My Top 10 Weird Beauty Habits


When I say top 10, that means there’s actually more.  You might find my life concerning after you read through these or maybe you secretly do the same things. These are things I do regularly when I’m getting ready hoping to look beautiful! I have come to realize that sometimes I do things in my beauty routine that are a bit bizarre. I hope I’m not alone here. If you comment and tell me you do some of these or other bizarre and maybe slightly gross things, it would make me feel a little better about my weirdness level.

#1  Bedtime Falsie Frenzy

I don’t know why I do this but I wait for my husband to go to sleep and then I grab my iPhone.  I hop onto eBay and buy lashes that I don’t need.  I’ll buy thirty different pairs and there are probably 200 sitting in my cupboard organized by brand and style. (Ummm, yeah, I can’t explain it)  In the morning, my husband sees what I’ve done via Paypal notifications and I shamefully leave for work.  When the packages arrive, he throws them at me.

#2  In-Home Personal Attendant

I’m always running late.  Usually, it’s because I had a cat eye wing catastrophe.  However, Stila’s All Day Liquid liner has helped immensely with that problem which causes me to run late.  There’s plenty more reasons I can’t get ready on time.   When it’s really bad, I get my 15 year old son to stand there with the blow dryer and get my hair mostly dry while I work on my makeup.  I haven’t asked him to feed me grapes yet while I’m blogging.

#3  Jammie Rag

I buy these adorable pajamas from Victoria’s Secret.  You know the really cute ones with the tank tops and matching draw string bottoms that are grossly over-priced at $52US?   I wear them when I do my makeup and instead of using all the makeup cloths I bought, I wipe brushes, excess lash glue, and foundation – well basically everything – on the pajama bottoms and now every pair is stained and ugly.  I still wear them every day despite the fact every pair now doubles as a rag.  It is rather convenient.

#4  Dirty Hair

I hate washing and drying my hair.  It’s long and a pain and I refuse to cut it – EVER.  I’m convinced that washing it every few days has made it healthier.  I wear a fake pony tail or put it in a bun and go to work with it dirty so no one knows.  They just think I changed up my look.  HA!

#5  Laying on the Bathroom Floor

When I want that extra volume that I don’t get from my root boosters, I lay flat on my back in the middle of the bathroom with a can of hair spray and spread my hair out and blow dry the roots for extra lift.  This is a very disturbing scene to my family and also it upsets our pets.  But I get big hair!

#6  Hairspray Overspray

I accidentally purposely get hairspray on my face when I’m putting it in my hair because I know it will help my makeup last longer.  I’m sure this is great for my skin and also my lungs.  It’s Moroccan Oil spray, does that make it any better?

#7  Emergency Lash Kit

I carry a plastic baggie in my purse that serves as a road side lashes kit.  Tire repair kit? No.  Last repair kit?  Yes.  It has glue, q-tips, tooth picks, tweezers, and drink stirrers.  All these tools come in handy when an emergency repair is necessary and I’m prepared to perform the task anytime and anywhere.

#8  Getting A Better Shave

Some days I just want my shaving to be perfect so I secretly use my husband’s (expensive) shaving oil and cream.  To top it off, I use his razor too.  I put everything back just the way he left it.  Results are really top notch!  No words have ever been spoken about this but according to men; my husband must know I’m doing it.

#9  Keeping Dry

I live in the desert where it’s very hot.  My tatas might sweat so I apply deodorant underneath them.  I also don’t care who sees me doing it in my house.  My master bath has no doors, it’s just a large extension of the bedroom and no one should be lingering in my bathroom when I’m trying to get ready anyhow!  (Unless summoned to dry my hair).

#10  Green Tea Care Pads

I don’t drink green tea but I get high quality caffeinated green tea bags and I store them moist in the fridge.  When my eyes need a pick me up, I get a pair of cold tea bags and lay on my bed with the tea bags on my eyes.  I carry on conversations with my kids and pretend there’s nothing weird going on.


28 thoughts on “My Top 10 Weird Beauty Habits

  1. Hey hun, I love this post. I’ve even bookmarked it. 🙂

    I too have a few weird beauty habits. I play with my makeup. Sometimes for hours. And when my husband sends me a text to say he’s on the way home, I’m annoyed because I have to put everything away before he’s home.

    Sometimes I do toiletry sniffing sessions. I have drawers full of shower gels, shampoos, bath oils, creams etc. I just take everything out of the drawers and then I start to sniff the products – one by one.

    My bed sheets look like your pj bottoms because I do my makeup in bed. Everyday. I always try to keep the sheets makeup free, but there’s always something. An eyeshadow mishap, an unintended lipstick drop, loose powder accidents… What can I say? The bedroom’s got the best natural light in the morning, so why would I go elsewhere? 🙂

    Sometimes when I’m at home and don’t intend to go out that day, I put on a dramatic (!) makeup. I can’t wear dramatic makeup at work and I’m not in a rock band, so there aren’t many occasions for me to overdo it makeup-wise.

    I’ll report back later. My husband just sent me a text to say he’s on the way home…


    1. LOL, that’s so funny! You need to figure out some errands to send him on when he says he’s coming home! “Could you please pick up some toilet paper, we’re out” and also I really need a … (something that requires a stop at a different store!) LOL

      OH and you should see what I do to the hotel beds! When I’m in hotels I do my makeup in bed. LOL. You should write a post!!! Everyone would love reading it.

