My Birthday Sephora Haul

Sephora Birthday HaulTomorrow, September 20th, is my birthday but I’m leaving in the morning on a business trip so we decided to have dinner and celebrate today.  My husband wasn’t sure what to get me so I gave him a Sephora list and then I insisted on joining him in Sephora while I selected the things off my list and more.  My hubby carried the basket and pranced alongside of him dropping goodies in it.  While in line at the register, to show some consideration, I put one tiny item back (a Flowerbomb perfume purse spray).  I felt I was considerate and responsible after doing that.   The thing is, he never did say “Janine, that’s enough” so I probably should have just kept sweeping things off the shelf into the basket until he stopped me but this is all an after thought.  I was already frantically piling in the loot for fear I would hear those words before I had all the items I really wanted needed.   Here are lovely items I chose today and all joking aside… I adore my husband for always being so generous with me. He makes sure I always have the things I really want.  He keeps in me in check  but he has  supported me in everything I wanted to do, whether he believed those things were necessary or not.  I love him and I’m lucky to have him as my lifetime partner!

My Birthday Haul Rundown:

Urband Decay Naked Palettes

Urban Decay Naked 3 and Urban Decay Naked Smokey

I arrived at Sephora planning to pick up the Vice 4 palette but it’s not available in the stores yet so that will have to wait.   Instead, I decided to get the new Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette and replace my Naked 3 Palette.  The Naked 3 Palette mysteriously disappeared from my makeup stash.  I did not leave it anywhere as I never took it out of the house but it’s definitely gone.  I think a babysitter took it and if not that, then it sprouted legs and walked out of the house  Anyhow, it was finally time to complete the collection and replace it because I came to terms with the fact that it was truly gone.  I can’t wait to start using both of these!

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Gravity


With so many palettes out, I hate to spent nearly $20 on a single shadow but Urban Decay has managed to include a lot of purples in their palettes but never the “perfect purple”.   Finding the perfect purple is like finding the perfect green.  It’s always a miss in every palette for me and never the exact shade I’m looking for.  This color is so gorgeous,  I couldn’t help but purchase the single.  I thought it would be amazing with some smokey eye looks!  I do have my eye on another single shadow called Free Love which is not in any palettes.  That one may have to come home with me on my next trip to Sephora.  Below is a swatch of Gravity.  Isn’t it perfection?


Gucci Flora Perfume

Gucci Flora

This is not a new perfume to me but Gucci Flora has been a regular in my collection for a long time.  It’s a fruity floral with top notes of citrus mandarin and peony heart with rose and osmanthus flower base  It’s been one of my favorites for years now.  Since I ran out, each time I’d go into Sephora, I’d get a sample but I figured they were likely close to catching onto to me so it was time to officially replace my empty.   I spray this one on and within 30 minutes it smells so incredible delicious!  I just love wearing this scent.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach


I’m not sure this is a special treat item but I really do like to keep a lot of correctors on hand.  I have several from Bobbi Brown that I really like but I don’t have the peach tone and this is a must have to effectively hide dark circles.  A lot of people have mentioned dark circles are a major beauty challenge and I did do a post on using color correctors to resolve this problem.  As you can see, I follow my own advice!  I keep at least 5-6 different shades on hand at all times from different cosmetic lines.  The corrector goes on before my foundation and concealer is applied after the foundation.

NARS Radiant Concealer in Honey


If you read my post on the best concealers  then you know I swear by NARS Radiant Concealer.  It’s one of the best makeup products on the market, in my opinion!   This is also more of a need item as opposed to a special treat but I keep several of these on hand at all times.  I like Custard and Honey depending on my makeup and what I’m trying to conceal.  I get nervous I might lose one so I like to have spares on hand.  Yes, I am paranoid but I’m telling you this stuff is liquid gold!  This combined with an effective color corrector and full coverage foundation and I guarantee no dark circles are getting through.

