Mini Spa Sunday with Spongelle

Spongelle natural skin care products
Spongelle body buffer and pedi buffer

Sundays are wonderful for home spa treatments and I had a couple of new products to try from Spongelle (pronounced Sponge-gel-lay) that I was excited about.   I was waiting for Sunday since I planned a mini spa afternoon.  I gathered my candles, a new hair mask, and my Spongelle goodies for a pampering and rejuvenating afternoon.  I didn’t even unpack my Spongelle products until my Sunday spa as opening them was all part of the experience.  I had not previously tried Spongelle products.  Too bad, I didn’t.  I was missing out but not anymore!

I mentioned my hair mask in a previous post and that was planned for my Sunday mini spa as well.  While my mask was working, I would have a deluxe shower and foot scrub with my Spongelle ginger bergamot body buffer (yummy!) and my beach grass pedi buffer (refreshing!).  I know, it sounds incredible exhilarating, doesn’t it?  I envisioned how luscious and aromatic I would be from head to toe after this event.  And honestly, I was.  My hair was smooth, skin silky, and feet soft and pretty.  My bathroom and I both smelled like a luxurious spa when I was done.   Let me share a little more about the Spongelle products because they are very unique and unlike anything I’ve ever used.

A little bit about Spongelle products

First of all, let me tell you what great gifts Spongelle would make.  A few of their products in a gift bag or gift basket would be delightful.  Especially because it’s something unique that people may not be aware of yet and there are a lot of coordinated options you can put together:  pedi buffers, body buffers, body lotions, back buffers, body washes, anti cellulite gloves, and even a special mens buffer.  Products are affordable and packaged beautiful in gift boxes.  All are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.  They are all infused with moisturizers and exotic extracts depending on the scents you choose.  Oh, and they are cruelty free!  How perfect is that for a gift but let’s also not forget about ourselves!  Visit the Spongelle website and see the different products they have to offer.

Getting ready for my mini spa with Spongelle spa

My products came in very pretty boxes and the buffers  were sealed in plastic.  When I removed the plastic, instantly I smelled the beautiful floral and oil infusions.   Ginger is one of my all-time favorite scents.  I absolutely love both the taste and scent of ginger.  So, I was delighted with the ginger bergamot body buffer.  The pedi buffer in beach grass was a clean, refreshing scent that was soft enough to allow the beautiful ginger and bergamot to be the predominant aromatics.  Once I had everything opened, I gathered up my goodies, lit my candles, and jumped in the hot shower.

Using the Spongelle products

The surface of the Spongelle body buffers is unique.  They have a texture designed to exfoliate and buff away dead skin but when you squeeze them, they transform into what feels like a silky cloth.  Each sponge is infused with cleansers as well as the moisturizers and oils so they create a creamy, frothy lather.  The body buffers are designed and guaranteed to provide 14 washes and the flower Spongelle that I have has a ribbon attached so you can hang it up to dry after each use.   For some reason, I’m stuck on the idea of hanging them on my Christmas tree for my dinner guests to pick the ones off that they want as a beautiful favor.  It’s just one way I thought of using them that I thought was unique.  So, Spongelle will be getting a rather large order from me in early December!   The body buffer is really a lovely product and it leaves you smelling just beautiful.  Definitely a win for me.

Spongelle body buffer
Spongelle ginger and bergamot body buffer

I also had the beach grass scented pedi buffer.  The pedi buffers have a firmer texture designed to scrub the bottom of your feet.  If your feet contain a serious amount of dry and cracked skin, you will need something more potent to whip them into shape that you will likely need done in a salon but once you have resolved any major issues, this product is perfect for maintaining a professional callous treatment.  The pedi buffers are good for 30 uses (that’s right 30!) and leave your feet soft and supple.  They are gentle enough to scrub the tops of your feet as well where sometimes your shoes may rub or you notice dry toe nail cuticles.  You can safely scrub all over and your feet will feel relaxed and invigorated as the buffers contain extracts of peppermint oil, arnica, and sea kelp.  If you really want to preserve your perfect feet after your spa treatment, wear some light weight socks instead of walking around bare foot.  You can even add a touch of lotion to your feet before you put on your socks to really get them deeply hydrated.

Spongelle pedi buffer
Spongelle beach grass pedi buffer

Final thoughts on Spongelle

The big question…. Would I purchase Spongelle and keep using them?  Most definitely.  I was very pleased with the products and I noticed the Spongelle Instagram page had lots of creative photos.   The Instagram page sparks even more ideas on how to package them as gifts and there are photos that other users have posted which is always nice to see.  I’ll be posting my Christmas idea on the site!  I thoroughly enjoyed using them and found the technology to be unique and fascinating.  I also think they would make extraordinary gifts for men, young girls and mature women.  They are beautifully presented and packaged and guaranteed to provide at the least the minimum numbers of uses indicated on the box.  Definitely indulge yourself and give them a try!  Spongelle is made in the USA and have been selling their infused bath products since 2003.  Their secret is beauty, innovation, and technology.  Love it!

Enjoy and stay beautiful!

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Janine -XO ~Abeautifulwhim

9 thoughts on “Mini Spa Sunday with Spongelle

  1. Sounds like a product I’d love to try. I may have to treat myself to a spa day of my own.

  2. Lovely review! This sounds like such a great line of products. <3 Ahh, my feet are so heavily calloused that I'd probably buff the buffer, lol! It sure does sound like a fun line of products though, I'm glad you enjoyed your spa Sunday! =)

    1. You should join Brandbacker. You may qualify for this campaign or lots of others with great products. I discovered this line through Brandbacker and I loved it but I’m also so happy to know they exist because they would make such great gifts. I also found OzNaturals through Brandaacker, another company I’m super fond of.

  3. I was so excited to see this post come up in my email! I had a feeling you’d love these! I agree, these products would make the perfect gift and I’ll be ordering some for friends & family. I especially love the sponges and will be ordering more of those for myself once mine runs out. I thoroughly enjoyed the products too and also thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! Stay Fabulous Janine! 🙂 xx

    1. They are so unique!! I’m totally planning on putting them on my tree on Christmas Eve and everyone can pick one to take home. They are perfect gifts! But they are so much nicer than using a bar of soap in shower!

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