My Love Affair With Kerastase Resistance Therapiste

Kerastase Resistance Therapiste Voxbox

Kerastase and I go way back!  Back to the days when my parents still paid for my hair care products.  Back to the days of college when I couldn’t afford the product but bought it anyway.  I didn’t want to use anything except Kerastase. What a little hair snob I was!  I knew there were other good products out there but there was something about Kerastase that always had me coming back.   My hair smelled, looked, and felt like I just left the salon whenever I used it.  It’s a brand that I have truly loved for years.

Kerastase has never released anything that I can recall I didn’t like.  Even my favorite cosmetic brands have a few products tucked into their collection that I’d pass on.  With Kerastase, I’ve always loved it all.   With  700 scientists, over 600 registered patents, over 3,000 staff members from 60 different nations, and more than 1,000 products per year, this is a company that can make things happen.  With those stats, we can put their expertise and commitment into perspective.  This is one serious quest for beautiful hair.  Kerastase conducts up to 50,000 evaluations per year in their flagship evaluation center in Paris.  I would love to be a part of that program!  Can you imagine what that would be like?

For me, it was truly an honor to receive a VoxBox from Influenster with newly released Kerastase products.  Not only is it a VoxBox which is great in and of itself but a Kerastase one!   For me,  it was more than testing out the new products and sharing my opinion.  It was opportunity for me to connect with the brand and for them to hear my voice and my sincere gratitude for all the years they have made me feel beautiful.  I believe my hair is one of my best features and I’m always complimented on it.  I attribute a huge part of that to Kerastase.

The products in my Voxbox were from the newly released  Resistance Therapiste collection.  This line is designed for over processed and heavily damaged hair.  It promises to restore and transform damaged hair and Kerastase delivers on their promises.  I live in the Phoenix desert where temperatures reach 118 degrees fahrenheit.   The Arizona weather is brutal.  It’s heavily damaging to skin, hair and just about anything that is exposed to it.  This was a perfect product for me because I need extra protection and care, especially with very long hair.

Kerastase Resistance Therapiste

The Resistance Therapiste hair care regimen is different than any other shampoo and conditioner because the conditioner is designed to be before the shampoo.  At first, I thought my hair might not be silky soft if I used shampoo following a conditioner but that was definitely not the case.  The conditioner is a reverse fiber renewal care system that is specifically designed to use prior to the shampoo.  It creates a layer of protection prior to applying the shampoo without weighing your hair down.  Following the conditioner, I applied the shampoo which is a quite creamy. Instantly I could run my fingers through my detangled soft long hair.  The  shampoo cleanses and repairs the hair fibers at the same time.   After one use, my hair felt silky and soft.  I can tell how my hair will blow out and style by how it feels when it is just washed and I knew when I could run my fingers through my usual tangled web, Therapiste was everything it promised to be.

This hair line was designed with innovative Kerastase technology.  Amino acids in the product attach themselves to the areas of damage to compensate for the loss of mass.   This gives your hair more density and fullness.  A Wheat Protein derivative restores smoothness and makes the hair more uniform and a powerful compound activates Keratin-Assisted Proteins which are part of what forms a strong hair shaft.   The most interesting thing to me about the  Resistance Therapiste technology is the use of sap from an ancient plant that can revive itself after nearly ten years of death.  It’s the fist time Kerastase has been able to utilize this miraculous extract.  More specifically, it’s known as Resurrection Sap and if you really want to see something fascinating, watch this 45 second video.  It’s beautiful and mind-blowing when you realize what is happening.

The Kerastase Resistance Therapiste line consists of a shampoo, conditioner, serum, and masque.  I have included photos here of the entire line of products and plan to purchase the serum and masque.

I would highly recommend the Therapiste line for anyone with damaged or processed hair or hair exposed to extreme environmental elements where extra protection is needed.  I believe you would see and feel an immediate difference just as I did.  Here I am smiling after using my Resistance Therapiste.  You should definitely drop in the Kerastase website and check it out from time to time.   You can use their hair analyzer to diagnose your hair and determine which Kerastase product would be best for you to use.  They always have really interesting and fun information on the site.

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I have wavy hair that is frizzy if left to air dry so I have to blow dry my hair and then curl with heat to achieve this look.  It’s typically takes an hour or more.  However, after using the new Kerastase product, my hair was left to air dry at night and I simply curled it with an iron the next morning.  Now, that’s a big difference for me so I can honestly say this product had a serious effect on my hair and I love it!

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  1. Amazing post – I’ve never used Keratese before, but after reading this I feel like it’s a brand that I need to look into! I’ve nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award 🙂 xx

    1. Oh, it’s an incredible brand and I don’t get anything out of saying that, it’s just my genuine opinion. I will admit, their products are expensive (not over the top) but more than the average salon product. However, I would say… it’s worth the price. Typically a bottle of shampoo runs around 40USD (approximate) where a lot of salon lines are under 30USD. But, it’s a completely different animal and the quality of their product and results make it worth it. You get what you pay for.

      Thank you for the nomination!! I don’t know if you noticed but I just did the lovely blog award about a week ago. It’s probably a couple of posts down on my main page.

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