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In the past few years, I started watching my weight so I closely watch what I eat.  It seems the older I get, the faster the pounds come on.  Lucky me!  Meals are easy for me to stay on track with but snacks are when I seem to fall off the wagon.  More often than ever, I need healthy snacks on the go and so do my kids!  My snacking time is in between meetings at the office, in my car, working around the house or in the yard, and while I’m out running errands.  I live a busy life and I really have very little time to spare.  I’m always on the lookout for the best on the go and healthy snack options!  Oh, l must add healthy snack options that are satisfying!  When I rely on snacks that aren’t satisfying, I get into trouble and find myself with cookies, chips, or candy.

Potato Chips Unhealthy Snacking

I love sharing when I discover a perfect and delicious snack that will fuel my busy lifestyle because I know so many of you have a busy lifestyle and can benefit from tips that make life easier.  Today, I have something completely new and innovative to share with you.  LALA Yogurt Smoothies!  I am a huge fan of yogurt!  In recent years, the yogurt trend took off and I love yogurt and all the varieties available.  The problem is I can’t enjoy yogurt in a cup for a snack because I can’t walk around my office with a spoon in a cup of yogurt.  And I can’t drive my car eating yogurt from a cup either.  It’s just not a convenient snack.  Anything requiring a fork or spoon means I have to sit down or at least stop what I’m doing and I can’t always do that.

My teen boys can’t stop for snacks either.  They are very busy with school, friends, and activities.  Convenience is key in their life.  Even my seven year old needs on the go snacks when he’s on the playground at school.  An easy and convenient smoothie designed to be portable is perfect for my family!   LALA Yogurt Smoothies come in a lot of varieties so I haven’t gotten to try them all but I’ve gotten my hands on quite a few and they have all been really delicious.  That’s not just me talking.  Even my seven year old is in love with these.  My favorites are definitely the Greek Yogurt Smoothies.  I love how thick and creamy they are!

As far as nutrition goes, the LALA Yogurt Smoothies are a great option!   LALA has everyone’s preferences covered.  There are so many flavors and options available, you can’t possibly not find a perfect fit.  If you are a Greek yogurt lover (like me), there are Greek yogurt smoothies!  If you want something to curb your hunger, there are smoothies with higher protein made with whole grains!  There are low calorie options, cereal yogurt, and traditional smoothies. The smoothies range from having 5 – 12 grams of protein and 100 – 160 calories.  So, no matter which option you fall in love with, LALA has good and responsible nutrition in mind.  The smoothies are made with fresh fruit and  dairy fresh cream .  They contain calcium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D.

Visit the LALA Website and see where you can find these in your area and I also found a coupon there for .55 cents off their smoothies!

LALA Yogurt Smoothies Berry

LALA Yogurt Smoothies Greek

LALA Yogurt smoothies Pecan

LALA Yogurt Smoothie Pina Colada

My most finicky eater is Noah.  You’ve met him before on the blog.   He loves to participate and say hello to everyone!  Noah says the yogurt smoothies have really good flavor and great taste.  He also observed the Greek Yogurt Peach Smoothie has 12 grams of protein,  He says protein is good for your body and your muscles.  Noah would like to have yogurt smoothies with his lunch at school and during snack time.  I think we have a winner here!  Check out how others are making snacking more convenient in their lives and getting nutrition on the go in the latest commercial from LALA!

LALA Yogurt Smoothie Healthy Snack

LALA Yogurt Smoothies are Convenient

Is this the first time you have heard of LALA Yogurt Smoothies?  How can they fit into your busy life and make snacking more convenient?

Go to to find LALA Yogurt Smoothies near you

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LALA Yogurt Smooothies. The opinions and text are all mine.

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