helianthus, and Damascene rose.  The beautiful botanicals are harvested fresh and incorporated into the Aixallia products.  The scent of the different products vary but are all mild are naturally beautiful.

calendula organic botanicals used in Aixallia skincare
Calendula flower
Helianthus botanical used in Aixallia
Helianthus flower
French cornflower skincare

Aixallia’s certification and ways of giving back

Ecocert was the first organization to develop standards for organic cosmetics.  The group was introduced in France in 2003 and their regulations support the use of sustainable resources and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.  Also, products must be free of GMO, parabens, nanoparticles, silicon, animal derived ingredients, synthetic dyes and perfumes, among other ingredients.  At least 95% of the product ingredients must be from organically farmed botanicals and packaging must be recycable or biodegradable.  Considering I haven’t covered all the requirements to be Ecocert certified, yet Aixallia products have earned the certification, you can appreciate the care and quality that goes into the making of these products. The complete set of Ecocert standards can be viewed here.

In addition, Aixallia participates in the charity: water organization which is non-profit and brings clean safe drinking water to people in developing nations around the world.  Currently charity: water supplies clean water to 24 countries.  They are enabling people in rural communities their first access to clean water.  Aixallia donates 1% of net product sales revenue to charity: water.  This is admirable of the company and demonstrates their commitment to people and the environment.

About the Aixallia Products

The French are known for exceptional quality and these beauty products live up to my expectation of French standards.  The Aixallia product line was announced in February 2016 and the initial launch contained seven products.  I have had the opportunity to use all of the products in the line and I’m so delighted with Aixallia.  I am impressed with all aspect of this line …the beauty of the packaging, the scents and ingredients used, and the responsible, sustainable, and charitable company values.  I am looking forward to more from this extraordinary company.

The initial line of Aixallia products includes:

  • Lavender Soothing Night Cream

This is a wonderful night cream with soothing properties that I have found helps even out the skin tone and reduce redness.  The product claims don’t mention this but when using this product, I noticed areas where my skin tends to be slightly red were minimized in the morning.  The night cream formula has soothing lavender water and Sea Heather® which helps repair skin damage.  Sea Heather® is a patented marine agent derived from seaweed in non-polluted areas of the Mediterranean.  This ingredient reduces inflammation, protects DNA, and helps to protect skin.  There is a mild lavender scent but I also detect something that reminds me of verbena, although verbena is not an ingredient in the product.  Coming from natural ingredients, the fragrance is very mild but noticeable enough to appreciate.

Aixallia lavender organic skincare
Lavender flowers
  • Green Tea Protective Day Cream

Olive oil and vitamin E provide moisturize and leave skin feeling soft and smooth.  Rose water and green tea fight the first signs of aging and help skin appear more radiant.  This is a lovely day cream that is suitable for all ages and wears beautifully under makeup without flaking or balling.  There is a very mild herbal fragrance that dissipates quickly  leaving the skin very soft.  The product has an ultra light feeling on the skin and is easily and quickly absorbed.

green tea plantation
Green tea leaves

Aixallia Day cream and Aixallia Night cream

  • Coconut and Calendula Exfoliating Shower Gel

Anything coconut transforms the moment for me to an exotic escape.  The Aixallia shower gel is positively lush.  It has mild exfoliation grains that feel good on the skin and the gels lathers up when it gets wet.  The gel is made with floral cornflower water and plant extracts that leaves the skin cleansed and hydrated.  Mallow extract, red vine, and blueberry floral waters help to tone and clarify the skin as well as slow down signs of aging.   The fine coconut powder and tiny grains gently exfoliate leaving your shower and skin smelling positively luscious.  This product is very affordable and it’s a must try.  It’s truly lovely.

Aixallia coconut exfoliating shower gel

  • Rose and Almond Hydrating Body Lotion

You may hear rose and think this lotion is too feminine for men to use but I think it’s perfect for anyone.  It has an extremely mild sweet almond fragrance that is refreshing and lingers all day.  The lotion is not greasy and well absorbed by the skin.  After using the lotion skin is left feeling noticeably more hydrated. The formula is rich in amino acids and vitamins A, D, E and K.

Almond oil used in Aixallia skincare

Aixallia shower gel and body lotion

  • Rose and Argan Revitalizing Eye Cream

This is a beautiful eye cream to moisturize the delicate eye area for a more smooth makeup application.   I have not used the cream long enough to validate any long term effects but I find the cream to be very hydrating which also helps to plump the eye area.  Argan oil and shea butter provide hydration while rose water and apricot kernel oil help fight the effects of aging and smooth the skin.   The revitalizing eye cream has an ultra mild sweet nutty smell.  I suspect this is from the use of high quality organic argan oil.

