May 2015 Giveaway – Anastasia Artist Palette

Winner:  @409Cope – Twitter

Yes, I actually have the new Anastasia Artist Palette despite the craziness around the release of this one!  As of April 22nd, the Anastasia website still shows the product out of stock.  I have no idea how I got so lucky as I imagine Sephora will be fresh out within the next week or two.

If you are already subscribe/follow my blog and follow me on Twitter, you are automatically entered.  COOL!  If not, subscribe and follow now and this could be yours!  Plus you have the opportunity to enter mutiple times with different activities.  If you subscribe before the end of April, you will be eligible to win the Tarte Lip Resurgence set.  If you comment on one of my articles and you are the winner, I will include an additional gift with the palette.
I already wrote a separate review and included swatches. I mixed some colors too in the swatches. I think I was feeling creative or something. Good luck beauties.

 May 2015 Giveaway Rules and Restrictions:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Limited Edition Artist Palette

  • Contest is open internationally (I’m feeling very generous)
  • ONE Winner will be chosen at random.

Anastasia_Artist_Palette review Anastasia_Artist_Palette Anastasia-Artist_Palette review

234 thoughts on “May 2015 Giveaway – Anastasia Artist Palette

  1. Thank you for this! The prize iz great. I’m following on twiter and bloglovin

  2. thanks for this chance! i subscribed to your blog by mail ( and i follow by twitter (@ilafede83)
    please send me a message through FB (ilaria carraro) if i won thanks! 🙂

  3. I love this blog! This palette really is absolutely beautiful-can’t believe you got your hands on it!! Would loooovve to play with this!
    Also-your coral(ish) summer face post was my fave in a while-I wish I was a lil better at. blending,but I digress…anyway,thanks for always having something awesome for me to read and learn.xx

    1. OMG, how weird. I typed I reply and I must have lost it in the save process. Hmmm. I use the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders and they sort of blur everything so if something isn’t blended, they take care of that =)

      I also never thought brushes made a difference and I only recently invested in them (over the last few years) and a good brush can make a huge difference. More than you would ever expect. I use Sigma brushes now. I find they are excellent quality and I like their website. Each brush has a good explanation of what it is most effective doing and they are decently priced. I like MAC but their brushes are too much money. Sigma is half the price and quality is great. They will do sales and stuff too which is nice. Sometimes they will have 20% off but you can always get 10% through affiliates and stuff. I think I used the Jaclyn Hill code last time.

      I’m so glad you like my blog!!!!! YAYayYYA (Giving a big hug)

  4. What a brilliant giveaway!! I absolutely love ABH and have all the bits I could get in the UK that I wanted! This palette isn’t in the UK yet (I don’t think) so I’d love it to add to my ABH collection xxxx

  5. Wonderful giveaway! Love the colors! I usually play with neutral tones so it’d be nice to experiment with bright colors!
    I followed you on Bloglovin (endeaspace) and Twitter (@endeaspace). Fingers crossed!

    1. It’s a perfect palette if you have some neutrals already to blend with it. I like the bright colors they are fun but it’s pretty buildable as far as the colors go, so you can tone them down too!

  6. Great palette, thank you for the opportunity <3
    I follow on tw: @scehennemden

  7. Awesome giveaway!! That palette looks sooo vibrant from the packaging to the shades. I entered and have my fingers & toes crossed!!

  8. This palette is amaizing!
    I followed on Bloglovin as Srna Kulik and twitter as @newbie121417 🙂
    my email is srnacoollik@gmail(dot)com
    Fingers crossed!

  9. Beautiful palette, thank you for the chance! 🙂
    Bloglovin: Tea Šainović
    Twitter: @TeaSainovic

  10. Hi! I follow you via bloglovin’—kells2013 and. twitter–@KellyAC2010

  11. Wow, thanks a lot! 🙂 What a great opportunity 🙂
    Subscribed and followed on twitter @mile_voli_disko

  12. Hi! Love this giveaway and I think your blog is delightful. I subscribed via email and am following you on Twitter @velvetwhip

  13. I am an email subscriber and follow on twitter as 409cope.
    Love the vibrant shades in this palette!

  14. Following you on twitter and by email 🙂 I am starting a blog with my friend called Redhead and Curly. Any tips on how to succeed? Thank you!

