Liebster Award -Part 1

Liebster award

Hello Beauties!  I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely author, Kay, of  Blush & Bronzer.  I was so excited to see this when I came home this evening.  I’m just thrilled to be a part of the new blogging community and what’s really amazing is to connect with people all over the globe.  I think this is a great way for us to get to know each other and support one another.  Kay put together some questions for her chosen bloggers to answers so l’ll jump right in. 

  1.  What made you decide to blog?

As I started getting older, I became very passionate about beauty, skin care, makeup, nails and taking good care of myself.  I don’t have many hobbies and I thought this would be a wonderful hobby for me to jump into.  It’s an outlet for me to share what I’m passionate about, continue to learn, and collaborate and form meaningful relationships with other women.  So far, I really love blogging and I enjoy writing and keeping up with social media and technology.  All good stuff rolled into one!

2.  What does a relaxing day consist of?

Children in my home that aren’t bickering or leaving messes for me to clean up. That’s a serious answer!

3.  What is your favourite product?

My Make up For Ever HD foundation. I don’t know if I will ever find a product that I love more than that stuff!  I also worship my Lorac Pro Palette but as it stands now, nothing could replace my beloved foundation.

4.  What is the last book you read?

Fifty Shades of Grey and I’m embarrassed that I don’t read more novels.  I spend a lot of time reading blogs, medical journals, articles about specific topics I’m interested in, etc. but I rarely go for a novel.

5.  What is the last product you finished completely?

Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

6.  What’s something you will never buy again?  Why?

Oh, sadly, there have been quite a few flops in my cosmetic escapades. I will never buy Obagi Elastiderm eye products. I wrote a review about what a waste of money that was and hopefully it saves someone from potential disappointment.  After spending over $100 and having high expectations, the product has produced no noticeable results in over two months.

7.  What’s your favourite alcoholic drink?

Anything with ginger! I love drinks with ginger beer or even better… fresh ginger. There is a ginger margarita at J&G Steakhouse (they have those around the U.S.) that I could drink until I pass out or pass out from vomiting as that usually hits me first.  I’m a thrower-upper.  🙂

8.  What’s something on your bucket list?

I’d like to spend some time living in another country, preferably Mexico or Spain.

9.  What is the last thing you bought?

I just bought an iced tea and a chocolate chip cookie and sat on the patio at our favorite gourmet market with my hubby and one of my boys and enjoyed an evening snack.

10.  Do you have a nickname? Why?

I have a couple. One is rather horrifying and the other is totally endearing. The horrific one is “Beav” as in Beavis and Butthead.  I hope no one knows what that cartoon is!  Somehow, my husband got me to answer to “Beav” as a joke and to this day I do it and don’t realize it. The other nickname is “Cookiela”.  It’s pronounced “Cuh-ka-la”. My grandfather called me that growing up and it was a nickname that meant little cookie. I used to get mad at him for calling me that but now that I’m older I realize how special it was to him.  Now it’s special to me.

11.  Do you consciously try to come up with blog topics or do they just come to you and you have to make notes to keep up with the ideas?

I definitely have a list of ideas that I keep as backup topics but usually I come up with a topic and write it a few days before I post it. Typically, I’ve written the post and the delay in getting it out there is getting good pictures to include. I have my iPhone or my husband. My hubby’s equipment is too complicated for me.  I need to solve this problem and find some middle ground.

All right, now I’ve come up with 11 glorious questions for my chosen beauties to answer.

1.  What is the best beauty tip you have ever received that you could share with us?

2.  What is your favorite feature about yourself and how do you highlight that feature and play it up?

3.  What is your most cherished childhood memory?

4.  What is the best nude lipstick you have ever gotten your hands on?

  1.  What is a specialty dish that you can cook or bake that would blow people’s minds?

6.  If you were planning a vacation, where would you like to travel and why?

  1.  What is your holy grail liquid or gel black liner?  (Can’t wait for this one!)
  2.  What perfume do you get the most compliments on when you wear it (even if it’s not your favorite)?
  3.  What are you most frightened of?
  4.  What is the best tip you have received from a long-time, expert blogger?

  5.  What’s your most embarrassing moment?  (hee hee hee)


I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s answers.  And now for the lovelies that I nominate:


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12 thoughts on “Liebster Award -Part 1

  1. Ah, how very sweet of you!! <3 <3 That was so nice, I appreciate it so much, thank you! I've never heard of the other bloggers you nominated, it's so fun to find new blogs. 😀 (Although I think you made a slight typo in Boho Chic Cafe – the .com didn't turn out quite right)

    I like all your responses… is Too Faced Shadow Insurance really so good, or did you just feel obligated to use it, hehe. An iced tea and chocolate chip cookie out on the patio sounds so relaxing, like a magical summer night. <3

    1. Also, forgot to add, I lol’d at the Beav bit. I’m afraid most of us know of the cartoon! ;P How in the world did he get to calling you that?

      1. I have no idea. He just did. So now… it’s “Hey Beav…” and I saw “yeah?”. OMG. Beavis is blonde and I’m a natural brunette but I guess “Hey Butt….” just didn’t work as well.

    2. I just updated her link. It was weird I think it has to have the http://www….. but I have to test it. I only notified two people so far. We just went to eat Mexican and now I totally wish I didn’t. I don’t really think any Too Faced products are super duper but the shadow insurance was OK. The tube lasted forever. I actually like using the MAC paint pod in Painterly (I think I spelled it wrong) the best. I wish I did tea and a cookie tonight. These nachos are like a brick in my tummy.

      1. Ah yeah, Too Faced seems to be so popular, but I don’t get the fuss… aside from how cute the packaging is! MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly works as a good eyeshadow primer? How funny! Also, aww… at least you still have the patio! ;P

        1. It’s cute packaging and some of the stuff is gimmicky. I do like the primer, it was OK. The other thing I have are lost little palettes they do. The natural, the smokey… but the colors aren’t great. Pigmentation, yes. Color, eh… could be better. LOL I know I will always be a MAC junkie and while they aren’t cheap, it’s not 40.00 for lipstick either!

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