Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Volume Express Mascara Review

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Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Volume Express mascara review

Maybelline kicked off the new year by raising the bar on their eye game.  In January 2017, three new products were released inspired by backstage beauty.  I’ve been refreshing products in my makeup collection and added Maybelline’s latest mascara, The Colossal Big Shot Volume Express.  You know how much I love eye makeup, especially mascara, and Maybelline has completely new formulas this year.  The newly released eye products include:

  • The Colossal Big Shot Volume Express mascara $8.99
  • The New York 24karat Nudes Palette $11.99
  • Master Precise Liquid Ink Pen Eye Liner $7.99

Let’s take a closer look at the new Maybelline New York Colossal Big Shot Volume Express mascara!  I’ve been dying to review this product!

Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Review

Maybelline Mascara review


Maybelline’s NEW Colossal Big Shot Volume Express mascara is a volumizing mascara that lifts and separates with a single coat.  The brush contains five wells with wavy bristles that are designed to coat every lash, even tiny ones, with the product.  The brush is newly designed and developed to gather more formula so application can be completed in one stroke and deliver bold volume and length.  In a consumer survey panel, Maybelline reported 9 out of 10 women saw dramatic volume with a single coat of this mascara and 94% of women said this was their new must have mascara.  Also, 96% of the women on the panel agreed the mascara provided a bold look with no clumps.  Maybelline describes this product as long-lasting.

How did Maybelline Big Shot Volume Express mascara perform?

With this product, I had no smudging.  I’ve worn it all day (10+ hours) in warm and cool weather and didn’t experience smudging or flaking.  Despite it being winter, Phoenix has still had some warm sunny days and the mascara didn’t budge.   Also, something I always look for in a mascara is one that doesn’t create a mess if you blink a couple of seconds after you apply it.  This formula clings to the lashes and I didn’t experience any transfer immediately after application.  I can’t tell you how many products are on my eye lids or below my eyes seconds after applying them and that’s a deal breaker for me.  This product stayed put and I am really pleased with that!

As far as the formula goes, it lived up to Maybelline’s promise and applied well without any clumping.  I also found the product washed off easily with facial cleanser and warm water.   Hard to remove mascaras can damage your lashes so it’s always important to use a product that comes off with harsh rubbing like this one did.  With one coat of the product, you do get long, separated lashes and good volume.  I believe many people would be satisfied with one coat.  I preferred using multiple short strokes to apply the product for the most dramatic look possible.  With the amount of strokes I use to apply all mascaras, I don’t know how many coats it equates to.  The brush separated and lengthened bottom lashes well and it is effective at providing coverage on every lash.

Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara Review

Maybelline mascara wand

Packaging is cute. The tube is gold which helps differentiate it between the many black tubes that are often piled into makeup bags.  The gold really makes it stand out so you can quickly spot it.  Overall, I am really pleased with the Colossal Big Shot Express and it wore beautifully.  Lashes don’t shrink up after a few hours.  It is a long wearing product as described by Maybelline.  This is an excellent mascara at a terrific price point and it performed like many high end products.

Have you tried this new mascara yet?  What about the other new products that Maybelline recently released?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!  I always love to hear for you.

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20 thoughts on “Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Volume Express Mascara Review

  1. Wasn’t impressed with this. Maybe I got a “dryed “ out one but it just didn’t last long. Probably won’t buy again.

    1. Oh, that’s so disappointing. It’s honestly still one of my favorite mascaras. I have repurchased it 5 or 6 times now. You could always give it another try and see if you got a bad tube or something. I like it because it never flakes or smudges and the lashes have great volume. I used a new Buxom product today and came home to panda eyes so tomorrow I’m back on the Maybelline. If you are in the US, you can return anything you get that you don’t like or are concerned with. So, I’d definitely say try one more tube!

  2. Hi gorgeous! Thanks for the review and I haven’t used this mascara before because my all time favorite mascara is benefit cosmetics they are real ones.. Bt now I think I should give a try to this one as well?

  3. I have been meaning to try this mascara since it was released. Funny story, I was at the mall at Ulta ready to check out. They had their buy one get one 50% off all Maybelline products and then we were all evacuated because the fire alarm went off in the mall. Oh well, next time!

    1. oh no! It takes me so long to get to finalize my selections and then to have a fire alarm go off? UGGH, how annoying! Definitely try it – they did a good job on the product and I like the fact that I don’t get panda eyes like I do with so many mascaras!

  4. I never know what constitutes as “one coat”. I do a bunch of strokes before I re-dip the wand back into the tube. I count that as one coat myself.
    I too, much prefer mascaras that can be washed off washed off easily – that’s one of the reasons why I don’t like waterproof mascaras – I end up losing too many lashes. I might try this! I was super impressed by their Lash sensation mascara. Thanks for your review!

    1. Actually! Maybe that’s it! How many times you re-dig the wand? I might actually update my post because I didn’t re-dip the wand. VERY GOOD POINT! I totally destroyed my lashes with waterproof mascaras and falsies. Like they were literally gone! I bought Latisse and grew them out and now I’m wearing falsies for a night out or special occasion and waterproof mascara will be for times when I think I need it, like a wedding. Otherwise, I’m with you, they fall out. I have Lash Sensation too but I honestly think this one is better. More volume… whereas Lash Sensation is really just length. At least.. for me.

      1. I don’t re-dig into the wand, typically! I don’t like to layer too much or else it’s too clumpy.
        Did you find Latisse to make a significant difference? I’ve been thinking of trying it.
        Good to know you find this better for volume – I love volume!

        1. YES! Latisse is the ONLY product I have ever used that really has a dramatic effect on lashes. There is a lot of stuff on the market and honestly nothing really works except Latisse. The serum is on the expensive side, it is a prescription, but it is worth every penny. I have stopped and started it several times because lashes get too long. So, one small bottle goes a long way and my lashes were destroyed – completely wrecked. Now, they are beautiful and I haven’t put on false lashes in months! I endorse Latisse 100%! FANTASTIC! (Oh, and my husband says my lashes are too long so I know they are on point! LOL)

  5. I love Maybelline mascaras,.. they have never disappointed me,.. Thank you for this review,.. I will check this one ,..

    1. It’s so nice to find good mascaras that aren’t super mascara! I agree, Maybelline does do an amazing job on mascara! =)
      Let me know if you try this one and how it works for you. I’m going to be using mine today!

  6. Hi Janine, thank you for the review! I too love eye makeup, as it can instantly make me look alive, and consider mascara a ‘deserted island’ type product, at least as far as I’m concerned. This mascara sounds wonderful. I often times find that drugstore mascaras perform better than high end or about the same but for a fraction of the cost! Will definitely pick this up and give it a try! Thank you for such a detailed and thorough review!

    ~ Cat L.

    1. You are so welcome! I was impressed with this mascara and I’m usually spending 40.00+ on mascara and to get a good one for less than 10.00 is amazing! It’s definitely worth a try and I’m so impressed that it didn’t transfer after putting it on and no panda eyes at all. Let me know what you think if you pick it up! They usually have buy one get one free at Ulta so the price can really be low!

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