    1. Cute blog name! Tips to succeed? Hmm, I’m so new to this, I’m not sure I have much I could share. I do Google a lot on blogs and read up on how people are successful in growing an audience. I think it’s important to produce quality and interesting content that represents who you are as an individual. People want to know you through your writing so try to maintain your voice and be honest. Stay engaged with the readers so they know and feel they are important to you. Be responsive and consistent. And network with people that you find you have things in common with. Those are the tips I could offer today. I think blogging does require a significant time investment so try and dedicate certains times each day where you post or respond or read other people’s content. I may have some better answers for you down the road. Also, people like pictures so quality photographs are important too.

  15. Subscribed on

  16. I subscribe to your blog ( nastjanastja (at) ) and i follow you on twitter (@AnastasiaTT)

    1. =) I will try to do most of them international. Seems it is not that expensive to ship around the world, if it’s small. And makeup goodies usually are!

  17. mew follower. I love your style and tips. This is an awesome giveaway thanks so much!

  18. Thanks for this amazing giveaway. hope you’ll find success in everything that you do Janine!

  19. Wow thank you so much for this awesome giveaway! Really, thank you! I really hope I win. 🙂
    I subscribed to your blog using this email: and on Twitter: @jeong_hana
    Have a great day!

    1. You are so welcome. I love to share and give things away so each month I’ll be picking something I hope my subscribers will love. Thank you for subscribing. Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Hi there Gadis. It’s a pleasure to have you with us. I’ll read your review on the cleansing product today. I love to discover new products.

  20. Great Iam subcribed, followed u both on twitter n on bloglovin. 🙂
    Its a very beautiful palette with gorgeous shades 🙂

  21. I subscribed to your blog tina(dot) and also I follow you on twitter Tina1wthautism and thank you for the opportunity

    1. Hi Tina! Thank you so much! I will be putting my BLoglovin follower emails into the WordPress system so when I draw for the palette you won’t be missed! -XO

  22. Subscribed, followed on Twitter (@Alliekat12345), and followed on Bloglovin’ . Thank you so very much for the chance 🙂 xoxo

  23. Wow, those pallete colors are amazing. They would be absolutely perfect for me.

  24. Thank you for the chance to win!
    I’ve subscribed on your blog via Email (
    Twitter: Oksana_Zol

    1. Yes. I also just love some of their tans. They do have some not so great colors but most are wins. Their caramel, sienna, bengal and orange soda are all becoming cult colors. =)

  25. The Baby I’m A Star & Aubergine are beautiful shades – a couple of years ago I’d never have dreamt to wear anything other than neutral browns/bronze. Funny how our tastes change!

      1. =)
        I’m going to be adding everyone from Bloglovin this weekend into the database on WP to make sure my giveaway tool has everyone in the list.

  26. I’ve tagged you to do the Lipstick Tag! You can check out the rules on my blog, looking forward to reading your answers! xxx

  27. I finally subscribed. I kept forgetting after you sent me the twitter message about it. the palette looks so cute. especially that purple! I love your theme by the way.

    1. I love the palette. The longer I’ve had mine, the more I’ve grown to love it. BUT! Must have a neutral palette or some neutrals to go with it. I think this palette would have been awesome if they just added one soft brown neutral to blend with everything. =)
      Thanks for commenting. Glad you are here! XO!

  28. Looks like a great palette! Love the colours (except the yellow).
    I follow you via Bloglovin (Pippirose) and I subscribe via email.

  29. Hello, nice to meet you.. you have an excellent blog and you are offering an awesome giveaway:):)

    I am love with this palette, really love its colors!

    1. The palette is from They are fantastic! Excellent support and service. Little freebies you can download. They have quite a few really nice themes. Thank you so much for the compliments on the blog! And the colors. Oh, I tweaked forever!

  30. Questa palette è così divertente!
    Dubito che vincerò, ma vale la pena!

  31. Wow ..that’s a fabulous giveaway 🙂
    Done wt all steps ..Subscribed n Shared
    Count me in sweety ..
    Twitter I’d – @renulalwani1

    Thanks 🙂

  32. I love Anastasia products!!! Nice giveaway… I never win something but I’m still hoping :.. Good luck girls!!

  33. What a extremely lovely giveaway, I just recently started using brighter colors on my eyes, and I love golds and purple.. This looks like it would be fun to play around with!!!!

  34. Love this gorgeous palette the colors are really summery and fabulous following!
    Bloglovin:Yesenia Aguilar
    Thank you for this opportunity love to win.

    1. =) I’m so afraid to wear bright lip colors but I love bright colors for my eyes. I love all the pretty colors of summer fashion and makeup! Thank you for stopping in. I just adore my beautiful followers.

