KORRES Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind Collection

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KORRES Castanea Arcadia Winkle Rewind Collection

While KORRES products date back to the middle of the 19th Century, KORRES Natural Products, was founded in 1996 within a mission to produce safe, clinically effective, and affordable natural skincare products.  Today, KORRES products are loved by people all over the world and I’m definitely a big fan.  The company and the Korres family has a fascinating Greek history.  They continue to engage in research bringing unique new products to market that are formulated with high levels of natural ingredients.   The KORRES Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind collection was released in May 2016 and is available on The Home Shopping Network (HSN).  This new collection is a trio of targeted treatment creams to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

What’s unique about the KORRES Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind collection?

KORRES Castanea Arcadia Trio

If you have used KORRES products, you probably have loved each and every one.  I honestly have and each new collection the company releases contains extraordinary ingredients and break-throughs spawned by their extensive research in the beauty industry.  AGROCOS is one of the industry’s largest research programs and includes scholars and top rated scientists from many different countries.  The AGROCOS research team works with KORRES and spent over four years studying the active ingredients of 3,600 plant extracts.  That’s a lot of research!  The teams evaluated the extracts for their antioxidant properties, UV-protection and anti-pigmentation abilities.  What they found was the Castanea (Chestnut) tree found in Arcadia, Greece was one of the most active of all the ingredients studied.  And there you have the origin of the name of this new collection of beautiful skin care products.

Each cream in the Castanea Arcadia collection uses liquid crystal emulsion to create a light, velvety texture (and yes, it is light and velvety!).  The crystals contain a delivery system that helps reflect light and intensely hydrates the skin.  I noticed a difference after the first use and clinical trials reported astounding results.  I’ll include details about that for you below.   The products demonstrated they were highly effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as puffiness in the eye area.

The KORRES Castanea Arcadia Collection

The collection consists of a day cream, night cream, and eye cream.  All of which I have used for several weeks and absolutely love.  I have purchased quite a few of the KORRES products over the years.  They are some of the few skin care products that I have used where there is a noticeable difference the day following initial use.  The products are unique and hard to put down.  As a beauty blogger, I change products frequently for testing purposes.  It is honestly very difficult for me not to reach for KORRES products all the time.  I LOVE THEM.

So, what’s in this new collection available on HSN.COM?

KORRES Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind Day Cream (93.3% Natural Content)

KORRES Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind Day Cream

This is a day cream that feels light on the skin and wears well under makeup without balling or flaking.  It is quickly absorbed by the skin and contains a blend of moisturizing Abyssinia Oil, Apricot Oil, olive oil esters, and sweet almond butter. It also contains fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E.
Get ready for a shocking statistic!  KORRES has reported in a consumer use test, 100% of the users said the appearance of their skin visibly improved and 97% said their skin was more supple with improved elasticity.  True?  Yes… I used the product for 3 weeks and every morning I was aware my skin was softer with a more fresh and youthful appearance.

These products are available on HSN.com and the suggested Retail Price: Eye Cream $45 | Day Cream $48 | NightCream $48

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11 thoughts on “KORRES Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind Collection

    1. I have not tried one product from the Korres line that I don’t LOVE. I’m not sure which one I favor more this one or the Black Pine. They have been quite successful with their line and considering the quality and cost, I would say most definitely give it a try! This is a truly WONDERFUL line of skin care!

    1. I had not tried Korres until about a year ago. Too bad I was missing out! I agree! Awesome skincare products and I’ve really loved this new line too! It smells wonderful! Thank you for stopping in! XO

  1. I just purchased the day cream and I love it! Thank you so much for sharing. You are right about the scent too! AMAZE-BALLS!

    1. Yes, it’s beautiful isn’t it? And the smell is just to die for! I have never been disappointed by any KORRES products. Everything has always been really gorgeous. It’s a great line.

    1. I have never come across a KORRES product that I didn’t love! They are affordable compared to other luxury brands and always yield results. Truly a wonderful product line.

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