Liebster Award – Part 2

Liebster award

While I was preparing my responses for the Liebster award from Blush and Bronzer, I must not have been quick enough!  Just after I posted my responses and nominees, I was nominated by Reflections by Mirela.  WAIT a moment!  Important update here.   I have no idea how I confused this.  I really try to figure myself out, but I’ve been trying to do that for years unsuccessfully.  Anyhow, it was Beauty By Elise Kate that nominated me for this Liebster.  I was watching True Detective, savoring some Diet Pepsi, and it was kind of late so I have no idea how I botched this one but I apologize and I’m embarrassed.

Having said that, please please please stop in at Beauty By Elise Kate and check out her site.  She is also on Tumbler if you use that platform.  Thank you Ms. Elise Kate for the nomination and I promise I won’t blog late at night anymore!

I also think you should stop in at Mirela’s site (link above) She’s a professional makeup artist I also follow and she just glows!  When you visit her site, you’ll find her blog on the home page.

I’ll jump right in.  You are probably getting to know me better by now and have realized I pretty much just lay it on the table.   Following my answers, I will choose another group of bloggers that I would love to hear from and come up with some new questions.   I’m not sure who started this but it has definitely provided me the opportunity to find  many active new bloggers and people to connect with.  I really enjoy that aspect of blogging and this definitely facilitates getting to know each other, link backs, among other benefits.  Honestly, just knowing someone recognized me and is interested in my blog, is truly an honor.

  1. What is your guilty pleasure?

Okay, no laughing and no ewwws!  My guilty pleasure is the CADBURY CRÈME EGG. Can’t get enough of them and when I’m having one, I like to be left alone to savor the moment.  I just cannot be disturbed!  One day before my husband and I were dating but worked in the same office, he came to my desk and when he left there was an egg.  I knew right then, he was mine.

  1. Give a random fact about yourself.

I had a weird phase in my mid-twenties with pubic restrooms.  I would unfortunately tuck my skirt into my pantyhose. I recall walking through a movie theater that way.   Also into the Monday morning office meeting (that was really nice) and also through the cosmetic department in Macy’s.  I’m sure I did this a few other times but I remember these incidents like yesterday.

  1. Who is your biggest blog/YouTube inspiration?

I have quite a few.  Let’s see, YouTube… I really adore Nicole Guerriero, Wayne Goss, and Huda Kattan.  I watched YouTube far more than reading beauty blogs but now that’s flipped.  My favorite blogger is Victoria Styles @  She is funny, sassy, adorable, classy and just super kind and helpful.  She’s really given me a ton of pointers and I’m very grateful to her for that.  She has really helped me a lot and I know she’s already super busy!

  1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Okay.  I’m laying it out on the table.  My nose, I hate it.  I really do.  It completely sucks.   I finally decided at the end of this summer in July, I’m having rhinoplasty.  It couldn’t possibly get any worse so what do I have to lose?

  1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I was looking for a new hobby and I love to write and am passionate about beauty and taking care of myself.  I live a busy life with kids, maintaining my home, and animals, and working full time so I wanted a way to meet new people and also form bonds that were meaningful to me.

  1. If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?

I always wanted to be a doctor.  I find so many have such a terrible bedside manner.  I wanted to be one that people knew they could trust, wasn’t a snob, and could feel safe with.   I wanted to help people and make a difference.  Failing advanced math classes in college put a little damper on that plan so I got a degree in psychology and now work as a Director Information Technology (I know, weird – how did that happen?)

  1. What’s the one product you can’t live without?

My Make Up For Ever HD foundation. 

  1. If you could only ever do your hair, OR your makeup for the rest of your life, which would you choose?


  1. If you could spend the day with someone famous that would you choose? (Dead or alive)

Stevie Nicks – I would love to know more about the controversial and hidden personal messages in her lyrics. I think as an artist she struggled in the early years  and I think her road to fame is likely a fascinating story.  Plus, she’s from Phoenix!

  1. What product do you have most of?

Ay yay yay, lashes.  Exploding with lashes!  It’s a real problem.  Another pair arrived today and once again, tossed at me by the mail collector in my home.

  1. What would be your perfect day?

A light morning brunch on a patio with excellent coffee, followed by a trip to the spa where I get a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure.  Then, I’d like to relax in my jammies and maybe take a nap.  After that, I’d like to have my hair done (I love a good blow dry), have my makeup come out perfect and enjoy a lovely dinner in a beautiful patio setting with my favorite wine and live Spanish guitar.  No Spanish guitar?  Then no perfecto!  Pffft!

All right.  Now, for the bloggers I would like nominate!   Here we go…

Pure Accidental Beauty

CF Luxe & Fab Beauty



Pepper & Life

Her Cryptic Life

A Small Town Girl’s Confessions

Everything You Don’t Need to Know About Sarah  (Such a cute blog name)


Moving on to the next step, I have come up with some questions for these ladies to answer!  I am in kind of a weird mood tonight so I had some hysterical questions I thought of but I didn’t include them.   I probably just did the world a favor by making a good judgment call.

1.  What is a cosmetic brand that you have always wanted to try but haven’t yet?

2.  Do you wear false lashes and if so, what are your favorite lashes to wear?

3.  What beauty product do you have in your collection right now that is your absolute favorite?

4.   What makeup brand has always been a disappointment to you?

5.   What is your favorite food?

6.  What is funniest or cutest question a child has ever asked you?

7.  What is the best liquid foundation that you’ve ever used?

8.  What is a smell that immediately reminds you of your childhood?

9.  How do you take the photos for your blog (camera, iphone, type of lighting, etc)?

10.  What is the next cosmetic product on your wish list that you are going to buy?

11.  What is an interesting fact that people would not likely know about the city or country that you live in?

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    1. So I don’t know how I got confused. I guess too much Diet Pepsi and working late while also trying to watch True Detective. LOL. I’m updating the post now. I really cannot figure out how I got so confused.

  1. Hey lovely, I believe it was me who nominated you for these questions lol x

    1. Did I mess up? LOL. I was working late. OMG. Let me fix. DUH! I thought I had a link to Mirela’s site. How weird. I don’t know how I did that.

    2. So Sorry I messed up! I just fixed everything. Sigh. You’ll probably find I’m the kind of person that can be walking down the street and trip and fall for no reason. I’m like that.

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