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Rose Opera


The next Influenster box going out contains two YSL lipsticks and I wasn’t selected for it.  I thought I’d be perfect for that box but I’m not in the line up.  So, I felt a need to add a new YSL lippie to my collection.  I selected Rose Opera which is an absolutely gorgeous dark pink for the fall.  These lipsticks are ultra creamy and offer very full coverage.  There are only a few brands out there truly on par with the YSL formula.  It’s very moisturizing, super rich in color and quite beautiful!

Lash Stuff that I don’t need


I know I don’t need more lash products but I have a problem in this area.  And actually the LashXO products  just arrived in the mail and weren’t purchased at Sephora today.  The LashXO products are not carried at Sephora (actually Sephora does not have a good false lash selection).  LashXO is very much like House of Lashes but I have heard the band is more flexible on these so I thought I’d give them a try.  The style is almost an exact match to Noir Fairy.  I also picked up an extra Duo Glue and a new style of Ardell lashes that I have never tried before.

Extras with Sephora points


Almost done!  I picked up a few little extras with points.  I redeemed my birthday gift earlier in the month so that’s not in this haul.  With points I got a mini Josie Maran Argan Oil light which is absolutely amazing when mixed with foundation.  You can read about how I create an incredible flawless finish using the oil in this post.  I also thought I’d try the Too Faced Mini Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil.

VIB Rouge and Marc Jacobs Mini Lipstick in So Rouge


Last but not least, I never took the time to combine all my Sephora accounts and each one is just short of VIB Rouge status.  Finally, one of them hit the mark.  So, as an added bonus and a friendly reminder to my husband of how much money he’s spending at Sephora, I received a VIB Rouge card along with a Marc Jacobs mini So Rouge lipstick.  YAY!


And that’s it for my birthday Sephora haul!  I hope you had fun unpacking this with me.  I’m now off to try a new smokey eye look with my Urban Decay palette and the gravity eye shadow!  I will be on business travel next week but am hoping to get a post out before next weekend on an evening while I am at my hotel.  Many of you have asked about to solve challenges with skin redness and I have some makeup tips and products to share that will offer some relief if that’s a big beauty challenge or you!  Thanks for reading and much love to all of you!

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104 thoughts on “My Birthday Sephora Haul

  1. Your husband sounds like a keeper! I love everything you got! I am jealous of the UD Smokey palette!

    I do have Free Love and I love that shade! I agree, finding a perfect purple is very hard! After browns, purple is my favorite eyeshadow color so I own quite a lot of them.

  2. Ugh, why aren’t your posts showing up on my reader?! Anyway, Happy belated birthday!
    Nice haul! That UD purple eye shadow is gorgeous, I know what you mean about finding a perfect one. 🙂
    I’ve never owned a YSL lipstick but I think I need one now – you mentioned that there are only a few lipsticks that rival that of the YSL formula – can you advise what those are?

    1. I’m so they don’t show up there. ???? The Dior lipsticks are beautiful and worth the money but they aren’t as light weight as the YSL. Tom Ford’s formula is really pigmented but even more than YSL. Those 2 are what I’ve bought that are comparable. I love NARS as well but the YSL formula has a very unique texture. Silky

    1. I’m so addicted to the lipstick, I want to go back and get more. Thank you for the tag!! I’m trying to publish something tonight and then tomorrow I’m working on some stuff in the early morning so I’ll time HOPEFULLY to send out another post.

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful I hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed it with your love ones and May God bless you with many more healthy years.. This was a Beautiful Haul the Gucci fragrance smells very nice. post pictures on the Marc Jacobs mini lipstick color. love it.

  4. I had my first (and might I add CRAZY) haul at Sephora. That place is makeup heaven.I picked up the NARS concealer too because the hyper got to me and I can’t wait to find out its wonders. Great haul and Happy Birthday!! Hope you had an awesome one.
    Hajara | Chocolatefrosst Xx

  5. Loved everything you purchased, especially the eyelashes since I know about you addiction. Hope you have a Happy Birthday. Oh and also congrats on the VIB Rouge status.

