On Track With The Jenny Craig Program!

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Healthy resolutions

Last year, I had a resolution to lose weight but never met my goal.  I think it’s a challenge to chase a number on a scale so I’m not doing that.  I never got to wear the clothes in my closet that I set as my goal.  For me, it’s more about how I feel and what clothes I’m wearing as opposed to a number.  I was planning on dieting entirely on my own after the holidays but when I was approached with an opportunity to work with Jenny Craig, I was even more motivated to get started and get on the right track.  You may recall, I posted last year about Nutrisystem.  Both my son and I tried the program and it didn’t work for us.  We didn’t care for the food because it was packaged for storage on a shelf and there  was no one on one counseling either   Unfortunately, the plan quickly fell apart for both of us.

This year, is different.  I have Gigi, my little Yorkshire Terrier walking companion, and some time off to get better organized and focused on what’s important.   And now I have Jenny Craig!  The U.S. News and World Report just published a ranking of diet programs  in early January.   The Jenny Craig program ranked #10 in best overall diets that were evaluated in the study.  The Jenny Craig program also ranked high in several other categories including Best Weight Loss Diets, Best Commercial Diets, among others.  Review the complete U.S. News and World Report to see how well the Jenny Craig program ranked in different categories for 2017.

Jenny Craig Frozen meals Jenny Craig Frozen meals

The Jenny Craig program has made personal support the cornerstone of what they do and they have consistently followed this model for 30 years.  When you join the program, you are paired with a dedicated consultant who provides one-on-one support that is customized to help you overcome challenges and meet your goals.  In addition, they have more than 100 premium menu items created by a team of 40 professional chefs.  The  meals in the program are paired with fresh fruits, salads, and vegetables of your choice. What I really love is the meals are made with fresh ingredients and frozen for you to reheat.  This is unlike other plans where meals such as pizza or burgers are stored on a kitchen shelf.  The Jenny Craig food is really good and there is a huge variety and tons of options to choose from.

Jenny Craig dream shade
So in love with these chocolate shakes!
Jenny Craig low calorie snack
Jenny Craig ranch snacks
Jenny Craig dessert
Jenny Craig walnut brownie (super fudgie!)

I’m really cautious when it comes to my weight because I invested a lot of money in cosmetic surgery after my children were born.   I had a breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction and I don’t want anything to affect the results I got from surgery.  I have absolutely loved the changes but weight gain can permanently affect the results.  If I notice I’m up a size in clothes, I immediately look to make changes.  I’m very motivated to lose weight and maintain my ideal weight.   Key word: maintain.  I don’t want to go up and down every year and part of the Jenny Craig program teaches you effective maintenance once you reach your goal.  With Jenny Craig, members can expect to lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week, which is a healthy range of weight loss.  I have completed 2 weeks on the program and 1 week off the program (but still dieting using their guide) and I’ve lost 6 pounds!*  My husband mentioned he noticed a difference!  Yes!  6 pounds!

Jenny Craig Breakfast Entree
Jenny Craig Breakfast Entree
Jenny Craig Lunch Entree
Jenny Craig Lunch Entree

For me, I’m not always in a position to eat a meal at home or take a meal with me so I work out my unique needs with my consultant.   This is one of the things that makes the Jenny Craig program different.  The one on one consulting helps you through any situation where diets may have failed in the past (e.g. business travel, vacation time, social gatherings, etc).   I used their guide that fits in my purse and it’s easy to work with. It helps me determine how to balance a meal that I’m eating on my own.

Jenny Craig meal guide
Jenny Craig meal guide

My plan is to follow the program for 2 months.  So, I will be back with a follow up post at the end of February or early March to unveil my final results!   Are you as excited as I am?  With 6 pounds under my belt, I’m confident I will meet my goals and maybe even exceed them!

How have you been doing on your New Years resolutions?

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Results not typical. Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. I received promotional consideration.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

4 thoughts on “On Track With The Jenny Craig Program!

  1. I’m glad you like Jenny Craig and congrats on your weight loss!! I’ve never tried it but I’m in the midst of weight loss under a nutritionist’s guidance. They give me a B-12 injection, food options and individualized plan. I am addicted to Diet Pepsi so next up is a medication that makes diet soda taste terrible. Lol. The struggle is real!! My plan is to loose 30lbs overall. I’m down 5 in 2 weeks. I usually do better as I go, if I see results (not on a scale) with clothes and body image then I become more motivated. I hope you continue to post updates.

    1. There is a medication that makes diet soda taste bad? I probably need that. I am Diet Pepsi addict too! Well, I switched to Diet Coke when Pepsi changed their sweetener. The struggle is definitely real. And I swear, with each year, it gets harder. Trying to lose weight at 40 is harder than 30! And there’s just certain areas I really struggle with. 5 pounds is 2 weeks is OUTSTANDING! I think at 5 pounds, definitely you see a difference and I agree, once you start seeing the change? It’s so incredibly motivating to keep going! I will keep posting. I also (shhh) recently did lipo on my arms (they just drive me out of my mind) and I got good results. When the swelling is down, I will post the before and after and write about the experience.

      1. We are going to have osteoporosis when we’re 50. Yes, the medication is called Topomax and used for migraines and higher doses for seizures. One of the side effects are changes in taste to certain foods/drinks. I agree it gets harder, I had 2 children and bounced right back to 120 but I was in my twenties.lol Now at 40 I can’t loose 5 without drastic measures.
        I would love to see your arm pictures. I went for a tummy tuck consult and chickened out when I realized what they would have to do. lol. I might consider lipo because it’s less invasive. I have this fear of something bad happening and my family being told “well she wanted to look skinny but….” I know I sound crazy!!

        1. I hear ya! I swear with every year on top of 40, it’s harder! I think Topomax is used as an appetite suppressant sometimes, isn’t it? So, the tummy tuck seems devastating – I KNOW – but I swear if I had to do it again? I would! The results are so worth it! And it’s not even that bad. Within a few weeks, I felt pretty good and once the swelling was gone I was like… OK! Why didn’t I do this years ago? I will have good photos of the arms. Before, immediately after the procedure, and then at 3 months. I’ve had to fix everything. A baby at 39 just literally turned me into a blob!

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