Will Meta Appetite Control Help You Feel Less Hungry?

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Meta Appetite Control Review Pink Lemonade

I never pass on an opportunity to try a new health supplement or dieting supplement.  I have struggled to keep weight off my entire life.  Well, the earliest I remember is age 13 but that’s probably the age that weight starts to matter to girls.  I’ve  always put weight on easily and taken it off easily.   Until I got a bit older, then it became even easier to put it on and harder to get it off.  Life is so unfair!

Aside of diet pills, which will make me a nervous and jittery wreck, what else will keep me from resisting cookies or other sweets which are always in my office?  It’s not healthy right-sized meals that are an issue for me.  I get into trouble between the meals.  Meta Appetite Control is a supplement that is proven to help you feel less hungry between meals.  Clinical tests have shown this product helps reduce your appetite between meals.  The question is how can it achieve this and does it really work?

Orange Zest Meta Appetite Control

How does Meta Appetite Control work?

Meta Appetite Control is 100% natural psyllium fiber and the #1 doctor recommended brand.   The psyllium fiber powder, when combined with water, thickens and forms a gel.  When consumed this creates a sensation of fullness.   It helps curb hunger for up to four hours and can be taken up to three times a day.  It’s actually very basic and simple.

It is recommended to begin using the product once per day and as you adjust to it, increase usage.  I love drinks that are very cold and if you do as well, I’d recommend using cold water as opposed to ice.  As the gel forms when the fiber powder and water combine, it’s harder to drink with ice.  Unless you are really quick to drink it!

Orange Zest Meta Appetite Control

I definitely noticed a sensation of fullness after having a glass of Meta Appetite Control.   The product is sugar-free and I purchased the Orange Zest flavor.  The taste is similar to orange juice and the flavor will satisfy a craving for something sweet too!  I really liked the way the product tasted.  There are 45 calories per serving and 6 grams of dietary fiber and 5 grams of soluble fiber.   It is recommended to combine the powder with at least 8 ounces of water.   More water can be used if you would like a milder flavor.  I find about 10 ounces of water is a perfect amount.  The package does indicate it is safe for use for age 12 and older so I offered it to my teenage son who has been working to control cravings.  He also liked the taste and said he felt less hungry after having the drink.

Orange Zest Meta Appetite Control

Where to find Meta Appetite Control?

It was not easy for me to find this product!  I purchased it at Walgreen’s and I did ask for assistance to locate it.  I was hunting around in the area where there are weight loss supplements and vitamins and that was the wrong place.  Meta Appetite Control is located in the section where you will find fiber supplements and probiotics.   It retails for $18.99.  It is available in Orange Zest and Pink Lemonade flavors.

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8 thoughts on “Will Meta Appetite Control Help You Feel Less Hungry?

  1. Wow ..This sharing is very exciting to me. I’ll look for and try it when I feel hungry and tired. Thanks your sharing 🙂

  2. That’s great it’s just psyllium fiber since it’s great to keep you ahem, regular, but also helps to make you feel full so you’re not nibbling.

    1. Yes… sometimes these supplements have a lot of unusual things in them but this one is just fiber and it actually tastes really good. I couldn’t find the lemonade one but I’d like to try that one too.

  3. This looks like a Great way to lose a few pounds. Thanks for this article. ???

    1. You’re welcome. I took it with me to work today and about an hour after lunch, I had some to see if I would avoid the licorice, pretzels, crackers, and cookies that sit on the table outside my office door (complete torture). And actually, I felt full after I drank it and I didn’t go grab a handful of crackers like I usually do. So….. I think we are on the track here!

  4. Thanks, would love to give Meta Appetite Control a try. Form filled out. 🙂

    1. Hopefully they will choose you to send a sample to. I like that it just contains fiber and honestly, it’s pretty good! I would like to experiment and add more water and maybe some pineapple or strawberries and see what I get in the blender. I did notice they have a smoothie additive that is unflavored but my Walgreen’s didn’t carry it.

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