        1. I’m trying your lip scrubs this weekend. I even bought little containers to put them in. I know I know I might be a little over the top. I wish I coul figure out how to post a pic in comments. They are so cute, little screw tops. Now I just need a label maker to store all my cute little DIY items. The palette is actually really nice. I did such a pretty look yesterday with it. I have some photos but I my husband didn’t take them off the camera yet. GRRR. Snail.

    1. Thank you so much! I see you have a blog – I will definitely stop in this evening and check it out. My kids adore smoothies so I’ll have to try your recipe! I could be a new hero this week in my house!

  35. I love the unicorn Shade so much and blue velvet oh and the dusty rose is so pretty. Actually nope there all fab.

  36. You are too generous but thank you so very much for this opportunity.

  37. I just love the colors in this palette-so pretty, yet different. I could come up with some fun looks for spring and for summer too!

    1. Anastasia manages to come up with some interesting and different colors. I could see these pops of color in the summer with a white dress! =)
      Good luck in the giveaway! June will be a great one too announced in a few weeks.

  38. All mentioned steps done…
    Twitter id @mariakhz
    Wish to be lucky!!!!

  39. I love the shades! I’ve never seen this palette before.

    I subscribed via email: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Twitter: @BlackAsphodel

  40. Wow, this is such a generous giveaway, I’m from France and this palette doesn’t exist at all here! 😉 I agree with a previous comment that says the yellow shade is weird, but why not! Thank you so much for the opportunity and good luck to everyone ! 😀
    (I follow you on Twitter : @MlleClem_ and here’s my email :

    1. Really? WOW. Well, this is a good opportunity for you! The yellow shade is very bizarre but it can be blended for some interesting looks. Who knows, maybe there’s a hot yellow trend on the way we haven’t heard of yet! France has so many wonderful niche cosmetic companies though so you must have lots of goodies to choose from!

  41. Thank you, dear Janine, for a really great giveaway !
    I’ve always wanted to try one of Anastasia’s palettes, they all look so good and unique…

    Subscribed via my email :
    I’m now following you on :
    Twitter – @Miri1985Miri
    Bloglovin – Miri Weiss
    Instagram – @mirush777

    1. They have really fun colors but some of the tans and neutrals in Maya Mia and Tamanna are FANTASTIC. I always get the palettes because once they are gone, they are gone. This one you will need to have some neutrals on the side, but some of the colors in this one like the copper brown and the green are sooooo pretty. Good luck and thank you so much for visiting my blog. =)

    1. Thank you! I’m glad to you have you here with all of us. I hope you enjoy and good luck with the givewawy. There will be many more too!

  42. Awsome giveaway darling ! I follow you on bloglovin’ (fairouze) and twitter (@theycallmefati) 🙂

  43. Thanks so much for a chance to win!!! 🙂 Im following you on bloglovin & twitter!

  44. I follow on Facebook and twitter @cookies_girl ….thanks for the chance!

  45. Thank you for the chance to win 🙂 Beautiful looking palette!
    My Twitter is @CiaraLMurphy

  46. I’ve seen this all over Instagram! I wasn’t excited until I saw a tutorial on YouTube…now I must have it! Lol…that and the MakeupGeek foiled eyeshadows!

  47. This pallette looks beautiful! I love the dusty rose color! I’m really hoping that I win! 🙂

    1. The rose is really pretty. I’ve only had my palette a couple days to play with but it’s a super pretty color. Especially as a transition color. Very nice neutral! Thank you for following. XO

  48. Colors are vibrant; so many color choices. Thanks for the chance!
    Follow TW as lulu_brown24
    Follow email: jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  49. Uber generous. <3 Retweeted on Twitter. I have to admit, I like the packaging a bit, too. It's so cute, it makes me want to go have a picnic and bring my paints and canvas.

    1. Thank you!!

      I just finished up swatching so I’m about to post the colors. There is a very weird yellow one. I did some blending though and came up with some interesting things. You’ll have to tell me what you think.

      1. Very interested to see what you post! I actually like yellow eyeshadow a great deal, it’s red I can never make work. There are some talented people out there who can. =o

  50. I can’t imagine figuring out how to wear that yellow shade but otherwise all the other colors look pretty do-able!

    1. I know. They arrive today (or tomorrow) so I’ll be swatching and review and posting more photos. They had a weird gold shade in the Maya Mia palette. Maybe it will be good for blending and brightening. Although one time I saw someone wearing green and yellow shadow and it was gorgeous. I know, weird right?

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