Farmacy Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist

Farmacy Skin Dew Mist and makeup setting spray

Ever since Farmacy Beauty release their Coconut Gel Masks last summer, I’ve continued to try all their products and I’ve fallen in love with the line.   Farmacy Beauty continues to release new products onto the market and each time I’ve been impressed with what they have come out with.

The latest product I’ve picked up is the Farmacy Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist.  This new spray is a dual-action essence that helps replenish radiance and moisture and also set makeup.   The spray is ultra refreshing especially on a summer day!   Farmacy Skin Dew mist contains a natural polymer, which acts as a natural humectant, helping attract moisture to the skin.   If you love essential oils, like I do, then this is definitely a product you will enjoy because it also contains a blend of Rosemary, Bergamot and Peppermint essential oils.  Kiwi Fruit Extract in the formula smells luscious and the formula is rich in Vitamin C, Potassium, and Magnesium to protect the skin from damaging environmental elements.  You can never get enough antioxidants!

Farmacy Skin Dew Hydrating Essence

Farmacy Skin Dew spray ingredient

The Farmacy Skin Dew mist can be used under makeup for a boost of hydration or over makeup to help set the makeup, provide a dewy finish, hydration, and environmental protection.  This is not a setting spray that is going lock in makeup the way some products do that are touted just for that purpose.  However, it will boost the wear of your makeup through the day.   I would say the benefits of this products are more so the refreshing and invigorating feeling, dewy look, hydrating effects, and environmental protection.  I don’t usually wear powerful makeup setting sprays because I personally don’t like how they feel on my skin and they don’t allow my skin to breath.  In certain lighting, I can also see the other makeup setting products on my skin.  That’s a problem for me!  Therefore, this is a good option that provides skin benefits and helps prolong the wear of makeup without the downfalls of hardcore makeup setting sprays.

Farmacy Skin Dew Making setup spray

In my opinion this product smells wonderful.  The scent and refreshing feeling is one of my favorite things about it.  The Skin Dew smells so fresh and herbal without a medicinal scent.  Some reviews indicate the product is sticky.  That has not been my experience.  It doesn’t dry on your face the way some all-night sprays do (which can be quite drying and similar to hair spray).  It leaves a light tackiness comparable to what you would feel with most lotions applied to the skin.  If it’s a concern, consider getting a sample of the product to try first.  I liked the feeling it leaves on my skin but it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Farmacy Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist and Setting Spray is available  at Sephora and on the Farmacy Beauty website.  It retails for $44 and there is 3.3 ounces of product in the bottle.  This is a new product that was released in Spring 2016.   To date, 80% of Sephora users have rated this product with 4-stars or higher.

About Farmacy Beauty

Farmacy Beauty is a new company that brought their products to market in 2015.  This innovative company is farming and hand-picking botanicals used in their products.  They manufacture in the USA and create naturally derived and fresh products that are cruelty-free.   Farmacy Beauty has a patent-protected variant of Echinacea Purpurea called GreenEnvy™.  It contains the highest known concentration of the phytochemical Cichoric Acid, a potent natural antioxidant which helps protect and firm the skin by inhibiting the enzymes that break down collagen.  The laboratory where the plants are processed is just two hours from the farm where they grow the botanicals used in their products.  This means consumers are getting extraordinary freshness!


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Product provided for review by BrandBacker.  All opinions expressed are my own.

11 thoughts on “Farmacy Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist

  1. This is a good packaging. I love the skin care product which take the healthy skin. I think this product is useful for me. Thanks your sharing.

  2. Oh I love the idea and their packaging is just gorgeous! I adore my hardcore setting sprays for special occasions, but this sounds like a great natural alternative.
    xo Anne – Doves & Roses

    1. Their packaging has always been just gorgeous on all their product. Very simple, botanical, sleek… their website is very beautiful as well. I really have been enjoying this new product. I used it this evening before putting on moisturizer. Super refreshing. =)

  3. I really want to look more into this brand! Been hearing a lot of buzz. I just redeemed 100pt for a sample jar of their moisturizer from Sephora to try!

    1. Oh I saw that at Sephora this weekend for 100 points! I have used that moisturizer, it’s really nice and gentle. I love their Lip Blooms too. Also their New Day Exfoliating Scrub is another thing I just love. My favorites are between the spray and the New Day exfoliating grains. Very natural and soothing products.

    1. I know! Have you seen their website? OMG. Beautiful! Everything is so crisp and fresh and focused on botanicals. Like their products. Quite lovely! =)

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