  2. I laughed so much at this because it’s basically me. I shop on my phone at night when my fiancé is asleep, I use his razor and expensive foam, I spray hairspray on my face and my hair is insanely long and thick so I don’t wash it everyday and have a donut bun to hide my dirty hair too lol!
    I love this post!

    1. LOL. I love to shop after Mike is asleep. Tonight I’m going to buy some red cherry 415 lashes. LOL. I need it to be at night as I feel better about doing it then. He’s there, but I couldn’t ask because I didn’t want to wake him. So, I make a good judgment call and just make my purchase, necessities you know.

  3. What a great way to start my day by reading this post! I’m gonna have an image of you laying on the floor spraying and blow drying your hair big;-) Have another playful day!xo

  4. I love everything and all of it. Can we be best friends and you can just crack me up all day long??? Also, I’m crazy jealous that your bathroom floor is clean enough to lay on…#apartmentgoals

    1. LOL. I was chastised the other day at dinner for saying something that was deemed inappropriate but it was just my family and I told them I didn’t care if they wanted to judge me. They can’t get rid of me so …. HA! Every now and then I will say something I’m thinking and then think, Hmmm, I shouldn’t have said that. I think being married to someone for so many years who listens to Howard Stern every day, THAT’S UMMMM EVERY SINGLE DAY, I have lost my way!

    2. I have to keep the floor clean so I can lay on it. When I’m done I wipe up all the hair with a wet wad of toilet paper – it’s a very classy move.

  5. Oh my goodness!! I ADORE your blog!!
    As for this blog post I can relate which made me have the best laugh this week! I too do just about everything that you do. Only difference is I haven’t a husband to throw my latest midnight order of lashes at me lol!
    This blog post is so inspiring on many levels I may just have to write about my secret weird habits.
    Nothing any better than when beauty and humor mix!

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you like it! I’m constantly second guessing every photo, the color of the text, you name it. I think I have habits that are even more weird too. LOL.

  6. LMAO hilarious. Love this post! And I am so stealing the eye lash emergency kit! I can’t believe I never thought of that before! And the tea bag one.. I have heard about using tea bags and cucumber slices on the eyes since I was a kid but dammit I’m actually going to try it for once! lol xx

    1. The last emergency kit was born after I had a lash lift one day at work and I had to make an emergency trip to Ulta in the middle of a busy day. I packed it with little tools so I didn’t have to remove the whole lash to repair. LOL I love using the tea bags. When they are cool and wet they are super soothing and the caffeine helps to de-puff and shrinks blood vessels so it’s immediate results. I can’t do cucumbers because they irritate my eyes. I look like a raccoon with a reverse sunburn (very sad). I may be the only person in the world that gets irritation from the cucumbers.

  7. hahahahaha…you are hilarious!
    Ditto on not washing your hair daily! I don’t know how anyone does that! It cannot be good for your hair! Sooooo, yeah! I am totally a pony-tail/bun girl myself…and dry shampoo? YYYAAAAASS! 😀 I love you even more now with all these crazy quirks! xo

  8. Great post. I really enjoy reading your post and get to know a little bit about you. I’m cracking up right now on #5 😀

    1. I’m so glad I made you smile! Oh, I read your post on the Nivea product. I’m hoping you do a follow up because I’m really curious about the results.

    1. It’s a total scene when I’m spread out in the middle of the bathroom floor with the blow dryer but I can’t get the volume otherwise!! LOL.

  9. Omg, you’re a riot. The laying on the bathroom floor while hairspraying your hair made me laugh. And “I haven’t asked him to feed me grapes yet while I’m blogging.”, well, the buggers have to earn their keep! ;P If you want to feel better, I have a number of weird beauty habits.

    I totally feel you with the deodorant and shaving thing though, I am annoyingly partly hairy (as in black-hair-most-women-especially-not-blonde-women-wth-nature-are-not-supposed-to-have appearing in odd places, while some parts are just permanently peach fuzz, against all odds), so I regularly use men’s razors. Men have softer faces than women because hey exfoliate every day, lol. I switch between using shaving cream and regular soap, but shaving my legs can take an hour with shaving cream as opposed to a half hour with soap, so…

    As for deodorant, I chafe constantly because I’m plump and have very narrow hips, so the inner thighs always get deodorant too. Helps with ingrown hairs, at least… I also avoid washing my hair, only washing it every other day. I try to avoid scrubbing my face, too, because every time I wash my face, I break out terribly. My hair is stupidly thick, and puffs out to an afro if I brush it when it’s dry, so I normally only brush it when in the shower. That being said, I shed more than an animal shelter, and my the time I’m done in the shower, there’s normally a very large ball of rolled up red hair. u_u Not so weird, but I normally shower right before going to bed and sleep in my hair sopping wet because it gives me awesome curls. This means that if anyone else uses one of my pillows, it’s always… damp… and it’s normally remarked upon from another room with a “damn, mary, again?”

    1. I think I blog and talk to myself at the same time. My stream of consciousness….. LOL. I’m glad you like the posts. I love love love to hear that.

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