The Hot New Lip Liner Collection From Maybelline (Swatches + Review)

This post is sponsored by Maybelline.  Products were provided by Maybelline for evaluation and all opinions are my own.  #mnyitlook, #mnylipliner

Maybelline Color Sensational® Shaping Lip Liner Review

Maybelline has released 14 contemporary and gorgeous shades in their new Color Sensational® Shaping Lip Liner collection.  They took every detail into consideration with this release to ensure these new lip liners are top performers.  And after testing them, I can definitely say they are!

The new lip liner shades include:

  • 100 – Clear
  • 105 – Nude Whisper
  • 110 – Purely Nude
  • 115 – Totally Toffee
  • 120 – Rich Chocolate
  • 125 – Magnetic Mauve
  • 130 – Dusty Rose
  • 135 – Palest Pink
  • 140 – Pink Coral
  • 145 – Very Cherry
  • 150 – Brick Red
  • 155 – Wild Violets
  • 160 – Rich Wine
  • 165 – Plum Passion

Maybelline Color Sensational® Shaping Lip Liner Review

Maybelline Lip liners

Maybelline Color Sensational® Shaping Lip Liner Swatches

Maybelline Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner Swatches
Left to Right:  Palest Pink, Pink Coral, Very Cherry, Brick Red, Wild Violets, Rich Wine, Plum Passion, Rich Chocolate, Totally Toffee, Magnetic Mauve, Purely Nude, Dusty Rose, Nude Whisper

I’m sure you are familiar with the Color Sensational® Lip Colors (Lipsticks) and these new liners are very easy to match with Maybelline lipsticks.  But really, they will match any lipsticks!  Below you can see a few swatches of popular Maybelline lipsticks alongside the new liners.  Notice how versatile the liners are.  Several liner shades match the lipsticks.  This allows you to bring out different colors or undertones of the lipsticks based on the liner you choose.  For harder to match shades, such as Midnight Blue, the Clear shade lip liner in Maybelline’s new collection is ideal.

Maybelline-ColorSensations-lipstick and lip liners

Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick
Left to Right: Midnight Blue, Born With It, Rich Ruby, Berry Bossy, Toasted Truffle

My lip liner collection has expanded ten-fold in the last year.  I’m always looking for gorgeous, versatile shades and liners that last all day.  Today, lip liner is considered an essential in any makeup collection.  When I choose a lipstick to wear, I always reach for a matching liner.  The Color Sensational® Shaping Lip Liner creates a smooth and defined look.  The liners are highly pigmented and they last all day.  Yes, really all day!  I swear!  These liners outlast my lipsticks, including the longest wearing lipsticks I have.  Once applied, the liner doesn’t budge or smear.  The new Color Sensational® Lip Liner really stays put.  Thank you Maybelline!

With lighter lipstick shades, lip liners will provide definition and with darker shades, liners prevent feathering and bleeding.  Liners can be used to accentuate the cupids bow or make lips appear more full using a technique where you over line the lips.  For a completely matte look, these liners can be worn all over the lips and they offer long lasting lip color.  Lipstick will also last longer if you use lip liner as a base over your entire lips.  There are lots of options.

I found the new Maybelline liners very easy to apply.  There is no need to press hard.  The formula applies smooth and creamy and the liners are self-sharpening using twist technology.

Maybelline Color Sensational® Shaping Lip Liner Tip

Maybelline Lip Liner Review

The only challenge I had with the product was getting into it!  The liners are sealed in plastic but actually I’m thankful for that!  This ensures you get a fresh product that nobody swatched and put back on the shelf.  What I love most about this collection aside of the long wear time are the nudes.  I am a huge fan of nude lipstick and Maybelline has a nude lip liner that matches up with every nude I own.

I’m confident you will be thrilled with the performance of these new lip liners!  Did I steer you wrong when I said the new Colossal Big Shot Volume Express Mascara was amazing?  It is, right?  I still use mine every day and I’m just about to replace it!  If you took my recommendation and tried that product, you know what I’m talking about!  Holy grail status!  Well, next on your list to try should be these new liners!  Maybelline has been releasing fantastic formulas this year and  these are no exception!

Where to purchase Maybelline Color Sensational® Shaping Lip Liner

You can find the entire collection on and suggested retail price for the new lip liners is $7.99.  The product is a great value!  It’s affordable and you can pick up the entire collection and have everything you need when it comes to lip liners!  Enjoy!  XO

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22 thoughts on “The Hot New Lip Liner Collection From Maybelline (Swatches + Review)

  1. I love a good affordable lip liner and these seem so pigmented & smooth! Will definitely check them out once they arrive here 😀

    1. For the price point, it’s amazing! I think Maybelline has released some great products in 2017. I just repurchased their Colossal Big Shot Mascara yesterday. I never repurchase mascara! That one, I did! Used every last drop!

    1. I am really impressed with their range. And you MUST MUST MUST MUST try the Colossal Big Shot Mascara. I KNOW you will totally love it. And well.. um…. how many mascaras do I try? I cannot even tell you how good it is!

    1. The lip liners are wonderful! You won’t regret them. And if you are looking for mascara, the Maybelline Colossal Big Shot is A-MA-ZING! Never budges, smudges, or flakes. SUPER MASCARA! I’m glad you like the blog – thank you so much! I see you have one too so I will stop in!! XOX

  2. Thanks a lot for this post Janine ! These lip liners are very pretty and the spectrum colors stunning ! I see a beautiful pink Wild Violets that calls my name 😉 xo

    Kédidja ~

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad you like them! I’m really fond of all the colors but considering my nude lipstick addiction, I always lean toward the nudes! =) XOXO

  3. I had no idea Maybelline released these lip liners! How great that they correspond back to the lipsticks – makes sense! I like that they don’t require sharpening. The shade Dusty Rose speaks to me!

    1. They came out about a month or two ago. Maybelline has released some great products this year. I love these liners and their Big Shot mascara! I like Dusty Rose too. All the nude shades are just like……. Yaaasss!

    1. Thank you so much! The lip liners are fantastic! A couple of months ago I tried their Colossal Big Shot Mascara which was also wonderful! I recommend it to everyone now! These are really great and long wearing! Let me know if you try them and what you think! =) XOX

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