Apricot kernel oil Aixallia

  • Olive and Rose Hydrating Hand Cream

This hand cream doesn’t leave hands feeling greasy and only a small amount is needed as the cream is rich and spreads easily.  The formula contains olive oil, shea butter, beeswax and floral rose water.  I tend to get very dry cuticles and it really helps to moisturize my skin and cuticles.  I also like to apply the cream to my feet and sleep with socks on to awake with very supple feel and soft heels.  The fragrance is mild with a soft muted rose scent.

  • Five Plants Emulsifying Make-Up Remover

This is one of my favorites from Aixallia.  Make up removers that thoroughly remove all make up without leaving a residue on the skin are hard to come by.  This product is formulated with floral cornflower water and plant extracts.  Skin is cleansed, hydrated, and soothed after using the product.   Mallow extract, red vine and blueberry organic floral waters provide additional qualities to tone and clarify skin.  There is a very soft sweet herbal scent and the product does an excellent job removing all make up from the skin.

Mallow flower botanical
Mallow flower

Aixallia makeup remover, eye cream, and hand lotion

As I mentioned earlier, I was impressed with the entire Aixallia line.  While I was given these products for testing, I would definitely purchase them and I believe they would make wonderful gifts.  I enjoyed each product and honestly had no complaints.  I love the  impressive origin of the ingredients used in the line.  And I appreciate the products are ultra pure and suitable for all skin types.  People continue to seek out products that are safer, non-toxic, and made of natural ingredients.  This particular line has done an outstanding job manufacturing gorgeous, hydrating, and most important….effective products.

Aixallia skin care and cleansing products an be purchased  Using the code BLOG20 you can get 20% off your initial order.  If you try these products, I am sure you will enjoy these products as much as I do!  I would love to hear which product you would like to try first!

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18 thoughts on “New Organic French Skincare from Aixallia

  1. I love the style and color look elegant of it. I think it is a best product. i will try it for my skin on the nearest day. Thanks your sharing

    1. This is a beautiful and pure line of products that would be suitable for all skin types. If you try anything in their line, I’m sure you will fall in love! Keep me posted if you try something as I would love to know your pick!

  2. Thanks for your valuable post. These products look absolutely nice. WOW! I like this post from you. The products sounds so intriguing. I can’t afford the whole set but I would like you to suggest one for me to start with. My face is oily but my skin is dry everywhere else.

    1. It’s an absolutely beautiful line. If you have dry skin, I would try the rose and almond hydrating body lotion. It smells wonderful and you can really notice the hydrating effect all day. It leaves a very subtle scent on the skin that I found very feminine and mild but not flowery or sweet. I would think if you asked them to send you some samples of other other products they would be willing to send you the other things in the line to try. My least favorite thing is the hand lotion but that’s because I’m really weird about having anything on my hands. Overall, the products are just lovely. My mother loves the hand lotion and gave mine to her.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad you like the post. I definitely agree, Aixallia really did an amazing job selecting their ingredients and formulations. Definitely worth a try!

  3. I read your Korres post and just bought the day cream and then I see this one. Now I want this too! I really think that shower gel sounds great and the day cream. Always love day creams. Great post. thanks so much!

    1. Well, nothing wrong with switching out a few days with something else! The Aixallia is very different from KORRES. Also a really beautiful product. Organic, pure, simply lovely.

  4. This is the first I have heard of this brand. It looks beautiful. I like how you grouped the products.

    1. I thought the groupings were nice pairings if you were going to get them as a gift or something. It’s a new brand and they launched in Feb ’16. Very beautiful line.

  5. Does the eye makeup remover do a good job taking off waterproof mascara? I have been looking for something that is not oily like most products.

    1. Yes, it does a very good job removing all eye makeup, even waterproof. There is no residue or oily feeling either. I usually press the soaked cotton against the makeup for about 30 seconds just to help breakdown the product to remove easier.

  6. These products look absolutely beautiful. WOW! I love this post from you. The products sounds so intriguing. I can’t afford the whole set but I would like you to suggest one for me to start with. My face is oily but my skin is dry everywhere else.

    1. They really are lovely products. The scents are so soft and mild. I have been enjoying the hydrating body lotion and using it every day. It leaves a beautiful scent and soft skin. You might want to try that product! Also, the shower gel is just completely luscious! If you like coconut, then you will just love that shower gel too. Both are quite affordable plus you can use my 20% off code.

  7. Five Plants Emulsifying Make-Up Remover sounds interesting ,…. Nice post,.

    1. Hello Shilpa,
      Thank you so much! I believe from what you have described about your skin, this may be a very good skincare line for you try. The products are ultra pure and great for sensitive skin. I hope your wedding arrangements are going well!

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