  6. Congratulations (it is the 20th here, thanks to the wonders of time zones 🙂
    What a great haul and amazing husband. Enjoy the goodies!

  7. Lovely haul hun!! & Happy birthday for today! I’m so Jealous over ur UD stuff!! I’m dying to buy the naked 3 but to get it to SA ends up being expensive like R1400 for us lol but I’ll probably twist my husbands arm for Christmas. That ysl lippie looks stunning, I really love thier packaging. Hope u have a stunning day! Xx

  8. Happy birthday beautiful ???????????????????????? you got some amazing goodies wow I’m dying to try just about everything except for the Naked3 I already have everything else I’m like wow great products.

  9. I’m really tempted to splurge and get a Naked pallette. How long lasting are the colors? I have super oily skin so eyeshadow usually doesn’t last long on me unless I buy something with major staying power.

    1. If you use a good primer, they should last all day. I’ve never worn UD and thought… Oh it’s faded. But a primer with zinc to help prevent the oil production might help. You could also dust the whole area with a mattifying translucent powder and then hit it with shadow… Should last a week ????

  10. Happy Birthday Janine!! You are one lucky girl! You picked out some great items. I have not hit VIB rouge but I am dying to get my hands on that Marc Jacobs lippie ???? enjoy all of your presents.

        1. I can’t figure out what the miss was on influenster????? Maybe they wanted people who never used and wouldn’t spend a lot on lipstick to observe the difference in a product like that and convince others to make the switch. I’m kinda thinking they wanted people not accustomed to luxury lipsticks. Then? The WOW factor when trying that product is through the roof!!!!!!!

          1. I’m not sure because when I answered the snap for YSL I said no when they asked if I ever tried them. I’m still upset about that!! I spend a lot of time on influenster. Lol. Ever since I read your post I have been researching which shade to buy and I just can’t decide…..I love them all! The packaging alone had me sold and then your post has had me obsessed. Haha

            1. OMG they’re awesome. I think the miss was…. They wanted people who were not accustomed to higher end lipstick to create more interest. My husband thinks so too. Otherwise why would they ask how much you’d spend on a lipstick? If you put 30 or more I think it ruled us out. They must want people to say how much better it is than everything they’ve ever used. And…. If a person is buying wet n wild or revlon… Gets a hold of YSL… The message will be strong and clear. This is a product in another class and it is different

              1. Ahh but I didn’t put $30 or more!! I thought the same thing and picked the amount that said up to $20. Maybe it went by our influence score. Mine is at 650ish. I agree that the message was supposed to expose those that wouldn’t normally spend the cash. I really tried???? now I’m going to have to spend the cash anyway. Lol

  11. Excellent haul!! Happy early birthday, too. <3 Your husband is a dear to you, haha. Also, multiple accounts at Sephora?? Can't you get those combined so you can indulge/grieve in all sort of VIB Rouge goodness?

  12. Happy Birthday Jeanine!!(tomorrow!)An amazing haul!I love my NARS concealer too!Hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow.xx

  13. Thanks Janine for this great information!! I am going to make a trip to sephora pick up some of these items!! Specifically the Nars Radiant Conceler, Gucci flora perfume and the Josie maran Aragon oil.

    Thanks again!!!

  14. Omg this Sephora haul is amazing! I’m loving all the stuff you purchased *__* I’m saving up for the same YSL lipstick and hopefully I can splurge on it soon because I love that colour ♥
    aww your husband is so sweet… I hope to find a man that treats me as well as your husband some day :”) Also Happy (early) Birthday!!!

  15. Happy birthday Janine!!! It’s over midnight here so I can say that hihi 🙂 I really hope that you have a wonderful day and what a lovely and thoughtful husband you have! 🙂 Carrying a basket in Sephora is every mans dream…. if he has the right woman by his side 😉

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